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!VAMOS! superman image by Gemma Bailey

JULY 7TH-16TH 2006 ¡VAMOS! forms part of NewcastleGateshead Initiative’s world-class festivals and events programme

HELLO / ¡HOLA! / OLÁ We are thrilled to introduce ¡VAMOS! to you - a 10-day festival of sport, music, theatre, film, food and fashion from Spanish and Portuguese speaking global cultures. The festival gathers artists from all over the world and the region to celebrate those cultures in NewcastleGateshead together. From Robledo’s winning goal in the 1952 FA Cup final for Newcastle United to Nobby Solano in the present day, Latin Americans have always made a vibrant contribution to this region... As part of the festival, there is also the ‘Popular Musics of the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds’ conference, organised by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne which will take place during the closing weekend of the festival and will attract music specialists from all over the world. This is the first ever ¡VAMOS! Festival with the longer term aim to become firmly established in the region as a biennial event, with its impact, energy and influence felt much farther afield. Please let us know what you think! We are extremely grateful for the faith and support of NewcastleGateshead Initiative and the financial support of Arts Council, North East, Newcastle Council, Gateshead Council, the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and The Northern Rock Foundation. Nik Barrera, Ian Biddle, Vanessa Knights, Andrew Nixon and Jill Bennison.

¡VAMOS! VENUE LIST Dance City Temple Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4BR Telephone: 0191 261 0505 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 1 Saltwell Park East Park Road, Gateshead, NE9 5AX Telephone: 0191 433 5900 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Gateshead Central ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 2 Tyneside Cinema 10 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QG Telephone: 0191 232 8289 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 3 Digital Times Square Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4EP Telephone: 0191 261 9755 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 4 Globe City 4th Floor, Curtis Mayfield House, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6UQ Telephone: 0191 222 1666 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 5 World Headquarters Ground floor, Curtis Mayfield House, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6UQ Telephone: 0191 261 7007 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 6 Times Square Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4EP Telephone: 0191 261 9755 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 7

All Saints Church Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2EW Telephone: 0191 267 9222 Nearest Metro: Manors ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 8

Marco’s Bar 33 Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1PQ Telephone: 0191 2325533 Nearest Metro: Monument / Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 15

Tokyo Bar 17 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE Telephone: 0191 232 1122 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 9

Gateshead Central Library Prince Consort Road, Gateshead, NE8 4LN Telephone: 0191 433 8400 Website: Nearest Metro: Gateshead ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 16

Literary and Philosophical Society 23 Westgate Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE Telephone: 0191 232 0192 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 10 Secco Resto Bar 86 Pilgrim Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6SG Telephone: 0191 230 0777 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 11 Side Cinema, Gallery and Cafe 5 and 9 The Side, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JE Telephone: 0191 232 2208 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 12 The Cooperage 32 The Close, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3RF Telephone: 0191 233 2940 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 13 Morden Tower West Walls, Back Stowell Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4XG Email: Website: Nearest Metro: St. James / Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 14

North Bar Neville Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5DH Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 17 The Black Swan 67 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SG Telephone: 07906 355938 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 18 The Salsa Club 89 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, Telephone: 0191 221 1022 Email: Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 19 Mr. Lynch Archbold Terrace Jesmond Newcastle NE2 1DB Telephone: 0191 281 3010 Website: Nearest Metro: Jesmond ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 20 Popolo Bar 82 – 84 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6SG Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 21

The Sage Gateshead St Mary’s Square, Gateshead Quays, Gateshead, NE8 2JR Telephone: 0191 443 4661 Website: Nearest Metro: Gateshead ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 22 Paradiso 1 Market Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6SG Telephone: 0191 221 1240 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 23 Barn under a Wandering Star 217 Jesmond Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 Telephone: 0191 281 7179 Nearest Metro: Jesmond ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 24 The Biscuit Factory 16 Stoddart Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1AN Telephone: 0191 261 1103 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Manors ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 25 Waygood Gallery and Studios Harkers Building, 548-560 Shields Road, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2UT Telephone: 0191 265 6857 Email: Website: Nearest Metro: Chillingham Road ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 26

PLUS: Don’t forget to look out for other late additions and partners to the festival!























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1. Dance City 2. Saltwell Park 3. Tyneside Cinema 4. Digital 5. Globe City 6. World Headquarters 7. Times Square 8. All Saints Church 9. Tokyo Bar 10. Lit and Phil Society 11. Secco Resto Bar 12. Side Cinema, Gallery and Cafe 13. The Cooperage 14. Morden Tower 15. Marco’s Bar 16. Gateshead Central Library 17. North Bar 18. The Black Swan 19. The Salsa Club 20. Mr. Lynch 21. Popolo Bar 22. The Sage Gateshead 23. Paradiso 24. Barn under a Wandering Star 25. The Biscuit Factory 26. Waygood Gallery and Studios





¡VAMOS! forms part of NewcastleGateshead Initiative’s world-class festivals and events programme. For further information, visit









P2 Map P4-5 Friday P6-8 Saturday P9-10 Saturday P11 Monday P12 Tuesday P13-14 Wednesday P15-16 Thursday P17-18 Friday P19-21 Saturday P22-23 Sunday P24 Tyneside Cinema ¡VAMOS! Season P25 Festival Extras


There are many, many people to thank for their support and enthusiasm in helping to make ¡VAMOS! happen, so in no particular order: Tyneside Cinema: Mark Dobson, Fiona Fitzpatrick, Jonny Tull, Danielle Pender // City Screen, Jason Wood // Alan Lyddiard Dance City: Janet Archer, Raul Calderon, Judith Cashman, Stephanie Cribbs // Cafe Peel: Andy Hook // Newcastle City Council: Andrew Rothwell, Barbra Robson // Culture10: Carol Bell, Stella Hall, Kate Bennett, Kathie Wilcox, Suzy Goulding, Catherine Jowett, Nicola Short, Dezra Myers // Arts Council England, North East: Mark Monument, Rebecca Shatwell // Name: Tina Spiteri // The Sage Gateshead: Emily Till, Tamsin Austin, Ros Rigby, Mandy Baines, Leila D’Aronville, Amanda Wood, Helen Fussell // James Postlethwaite // Reuben Kench // Mo Lovatt // The Crack // Metro Newspaper // Stephen Hall // Retina Glitch // Lee No-Fi // Wax:On // Gusto: Aldo, Joseph and Tina De Giorgi // Popolo: John Dyer and Stuart Young // Gateshead Council: Karolynne Hart and Sue Hurrell // Globe City: Rashida Davison, Maria Vafiadi // World Headquarters, Tom Caulker, Antony Lynch // Tokyo: Kerry McCabe // Side Cinema, Gallery and Cafe: Graeme Rigby, Kerry Lowes // Morden Tower: Connie Pickard // Marco’s Bar: Nicki, Keith and Leon // North Bar: Paul Skevington // Salsa Amor: David and Margaret Blackmore // Line Up: Chris Murtagh // Pernod Ricard: Paul Graham // The Salsa Club: Simon, Jamie, Tony and Lee // Paul Davis // Mr. Lynch: Duncan Fisher, Vicki, Dan // Barn Under a Wandering Star: Mark Lagun // The Biscuit Factory: Andy Balman, Ramy and Marilyn Zack // Waygood Gallery and Studios: Helen Smith // Agustín Fernández // Coco Vega and Sara Lourenco // Big Display: Keith // Tubbyphunk: Bobzilla // David Guy, Steve Bird // Positive Brasil: Bocao and Rich // Northern Round // Glyn Connolly Cecilia Dalrymple, Maria Conaty, Barbara Willis Clark, Nancy Guy, Angela Uribe de Kellett, Marina Conolly NTC: Pete Warne, Steve Bishop // Nexus: John Meagher // Junot Diaz // David Wooton // Digital: Rob Cameron, Aarron Mellor, Dave Stone // So Design // Théâtre Sans Frontières: Helen Green, Michelle Vandenberg // Young Sinfonia: Joan-Albert Serra, Jacqui Cameron, Scott Stroman // Yve Nagoo // The Culture Club: Rachel Suddart // Neil Gow // Blue Sky Events: Jill Bennison Patricia Oliart // Anne Davies // Nina Laurie // Mark Sabine // C.E.T.L: Dawn Weatherston // Julio and Julian Barrera // Ton Chaw Fred Trujillo // Kate Barrera // Silas Green // Elisa Artaza // Isabel and Yolanda Barrera // Gemma Bailey // Andy Hockey // Theresa Webster // Alan Scott // Kate Gordon BELTA: Tatiana Visnevski Mendes, Mariglan Gabarra // Sam Christey and everyone at Absolute Life // Jim Maudsley // Cool Blue PR: Tanya Garland, Kaye Jemmeson, Stephen Green.

ch n u La ent!




Dance City officially launch the festival with the world premiere of the hauntingly beautiful ‘De Alba a la Noche’ from Flamenco Norte, followed by a Peña Flamenca, live music, Bolivar

DJs, free dance taster sessions and


a tempting palate of Latin American


food and cocktails! Read on...

DANCE CITY: 18.00PM DE LA NOCHE AL MAR (FROM THE NIGHT TO THE SEA) FLAMENCO NORTE This enticing walk through Spanish music and dance spans the 18th century to the present day, containing short songs by Spanish composers. The dance combines carefully chosen selections from the XVIII century where the “Escuela Bolera” was created to the strength and elegance of the “Escuela Clásica Española” ending finally with an explosion of passion with the purest Flamenco. ESTRELA PRESENTS: WITH EYES WIDE OPEN Produced by young people and women from Bahia (NE Brasil) as part of a photography and human rights training course organised by Estrela. The one night exhibition shows a colourful portrayal of Salvador, its culture, people, communities, cuisine and lifestyle - all as seen through young people´s eyes.


FESTIVAL LAUNCH EVENT Tickets £10.00 advance Dance City 18.00pm - 23.45pm Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 1

Flamenco 4


PEÑA FLAMENCA A Peña (pronounced ‘Penya’) Flamenca is a gathering for people passionate about flamenco and is named after a flamenco artist whom the group particularly admires. It is designed to give you an experience of authentic flamenco - at close quarters a chance to see top flamenco artists from around the world in an informal and ‘traditional’ atmosphere - with much duende and jaleo. Professionals and aficionados alike are encouraged to get up and sing, play the guitar or dance – whatever! CAFE PEEL: LATIN AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK After the Flamenca, why not eat, drink, be merry? In the cafe check out the selection of Latin American cuisine on offer only for one night... LOS QUE LO DAN Playing Samba, Bossa Nova, Rumba and Son, Los Que Lo Dan have thrilled lovers of Latin American music all over the coutry. If you liked Buena Vista you’ll love this!



! 5

LATIN AMERICAN VISTAS Projected imagery and live visuals of photography, postcards and artefacts from the North East Latin American community to add to the night’s ambience VJed by Glyn Connolly. POSITIVE BRASIL DJs These guys know how to spice things up with a vibrant mix of all thing Brasilica. This event is kindly supported by Instituto Cervantes.


Day two of the festival and over to Saltwell Park for a family friendly picnic and if you’re travelling on the Metro system keep an eye open for the ¡VAMOS! buskers out in full force! SALTWELL PARK:12.00 ¡VAMOS! FAMILY PICNIC Hot weather. Hot music. Enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon in beautifully restored, award winning Saltwell Park in Gateshead. Come with friends and family and bring a picnic inspired by the tasty dishes of South America. We’ll provide the music, as well as street theatre, dance, stalls, children’s activities and food. For further details please contact Sue Hurrell, 0191 433 6918.


¡VAMOS! FAMILY PICNIC Free Saltwell Park 12.00 - 15.00 Nearest Metro: Gateshead Central ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 2

METRO SYSTEM:12.00 ¡VAMOS! METRO MUSICA Eddy and Coco Vega from APU are out on the Tyne and Wear Metro system for the first time today!


Contemporary Latin American Cinema



Théâtre Sans Frontières bring this story to the stage

“There is a Latin American movement. In the 1990s there was an Asian wave of cinema and now there is a wave of Latin American directors”. Fernando Meirelles (Director, City of God, The Constant Gardener) “It’s chemistry, alchemy, pieces falling together at the same time. How can you effectively explain other essential moments in film history, like the German New Wave? Sometimes these things are just moments in time, linked to specific political, social or cultural situations. It’s not only that there were a bunch of filmmakers. There were also actors, cinematographers, productions designers, producers…” Rosa Bosch (Producer)

Image: Théâtre Sans Frontières and Critical Tortoise Text: Tyneside Cinema


Enjoying phenomenal success, Mexico’s ‘Amores Perros’ and ‘Y tu mamá también’ alerted the eyes of the world to the riches to be found in Latin American filmmaking. Respectively the audacious directorial debut of Alejandro González Iñárritu, and a return to his roots following a fruitful Hollywood excursion for Alfonso Cuarón, both films featured the poster-boy looks and electrifying screen presence of Gael García Bernal. Confident, stylishly shot, and structurally complex, these films typified an emerging wave of Latin American filmmakers. Remarkably, many of the films made emerged during a period of acute economic famine; their completion facilitated by a new entrepreneurial spirit amongst investors and pan-Latin region co-productions. This “buena onda” of Latin American cinema was also embraced by the global media, and swept onto international shores. This selection of recent films at Tyneside Cinema is in advance of a major celebration of Mexican cinema at the National Film Theatre in September and provides an overview of the emerging talent on offer. Helping to put the films in a social, political and geographical context will be a series of guest speakers and special events, all celebrating the pleasures and riches coming from Latin America.

Saturday night and a succulent selection from Tyneside Cinema and Théâtre Sans Frontières followed by the best Latin Amercian Djs appearing at Shindig! TYNESIDE CINEMA: 19.00 SPECIAL ¡VAMOS! EVENT: FROM STAGE TO SCREEN Théâtre Sans Frontières and Tyneside Cinema are hosting a Mexican feast for the senses! Théâtre Sans Frontières has commissioned acclaimed playwright Linda McLean to adapt the novel Como Agua Para Chocolate (Like Water For Chocolate) for the stage and this event will preview the world premiere of a full production staged by Théâtre Sans Frontières later in the year. A rare opportunity to meet the director and cast and share the process of developing the play. Théâtre Sans Frontières will be previewing selected scenes and inviting the audience to give feedback during the evening. There’ll also be a chance to see the original film of Like Water For Chocolate, one of the most successful foreign language films in the UK in the last 20 years. In keeping with the food theme for the night you can buy a voucher for £5.00 (tbc) for some great tapas and a marguerita or beer provided by La Viña restaurant. The voucher is available in advance or on the door. Once the film is over, there’ll be a pay bar and music to end the night! Como Agua Para Chocolate. (1992) Mexico. Dir: Alfonso Arau 123 min Cert 15. This event will be introduced by Dr. Vanessa Knights, senior lecturer in Hispanic cultural studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, co-organiser of the ¡VAMOS! Festival. CINEMA Tickets £8.00 / £6.00 Tyneside Cinema 19.00 - 00.00 Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 3


SUNDAY 9 A day of dreams with hyper real photography at Globe City, music day and night at World Headquarters, oh... and the World Cup Final. Favela Funk and Footie on the same day! THE FACTORY OF DREAMS | GLOBE CITY

GLOBE CITY: 13.00 THE FACTORY OF DREAMS Mexican-American photographer Stefan Ruiz captures the stars, sets and melodrama of ‘telenovelas’ - Latin American soap operas. Ruiz has gained special access to the TV studios of Mexican media giant Televisa, known as ‘The Factory of Dreams’, where crews work year round to produce 50,000 hours worth of telenovelas annually for export to 110 countries. Taking us behind the scenes, Ruiz reveals a vast industry virtually unheard of in the West, but adored throughout Latin America and the non-Western World. Factory of Dreams 9th July -12th August. An Impressions Gallery Touring Exhibition.


ART, FOOD AND MUSIC DAYTIME MUSIC AND NIGHTIME CLUB EVENT Daytime events - free 13.00 - 17.00 Night time event - £8.00 advance 22.00 - 2.00 Globe City and World Headquarters Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 5 + 6


WORLD HQ: 14.00 NO-FI PRESENTS: CULVER-COURTIS, ALEJANDRA & AERON Alan Courtis’ immense CV reads like a Who’s Who of the sonic avant garde, including collaborations with Yoshimi of the Boredoms, Lee Ranaldo, Pauline Oliveros and, of course Newcastle’s Culver. As founder member of Argentina’s infamous Reynols, he was involved in over 100 releases on labels across the US, Japan, Europe and NZ. The Spanish/American duo Alejandra & Aeron approach sound and the visual arts with a sensitivity to folklore, space and conflicts between tradition and modernity. Their audio works are arguably as much anthropological soundtrack as they are experimental soundscape. For their ¡VAMOS! set expect an aural exploration of their life in Spain and experiences of Iberian culture.

TIMES SQUARE: 15.00 WORLD CUP FINAL Yes, we know there is no guarantee of England and Brasil meeting in the World Cup Final but there’s no harm in dreaming! This outdoor screening will be a fiesta affair with music and street food before the battle commences! ALL SAINTS CHURCH: 16.00 CHAMBER MUSIC Described as ‘blisteringly virtuosic’ and ‘anarcho-maverick’, Mr McFall’s Chamber are an audacious spin-off from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, devoted to top-class music-making. This programme explores the rich vernacular lifeblood running through the contemporary concert music of Latin America and Spain.


Programme Ignacio Cervantes Adiós a Cuba / Carlos Guastavino Three Cantos Populares Sergio Camacho Four Names for the One Moon Agustín Fernández Botanic Spider / Astor Piazzolla Adiós Nonino, Coral and Michelangelo ‘70 / Fabio Landa Pequeña Suite Cubana

WORLD HEADQUARTERS 22.30 DJ MARLBORO, FIBLA AND REC_OVERFLOW Fernando Luis Mattos da Mata also known as DJ Marlboro is the hottest DJ in Brasil. He is the star of the Carioca Funk movement and is becoming a major force in Europe since his appearance at last year’s Sonar festival. Resident DJ at Lov.e Club in São Paolo and famed for his furiously sweaty, booty-shaking DJ sets. For those of you thrilling to Diplo’s sonic tourism, come feel the real Brasilian deal! Representing Spain, come two of the countries most respected producers/performers, Fibla and Rec_Overflow. Barcelona based Fibla will bring his beautifully chopped up beats and subtle rhythm patterns. Label mate and Madrid resident, Rec_Overflow offers up raw and deep electronica with a smattering of dark hiphopisms and electro. As a unique addition to the event CETL (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) will be running a competition for the best Latin music inspired compositions by music students in the region. The winner will perform on the night at World Headquarters!


SPORT Free / Times Square 12.00 - 15.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 7 CLASSICAL MUSIC Ticketed All Saints Church 16.00 - 17.30 Nearest Metro: Manors ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 8 10

MONDAY 10 Ease into the week with a Mexican road movie at Tyneside Cinema followed by lazy alfresco drinks and musical ambience at Tokyo Bar!


GREY’S MONUMENT: 12.00 - 13.00 LINE UP PMC PRESENTS: SOZNAK The first of three weekday lunchtime sessions of free music from some of the best Latin based acts from the North East region, presented by Line-Up PMC. TYNESIDE CINEMA: 18.00 Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN (18) Two teenage boys take a road trip to remember with an attractive older woman in this brilliant road movie, learning a thing or two about life, friendship, sex, and each other along the way. This screening will be presented by Mexican film specialist Jason Wood whose ‘The Faber Book of Mexican Cinema’ will be published in September.


CINEMA Ticketed / 18.00 / Tyneside Cinema Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 3 BAR AND MUSIC Free / Tokyo Bar / 20.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 9


TOKYO BAR: 20.00 LATINO ROOF PARTY This fantastic bar’s best secret is its sexy all year round roof garden. Come down tonight after the film for an acoustic performance from Positive Brasil, DJ sets from Dave Guy, Steve Bird and Nik Barrera with ¡VAMOS! cocktail specials on the night!

TUESDAY 11 Intellectual discussion and debate on the current state of play in Latin America at the Lit and Phil, topped off by a rather sumptious Cubano tinged evening at Secco Bar! LIT & PHIL SOCIETY: 19.00 DEBATE AND DISCUSSION The beautiful surroundings of the Lit & Phil Society will play host to this free event of thought provoking discussion and challenging debate with acclaimed Dominican diaspora writers Junot Diaz, Fernando Valerio-Holguín and chaired by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne’s Vanessa Knights. This event is kindly supported by the British Academy.


SECCO BAR: 20.30 CUBAN RUM & CIGAR EVENT What better environment for a night of true extravagance than Secco? Rum and cigar indulgence will take place all evening with additional music thrown in the mix! This event is kindly supported by Havana Club. CUBAN RUM AND CIGAR EVENING | SECCO

DEBATE AND DISCUSSION Free / Lit and Phil / 19.00 - 20.30 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 10 CUBAN RUM & CIGAR EVENT Free 21.00 / Secco Bar Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 11


WEDNESDAY 12 Martin Chambi’s truly breathtaking photography, John Cohen’s iconic film and photography, followed by Peruvian cuisine in the cafe and dancing with Coco Vega... anyone?!


ART Free and ticketed Side Cinema, Gallery and Cafe 18.00 - 23.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 12

SIDE GALLERY: 18.00 GALLERY OPENING Martín Chambi My people speak through my photographs. Peruvian Indian photographer Martín Chambi created one of documentary’s classic surveys: pictures from his Cusco studio, weddings, fiestas, people in the mountains; a complex portrait of a society. Peru by John Cohen Photographer, filmmaker, ethnographer and musician, John Cohen first visited Peru in the 1950s. Following many of the trails Chambi took through the country’s uplands, this exhibition is drawn from over 20 years of his travels. 12 July - 2 September Opening Event: Patricia Oliart of Cusco and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne talks on both photographers, Wednesday 12 July, 18.00


SIDE CINEMA: 19.30 Q’EROS: THE SHAPE OF SURVIVAL Having photographed their culture for over 20 years, John Cohen made this unique film exploring the Q’eros and their music. (John Cohen, 1979, 53 mins) SIDE CAFE: 20.30 PERUVIAN/SPANISH FOOD After the photography and film, relax in the Side Cafe for a selection of authentic Peruvian and Spanish cuisine - which will also be available throughout the festival. THE COOPERAGE: 20.30 SALSA VIVA One of the most successful salsa nights, ‘Salsa Viva’ with Coco Vega the force behind Peruvian band APU offering free dance lessons 20.30pm - 21.30pm followed by steamy salsa classics till late.


CLUB EVENT Tickets £5.00 The Cooperage 20.30 - 2.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 13


THURSDAY 13 Free daytime music in the city, exclusive readings in the city’s walls from a red hot voice in Latin literature followed by Latin flavoured Djs till late...


MUSIC Free Grey’s Monument 12.00 - 13.00 Nearest Metro: Monument LITERARY Tickets £5.00 Morden Tower 19.00 - 20.30 Nearest Metro: St. James ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 14 BAR MUSIC EVENT Free Marco’s Bar 20.30 - 00.00 Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 15


GREY’S MONUMENT: 12.00 - 13.00 LINE UP PMC PRESENTS: APU The second lunchtime session of free music with the masterful and well loved APU! MORDEN TOWER: 19.30 JUNOT DIAZ EXCLUSIVE READING A punk chick. That’s what I became. A Siouxie and the Banshees loving punk chick. The puertorican kids on the block couldn’t stop laughing when they saw my hair, they called me Blacula and the morenos, they didn’t know what to say: they just called me devil-bitch. Yo, devil-bitch, yo, yo! My tía Rubelka thought it was some kind of mental illness. Hija, she said while frying pastelitos, maybe you need help. But my mother was the worst. It’s the last straw, she screamed. The. Last. Straw. But it always was with her. Mornings when I came downstairs she’d be in the kitchen making her coffee in la greca and listening to Radio WADO and when she saw me and my hair she’d get mad all over again, as if during the night she’d forgotten who I was. My mother was one of the tallest women in Paterson and her anger was just as tall. It pincered you in its long arms and if you showed any weakness you were finished. Que muchacha tan fea, she said in disgust, splashing the rest of her coffee in the sink. Fea’s become my new name. Nothing new, really. She’s been saying stuff like this all our lives. My mother would never win any awards, believe me. You could call her an absentee parent: if she wasn’t at work she was sleeping and when she was around it seemed all she did was scream and hit.

As kids me and Oscar were more scared of our mother than we were of the dark or el cuco. She would hit us anywhere, in front of anyone, always free with the chanclas and the correa but now with her cancer there’s not much she can do anymore. The last time she tried to wail on me it was because of my hair but instead of cringing or running I grabbed her hand. It was a reflex more than anything but once it happened I knew I couldn’t take it back, not ever and so I just kept holding onto her hand and waiting for what ever came next, for her to attack me with her teeth like she did to this one lady in the Pathmark but she just stood there shaking, in her stupid wig and her stupid bata, with two huge JUNOT DIAZ | MORDEN TOWER foam prosthesis in her bra, the smell of burning wig all around us. I almost felt sorry for her. This is how you treat your mother? she cried. And if I could have I would have broken the entire length of my life across her face but instead I screamed back And this is how you treat your daughter? Junot Diaz MORDEN TOWER: 19.30 JUNOT DIAZ READING As an exclusive to the ¡VAMOS! Festival, Junot will be The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao reading extracts from his soon to be published debut (excerpt) novel in the fantastically intimate surroundings of Morden Tower as well as taking part in the free Published in The New Yorker, The Paris Review Lit and Phil event on Tuesday 11th July. and “Best American Stories,” Junot Diaz Ticketed event. Limited numbers available. blazed a trail with his vibrant debut short story collection ‘Drown’ back in 1996. With its bare-knuckled prose and tough, grim settings, Diaz works the same emotional landscape as early Jerzy Kosinski and Thom Jones. And like Jones and Kosinski, Diaz’s work mainly consists of thinly veiled autobiography. The ten stories in “Drown” tell of his impoverished, fatherless youth in the Dominican Republic and his struggle with immigrant life in New Jersey. Diaz has a precise eye for pain, rendering the suffering of the dispossessed with clinical accuracy. Robert Spillman - The New York Times Book Review

MARCO’S BAR: 20.00 THURSDAY LATINO These new weekly Latin flavoured events take place in Newcastle’s smallest and sexiest new bar - Marco’s Bar. Featuring Djs, acoustic performance, cocktails and additional tapas!


FRIDAY 14 More free Latin music in the heart of Newcastle city centre, contemporary cinema at the Side Cinema and iconic paintings at Gateshead Library...


MUSIC Free Grey’s Monument 12.00 - 13.00 Nearest Metro: Monument CINEMA Tickets £3.50 Side Cinema 18.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 12 ART Free The Gallery, Gateshead Library 18.00 - 20.00 Nearest Metro: Gateshead ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 16 MUSIC AND FOOD Free The Salsa Club 20.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 19

GREY’S MONUMENT: 12.00 - 13.00 LINE UP PRESENTS: DRUMDIN The final Monument session of free music, this time featuring Drumdin. SIDE CINEMA: 18.00 PERUVIAN CINEMA Contemporary Peruvian film (to be announced). Throughout ¡VAMOS! and after film showings, Side Café serves a selection of Spanish/Peruvian specials. THE GALLERY, GATESHEAD LIBRARY: EXHIBITION PREVIEW 18.00 - 20.00 CHRISTIAN MIEVES ‘NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIES’ This exhibition will showcase a series of new large and medium-size paintings inspired by photographs of anonymous spaces across the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds that have appeared in National Geographic magazine in the1960’s and 1970’s. The paintings explore the relationship between the human figure and its surrounding space, a subject that Christian has been developing since 2000. Born in Germany in 1973 Christian Mieves studied in Germany and then came to Newcastle to complete a Masters in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2005, awarded with a scholarship of the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council). Based in Newcastle he works as an artist and in art education. National Geographies Exhibition 14th July - 25th August.


THE SALSA CLUB: 20.00 LATIN MUSIC The Salsa Club plays host to a one-off night of Djs playing all that is currently cutting edge in the world of Latino Electronica whilst you eat from the delectable ¡VAMOS! food menu! NORTH BAR: 20.00 LATIN MUSIC The fantastically sleazy jewel in the Nice crown, provides Latin flavoured post punk from Dj El.Dee and Almodóvar movies for your audio visual pleasure for one night only! BLACK SWAN: 20.00 SALSA AMOR Newcastle’s longest running salsa dance venue brings you the most exciting, hot, sexy dancing and music with renowned Latin Dj and teacher, Mauricio Reyes of LatinMotion and resident Dj Mr Blackmore. Even if you’ve never tried salsa dancing before, now’s your chance!


THE COOPERAGE: 20.30 SALSA VIVA Another epic from Coco Vega and amigos with salsa lessons from 20.30pm - 21.45pm, followed by a club event with live percussion by Paco Rivera and the Latin Gang. DIGITAL: 23.00 WAX:ON Wax:On is definitely the region’s strongest leftfield club night held at Digital and for ¡VAMOS! hosts a one-off special of Brasillian inspired beats in the Other Rooms floor. On the night the Wax:On crew are joined by Djs Bobzilla (, Dave Guy and Nik Barrera plus live percussion by Mr. Darren and with live visuals provided by Retina Glitch. MUSIC Free North Bar 20.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 17

CLUB NIGHT £5.00 The Black Swan 20.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 18


CLUB NIGHT £5.00 The Cooperage 20.30 Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 13

CLUB NIGHT Ticketed Digital 23.00 Nearest Metro: Central Station ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 4


SATURDAY 15 The final weekend! Head down to Mr. Lynch for a Favela Fiesta featuring dance, food, music and the like... Later on you have bar Djs, a World Headquarters party as well as an epic performance of Flamenco Requiem by Paco Peña AND Alex CARNIVAL | MR. LYNCH

Wilson’s R‘n’B Latino project both at The Sage Gateshead!

¡VAMOS! METRO MUSICA Ticketed Throughout the Tyne and Wear Metro system. 12.00 - 14.00 CARNIVAL EVENT Free Mr. Lynch 14.00 - 17.00 Nearest Metro: Haymarket ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 20

METRO SYSTEM:12.00 ¡VAMOS! METRO MUSICA Eddy and Coco Vega from APU are out in force on the Tyne and Wear Metro system. MR. LYNCH: 14.00 POSITIVE BRASIL PRESENTS “CARNIVAL!” The Positive Brasil crew take over the fab Mr. Lynch venue with a festival spirit good and proper! Live music from Banda Odara, batucada percussion, capoeira demonstrations, food, drink, games, craft stalls, dance, competitions and a fashion show by Northumbria University Fashion course add to the final weekend flavour! To start the event there will be a seminar session by Kate Gordon from on ‘Studying and Internships in Brasil’. This event is kindly supported by the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association (BELTA) and the Brazilian Tourist Board. (More info in the extra’s section.)


THE SAGE GATESHEAD:19.30 PACO PEÑA: FLAMENCO REQUIEM IN PRAISE OF THE EARTH Paco Peña embodies both authenticity and innovation in flamenco. As guitarist, composer, dramatist, producer and artistic mentor he has transformed perceptions of this archetypal Spanish art form. Peña began learning guitar from his brother at the age of six and made his first professional appearance at the age of twelve. In the late 1960s he left Spain for London, where his recitals of flamenco music captured the public imagination. The first half of this concert features Peña with his band, and the second half features his new piece, Flamenco Requiem, performed by Peña and his band plus one of the region’s most accomplished choirs, The Singers, along with Gateshead Children’s Choir.


MUSIC Tickets: A/B/C/D: £18.00 E: £6.00 The Sage Gateshead Hall One 19.30 Nearest Metro: Gateshead ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 22


POPOLO BAR: 20.00 LATIN MUSIC AND FOOD One of Newcastle’s most popular bars adds to the Latin vibe with Djs Dave Guy and Steve Bird playing all manner of Tropicalia tonight, alongside Latin American tapas available from the bar. A perfect warm-up for...


BAR MUSIC AND FOOD Free Popolo Bar 20.00 Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 21 CLUB EVENT Tickets: £12.00 (standing/club style) The Sage Gateshead Hall Two 22.00 Nearest Metro: Gateshead ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 22 CLUB EVENT Tickets £8.00 World Headquarters 23.00 Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 6


THE SAGE GATESHEAD: 22.00 ALEX WILSON: R ‘n’ B LATINO NIGHT What with winning the BBC Rising Star Jazz Award in 2001 and spending a year touring with Courtney Pine’s band, Alex Wilson is a Latin jazz pianist to reckon with. Here, he’s created a new twelve piece band, the R ‘n’ B Latino project, which combines hard hitting salsa, hip drum loops and powerful vocals from UK soul-diva Heidi Vogel and Latino vocalists Alfonso de Jesus and Elpidio Caicedo. This is hot contemporary salsa with a drive and rhythm rarely heard in UK salsa bands.

“Alex Wilson has been slaying ‘em with his authentic, exciting Afro-Cuban sounds.” Mojo WORLD HEADQUARTERS: 23.00 LATINO WHQ For one night only and as part of the closing weekend, the downstairs of World Headquarters goes LATINO! With a mix of the best Latin based Djs in the region including Positive Brasil, Coco Vega and the former Traveller posse – plus you have the ever reliable stalwart Tommy Caulker mixing it upstairs!

SUNDAY 16 It’s the last day, the finale - se acabó la fiesta! Back to The Sage Gateshead for a beautiful afternoon performance by the talented Young Sinfonia orchestra (celebrating10 years!), the final film at Tyneside Cinema and the festival thank-you party at Paradiso...

THE SAGE GATESHEAD: 15.00 YOUNG SINFONIA In this concert, the orchestra performs Milhaud’s Brasilianinfluenced work (“still haunted by my memories of Brasil, I assembled a few popular melodies, tangos, maxixes, sambas – and even a Portuguese fado” said the composer) and De Falla’s evocative Spanish work. Since 1996, Young Sinfonia has been a winner of the Sainsbury’s Youth Orchestra Series in 2000; toured internationally, including to France, Holland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Spain; performed for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh; worked with many guest tutors including composer John Casken and Evelyn Glennie; commissioned new works; and diversified into other genres through workshops and courses. Programme De Falla Nights in the Gardens of Spain Milhaud Le Boeuf sur le Toit Conductor Scott Stroman


CLASSICAL MUSIC Tickets: £6.00 The Sage Gateshead Hall Two 15.00 Nearest Metro: Gateshead ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 22 CINEMA Ticketed Tyneside Cinema 18.00 Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 3 CLOSING EVENT Free Paradiso 20.00 Nearest Metro: Monument ¡VAMOS! map reference number: 23


TYNESIDE CINEMA: 18.00 EVERYONE THEIR GRAIN OF SAND The finale to Tyneside Cinema’s five week ¡VAMOS! season is the award-winning U.S. documentary about the effects of globalisation on a small Mexican border community. Director Beth Bird followed the fiercely determined residents of Maclovio Rojas in Tijuana, Mexico for three years as they battled the state government’s attempts to evict them from their homes to make way for multi-national corporations seeking cheap land and labour. “Stirring.... a gorgeous demonstration of people power.” Chuck Wilson. LA Weekly PARADISO BAR AND BALCONY: 20.00 CLOSING FESTIVAL PARTY A relaxed programme of Djs, musicians, food, cocktails and cigar rolling (?!) means a chance to say a huge thank-you to everybody who has contributed and supported the very first ¡VAMOS! Festival! Muchas gracias and here’s to 2008!

ing s o l C ent! Ev



¡VAMOS! FILM SEASON Sunday June 4th AMORES PERROS (2000). Mexico. Dir: Alejandro González Iñárritu. 153mins Cert. 18 Three interconnected stories see the social strata of life in Mexico City collide in this impactful and stunning movie. This screening will be introduced by Dr. Ann Davies lecturer in Hispanic cinema and Dr. Vanessa Knights, senior lecturer in Hispanic cultural studies at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, co-organiser of the ¡VAMOS! Festival. Sunday June 11th LA NIÑA SANTA/THE HOLY GIRL (2004). Argentina. Dir: Lucrecia Martel Cert. 15 Sexual awakenings and Catholic guilt clash as 16-year-old Amalia looks to save the soul a middle-aged doctor (Belloso) when her religious hometown receives a conference of doctors. Sunday June 18th MACHUCA (2004). Chile Dir: Andres Wood. 121mins Cert:15 The award winning tale of Chile’s bloody coup d’état of September 11 1973, seen through the eyes of three children, changing their lives, their relationship and their country. This event will be introduced by Dr. Vanessa Knights. Sunday June 25th CIDADE BAIXA/LOWER CITY (2005) Brasil Dir: Sergio Machado 98mins Cert:18 A steamy and accomplished slice of Brasilian working-class life set in the northern coastal state of Bahia, where two friends fall in love with the same woman. “A violent, passionate, erotic film with a steamy atmosphere” Philip French. The Observer

Sunday July 2nd BOMBÓN EL PERRO/BOMBON THE DOG (2005) Argentina Dir: Carlos Sorin. 97mins Cert: 12A An hilarious, comedy about an out-of-work mechanic whose life is transformed when he’s given a pedigree dog to look after. “I can’t think about this film without grinning all over my face ... a wonderfully likeable comedy about friendship, middle-age and Latin American machismo.” Peter Bradshaw. The Guardian Saturday July 8th 18:00 – 00:00 SPECIAL EVENT: FROM STAGE TO SCREEN See page 8 for more details. Monday July 10th Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN (2001) See page 11 for more details. Sunday July 16th 18:00 EVERYONE THEIR GRAIN OF SAND (2001) See page 23 for more details. Special thanks to Jason Wood, City Screen for his work and advice on collating the Tyneside Cinema ¡VAMOS! film season.



As an addition to the main programme there are many other unique ways to enjoy the festival! FOOD AND DRINK BARN UNDER A WANDERING STAR Newly located and always a treat, go and savour some of the Latin American specials only available during the festival! ART TYNESIDE CINEMA: THE STAIRWELL GALLERY 2ND JULY-26TH AUGUST ESTÁS SOLAS¿ BY MAURA FRAMROSE A series of photographs exploring the experiences of solitude in South and Central America. MUSIC MOUTH OF THE TYNE FESTIVAL OPEN-AIR EVENING CONCERT: TYNEMOUTH PRIORY AND CASTLE 15TH JULY, 18.00 AFRO-CUBAN ALL STARS As part of the weekend-long Mouth of the Tyne Festival - this evening spectacular features stars of world music including Afro-Cuban All Stars, led by Buena Vista Social Club creator Juan de Marcos González. Natacha Atlas, Eliza Carthy and the Ratcatchers and Bellowhead will join them. Tickets are available from The Sage Gateshead on 0191 443 4661 or by visiting Tickets cost £25 (£20 concessions). FOOD SIDE CAFE The Side Cafe presents a Spanish and Peruvian themed selction during ¡VAMOS! FOOD AND DRINK AND MUSIC THE SALSA CLUB Always a winner, The Salsa Club adds some Latin flavours to its quality tapas menu. FOOD AND DRINK BLUE COYOTE Another opportunity to sample one-off ¡VAMOS! food and drink specials... DRINK TOKYO The already impressive Tokyo drinks menu gets better with a few Latino specials! 25

DRINK POPOLO Popolo briefly goes Lat Am with some ¡VAMOS! specials during the festival. ART THE BISCUIT FACTORY A special ¡VAMOS! themed exhibtion showcasing a range of artists, including the sculptor Antonio Lopez Reche, who is producing a new body of work for the show and Ines Azagra who has exhibited her wonderful skies and birds at The Biscuit Factory since 2003. ART WAYGOOD GALLERY AND STUDIOS: LITTLE JEWEL CINEMA The Little Jewel is a window cinema on High Bridge. Passers-by can view the changing programme of artists films, documentaries, music videos, and animations through the window as they walk by on this busy shopping street. FASHION ¡VAMOS! TEE-SHIRTS A limited range of tee-shirts that explore and celebrate the Latin American theme of the festival. Keep your eyes peeled for them! DRINK PARADISO Quality food (and a balcony) made even better with ¡VAMOS! cocktails. TALK EXPERIENCE BRASIL: MR.LYNCH 15TH JULY-13.00 STUDY, INTERN & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Saturday 15th July, 13.00, Mr. Lynch Come along to find out more about the opportunities available to have a unique experience in this fabulous country. From academic programmes which can be combined with sports, cultural and artistic activities, ecology, adventure to traineeships in Brasilian companies and voluntary work in small communities. Presented by Kate Gordon, Director, This event is kindly supported by the Brazilian Educational and Language Travel Association (BELTA) and the Brasilian Tourist Board. CREDITS Festival Director Nik Barrera // Festival committee Nik Barrera, Ian Biddle, Vanessa Knights, Andrew Nixon, Jill Bennisson // Festival coordinator Jill Bennisson Treasurer Andrew Nixon // PR Cool Blue // Art direction and design Name // Main festival parners NewcastleGateshead Initiative and Newcastle University

¡VAMOS! 2006 Programme  
¡VAMOS! 2006 Programme