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How to Plan a Budget Wedding Is it really possible to spend only $2,000 to $5,000 on a wedding? Yes it is! If you’re on a really tight budget, you can spend as little as you need to, according to Inside tips include:

Get Your Priorities Straight One of the very first things you have to decide is where you want to put the most of your money. How much do you want to spend on flowers? How much do you want to spend on a wedding gown? Make a budget.

When Do You Want To Get Married? What month, what day, and what time of the day can affect the cost of a wedding.

A “Couple” More Ways

On a budget this tight you should focus on having your wedding on off months and irregular days. Think December, Friday, and in the morning.


Skip the dinner and have a party! Many couples are choosing to elope. One way to celebrate when you return home is to have a cocktail reception at someone’s house. It can be a fun time with less stress and cost.

The Guest List Obviously, the number of guests you have will affect the cost. It is usually best to keep your guest list small. If you want to feed your guests, then you should go the do-it-yourself route. Pick up appetizers etc. at a place like Costco.

The Wedding Gown Wedding gowns are costly. An expensive gown will shatter a couple’s budget in this price range. The best way to do this is to buy a dress on sale. This could be a wedding dress, a prom dress or an

evening gown. Another option is to go casual.

Low Cost Photography This could be a student or someone who is looking to get started in wedding photography. You only need a few pro quality pictures done. The rest of your pictures can be filled in with random photos taken from your guests.

Icing on the

Watch for our exciting Valentine’s Day section, coming on Wednesday, February 9, featuring romantic treats for your loved one.


Something old, something borrowed… something creative. Instead of buying everything new, borrow items from your family and friends, or rent what you need. Creating items like invitations or flower arrangements also provides that personal touch. Tips courtesy

Perfect day

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Wedded Bliss

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compiled by Helen Peterson

I’ve yet to meet a bride-to-be, no matter how svelte or young, who isn’t concerned about her physique looking perfect in today’s strapless wedding gowns. From worries of upper arm flab, to the dreaded muffin-top tummy, gals are looking for ways to fit into their dream dress, like a glove. Eating healthy and doing exercise (like practising for a half-marathon, perhaps?) are great ways, but sometimes some extra motivation is necessary to achieve her goal. Vancouver Bridal Hub recommends B4 I Do Bridal Bootcamp, with classes designed with the busy bride-to-be in mind. Brides participate twice a week for eight weeks in an intense 60-minute, high energy, full-body bootcamp workout. Owner/instructor Dee Clarke says participants can expect to improve cardio conditioning, decrease body fat and

Create a

Home Gym

Many workout moves can be done at home using inexpensive fitness equipment—there’s often no need to go to a gym. Here’s what you’ll want to have on hand: Fitness ball: Purchase the appropriate size for your height. Free weights: Invest in two or three pairs. Workout mat or carpeted floor. Sturdy coffee table Sturdy chair Mirror: Use it to check your form.

increase lean muscle. Classes consist of a warm-up, intense intervals of strength training and cardio, a cool down and stretch. “Variety, creativity, technique and effectiveness are all key components of these classes, and I guarantee you will always be challenged and never be bored,” she said. “Our B4 I Do classes

Dressing for a

Winter Wedding by Charley A. Prescott

After receiving an invitation to a fall or winter wedding, you may be confused about what to actually wear to the special event. Since the weather will be chilly, you want to dress for warmth, while still looking stylish. Here are a few of my favourite tips on how to dress fashionably for a fall or winter wedding ceremony. Wear colours that reflect the time of year. If the wedding is around the holidays, deep hues of red, purple, brown and green are always a winner. Of course, black is one shade that is ideal for year round wear, regardless of the temperature. Add a touch of colour, to a brown or black suit or dress, by incorporating a colourful belt or scarf into your ensemble. Dress up with jewellery. Wear gold or silver jewellery which will complement an outfit with a bit of sparkle. Just remember to not go overboard with the amount of bling - keep your style classic and simple. What do we mean? If you are wearing a strapless black dress that is fairly understated, it is totally fine to set off the look by sport-


help reduce pre-wedding stress and leave you feeling energized. Nutritional information is also available to improve results!” B4 I Do Bridal Bootcamp classes are 6:30 to 7:30 a.m., and take place indoors (at Denman Fitness - 1731 Comox St.) during the winter months. For more information, check out the website at:

Motivating music Comfortable sneakers and workout clothes. Water bottle: Stay hydrated after your workout. Info. courtesy www.weightwatchers. com - Buff Brides Fitness Challenge.





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ing a chic bold necklace. Wear heavier apparel. Depending on where you live, the fall and winter months of the year can often be quite nippy, so consider dressing in clothing made from heavier types of fabric. Cashmere, velvet, wool, and heavyweight satin and silk are excellent choices, for weddings held during cooler times of the year. Accessorize with a cardigan or pashmina. It may be chilly outside, but you can still wear a strapless dress -- just make sure you have the right accessory. A cute cardigan is a timeless accessory that you can wear over a simple dress. Choose a daring colour of classic red, cranberry, deep turquoise or plum.

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