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august 2010 special advertising feature

an enjoy life without worries.

Representation Agreements: Insurance and Peace of Mind provided by Diamond Geriatrics

Whether you are a senior in advanced years facing mental uncertainty, or the family of same dealing with important, life-limiting issues, there are things you should know ahead of time. Because, one never knows.. Who will make decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself? How will they make those decisions? Would they make the decisions that you would have made if you had the chance? If your parent or spouse were to become unable to make decisions for

themselves, would you be legally able to make them? This might include the need to sell property if funds are needed, or arrange for seniors housing or care. Would someone challenge the decisions you make or try to prevent your input? In our many years of working with seniors and caregivers, we have witnessed strife in families where no one would have predicted it; and decisions made that were not in the best interests of the senior and probably not what he or she would have chosen for themselves had they been able or aware enough to make those decisions. In British Columbia, the only legal

document for “Advance Directives” regarding the making of decisions about personal care, living situations and health is the Representation Agreement (RA). A simple RA can be made on one’s own or through a notary; more complicated ones must be made with a lawyer. In your RA, you are able to set down whom you want to make decisions for you, under what circumstances those decisions should be made, and what decisions they can make. These include the kind of decisions that used to be included in a Living Will. An RA function sets out a first representative and an alternate. The role

of these representatives is to help you make decisions to the extent you are able, and to make them for you, as you would, when you are not. You may also appoint a monitor whose role is to insure that appropriate decisions are made. Although an RA can be written to enable representatives to make financial decisions for you; you may also have a separate document, which creates a “Power of Attorney.” The power of attorney is someone who is allowed to make financial decisions for you, pay bills, sell property, etc., on your behalf.

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Dialogue on Aging

Public Presentation Series Presented by Join us for one or all three informative sessions on the topic of dementia and other issues related to aging. Hear renowned experts discuss a number of the challenges facing society, families and caregivers.

For More Information or to Register: or 604-877-8312

• Friday, September 17, 2010 • Monday, September 27, 2010 • Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Visit our website at for full speaker and program details. All sessions are complimentary, however seating is limited.

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Does Pain Interfere with Physical Activity in People with COPD? Male individuals free of lung disease are invited to take part in a study by the UBC Department of Physical Therapy. The purpose of this study is to examine the prevalence, nature and impact of pain in people with COPD compared to healthy individuals of the same age. Participants must be 70 years of age or older with no neurological conditions. Participants will be required to complete 6 questionnaires to assess health status, physical activity and the amount of pain they experience. These can be completed in less than 30 minutes and are to be returned by mail. No appointment required. An honorarium will be provided for participation.

CONTACT 604-845-4111 x62574 or

seniors cont. from page 19 If the document is created as an enduring power of attorney, it allows the person you appoint to make or continue to make decisions regarding your finances if you become incapable. At the present time, both the enduring power of attorney and the RA are effective once they are signed. Because of this, some lawyers would advise that the power of attorney or RA “be escrowed under a letter which authorizes the instrument to be delivered to the attorney/rep upon production of a medical opinion stating that the maker of the instrument is

no longer capable.” (Info. from Vancouver law firm Clark Wilson LLP). Do not assume that “it would never happen in my family.” Make a Representation Agreement. It is a gift you give your family and insurance you give to yourself. For more information and how to get started with a Representation Agreement, go to (the Nidus Registry.) It’s the official website that explains what you need to know. Diamond Geriatrics is a geriatric care management, counselling and consulting company based in Vancouver. Contact them at 604-874-7764 or visit the website:

Incapability: When Decisions Are Made For You

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Seniors Day Each Tuesday Seniors will receive

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In British Columbia, it is assumed that you are capable of making decisions for yourself, until it is shown that you are not. It is also assumed that there is not a strict either/or situation - people can often be helped to make their wishes known even when they have some impairment. There are several ways that a person can be declared incapable. These are based on the Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act, the Public Guardian and Trustee Act, the Mental Health Act and the Patients Property Act. If there is no one available to make decisions for you, or if there is dispute then the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee can go to court to apply to

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(NW Corner of Fraser & Marine) 604-264-7267

For more information, go to

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All proceeds support youth and families at risk.

675 SE Marine Dr.

become your decision maker on a continuing basis. They could also take on the managing of your finances, for a fee while someone else they appoint or agree to, makes decisions regarding your health, care, or housing. The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee is also available to monitor Representation Agreement representatives and the person acting as Power of Attorney. If someone feels that either of those parties are not working in the best interests of the individual or that any other type of abuse is happening, the PGT can be called to investigate.


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FULL HOUSE Seniors and Hoarding

You enter your dad’s home and can’t believe the stacks of stuff that have accumulated on every flat surface: piles of newspapers and mail everywhere, the medicine cabinet overflowing with 10 years worth of half-used prescriptions and tubes of this and that, and heaps of dirty laundry on the bed so there is no place for him to sleep. You wonder how it got this bad. “A lifetime accumulation of possessions combined with a daily influx of junk mail, bills and newspapers can quickly overwhelm seniors, who may already be struggling physically, mentally or emotionally,” said Home Instead Senior Care co-founder Paul Hogan. Experts say that seniors are prone to cluttering for a variety of reasons, including fear of loss, anxiety, depression, not knowing how to get rid of possessions, or even memories associated with specific items that hold no intrinsic value. “It’s sort of the elephant in the room,” added Dr. Catherine Roster, a University


of New Mexico clutter researcher. “People don’t want to acknowledge there is a problem, which creates an underlying anxiety, stress, guilt or embarrassment that can have a negative effect on their mental health and productivity. “There are a lot of issues, including economics. When there is general disorganization, people lose important documents and can’t find bills and then miss payments. So some serious issues start affecting them. All the research shows that people are slow to recognize the problem.”

And for seniors, the risks of living in clutter are many, from slipping on loose papers to the threat of fire to the health effects of mold and mildew. Clutter can also interfere with family relationships and leave adult children wondering if the only inheritance awaiting them is a big mess. In order to identify potential trouble, the Home Instead Senior Care network is alerting family caregivers to watch for the signs in a senior’s home that indicate clutter creep could become a problem, including:

• Piles of mail and unpaid bills • Difficulty walking safely through a home • Frustration trying to organize • Difficulty managing activities of daily living • Expired food in the refrigerator • Jammed closets and drawers • Compulsive shopping • Difficulty deciding whether to discard items • A health episode such as a stroke or dementia • Loneliness. “Family caregivers can become just as overwhelmed as seniors,” said Hogan. “Fall is a great time for family caregivers to help seniors de-clutter for their own health and well-being. We suggest a three-step plan where the family caregiver brings three bins -- one for the stuff the senior wants to keep, another for donations and the third for trash. “Sometimes seniors just need a little help. One Home Instead caregiver helped her client go through a basement full of newspapers and clipped the important articles that he wanted to save, enabling him to throw away the bulk of the clutter. That was a relief to both the senior and his children.” The local office of Home Instead is located at Ste. 1100, 1200 West 73rd Ave. Tel: 604-267-6742.


A Full Service Retirement Community in the Heart of Vancouver where meeting the social needs of our seniors is a matter of priority.

“A single rose can be my garden, a single friend my world” – Leo Buscaglia

Experience the warmth of our welcome by visiting us at:

2835 Sophia Street at 12th Ave.Vancouver, B.C. V5T 4V2

Call 604.637.1207

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seniors Strengthen joints via lifestyle choices Keep your joints healthy, mobile and pain-free with some basic lifestyle choices. Exercise that does not stress the joints can help reduce toxic stress, improve muscle tone and improve blood flow, all of which contribute to lifelong joint health. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight as excess weight puts pressure on your joints. Focus on foods that enhance joint flexibility and lubrication. Studies show that a low protein diet, with lots of fresh antioxidant fruits and berries as well as complex carbohydrates, can help prevent osteo arthritis. Avoid foods that cause inflammation

Join Amica at Rideau Manor for our Complimentary August Events Denture Care Seminar ~ Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 - 2:30 pm Join us for an informative session with the professionals of Sani-Dent as they discuss the importance of polishing, repair, cleaning, and care of removable dentures. The Upside to Downsizing ~ Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Expert professional organizers and downsizers from “Good Riddance” will offer their entertaining presentation on downsizing – packed with vital information on how to make the transition to a smaller space smooth and stress–free. With them, Sutton Group Realtor Nargis Kakar will answer questions on how to best handle putting your home on the market.

• Certified appraiser for home visits • Guidance and assistance in downsizing • Professional and reputable prompt reimbursement • Avoid the inconvenience of on-line selling

Filmgo Sales

2741 Skeena (off Grandview Hwy, by Boundary)


Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-5:30

• Luxury Independent Rental Retirement Living • All Inclusive • Full Service Fine Dining • Wellness & Vitality™ Programs • Amica VITALIS™ Assisted Living Services


Please RSVP to Megan MacDonald at 604.291.1792.


as these increase arthritis risk and can cause other health problems. Also, if arthritis pain or stiffness are already a problem, use natural joint supportive supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates, MSM, Celadrin, Osteo

Why Consign?

Open House ~ Sunday, August 22nd to Thursday, August 26th, 2010 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Drop by for a personal tour and lunch compliments of our Executive Chef.

Amica at Rideau Manor A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence 1850 Rosser Avenue Burnaby, BC V5C 5E1

photo: news canada

Joint Ease, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium/magnesium and vitamin D to ease discomfort and promote joint repair. Certain medications can cause bone thinning or bone loss, or worsen arthritic conditions. Corticosteroids used to treat asthma can lead to osteoporosis. Medications used to treat endometriosis, and aromatase inhibitors used in the treatment of breast cancer can worsen arthritis. Discuss the risks versus benefits with your physician. The lifestyle choices that prevent arthritis also support overall good health. Choose a natural approach for more years of active living. Article courtesy www.

Seniors August 2010  

Special advertising section in the Vancouver Courier focussing on the senior citizen

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