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Hi, my name is Val, an Craft & Design at Hon University. I am curren Maine College of Art. 522 Congress St Maine College of Art Portland, ME USA +1 207 409 3017

Room 201 32 Renfrew Rd Kowloon Tong Hong Kong +852 6094 3701


Education 2016-2020 Hong Kong Baptist University, HK Bachelor of Art Academy of Visual Arts

nd I am a junior in ng Kong Baptist ntly on exchange at 2018 New School, NY Illustration: Beyond the Pages Summer Intensive Program 2019 Maine College of Art, ME Graphic Design Exchange Program

Work Experience

Software Skill

Adobe After Effects Illustrator Indesign Photoshop Premiere XD Cinema4D(Pretty rough) Glyphs SketchUp Pro Tools(Also pretty rough)

2017 Art Intern. Hong Kong Art Week Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA). HK 2018 Intern. Arts & Culture Program Department Asia Society Hong Kong Center. HK 2018 Fair Assistant. Affordabale Art Fair Hong Kong

Portland Bike Share

This is an identity syst program in Portland, The system is condens only in this project, an program will have its within a certain consis

Place making, Wayfinding System

tem for a bike-share Maine. sed in one site nd each site of the unique feature stency.

Portland Bike Share Typeface

Color Palette

DIN Alternate Bold ABCDEFGHIJKLMN OPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz


1234567890,./?;’@#$%[+= Deering Oaks Park

Icon System

Visual System


Portland Bike Share With the app, users can unlock their bikes from any docking station and return afterward. You can browse the map on your phone before you make any payment decision, or start a journey instantly with a flexible access plan accommodating to various traveling purposes. Don’t

worry if you are a firsttime user, our route maker offers suggestions generated by the database, and you can find descriptions in the about page under every spot. Once you sign up for an account, you can save places you like for the next traveling.

App Design


About Page



Milly Sans

Milly Sans is an experi inspired by the young ation when more tech in our daily life. Milly be playful, childish-lo embraces the rustines

Type Design

imental web typeface ger millennial generhnologies are evolved Sans is designed to ook, and illustrative; it ss of DIY clip art.

Milly Sans





Type Design

Editorial/Booklet Page

Bak1 Dak1 Niu5

Bak1 Dak1 Niu5 is an ex to AVA(HKBU) 2018 stu and Beijing. Participati artworks responding t the locations. This exh platform for students experience through th

Exhibit Design

xhibition responding udy trips to Berlin ing students created to the study trip and hibition serves as a to share their heir works.

Bak1 Dak1 Niu5


Invitation Card

Exhibit Design

Interior Decoration Hallway Backdrop The title “Bak1 Dak1 Niu5” pronounced as the Cantonese phase of ‘Wow!’ or ‘Excellence!’ or it could be read as an exclamation of a big deal. Bak1 is borrowed ideographically from Beijing in Cantonese while Dak1 has the representation of Germany. The word Niu5 means bird in Cantonese. Other than the side of acclaim, the notion of the visual

is referring to birds that flew to Bejing and Berlin respectively and flew back to Hong Kong with the incentives to create.

Colors Magazine

Colors magazine is a g cultural community wi aesthetic of fashion, m lifestyle among young design school work.

Editorial & Branding

global and ith a unique music, culture, and g people. A layout

Colors Magazine

Editorial & Branding

Colors Magazine


Editorial & Branding


All COLORS,no genres. @COLORSXSTUDIO VA L YA N G A S S I S TA N T E D I T O R VA LYA N G G Y @ G M A I L . C O M 1 917 216 - 7746 COLORS

Business Card

What if Garamond Take Over the World of Typeface

What if Garamond Ta World of Typeface is a speculates Garamond in the fields where it’s perspective is being c sense of classicism is

Layout Design

ake Over the a handbook that d being applied s rarely seen, challenged and a attached.

What if Garamond Take Over the World of Typeface

Layout Design

Posters, practice/experiment/commission

Graphic Design

Video Bumper

Promoting the Illustra Design department at

Motion Graphic

ation and Graphic t Maine College of Art.

Video Bumper for Graphic Design at MECA

Promoting the Graphi at Maine College of A

Motion Graphic

ic Design department Art.


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Val Yang Resume, place-making, editorial, type design, motion graphics, illustration


Val Yang Resume, place-making, editorial, type design, motion graphics, illustration

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