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L OV E OF TR AVEL / 津津悠遊



n the hearts of Kerrisdale and Richmond City Centre, Forero’s Bags and Luggage is a feast for travelers seeking top-of-theline and high quality products for everyone from the occasional traveller, to those whose business keeps them on the go all year round.

In 2010, Mabel Forero opened the doors of her business in Kerrisdale with the help of family and friends, watching it grow a reputation for quality products and customer service. The experience was intensely gratifying and in 2016, Forero’s expanded its operations to the emerging bustle of CF Richmond Centre. Forero’s is proud to carry the top lines from brands such as Rimowa, Tumi, Samsonite, Delsey, and Briggs & Riley, hailing from around the world. The top-seller at Forero’s is Rimowa, a superstar in the travel world, setting the standard for lightweight, hardside luggage. By incorporating intelligent details, durable zippers, and the best wheel and handle systems, Rimowa strives to make travel comfortable, effortless, and fun. The Rimowa Electronic Tag allows travellers to use their smartphone to check in their ‘smart’ bag from the convenience of their own homes. Aimed to replace the typical paper tag, the digital screen is integrated into the side of the suitcase and allows the airline to display the tag directly on the bag. This new technology will allow travelers to check in with the tap of a button, letting them bypass the check-in line to enjoy their trip sooner.

於Kerrisdale心臟地帶的 Forero’ s Bags and Luggage是 追求頂級和高品質產品人士的天堂,無論是旅客,又或 者是經常出差的人士,在這裡都能找到合意的產品。 2010 年,Mabel Forero與身邊的親朋好友開設了這盤新

生意,看著它日漸壯大,並贏取了發售優質產品與提供細緻客戶服務的良好 信譽,感到非常有滿足感。2016年,Forero’ s擴充營業並於列治文中心開設 第二分店,同樣大受顧客擁戴。 Forero’s一向以其齊備的世界頂級品牌而著名,並以發售獲高度評價的產品 系列為榮,有售的品牌包括Rimowa、Tumi、Samsonite、Delsey 及 Briggs & Riley等。 Forero’ s 的皇牌暢銷產品,非行李界的超級巨星Rimowa 莫屬。品牌大大提 升了硬身輕便行李箱的質量標準,探用了最佳的滑輪及把手系統、最堅固的 拉鏈,並融入智能細節,Rimowa 致力令旅遊更簡便,更舒適。 Rimowa的電子行李標籤讓旅客可以安坐家中使用智能手機辦理 “智能” 行 李箱托運手續。透過數碼科技,電子行李標籤直接與置於行李箱的版面連 接,取代由機場發出的紙質標貼,提供數碼行李標籤,上面載有乘客所預訂 的航班日期。



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Indulge by Boulevard, November 2017  

Indulge by Boulevard, November 2017