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Vancouver Eye Doctor The importance of the eyes to the body cannot be understated. The eyes will be the only elements in your human body that allow you begin to see the world in color. It’s because of this that West Vancouver optometry exists, reminding patients of these eye care hints to avoid complications down the road. By following these tips, you will have no problems seeing what is on the horizon. The Canadian Organization of Optometrists advocates comprehensive eye examinations should begin at 6 months of age. Vancouver Eye Doctors services include regular eye exams, consultation with eye physicians and surgeons, diagnosis and treatments and a range of eyeglasses and contact lenses as well for individuals. For sufferers or people need to wear eyeglasses wide range of fashionable eye wear Vancouver in advanced ad beautiful glasses can be obtained. Preschoolers rely on the eyesight to discover tasks which will prepare them for college. They’re developing the visually - guided eye - hand - body coordination, fine motor skills, and visual perceptual capabilities required to learn how to compose and read. Parents have to be conscious of entered or lazy eyes that will begin to build up at this age. These problems may or may not be evident without proper examinations. Any indication of developmental delays, including trouble with the recognition of colors, shapes, and letters can occur in the presence of a vision issue. Measures taken during these years to help ensure vision is growing typically can offer a child having a good start for school. Our team of knowledgable doctors will perform a comprehensive eye examination which includes visual testing, binocular appraisal and eye health. You will be shown numerous kinds of lenses to determine your best prescription. Afterward, we will discuss different alternatives to help you see clearly and easily. Clear and comfortable vision goes beyond 20/20. Our experts may perform a number of tests to evaluate the binocular function of the eyes. It’s crucial for both eyes to work together so as to acquire the best vision possible. At West Vancouver Optometry, we provide a complete array of services including complete eye examinations, treatment of occular infection and co-treatment with Ophthalmologists, pre- and post-operative care for laser surgery, dry vision remedy, contact lens care and eye wear dispensing from our in-house eyeglass studio.

Our Optometrists use the most up-to-date technologies to provide you with excellent care for a lilfetime of healthier eyes. Optometrists provide much more than a eyesight test; our expertise and instruments rule out underlying health problems than can influence your prescription and vision quality At Vancouver Eye Treatment we make use of the most advanced technologies to conduct some eye checks that may decide if you need glasses and contact lenses to improve sight. We also assess pupillary responses and test your eye muscles for appropriate function. A comprehensive assessment will be done. Lastly, a dilated examination will be done to eliminate any problems with the retina or optic nerve. Optometrists are major eye healthcare providers. For that we refer one to the Opthamologist who will be the eye surgeons. The Vancouver Optometrist do co - manage cataract and laser surgery with the Opthamologist. Therefore the Ophthalmologist are the eye surgeons For all vision health problems that we do not treat or handle such as cataract surgery, retinal surgeries, problems, these days corrective laser surgery such as Lasik and PRK which are very popular we send you to them. For More Details

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While we pride ourselves on our keen fashion sense, we’re also the experts when it comes to frame and lens construction. We understand that...

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