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Louis Lander Deacon: Life Through A Lens

The levitation photos are stunning yet simple. The subjects are viewed in various places like forests, dining rooms and runways. The pictures give off an ethereal aura, an accomplishment for someone that isn’t old enough to buy a drink in this country. One would think Deacon would live on Photoshop because of the diversity of his work but in reality, he merely considers it as just another tool. “I try to not make it a massive part of my work, but on the other hand I like to think that some of my work is more classed as art than a photograph. So yeah it plays a big part in some images that involve levitation etc. But [for] simple portraits, I just try to use light and filters to my best ability,” he said on his Formspring page. In contrast, his commercial work, the weddings, proms and other warm and fuzzy pictures are just as interesting. He has a knack for capturing the emotion in a moment. The excitement and anticipation are evident in his prom night photos. The joy from the newly married couples in his photos is palpable enough for a viewer to think they are actually at the weddings.


Another great quality about his commercial piece is the presence of a sense of humor. In one of his prom photos, a group of teenaged boys strike cool stances as they pose with their pants resting at their ankles. Another instance of this humor is Deacon’s use of a small chalk board in several of his wedding photos. The guests use the chalk boards to write silly messages that range from warnings of bad dances moves to whimsical wedding observations. Although Deacon is an exceptionally talented photographer, he is influenced by other artists before him. “My biggest inspiration is by far Brooke Shaden. I am truly in love with every single one of her images, I could talk for hours about what I like about each of her photographs,” said Deacon. Other than his role model, he cannot point to one person or thing as a source of inspiration. Ideas come and go. His photography just reflects how he feels at the moment. “I know happiness has something to do with it, because at the moment I am stressed and kind of not happy and I have no inspiration,” he said. “But when I am happy and feel “free” they just pop up in my head.