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Names of the story makers

Our Tale Our Tale (Cont) I have been cooking lunch on Sundays. delicious

food that really makes my day. Once I made bananas a new menu that was delicious. Furthermore I enjoy reading books in Jeremie as there is not much else to do. Ah… Boire du The

clairin sur la terrasse!!!

island of Ile a Vache is a different Haiti and

When living on an island, one of the challenges is

loneliness as I live under a microscope. I always had to look at my watch to make sure I did not violate the curfew because security is part of our job and life in Haiti, and a challenging environment to deliver in. Then Football!! I had an accident.

the sea is deep blue. I swam in the sea. Clouds are on top of the hills as I walk hard on the mountain to see people. When I created my own world in the

tent on the


There is some very nice beach places in Haiti

where I met very nice friends and I met a new family away from my own. Containers always helped contain the week long tiredness and were family time. My work fuels me with adrenaline.

22 March at 6pm, then going to the mountains always opened another world where the chickens were tied up for giving and getting support in and out of the work.

I have felt very welcome in Haiti. A bungalow in

Meetings were always a great learning experience about diversity and ways, but be on me for new

experience with new settings and environment, but when in need to relax I just want to go to the beach where I collect life through photos.

the beach in Jacmel where I watched the sunset at the beach while by kitchen deck relaxing with tea watching clouds, music and movies alongside cleaning laundry and when the wind blows I'll hear your story under the mango tree, sailing off the coast, going from coast to coast… also I was happy to visit Sodo. It is a sweaty place.

Discovery of a new part of the world. I made an assessment on helicopter. The work, the assess-

ment, the rain through enjoying the adventure in Haiti. Working in camps was the best part of my work when I arrived, because we are building a traditional house, which is a great opportunity to share skills with others and : Let's define the path for a new reality for Haiti.

Anyhow la chaleur qui enveloppe… Mesi anpil

mon cher!! Ancien combattant! never give up!!

Alex, Amon, Antoine, Balla, Blanca, Charlotte, Colin, Damien, Dorothy, Ellen, Federica, Fred, Gela, Gerhard, Irene, Isabelle, Jacques, Jean Paul, Jerry, Nando, Kenneth, Luvini, Marin, Munu, Myriam, Barry, Rosio, Simon, Willy, Kristina .