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Food, Holiday Guests Glorious Food How to Make Them Feel at Home by Coral Nafie

Christmas means happy times with family and friends and Christmas guests are the best part of celebrating the holiday. Your home is decorated for the occasion, food is cooking, children are excited, and adults are rushing around trying to get everything ready for the big day! Be sure that you decorate your home and tree for the people who will enjoy it. Don’t put out heirloom Christmas decorations that can’t be touched if children will be touching everything. Don’t set your table with the finest linens if food will be messy. Don’t use your favourite

CHRISTMAS GIFT? Looking for the perfect

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heartwarming stories as well as photos that will be treasured for years to come.

in the Garden 604-822-4529 6804 SW Marine Drive (at 16th Ave)

KJM christmas

tree sale & toy drive Pictured: Romelia is a flavourful, sharp cheese that complements the spicy sweetness of Raspberry Cardamom Jelly.

Artisan Edibles products are found at fine food vendors. For more information, visit www.

Sensual Perception Vancouver artisan perfume house Ayala Moriel Parfums has joined forces with CocoaNymph chocolatier Rachel Sawatzky to create the ultimate indulgence - scented chocolate bars.  Choose from Espionage, with smoked salt, jasmine and juniper; Guilt, a combination of orange blossom, blood orange and wild oranges; and Roses et Chocolat, a fiery rose, saffron and chilli.  They make welcoming dessert items for guests (refrigerate, then break into pieces and serve on an elegant platter with dabs of vanilla ice-cream). Magnificent!


we wish you Happy Entertaining this holiday season!

saturday + sunday 10 - 6pm december 11 - 12 2010 Receive 10% off your christmas tree when you come enjoy the holiday spirit with KJM country gardens and DONATE A TOY.

Hot Pepper Jelly is a striking complement to the Natural Chevre from Salt Spring Island Cheese Company.

No stress, no fuss. Free range or organic birds brined, stuffed and oven-ready. Order today!

Born and raised in Vancouver, author Lisa Smedman has been writing about this city’s past, present and future since 1984. She’s received numerous awards for her historical writing over the years, and is the author of the Vancouver Courier’s “History’s Lens” column, which tells the story behind a different historic photo each week.

HST and shipping, if required, are in addition.


Christmas cards, unique gifts, handmade wreaths

tion ahead of time will help the time fly and both you and your guests will be looking forward to the next visit.

Contact June Stafford at 604.738.1411 or email to order.


compiled by Helen Peterson

working, cleaning and cooking theHome entertaining is one of the whole time your guests are with you.highlights of the holiday season, a Give you and your guests a chance totime to enjoy food and flavours with relax and really enjoy each other. Nofriends and family, says Heather Offer A Small Welcome Gift one will care if the kitchen is sparklingO’Leary, a promoter of locally made, Let your guests know that you’re happy or the sheets are ironed. And whengourmet food offerings. they’re with you by leaving a small there is work to do, accept every offer “Increasingly, trends are moving “welcome gift” in their bedroom. And I wash the dishes or set the table. Be atowards elegant flavours and simple, mean small! A sachet, paperback book, team and let everyone enjoy. artful food presentation that doesn’t flyers of local attractions at museums leave the host in the kitchen missor a clipping with movie listings at the Do... Have a Plan ing that quality time to connect with movie theatre. And a pretty vase with Make a written list of things to do andguests,” Leary says. fresh flowers is always a welcome gift. try to have a loose schedule for each What works best? “Cheese plates Don’t forget a short note to greet them. day of the visit. Don’t waste time plan-have long been a home entertaining ning at the last minute or the time willstaple,” she says, “whether it’s a ChristDon’t Try to Do It All fly by. Once you’ve all decided whatmas open house or a cocktail party. And There’s no better way to make a house you’ll do, make sure everyone is readypairings of flavourful local ingredients guest feel uncomfortable than to be to go as scheduled. And have fun! add sophistication to the table without adding any stress for the host.” For example, Artisan Edibles teamed up with Salt Spring Island Cheese to combine flavours that are a sophisticated showcase of local flavours. “More and more people are entertaining at home but rather than extravagant dinner parties, people are tending towards more simple entertaining so hosts can enjoy quality time with their guests,” says Maureen Drew, co-owner, Artisan Edibles. “These pairings are a stress-free way to add sophistication to your favourite local cheeses. And it supports local producers.” In most cases, Drew recommends plain crackers, to avoid overpowering the subtle flavours of the pairings. The Undressed Cracker from Gone Crackers is a locally-made option, or try thinly sliced baguette or crostini. regular price $39.95 Salt Spring’s Romelia steps right up in the “baked brie” department. Float a “IMMIGRANTS stories of Vancouver’s People” explores the many immigrant groups who shallow puddle of the Raspberry Cardacame to Vancouver over the past century and a half. From the Americans who flocked mom Jelly on top before it goes in the north during the great gold rushes of the 1850s and ‘60s to the Vietnamese who fled a waroven. Bake it for ten minutes at 375° ravaged homeland by boat in the 1970s, and everything in between, IMMIGRANTS tells the and serve with sliced baguette or plain stories of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond. It explores the reasons why they left their homelands, be it war, famine, economic downturn or wanderlust, crackers. and why they wound up choosing Canada. Pomegranate is a popular holiday flavour and Artisan Edibles Pomegranate This hard cover book is filled with more than 280 glossy pages. It’s packed with wonderful

holiday china for little children who might break them. When preparing for Christmas, keep in mind that the most important part of the holiday is family and friends gathering together to celebrate this special season. Do what you can to help make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. If you love having family and friends stay at your home, you might have wonderful ideas of your own about how to spend the time together. The commotion is augmented by already-full days of work, kids’ activities, cooking, and running errands. If your schedule includes a visit from family members or special friends, a bit of planning and organiza-

w e d n e s d ay, d e c e m b e r 8 , 2 0 1 0  T h e Va n c o u v e r C o u r i e r or call (604) 562-5333

Festivities include visit with santa + his ‘reindeer’ • country christmas gift store • hot chocolate • toy drive • goodies By coming out, you are donating to the Lower Mainland christmas bureau (LCMB)* as well as helping to support local tree growers. Also shop our retail nursery for a broad selection of unique gifts for home and garden. *The LMCB has a greatest need for donations for teens and preteens such as electronics, gift cards (suitable for both genders), hair driers/curling irons.

7226 Blenheim Street ( at 55th ave)

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