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Fight Fatigue


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Local Celebrity Profile

Britnee Kellogg

Delivering Dreams .

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Women’s Health Event

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Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

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May ’13 14

How to fight fatigue



Women’s Health How to fight fatigue


Yard Sale When yard sale-ing gets ruthless


Local Celebrity Profile: Britnee Kellogg The two-time “American Idol” hopeful opens up about her kids, her singing career and her recent engagement



Local Celebrity Britnee Kellogg


Fresh Northwest produce


Editor’s Notes


Parenting Perspectives Just how important is it to refuel, both as couples and as individuals?


Your Money's Worth Where to find the freshest, cheapest produce during the Northwest growing season


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Refuel as a couple

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Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013



Vancouver fa mily magazine Heavy Talk

Volume 12, Issue 5

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Forget small talk. When I get together with my mom, it’s straight to the philosophical. How does one balance the desire to be a good example to others with the need to, at some level,

disregard what others may think? How does nature, or DNA, affect our personalities, versus nurture, or upbringing? It seems that nothing is off limits when it comes to discussing life with my mom—even the less than perfect parts of our shared past and how we can each improve upon it. It’s not comfortable or even advisable to talk with everyone this way. It’s easy to open the door to conflict. But with my mom and me, it’s as natural as breathing. She willingly and admirably reveals both weakness and strength while walking with me along this

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path of life, and for that I’ll

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always be grateful. And I hope one day when my children

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become my peers, we’ll be too busy discussing the meaning of life to ever have the chance to chat about the weather.

On the Cover: Nikki Klock, Editor


Mom and me in 1984

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Read about local celebrity Britnee Kellogg on page 22. Photo by Kimberly Kay Photography,


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PARENTING PERSPECTIVES By Justin Farrell and Julianna Lawson

Two local parents sound off about life, parenting, and relationships.

PARENTING PERSPECTIVES the truce of the battle of the sexes

Parents spend so much time and energy just being parents that they often forget to nurture other relationships. But just how important is it to schedule regular opportunities to refuel, both as couples and as individuals?

SHE SAID A friend recently shared a comment that her 4-year-old son had made, generating quite a response on Facebook: “I like it when Mama and Daddy hug. It’s because you love each other!” Aside from being just plain cute, I believe his statement resonated with others because of its truth. Children feel secure when they know their parents care about each other. Which means they need to see it. One way parents can demonstrate their commitment to each other is by planning regular date nights. Dating is fairly easy during the first years of marriage, but as soon as kids enter the picture, it can be more difficult. Parents become tired, overworked and distracted, often neglecting their relationship. Local marriage counselor Alan Ray of MarriageTeam shares that he and his team work with “a lot of couples who are in distressed marriages.” They have found that “maintaining effective communication is the key to having a healthy marriage.” However, communication can be difficult: “Work, children, and other demands often seem to be more important than maintaining a close relationship, and over time, this inattention to each other can have a crippling impact on a marriage.” Because of this, Ray suggests that “investing in regular date nights that focus on your relationship is an excellent way to keep communication open.”

Julianna Lawson and her husband, Jamie, live in Vancouver where they raise their four children, ages 7 to 15. Their date night tradition, which often involves Chipotle and Hitchcock, is a highlight of their week. Julianna also writes at For information on how you can connect with MarriageTeam, visit

HE SAID As Julianna mentioned, parents taking regular, scheduled time for themselves is essential for maintaining healthy communication and a strong marriage. Our kids learn by what they see and it’s essential to show them what it means to have a good marriage. I want our children to see me hug and kiss their mom, hold her hand, and hold doors open for her because I want my son to learn that’s how a man should treat his wife and for my daughter to learn how a man should respect and care for her. A close second to time together as a couple would be time alone for each spouse to be able to relax, pursue hobbies, and even go to the bathroom without seeing fingers under the door or the incessant, “Mom,

Now, date nights don’t have to be elaborate. A few years ago my husband and I began a weekly tradition which we continue to this day. Our plan is simple and frugal, making it doable. It usually involves the classic combo, dinner and a movie, but we enjoy it in the comfort of our own home. Every Sunday night we round up the kids and remind them that it’s date night. They eagerly escape to play games together in their rooms, excited over their own part in the tradition and, I believe, encouraged by our example. Please don’t wait until you have “enough” money or “enough” time to make date nights a priority. Grab the calendar, get creative, and make it happen right now. You—and your children—will be forever grateful.

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Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

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continued from previous page Mom, Mommy, Mommy.” This is important for single parents as well. As much of a proponent as I am for family time, I think it is also important for parents to have their own alone time. I recently returned to playing basketball weekly after being away from it for about two years since our son was born. The aches and pains my now two years older body felt was nothing compared to the enjoyment I got from spending time with a group of guys doing something I enjoy. I’ll admit, it’s sometimes hard to go when my daughter looks at me and says, “Do you have to go tonight Daddy?” But I always tell her that I love her and that it’s important for daddies to have time with other daddies. I hadn’t realized how much I missed playing basketball because I was so focused on my wife and kids that I forgot to take time for myself. Think about it this way. When you’re on an airplane and they are going through the pre-flight check, they talk about what to do if there’s a change in cabin pressure and the oxygen masks come down. Here’s a quick test to see who’s been paying attention and who was trying to fit in a quick game of Angry Birds before having to turn off the phone. If you are travelling with small children or someone who is disabled, who do they say you should put the oxygen mask on first? They say to make sure to secure your own mask first before helping those around you. This ensures that you’re taken care of so that you have the ability to help others. The same rule applies to parents. I know when I haven’t taken time for myself, my patience with my family is lower and I’m more irritable, which doesn’t help them and certainly doesn’t help me. Challenge yourself to find some way to take time for something you want to do. You won’t regret it.

Challenge yourself to find some way to take time for something you want to do. You won’t regret it.

Justin Farrell is a married father of two living in Vancouver. On Tuesday nights you can find him playing basketball at a local middle school. Follow him on his journey through faith, family, and fatherhood at

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013



Your Money’s

WORTH By Pamela Swearingen

s h e r FShopping

is SMART Shopping W

ashington State might be known around the world for its famous apples, but Clark County farmers have a lot more to offer local shoppers than a simple Red Delicious or Fuji. Apples, honey, nuts and flowers are just a few of the riches that can be found on the farms of Clark County. Shopping at a local farm is different from a trip to the grocery store. At a farm store, prices can vary widely, even from week to week as the growing season evolves. The trick is to visit the farms frequently in order to find freshest favorite produce at the best price. Stopping by any number of local farms will reveal what is in season that day. By visiting again and again over the spring and summer however, shoppers can see the full variety grown locally throughout the seasons. Filling the freezer with produce all summer long can help stretch the shopping budget clear into the middle of winter. For help with canning and preserving, the Master Food Preserver volunteers at the Clark County Extension Office are a great local source of advice. continued on page 12

Clark County also has a number of Farmer’s Markets

that feature local produce, fl owers, honey and more. For more information on Farmers’ Markets in the area, visit


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Growing brains Growing muscles Growing imaginations

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Evergreen Public Schools Early Learning Partner


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e eri




S ma



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preschool & You Playgroup Love & Logic® Two

Find us on Facebook 5607 NE Gher Rd, Vancouver

(360) 892-7210

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Saturday, June 15 from 1-3pm at Marshall Park

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013


Feature Article: Women’s Health: Fighting Fatigue

Plant now and reap a fabulous free harvest later this summer.

What’s in Season in Clark County: April and May

Vegetable bedding plants, flower starts, hanging baskets, seed potatoes, onion sets, color bowls, asparagus

June continued from page 10 The farms can also be a great source of inspiration for area gardeners. With mild rainy winters and wonderfully sunny summers, Clark County is the perfect spot for growing an amazingly wide variety of fruits and vegetables right in the backyard. Plant now and reap a fabulous free harvest later this summer. Local farms such as Bi-Zi Farms, located at 9504 NE 119th St. in Vancouver, have vegetable starts for sale that are ready for planting right now. Flower starts can be found at several local farms including Scented Acres Lavender at 13804 NE 117th Ave. in Vancouver. Great farms are located all over Clark County, but be sure to also check out Joe’s Place Farm at 701 NE 112th Ave. in Vancouver and Felida Red Barn at 1915 NW 119th St. in Vancouver.

Strawberries, rhubarb, lettuces, summer squash, peas, raspberries


The move towards shopping local and backyard gardening is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, because delicious fresh food will always be in high demand. When it comes to the best tasting produce and freshest flowers, Clark County is a great place to shop and grow local. Pamela is a home school mom that has lived in Clark County for more than a decade. She loves the summer harvest season because it is the time of lavender and blueberries. You can find her writing about homeschooling teenagers, books and downsizing her life at

Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, marionberries, boysenberries, loganberries, cucumbers, green beans, yellow wax beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cantaloupe, watermelon, apricots, nectarines, peaches, early apples, lavender


Corn, tomatoes, peppers, apples, pears


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

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Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013


Feature Article: Women’s Health: Fighting Fatigue

Fighting Fatigue

Women’s Health:

By Vivian Mattila Walikainen

Fatigue had sapped her energy and left Jennifer exhausted.

“Jennifer” of Vancouver, who prefers not to be named, says she began struggling with fatigue about 14 years ago. Looking for answers, she started a long road to eventual wellness. Initially finding no answers, Jennifer remembers thinking, “If I wasn’t crazy already I soon will be.” However, she continued to seek help through the medical profession until she recently found some answers. On the more manageable end of the fatigue spectrum, “Amy” of Battle Ground, who also prefers not to be named, says she was often fatigued until she discovered the Paleo lifestyle (more on that later). Fatigue has many causes, but thankfully, there are usually cures, as Jennifer and Amy discovered. Jennifer’s case is on the extreme end of the continuum, but many women suffer to lesser degrees, as Amy has. WebMD informs us, “Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion or a need to rest because of lack of energy or strength.” Dr. Dan Moynihan, MD of Legacy Clinic Salmon Creek Family Medicine strongly suggests checking common causes first. He notes, “In medicine, there’s a saying ‘When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras.’” As first-line fatigue-busters, naturopath Kelly Owens, ND of Healing Arts in Battle Ground, advises a well-balanced diet, ample exercise, and plenty of sleep. But getting the proper amount of sleep can be difficult if a person is experiencing sleep-related issues. Dr. Moynihan explains that sleep deprivation is rampant in our culture. He further states, “Fatigue is one of the most common problems for which people seek medical help. If you don’t wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and recharged, you may have a problem with sleep quantity or quality or both.” Dr. Moynihan suggests some common causes are untreated pain, hormone issues, depression,

continued on page 16


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Healthy Kids’ Fair

Family fun — and it’s free

EDITH Fire Safety House Children climb around the EDITH Fire Safety House. Child safety seat check Certified child passenger safety technicians will check your safety seat for proper installation.

Surgi-Duck Perform high-tech surgery on a stuffed duck. Community food drive Admission is free, but please bring a food item to benefit families served by the Children’s Center in Vancouver. Farmers Market Salmon Creek Farmers Market will be selling fresh produce, flowers and other items at this year’s Healthy Kids’ Fair.

AD-0643-0413 ©2013

Bike helmets and more Just $6 for bike and $20 for snowboard helmets, toddler to adult. Cash or checks only.

Call 360-487-1000 or for directions or more information. Saturday, June 8, 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center 2211 N.E. 139th St., Vancouver, WA 98686

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013


Feature Article: Women’s Health: Fighting Fatigue continued from page 14

and environmental distractions. He continues, “Sleep apnea (breathing blocking off at night) can be a problem, but is far less common in women than men.” Dr. Owens observes, “Often I see fatigue related to being over-stressed, and those stress hormones really interfere with how our body uses energy. In those cases, I think the emotional healing and spiritual approaches are crucial!” She recommends women struggling with fatigue visit with their doctor to rule out issues like anemia, thyroid dysfunction, iron or another vitamin or mineral deficiency causing an imbalance.

antibodies that cause her cells to keep fighting viruses that she once had. This disorder, typically brought on by stress that eventually affects the digestive system, can bring on “delayed reaction food allergies and intolerances,” explains Jennifer. She is now on a strict diet and takes antiviral and anti-yeast medications. This kind of disease is rare, but Jennifer’s case is typical in that she struggled with a variety of conditions and symptoms—she balanced her diet, exercise, and sleep amounts first; then progressed to counseling, medical specialists, and medication. Amazingly, with this innovative food allergy treatment, she is beginning to feel better.

Jennifer pursued all of these avenues and more in her quest for relief from her debilitating condition. Jennifer admitted she struggled with GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), low-grade temperatures, fatigue, and mental fog. She experienced extreme stress from being the caregiver to her mother-in-law in her home and not having the skills to deal with other life circumstances. Losing the energy to do the things that kept her balanced, she found herself in deep depression. Dr. Moynihan adds, “As many as 50 percent of people coming to the doctor for fatigue have clinical depression, which means the brain chemicals are depleted or out of balance.” After trying to find underlying problems, Jennifer finally went on antidepressants. She started counseling, and together with her husband, put her mother-in-law in assisted living. Jennifer saw many medical specialists, to no avail. Together with a different doctor, she kept looking for answers.

For many low-degree fatigue sufferers, pick-me-ups such as coffee seem to be an easy fix. However, the fast-growing Paleo trend offers this alternative treat—a nutrient-packed apple. Paleo-followers claim an apple gives more energy than a cup of coffee. Paleo mom of a toddler, Amy, vouches for the apple. She echoes Dr. Owen’s advice of having a wellbalanced diet. Amy elaborates that eating healthy fat with every meal, getting plenty of protein and veggies, drinking lots of water, and exercising keep her energized throughout the day.

Dr. Moynihan reveals, “Naturally, fatigue can be caused by more serious problems, too, such as autoimmune disorders, MS, or cancer, but happily these are much less common.” However, for Jennifer, an autoimmune disorder was her final prognosis. Using an unconventional method, Dr. Elise Leland, MD tested Jennifer, and found she had elevated latent

Vivian Mattila Walikainen is the mother of six wonderful kids who keep her slightly off-balance. She and her husband of 23 years are grandparents to one bouncing bundle of love. Vivian is working on her bachelor’s degree in Human Development and volunteers with local non-profits.

As Jennifer and Amy discovered, fatigue comes in a variety of forms. A common verse seems appropriate, “With many counselors there is victory.” By listening to their bodies and seeking professional help, these women found renewed hope and a path to wellness.

Dr. Owens observes, “Often I see fatigue related to being over-stressed, and those stress hormones really interfere with how our body uses energy. In those cases, I think the emotional healing and spiritual approaches are crucial!”


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

namanu Day camp in The ciTy Se pDX & WeST linn locaTionS

Weekly Themes For K-5th Graders

namanu ranch camp

7 & 14 Day Sessions For 6th-12th Graders

namanu reSiDenT camp

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XploreGon roaD TripS

Trip of a lifetime For 9th-12th Graders continued on page 16

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Feature Article: Yard Sale: Summer Combat


Summer Combat

If you are p lanning to hold a ya rd sale, don’ t make t he mistake that I did a nd think you will sell som e d e c en t stuff at a f air price, without ha v ing a haggle on your han ds for every quarte r you make.

By Vivian Mattila Walikainen I HAVE A FEELING IT WAS THE TIME OF YEAR—summer sales in Battle Ground bring hardened dealers looking for excellent merchandise at give-away prices. On the other hand, holding a sale in the spring is a much better chance to sell your stuff without a knockdown, drag-out for each dollar you make. At that time of year, the miscreants are just looking to get out of the house and having the pleasure of spending time at your event. They pay what you ask, smile while doing it, and bid you a good day when they leave.

how his “grand-daughter” needed a new bike. Well, if she exists, I wish her many long, happy hours riding her sweet bike from her generous grand-pop.

But, back to my summer sale. Perhaps the problem was in my mindset. I should have just thought of it as a “Charity Event” and then we all would have been happy. I should have put out flyers that said: “Come to my ‘sale’ (wink, wink), take what you want, pay what you want, use my bathroom, try things on, point out every teeny spot you see, take two for 50 cents (even if the basket is clearly marked 50 cents each). Hey, knock yourself out, take three for 10 cents! It’s all about you! I want you to leave feeling special and cared for.”

forces. If something is not a family heirloom of at least three generations, or an item one of my kids handmade for me, it’s up for sale. But, as the day wore on, with one battle after another taking place at the money-changing table, I knew I had not completely detached from my stuff. The lust for the sell was evidenced when an older man shuffled up the driveway and asked if this was the place that was selling a rifle. I quickly wondered if he would settle for a BB gun or maybe I could run in the house, call my husband and ask if he had a gun he wanted to get rid of. I dismissed that thought as quickly as it came into my mind; my husband does not sell any of his stuff. But, if he’s around when I’m having a sale, he gives stuff away, and offers to deliver. The customers are glad when he is around.

Why don’t we meet a few of my customers? First, there was the “grandpa” who wanted to buy my daughter’s pink, sparkly, practically brand new bike for half the price. He opened his mouth and I immediately heard “dealer-speak.” These are the people who come to your sale, get the best stuff at bargain basement prices, gloat as they leave, and put them for re-sale in a shop somewhere. So, after, negotiating for awhile, grandpa ended up paying a fraction of what the bike is worth; saying

Right then, I should have realized I was not practicing the number one rule of selling—detachment. If you are at all attached to something, you should not even think of putting it in your sale. But if you are like me, once you begin going through your house looking for things to sell, the greed takes over. The smell of money and lust for the sell are the driving

Another woman wanted to use my bathroom, try things on, and pay 50 cents for a two-dollar item. She flashed those shiny quarters and I could not resist. Then there was the lady who wanted dress up items that were

continued on page 20


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Washington State’s 529 Prepaid College Tuition Program

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continued from page 18

clearly marked 50 cent each, at a price of 50 cents for two because “they were a set.” Silly me, I should have offered her the whole bin “just for fun.” Oh, and the lady who ripped the comforter out of the neatly zipped bag, inspected every inch, and offered a third of the price? “Hey lady, you don’t have to pay at all, let me carry it to your brand new car, OK?” I should take a few tips from my then 8-year-old son. Maybe it was the cute fedora he was wearing, or maybe it was just his age, or maybe the confidence in what he was selling. Clearly, he had detached; there was no agonizing as he deftly handled one customer after another. He named his price (twice what I thought was fair) and people gladly paid it! When someone was trying on a helmet, he brought two more that “might work as well.” He got kids to pay fifty cents or a dollar for cheap plastic toys. He tried to ask double for some of his items in the dress-up bin, until the wily customer pointed to the price on the tag. He even tried to get me to pay him twice—he pocketed a quarter from the customer and then told me to write it down on the tally sheet! It was an honest 8-year-old mistake. One woman said, “I’ll pay his price; he values his stuff.” Huh? I value my stuff. Next time, I think I will hire a team of veteran 8-year-old yard-salesmen, then I can sit back and say “Bring it on; talk to the man in the hat.” My days of combat yard sale-ing are over. Vivian Mattila Walikainen is the mother of six wonderful kids who keep her slightly offbalance and grandma to one bouncing bundle of love. She is working on her bachelor’s degree in Human Development and is involved in local non-profits.

Right then,

I should have realized I was not practicing the number one

rule of selling—


We are pleased to announce Evergreen Pediatric Clinic’s new office in the Salmon Creek area New location in the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Office Building. We will continue to offer the same excellent care at our current location near Southwest Washington Medical Center.


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

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Vancouver fa mily magazine 3! 1 0 2 IN h t n o M y r e v E ew Winner Chosen


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013


Feature Article: Local Celebrity Profile: Britnee Kellogg

Local Celebrity Profile:

By Tom Stovall

Two “American Idol” Vancouver Mom Reflects on Stints and a Bright Future

two time ’s down home singer and Britnee Kellogg, Vancouver g mom of two kin can Idol” is a hard wor contestant on Fox’s “Ameri worlds — her h bal ance the best of bot busy young boys trying to time. country music and family

Kellogg’s interest in country music began when she was 7 years old and heard the familiar twang of country superstar Reba McEntire. She came up against a lot of scrutiny in her first “American Idol” attempt due to negative comments saying she was a divorced single mom whose aspiring career as a country singer was more important than her family. Despite the criticism, she persevered. Although she didn’t win the first time, she came back with a fire in her belly in this year’s season 12 of “American Idol.” Recalling her first attempt she says, “My first trip to Hollywood was inspiring and amazing. I met some friends that I will have for the rest of my life. There is also a fire that was put in me after getting cut the first year. I had to try again!” She came back with a fury and passion and made it into the final 20 of the women, after which her journey ended for season 12. Kellogg’s first trip into a recording studio was when she was 9 at the Cozy Dog recording studios here in Vancouver. Fast forward several

years and many experiences later, and she is now hoping to get an album out this summer. She recently spent some time writing some songs with fellow musician Austin Cunningham and singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer Justin Klump. In March she even got to sing the popular song “Bruises” in a duet with Pat Monahan and his group Train in the Bing Lounge in Portland. Kellogg has two sons, Caiden, age 5 and Hudson, age 3, and like most parents, her own upbringing has affected both her life and career. “I have seen a lot of brokenness growing up and in my young adult life,” she reflects. “Divorce for me was never an option. But as a mom, I had to make a choice for my kid’s upbringing. I didn’t want them to live in a stressful and unhappy home. There were circumstances that just didn’t give me a choice. As far as my career, my dad always told me ‘can’t’ was not a word . . . So I have learned to follow my dreams . . . no matter where they take me.”

“They give me

a love for my Photo courtesy Kimberly Kay Photography

Photo courtesy Kimberly

Kay Photography

Britnee Kellogg

art I never

knew I had,” says Kellogg.

Caiden and Hudson are used to hearing about their famous mom whenever she comes to pick them up at school. However, the story is different on the side other side of the guitar. “My boys don’t associate me as Britnee Kellogg. It’s hilarious. I am mommy. When they see me on TV, or hear me on the radio, they get excited because ‘Britnee Kellogg’ is on.” Kellogg says she owes the strength to continue to pursue her dreams to her boys who always push her and believe in her. “They give me a love for my art I never knew I had,” says Kellogg. As far as following in her footsteps, she says her boys love music and are constantly singing, and that Caiden will soon be starting piano lessons. Kellogg and her two sons currently call Ridgefield home and like to take long walks and play in the

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Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Now Enrolling Preschool-12th Grade

Where High Academic Standards, Spiritual Development, Moral Integrity, and a Safe Environment Matter Most Small Class Sizes Highly Qualified Teachers Foreign Language A Multitude Of Learning, Artistic & Athletic Opportunities

Our Lady of Lourdes

Pacific Crest Academy

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

St. Joseph School

St. Rose Parish School

Preschool-8th Grade

Preschool-8th Grade

Catholic High School

Preschool-8th Grade

Preschool-8th Grade





360.577.6760 Vancouver, WA Camas, WA Vancouver, WA Vancouver, WA Longview, WA

• Kid Friendly Staff & Atmosphere • Children: 1-13 Years Old • We Welcome All Insurances • Accepting WA State Insurance Up to 5 Years of Age • Digital X-rays

• Preventative Dentistry • Hospital Dentistry • Nitrous Oxide • Conscious Sedation • Spanish and Russian Speaking Staff Meet Our New Orthodontist

Tod M. Hardin, DMD, PC

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013


Feature Article: Local Celebrity Profile: Britnee Kellogg continued from page 22 continued from page 22 park. Kellogg’s favorite restaurant in town is Lapellah and one of her favorite places to shop is Music World, because of their great customer service and their love for music. While these are some great places, Kellogg maintains, “Honestly, our favorite place to be is home! We love curling up on the couch and watching movies together as a family.” The tiny family will be a little bigger now that Kellogg is engaged to professional skier Brian Nicholson. Kellogg says being at home and being out on the road seems to balance out a lot better thanks to Brian. “When I am away, my fiancé Brian takes amazing care of my boys. He loves them like his own.” Kellogg says that five years from now she hopes to have a CMA, to be living in Nashville, and to be putting out some great country music.

Summer Program

Tom Stovall resides in Vancouver with his talented music teacher wife Laurie, 10-year-old son Andrew, and attack dog Zoomer. He likes to hike, bowl, play pool, go to movies, keep up to date on current video game industry news, and try to imitate Jim Caviezel’s voice from his favorite show “Person of Interest.”



for 10 days!

Find out more at: 8400 NE Vancouver Mall Loop (360) 597-4521

Photo courtesy Kimberly Kay Photography

Photo courtesy Kimberly Kay Photography

Let Mountain View Ice Arena take your mind off planning a birthday party. We take the worry and hassle out of planning, picking up a cake and stuffing bags with our three affordable party packages!


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Mountain View Ice Arena Skating Academy offers group lessons for all ages and levels all year round in both figure and hockey skating! Public Sessions: Monday-Friday: 3:30-5:00pm Friday: 7:40-9:40pm, Saturday 1:00-4:00pm Check website for details, schedule changes & coupons

find us on:

The Kohl’s Cares Car Seat Community Outreach Project Bring your car seats in your family vehicle to ensure they are being used correctly and are properly installed.


Wood Village Kohl’s 22557 NE Park Lane Wood Village

Learn More!


Saturday, May 18 car seat check up 10 a.m. to noon

To find out when and where a car seat check up event is happening in your community, please visit Doernbecher’s Tom Sargent Safety Center website at or call 503 494-3735. These events are free to the general public.

Why Car Seat Outreach?

A properly used car seat reduces the risk of death by 71 percent for infants and 54 percent for toddlers. Yet studies show as many as 84 percent of car seats being used are incorrectly installed or do not fit the child properly. Replacement car seats may be available through a generous donation from Kohl’s.

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013



Calendar S M T W 1 5 6 7 8 12 13 14 15 19 20 21 22 26 27 28 29

T 2 9 16 23 30

F 3 10 17 24 31

S 4 11 18 25


After School Science at Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. Self-guided family science exploration for children ages 6-11 years; no younger children, please. 3-5 pm

of events


Have a community event that you want to share? Calendar event submissions can be sent to calendar@vancouverfamilymagazine. com, or call us at 360-882-7762. Submissions are due on the 5th of the month prior to publication. Events are subject to change. Please contact organization directly to confirm. All library events are free and open to the public.


Walk Run for the Animals to benefit the Humane Society for Southwest Washington at Esther Short Park. Register at www. 7:30 am


Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 2 pm


Funtastic Friday at Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. Projects exploring all kinds of fibers: puppets, masks, paper making, and more. 3-5 pm

Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama” at Love Street Playhouse, 126 Love St., Woodland. Tickets $12 in advance, $14 at the door, purchase at 7:30 pm Magenta Theater presents “Shadowlands.” (See May 1) 7:30 pm


Come and Play on Saturday at Three Creeks Community Library, 800-C NE Tenney Rd., Vancouver. Arts, crafts, games and more for all ages. 10 am-12 pm Magenta Theater presents “Shadowlands.” (See May 1) 2 pm Portland Opera previews Verdi’s “Falstaff” at Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. Enjoy a taste of the Verdi’s “Falstaff” when Portland Opera visits Vancouver to preview its upcoming production. These previews offer a wonderful introduction to the opera, with musical highlights performed by Portland Opera’s talented Resident Artists and lots of insightful information surrounding the work. 2-3 pm

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. Free every Tuesday at 13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd. #B-3, Vancouver. 10:30 am Games at Three Creeks Community Library, 800-C NE Tenney Rd., Vancouver. Drop in and choose from our fantastic assortment of classic board games, card games, continued on page 28

Portland Opera previews Verdi’s “Falstaff” at the Vancouver Community Library




Teen ‘Scape at Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. Play Rock Band or Kinect, eat snacks, and hang out. 3-5 pm


Photo: Utah Opera’s Falstaff, 2011, Kent Miles


Steamers and Screamers Dinner and a Movie. Weekly family movie night at 8400 NE Vancouver Mall Loop #105, Vancouver. Cost: $20 per family (2 adults, 2 kids), includes dinner. Play area admission sold separately. 5 pm Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 7:30 pm

Magenta Theater presents “Shadowlands,” the story of celebrated author C.S. Lewis and American poet Joy Davidman, at 606 Main St., Vancouver. Tickets: $12-$15. Purchase tickets at www. 7:30 pm

Magenta Theater presents “Shadowlands.” (See May 1) 7:30 pm

Check out our website for even mo re local events .


May ‘13


ay & d r u t Sa nday, 3 Su 19, 201

8& May 1 a.m.–4 p.m.

11 rr y er Qua d Ave. exit h s i F CEMEX at the 192n

14 off HW Directly

The Nutter Foundation

invites families to Dozer Day where kids get to hop in the drivers seat and drive real heavy equipment How much does it cost to come to Dozer Day & where can I get tickets?

NE Brady Rd.

Save the hassle! Ride C-TRAN from the 164th Park and Ride directly to Dozer Day*. Stop by our booth at the park and ride to purchase Dozer Day tickets and pick-up a coupon good for a free Dozer Day souvenir!

When you visit NUTTERFOUNDATION.ORG, you can purchase tickets securely online or at the following TICKET OUTLETS: participating iQ Credit Unions, OnPoint Community Credit Unions, and Riverview community banks. You are encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible. Admission is:

$5 for seniors 60+ and children between 2 and 12 ($8 on the day of the event)

• •

$7 for adults ($10 on the day of the event) FREE for those under 2 years old.

*$2 per person, valid for round-trip travel. Fares are collected at the Fisher’s Landing Park and Ride only. Exact fare required as operators do not carry change. Children 6 years and under ride free.



continued from page 26


Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 7:30 pm Youth Summer Jobs Fair at Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. Meet with local employers and explore opportunities for job shadowing, internships, employment, and volunteering in Vancouver. For more information and to register online, visit www.youthsummerjobfair2013.webs. com. Arrive early for the workshop “Writing Your First Resume and Cover Letter” and stay for the Job Lab, a self-serve workshop with assistance using library resources to help you find the right job. 1-5 pm Funtastic Friday at Vancouver Community Library. (See May 3) 3-5 pm Teen ‘Scape at Vancouver Community Library. (See May 3) 3-5 pm

Come and Play on Saturday at Three Creeks Community Library. (See May 4) 10 am12 pm Second Saturdays at the Water Resources Education Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver. Each second Saturday of the month, kids and their families are invited to explore a different topic through hands-on activities, games and stories. May theme: Explore the wet, spongy soil. Swamps, marshes and bogs are valuable wetlands. Learn more about these low-lying areas and their natural wildlife habitats. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 1-3 pm Star Wars Super Saturday at Three Creeks Community Library, 800-C NE Tenney Rd., Vancouver. Star Wars: Jedi Academy. Master the force and celebrate the Star Wars universe with games, crafts, and fun. Costumes encouraged. 2-4 pm


Medieval Knights at Cascade Park Community Library, 600 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver. Hear ye! Hear ye! Noble knights and ladies are invited to the Cascade Park castle for crafts and cheer. 3-4:30 pm

Mother’s Day Plant and Garden Fair,

Clark County Historical Museum Annual Dinner and Auction at Club Green Meadows, 7703 NE 72nd Ave., Vancouver. Celebrated historian Richard Etulain will take a look at Abraham Lincoln and the Oregon Country accompanied by dinner, a silent auction, and sales of Etulain’s latest book, Lincoln and Oregon Country Politics in the Civil War Era. More information at 5 pm

Master Gardener Foundation of Clark County Mother’s Day Weekend Plant Sale at 78th Street Heritage Farm, 1919 NE 78th St., Vancouver. Proceeds support food and garden growing education programs in Clark County. 9 am-4 pm

Steamers and Screamers Dinner and a Movie. (See May 4) 5 pm Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 7:30 pm presented by the Columbia Gorge Women’s Association at Camas High School Campus, 26900 SE 15th St., Camas. Over 60 regional nurseries and local merchants displaying all types of plants and garden accessories, plus a Kids’ Zone. Proceeds support scholarships for local women who are returning to the workforce or upgrading their skill levels in response to life changing circumstances.  9 am-4 pm

Hear celebrated historian Richard Etulain at the Clark County Historical Museum

Photo : Brian Libby

RPG and TCG’s or bring your own. Grades 4-12 welcome. 4-6 pm



Calendar of Events & Activities (cont'd)

Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 2 pm


Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. Free every Tuesday. (See May 7) 10:30 am Games at Three Creeks Community Library. (See May 7) 4-6 pm


Wild and Wacky Science Fun at Battle Ground Community Library, 1207 SE 8th Way, Battle Ground. Bring your kids, come explore, get dirty, and learn together by dissecting diapers, making paper helicopters, and checking out WSU’s microscope collection. 4:30-6 pm


Funtastic Friday at Vancouver Community Library. (See May 3) 3-5 pm Teen ‘Scape at Vancouver Community Library. (See May 3) 3-5 pm Westfield Vancouver Family Fun Days every third Friday at 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr., Vancouver. Stories, snacks, and crafts, free and open to the public. 5 pm


Master Gardener Foundation of Clark County Mother’s Day Weekend Plant Sale. (See May 11) 10 am-3 pm Steamers and Screamers Mother’s Day Brunch at 8400 NE Vancouver Mall Loop #105, Vancouver. Buffet style French-inspired cuisine, play area admission for all children ages 7 and under, and hourly giveaways. Price: Adults-$30, Children ages 1 and up$10. 12 pm continued on page 30


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013


Calendar of Events & Activities (cont'd) continued from page 28


Come and Play on Saturday at Three Creeks Community Library. (See May 4) 10 am-12 pm Dozer Day, at Cemex/Fisher Quarry-Directly off Hwy 14 at the 192nd Ave., exit (corner of 192nd and Brady Rd.). Community event that puts kids in the driver’s seat of actual dump trucks, dozers, excavators and much more while benefiting the community. Music, food, giveaways and activities for families, with profits benefiting local children’s charities. Admission is $5 for seniors (60+) and children (ages 2-12), $7 for adults and free for those under 2 years old. Tickets on the day of the event are $8 for kids (ages 2-12) and seniors and $10 for adults. For more information, visit 11 am-4 pm Crafternoon for Teens ages 12-19 at Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. Make an upcycled jump rope out of plastic bags and duct tape. Makes a great present for a little brother or sister, or keep it for a fun way to exercise this summer. 12-3 pm

Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 7:30 pm


Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 2 pm

Steamers and Screamers Dinner and a Movie. (See May 4) 5 pm



Games at Three Creeks Community Library. (See May 7) 4-6 pm


Dozer Day, at Cemex/Fisher Quarry. (See May 18) 11 am-4 pm

Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. Free every Tuesday. (See May 7) 10:30 am


School’s Out: Explore Your World at Vancouver Community Library, 901 C St., Vancouver. Explore the world around you with fun activities. This month: secret agent training. 3-5 pm

Come and Play on Saturday at Three Creeks Community Library. (See May 4) 10 am-12 pm

Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. Free every Tuesday. (See May 7) 10:30 am

Steamers and Screamers, a brand new business in Vancouver will host their official ribbon cutting event. This grand celebration will feature llamas, face painting, balloon art and of course, time to roam Steamers and Screamers state-of-the-art playspace (8400 NE Van Mall Drive, Suite 105). The first 20 attendees will receive a free latte and free “play” voucher for their kiddos. 9:30am-12:30pm


Funtastic Friday at Vancouver Community Library. (See May 3) 3-5 pm Teen ‘Scape at Vancouver Community Library. (See May 3) 3-5 pm




Steamers and Screamers Dinner and a Movie. (See May 4) 5 pm



Golden Garter Theatre presents “A Magical Melodrama.” (See May 4) 7:30 pm

Photo: Nutter Foundation

Kids can take a turn in the driver’s seat at Dozer Day


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013

MAY 4th • 8AM-1PM AWESOME 3000 – SALEM






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Education Guaranteed Education Tuition........................19

Legal Schauermann, Thayer, Jacobs & Staples Law Firm.........................................................13

Events Dozer Day......................................................27 Kohl’s Car Seat Safety Event.........................25 Vancouver Summer Adventure.......................11 Financial iQ Credit Union.................................................3 Fitness East West Martial Arts....................................21 Mountain View Ice Arena................................24 YMCA Clark County.........................................7 Yoga Hot Spot................................................25

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Resources Sante Mama...................................................11 Washington Early Achievers.............................9 Restaurant Steamers and Screamers...............................24 Schools Cascadia Montessori School............................3 Children’s Day-Care Centers..........................13 St. Andrew Christian Preschool......................11 SW WA Catholic Schools...............................23

Retail Kazoodles.......................................................11 Sante Mama...................................................11 Spanky’s...........................................................9 Westfield.........................................................13

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2013


May 2013  

Britnee Kellogg Fighting Fatique

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