2021 Van Pride Magazine

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checked in by sb. smith what does home feel like to you? tourism hell, glistening shamblescondos, ambulances, dead water. dead-dead like belly-up fish in sour-smelling spume billows. dead-dead like westcoast wildfire smoke, and no-snow winters every year. where do you feel home in your body? The cedar stump in my throat, clearcut anaphylaxis, decade-expired Winter Olympics tears, my lungs breathing apocalypse for days, algae stench in my nostrils, these leaky condo scaffolding bones, this chronic pulp mill bronchitis, smoke stack-haze on my chest xray, fasciitis of my rental market ribs. what needs to happen for you to feel lighter? tourists go like renovicted chest pains my house has my name tattooed on its collarbone we all get some more room, a sip of water and a full breath

SB. is a sick-disabled bisexual of chronically-ill and poor/ working class Scottish-Irish heritage living on the territory of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. They were the editor of Disabled Voices Anthology (2020) and her work has been published in Arc Poetry, The Quilliad, anti-lang., Maclean's, Sad Girl Review, and more.


2010 Vancouver Riots. Lung Liu photo

eugenics! up yours! by sb. smith a good death in Canada is a third reich wetdream. Poison me, daddy, I’m a public hazard. I’m a million-dollar baby and you’re behind on your payments like calculated genocide. come one, come all of us freaks, cripples. crazies singing loud mourning songs in the gallows: dignity with dyinga bottomless hashtag of private funding. advocates shovel their wet soil into our gaping wounds of days without pain meds, electricity zaps our skulls and with their final blow, with their final shot to our veins, we are ghosts in hospital rooms, empty gallows. our undesirable shit and piss-soaked lives unworthy of life are on the hands that force feed glossed-over eugenics to CTV viewers. they forget we aren’t seeds or blood to our progenies, our ghosts become them. we will always be here. ●

#ChooseYourPride 2021