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Vancouver’s profiles of


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Vancouver’s profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

ÒThere are no shortcuts to true excellence.Ó angela duckworth


Depending on whom you ask, the definition of excellence can mean many things. But, when it comes to achieving true excellence there are also many common denominators, including dedication, determination and compassion. To that end, the businesses and individuals featured in the 2019 Profiles of Excellence are examples of industry leaders who not only guide by example, but also have a keen sense of commitment to community. That sense of community came up often during conversations and interviews I did while


putting this publication together. Many of these leaders spoke just as passionately about their need to give back as they did of their need to excel. And while “holistic” may not be the best word to describe their approach to business, there’s no getting away from the fact these leaders see the importance of the interconnections between their work, employees, family and community. And it’s working. By striving for excellence in every aspect of their (public and private) lives, their accomplishments have that much more meaning. sandra thomas editor

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michelle yu

Michelle Yu

personal real estate corporation

Experience and knowledge helps clients plan their future


Michelle Yu, founder of Michelle Yu Personal Real Estate Corporation, says because there have been so many changes in the real estate industry, it’s vital to work with a knowledgeable realtor. “The market is not as simple as it was before,” says Michelle. She says that while the internet can provide a lot of information to clients, if they’re not careful it can be a matter of quantity over quality. “That information online needs to be validated, integrated and reviewed by experienced agents in order to generate the best options,” says Michelle. Michelle says that’s why it’s so important for her realtors to be equipped with the training needed to help clients with all of their needs, whether they’re buying or selling a home. She adds her team works very hard to ensure clients enjoy the best possible service from the start to the finish of their purchase or sale. Michelle was surprised recently to hear about real estate open house events being hosted by robots. The robots are being used in the U.S. to show some homes to potential buyers. Michelle says that goes against everything she believes in. “Robots cannot convey the information a buyer needs,” says Michelle. “They cannot replace a human.” And a robot certainly cannot replace the collective decades’ worth of experience and knowledge Michelle and her team bring to each transaction. The same goes with human realtors. Not only does Michelle have more than 20 years in the real estate industry, many of her team members also have between 10 and 20-years of experience. Michelle says there is so much more to buying a home than admiring the layout of the interior and it’s vital that clients understand the true value of their home. Because there are many community plans underway at city hall, besides knowing the residential market value of a property, Michelle and her team can also provide clients with the potential value following future development. Michelle’s team also includes a lawyer, engineer and architect, who act as consultants who help meet clients’ need. And again, researching what the City of Vancouver has planned for the future of a neighbourhood is

vital information Michelle’s team can supply to both buyers and sellers. To ensure Michelle Yu Personal Real Estate Corporation can provide the most knowledgeable and up-to-date information for every client, whether that’s an individual or a developer, Michelle has created three separate divisions, each with its own set of expertise — residential, land assembly and project marketing. And while the divisions are experts in their own field, when it comes to a sale or project they all come together to share that collective knowledge.

Vancouver’s profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

All my teammates must believe in giving back to the society because it«s part of my vision. michelle yu

“The three are interrelated,” says Michelle. “So they can help clients prepare for the future.” Michelle describes the services offered at Michelle Yu Personal Real Estate Corporation as “one stop shopping.” Her research team’s expert work on land assembly projects across Vancouver is just one example of how having access to much-needed information made the move to helping developers with marketing and pre-sales an obvious one. And maybe not so obvious, but of equal importance, is Michelle’s commitment to community. Michelle recently donated her entire commission from the sale of a Vancouver home to World Housing, a global non-profit organization dedicated to providing homes to people living in slums around the world. The donation from this property, equalling hundreds of thousands of dollars, is enough to help 10 families build their own home. Donating her commission from one significant sale to a worthy organization or charity is something Michelle hopes to do annually. Michelle also leads by example, using her skills and expertise to help here at home, including offering assistance to her church and local hospitals and schools by donating her time, services and money. Michelle says her team members also embrace her commitment to community and to that end, asking potential employees about how they like to give back, is part of the interview process.

each office is independently owned and operated.

“They must believe in giving back because it’s part of my vision,” says Michelle. “And they have to have a good heart.”

Suite 410,

It’s that combination of hard work, expertise in today’s sometimes volatile real estate industry and commitment to community that makes Michelle Yu and her team a force to be respected — and reckoned with.

Vancouver, BC

650 West 41st Ave.,

T 604.329.8228 W michelleyu.com


photo: Farah Nosh


Odlum Brown Limited Relationships Matter: Aligning Culture, Clients and Community


“Building portfolios is our business, but building relationships is our strength. We put the needs of our clients first — always,” says President and CEO Debra Hewson of Odlum Brown Limited. For over 95 years, this independent, employee-owned, B.C.-based investment firm has helped generations of clients create, preserve and grow their wealth over the long term. Having weathered various economic challenges and stock market cycles during this time, Odlum Brown is no stranger to the dynamic financial landscape in which it operates. The firm’s independence is crucial to its success. Hewson explains that “our Investment Advisors are free to build portfolios that best suit the unique needs of their clients. Our client support is in-house, allowing us to offer a higher degree of personalization in the valueadded administrative services that our clients have come to know. Everything we do at Odlum Brown is done by our employees, for our clients.”

Hewson says “while the way the firm delivers services may have changed with the pace of technology, the cornerstone of our business has always been about building long-term relationships with our clients and colleagues. Relationships matter.” The firm’s enviable corporate culture is one that nurtures leaders at all levels, which fosters accountability not only to clients and the community, but also with each other. Among the many accolades the firm has received over the years, including recognition as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for 19 years straight, Odlum Brown was named one of Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures in the Mid-Market category by leading cultural talent management firm Waterstone Human Capital in 2017.

Debra Hewson, who joined the firm in 1991 and was named President and CEO in 2007, is grateful for the recognition, but what speaks volumes about the culture that she and her Senior Leadership Team have inspired at the firm are the results from its recent employee engagement survey, which had an unprecedented response rate of 92 per cent. The survey revealed the firm’s strengths and opportunities – it was clear that employees brought their best to the table each day and were proud to be part of the Odlum Brown family. As Hewson says, “it’s certainly easier to continue to nurture a culture, not to change it.” Culture remains a key factor to the firm’s extremely low employee turnover. Almost 50 per cent of the firm’s workforce has been with Odlum Brown for more than 10 years, while another 22 per cent has stayed for more than 20 years.

Vancouver’s profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

We put the needs of our clients first Ñ always. Debra Hewson PRESIDENT AND  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,  ODLUM BROWN LIMITED

What attracts clients and employees alike to Odlum Brown is its involvement in its local community. The firm sponsors over 100 charities and organizations throughout B.C. that support initiatives in such areas as health care, education, arts and culture, sports, environment and youth. “I’m fortunate to lead an organization that believes, as I do, that it’s our duty and obligation to give back to the community where we live and work. Rather than spending our marketing dollars to advertise through traditional means, we opt to invest it in our community to make a real difference,” says Hewson. In addition to the firm’s exemplary corporate social responsibility, more than half of the firm’s fundraising initiatives are employee-driven and their efforts have been recognized across Canada. With a sense of community and foremost client commitment ingrained into its culture, Odlum Brown has garnered the respect of its industry peers and continues to build its business, one relationship at a time. Suite 1100, 250 Howe St., vancouver, BC T 604.669.1600 W odlumbrown.com


Amherst Funeral & Cremation Services Transforming the funeral industry with affordability and transparency


Amherst Funeral and Cremation Services is driven by the principle that the best service can also be simple and affordable. Founded by Scott McFarlane, Amherst is a proudly Canadian, locally owned and operated, independent business. Free of ties to large, funeral chains and other funeral homes and chapels, McFarlane was able to base the company on what he truly believed the industry was missing. In 2008, Amherst was established with the firm belief that all families should have the right to quality and affordable funeral services, without having to sacrifice the dignity or respect of both the dying and the living. Nearly 10 years later, Amherst still operates on the creed that funeral arrangements should be simple, to the point, and free of sales pitches. “We don’t pressure families,” McFarlane, the owner, funeral director and embalmer of Amherst, said. “When death is imminent, our mission is to allow the families to focus on spending precious time with their loved ones, not to rush them to the funeral home to sign arrangement paperwork and distract them with complicated decisions about costs.” With such laudable principles, it is easy for Amherst to be so transparent with their pricing and services. In fact, its funeral, cremation, burial, and memorial services have been recognized by several local awards, garnering Amherst the title of the best funeral home in the city by two accounts. As the recipient of the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver ‘s Best Funeral Home for the sixth consecutive year, Amherst has also been honoured with the Westender’s Best of the City’s Gold Winner Award for Best Funeral Home for two years in a row. McFarlane said knowing that the people voted for Amherst on these awards gives him the pride that their mission resonates with all families from all walk of lives.

From the heart of downtown Vancouver to the neighbouring communities of Burnaby, Richmond, and North and West Vancouver, Amherst’s award-winning services extend throughout the entire Lower Mainland, covering communities from Chilliwack to Bowen Island. “We serve all types of families that represent the diverse Lower Mainland community we reflect,” McFarlane says. Beyond that, Amherst helps serve its communities by representing the rare, local, and independent choice that also provides competitive and affordable pricing, where the majority of funeral homes are now owned by international chains with heavy focus on sales.

Vancouver’s profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

We serve all types of families that represent the diverse Lower Mainland community we reflect. Scott McFarlane

“We’re not in the business of upselling,” he says. “On the contrary, we work with families to bring you just the service you want: no more, no less.” Giving back to the community extends past Amherst’s breadth of services. With no chapel of its own, Amherst is able to share its profits with communities in need of financial support. It continues to network and give opportunities to churches and halls who open their facilities for funerals and memorials to help the families it serves. “Rather than profiting for ourselves, the revenue can go directly to the churches and community halls, which will directly benefit them,” McFarlane says. With such a simple, yet surprisingly uncommon, approach, it is no wonder Amherst Funeral and Cremation Services continues to grow. From its inception to today, the number of families who choose Amherst has grown tremendously. It is with pride that McFarlane says, “We simply believe that funeral, cremation and burial costs need not be overly complicated and financially draining, especially at moments of grief.” Suite 1209, 207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC T 604.831.3023 W amherstcremation.com


candy ho

Element Lifestyle Retirement Retirement industry uniting for change


Candy Ho wants to revolutionize the way Canadians think about aging and retirement.

and age together, and everyone can not only care for one another, but also learn from each other.

But, the director and vice president of Element Lifestyle, isn’t planning to embark on this revolution alone. Instead, Ho is engaging leaders of the retirement industry to join forces in an attempt to work with all three levels of government towards making proactive change, particularly around policies and regulations when it comes to building, creating and operating service-enriched multigenerational neighbourhoods.

Ms. Ho points to data that shows over the next 20 years, there will be a 200,000-unit gap between the demand for a place to live and the supply of homes suitable for an aging population.

To that end, Ms. Ho has joined the board of the B.C. Seniors Living Association, an organization her father Don Ho co-founded in 2003, with a small group of industry leaders to share best practices, with a vision to continuously raise standards in retirement living accommodations and services. Mr. Ho was inspired to create the BCSLA after personal experience with his own parents and in-laws drove him to find a way to prevent companions from being separated after a lifetime together. Ms. Ho has taken up her father’s legacy of challenging the status quo and driving lasting positive social impact. In seeing the demographic issue of aging as something that has sweeping implications across all generations, she has led the movement of creating and managing age-friendly communities where older residents can live together with younger generations. Ms. Ho hopes that as a collaborative, collective force, the retirement living industry can help illustrate to all three levels of government how regulations and policies can be adapted to take a more forward-looking approach that empowers seniors and families with flexibility and choice. Ms. Ho and the team at Element want to see more age-adaptive, amenityrich residences where professional support and care can be delivered to more people effectively and efficiently within compact, walkable communities with a natural mix of ages. Ms. Ho’s vision is for stigmatization and isolation to become a thing of the past. Instead, Ms. Ho imagines a time when generations can live

Vancouver’s profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

We all come from a place of care and desire to serve. candy ho

“Of course, the government has all the best of intentions and recognizes the magnitude of the silver tsunami. Unfortunately right now, prescriptive policies and regulations are inadvertently hindering seniors and families rather than helping them,” says Ms. Ho. She adds the public process for rezoning is long and uncertain and the many millions charged in the development process is another challenge. “We need to build new and better homes and services for our seniors and their families, but it takes many years to create only a couple of hundred units.” She is deeply concerned the vast scale of needs cannot possibly be met at this pace, and that with age covenants applied to serviced residences, seniors will continue to say “they’re not ready” for support and care. Ms. Ho strongly believes that there is a place for publicly funded, non-profit as well as private industry. There isn’t a onesize- fits-all solution. “To empower people with choice, there needs to be lighter process and greater flexibility in developing a range of new supply that provides different service and accommodation models.” Ms. Ho is proud of the incredible support the government tries to provide through funding and regulations that ensure standards of safety and security. “We’re all trying to do our best job,” says Ms. Ho, passionately. “We all come from a place of care and desire to serve. We hope that the retirement living industry can come to be embraced as the government’s true partners as we face the aging population together as a nation.”

1147 Homer St., Vancouver, BC T 604.676.1418 W elementliving.com


Pip Dhaliwal

Pip Dhaliwal

Vancouver’s profiles of

freedom Capital


Your creative mortgage solutions provider

We take pride in helping people get back on their feet because of our expertise.


During the 17 years that Pip Dhaliwal worked in financing, from teller to loans officer to top-producing mortgage specialist, he saw many families lose all their assets when issued foreclosures — and it was heartbreaking. At the same time, he witnessed banks restricting entrepreneurs based on their income rather than equity and that was frustrating, to say the least. Seeing how strict the banks were, with incompetent solutions, Pip (his real name is Parbinder, but everyone, since he was a kid in Birmingham, England, called him Pip) wanted to specialize in alternative solutions — his main motivation was to help people. Eight years ago he left the banking industry and founded Freedom Capital, the only alternative mortgage brokerage in the lower mainland. As conventional lending banks become more restrictive, they are catering less to investors and entrepreneurs and instead focus on clientele with full-time employment. And that practice has allowed Freedom Capital to become one of the fastest growing brokerages in Canada. Pip looks at banks as non-common sense lenders, meaning they only consider your net income and credit history when approving a loan. But Freedom Capital approves a loan based on equity. “There are two aspects to our business: we deal with entrepreneurs to help them get financing, which translates to them making money,” Pip explains. “Secondly, we help people who have found themselves in unforeseen circumstances, such as divorce or health issues. We give them solutions so they don’t lose their assets.” For instance, a family missed three payments on their mortgage because the wife fell ill and lost her job and the husband had to take time of work to be her caregiver. The bank demanded their loan and sent them papers for foreclosure. They could have lost everything.” Because Pip works with alternative lending partners, Freedom Capital was able to approve a refinance based on the family’s equity rather than income. “We provided them with a one-year flexible term and when the husband returned to work, they were able to

refinance with a conventional bank,” Pip explains. “We take pride in helping people get back on their feet because of our expertise.” Laws and restrictions are changing bank’s lending policies and increasingly, more people have been declined financing. Freedom Capital provides alternative solutions, whether you are a young family seeking a first mortgage or an entrepreneur needing refinancing for a large development.


Pip Dhaliwal

“A large developer came to us when his financial institution demanded his loans and his entire portfolio,” says Pip. “He had four hotels and three development properties in B.C. and Alberta, but one of the developments was three months late in construction. We were able to refinance his portfolio in the nick of time.” As well, if you are a developer the bank will likely restrict you to one build or restrict further funding until that project is paid out. Freedom Capital doesn’t restrict, it provides more options. And here is another reason why Freedom Capital is growing exponentially. If you are a developer purchasing a piece of land not yet rezoned, the banks will not give you a land-only mortgage — they need rezoning and permits in hand. But Freedom Capital will provide land-only financing, allowing you time to get rezoning completed within six to eight months. Developers see gains up to 30 percent of the land value, so Freedom Capital also helps them make money. And investors are not limited to the amount of money they can get. Wait, it gets better: Pip says they also provide construction financing. Freedom Capital now has one of the largest pools of investors and lenders in the country, allowing them to provide loans from $50,000 for a mortgage to over $150 million for a high-rise construction project. And Freedom Capital is the only brokerage that doesn’t do conventional mortgages. “We don’t punch stuff into a computer and hope it spits out your approval,” says Pip. His vision, to become “Your Creative Mortgage Solutions Provider,” has become reality.

your creative mortgage solutions provider


Pip Dhaliwal Financing Professional T 604.830.7080 F 1.866.944.3331 LI linkedin.com/in/pipdhaliwal W freedomcapital.com


Dunbar Terrace Luxury Apartments Dunbar is one of Vancouver«s most vibrant and picturesque neighbourhoods.


With its eclectic collection of restaurants and cafes, shops and services, lots of green space and pristine parks and easy access to transit, no wonder affordable rental units have been impossible to find — until now. Dunbar Terrace is a new apartment project with 60 units at 4560 Dunbar Street. The developers are expecting to open its doors to tenants in January 2019, offering yet another choice when it comes to the luxury apartments and condos the neighbourhood is known for. As a resident of this concrete boutique building, you’ll enjoy European-style kitchens with gas cooktops, central air conditioning and large private terraces. In addition, building residents have access to a well-equipped fitness room and an amenities room with food prep area. Wait, there’s more: the beautifully landscaped and thoughtfully appointed rooftop deck is equipped with barbeques, seating/ dining and a kids play area. (Children are welcome, but in consideration of other non-pet owning residents, Dunbar Terrace does not allow pets.) Dunbar Terrace is particularly appealing for anyone with an active lifestyle. Along with secure underground parking, it also has secure bike parking and a dedicated bicycle elevator. Residents will be living near a number of parks with superb hiking trails, including pristine forest trails of Pacific Spirit Park and UBC to the west, the Fraser River shoreline to the south, and numerous sandy beaches to the north. Tree-lined streets, green spaces with playgrounds,

running tracks, little league diamonds, and several public and private golf courses — some of the city’s finest — add to the residential appeal of the area. And most everything is within walking distance. In fact, Dunbar Terrace has a Walk Score of 87. (Walk Score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the walkability of any address. A score of 87 means “very walkable” and most errands can be accomplished on foot.)

Vancouver’s profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

Dunbar Terrace is a new apartment project with 60 units currently under construction at 4560 Dunbar Street.

Residents of the development will enjoy strolling to nearby cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Once complete, Dunbar Terrace will also have retail businesses at ground level making it even more convenient for residents to shop and eat locally. There are three banks nearby to choose from and some of Vancouver’s oldest and most respected private and public schools are located just blocks away. The neighbourhood is also where you’ll find the Dunbar Theatre, and the Vancouver Public Library, Dunbar Branch. Dunbar Community Centre is also nearby and offers programs and activities for individuals and families. Close proximity and easy transport to Vancouver International Airport, UBC and downtown Vancouver contribute to making Dunbar one of Vancouver’s truly great neighbourhoods. To make an appointment, visit dunbarterrace.com.

4560 Dunbar st., vancouver, BC T 604.808.0334 W dunbarterrace.com



Kerrisdale Lumber Almost 100 years strong


When Kerrisdale Lumber set up shop 97 years ago, it was located on a dirt road next to a set of train tracks in a forested area of Vancouver — address 5300 West Blvd. “We are filled with pride when we think about how far our business has come from the days when Albert Perry, pictured in our logo, delivered orders to builders with his delivery horse ‘Bob’ which we now do with our hydraulic boom cranes. Our community has evolved and grown over these 97 years — and so have we,” says Lyle Perry, who is continuing his greatgreat grandfather Albert Perry’s legacy in the role of Vice President of Operations for Kerrisdale Lumber. Perry says thanks to the continued support from the company’s loyal customers over the years, Kerrisdale Lumber has been growing and expanding its business. To ensure the future success of the company, Perry says he’s very excited to announce that Kerrisdale Lumber will be expanding to two new locations starting in late 2019. “We will be opening our new contractor building supply yard and store in Marpole in late 2019,” says Perry. Perry adds the contractor building supply store will build on the success they’ve had working with contractors in Greater Vancouver and the Kerrisdale Lumber team is excited to have a dedicated store that’s much more suited to their needs with the ability to supply larger and more technical jobs. Kerrisdale Lumber will also be opening a 10,000-square-foot hardware, lifestyle and barbecue store just down the street from its current location now — at 6300 West Blvd. “At our retailer hardware store we’re going to be expanding our exciting and outdoor living offerings while still keeping a wellstocked and functional hardware store,” says Perry. He emphasizes Kerrisdale Lumber isn’t splitting its business focus, but instead is creating two locations with slightly more targeted audiences. The new retail store in the McKinnon Development will still

provide a wide selection of hardware for contractors. Meanwhile, Kerrisdale Lumber will continue to operate out of its current location at 6191 West Boulevard until late 2019. Perry says the change in business structure is in response to Vancouver’s ongoing real estate growth and development.

profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

I do have a lot of pride to carry on the family tradition in keeping this business going strong. Lyle Perry

“The reason we’re creating a more targeted customer experience in these two locations is we really have seen a change,” says Perry. “It used to be 70 per cent do-it-yourself-type customers and 30 per cent professionals. Now, on the building side of the business it’s almost all trades contractors and developers that we deal with. There are very few do-it-yourselfers left in our market.” After almost 100 years in business, Kerrisdale Lumber has withstood the ebbs and flows of Vancouver’s real estate and development industry. This is, in part, due to the willingness of the company’s leaders to listen to their customer base and to pay attention to how the business landscape was changing. “Twenty years ago we didn’t sell a single barbecue and now we’re one of the biggest barbecue dealers in the country,” says Perry. The Kerrisdale Lumber family would like to take this opportunity to thank its costumers for their continued support because without them, this growth and expansion would not be possible. “The business we’re in is a very fun and fast-evolving and I do have a lot of pride to carry on the family tradition in keeping this business going strong,” says Perry. “We wouldn’t be here after 97 years continuing to do what we’re doing — and expanding on what we’re doing — if it wasn’t for the great customers and the continued support that the community’s given us.” Kerrisdale Lumber looks forward to another exceptional 97 years in business serving the Vancouver community.

6191 West Boulevard Vancouver, BC T 604.261.4274 F 604.261.7842 W kerrisdalelumber.com


Lindsay Nahmiache


Jive PR + Digital white glove service


“The world of communications is constantly changing,” says Lindsay Nahmiache, CEO and co-founder of Jive PR + Digital. “When we first started 10 years ago, press releases were the primary way to spread news. The services we offer today have nothing to do with what we did then. From public relations and social media, to thought leadership and events — we innovate with the pace of culture.” Their clients are also diverse. Jive’s savvy storytellers and strategists work with local, national and international brands to help influence consumer behaviour and deliver measurable results. Since 2009, Jive has represented a wide range of clients in the entertainment, food and beverage, brand, and community and non-profit categories. Nahmiache says having offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto means cross-border clients and campaigns are easily handled. Canadian companies can get access to a U.S. market on the Canadian dollar, which makes Jive PR + Digital an attractive and financially-sound option. “We pride ourselves on offering white glove service,” says Nahmiache. “It’s not just transactional. Personalization is the backbone of our success, our team achieves a higher placement rate in stories for our clients through customized pitches based on the interests of individual journalists.”

“There’s never a typical day in PR,” says Nahmiache. “One day I had to get an 800-pound mule up a service elevator to the top of the TD tower for a photo shoot for Juan Valdez coffee. The next day I was ordering coffee pods for the office. Every day is different.”

profiles of

excellence 2019 EDITION

Our goal is to help clients become leaders in their industry. Lindsay Nahmiache

Examples of successful campaigns include taking a 50-year-old sandwich brand and making it relevant to younger demographics; building brand awareness and community engagement around a seasonal beverage; and launching a new pet food brand through an influencer campaign on Instagram and tripling its sales on Amazon. In addition to PR and Social Media, Jive also has a robust Thought Leadership department to help build executive profiles alongside the brand. From placing op-eds in Forbes to LinkedIn B2B management and booking speaking engagements, Jive helps leaders stand out. Nahmiache says one of the keys to Jive’s success is believing in their client or product. “Our goal is to help clients become leaders in their industry,” says Nahmiache. “We want to work with companies that stand for something and have a story to tell.”

The team at Jive PR + Digital is equipped to handle everything from social media campaigns to public relations projects and special events. Nahmiache says no job is too big — or unusual — for her and her team to manage.

T 778.383.7243 W jiveprdigital.com Tw @JivePRDigital



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