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Newspaper Types of Media………………………………………………………………….2

Future Longevity of Our Lives……………………………………………………………...3

Types of Obstacles for People with Disabilities………………………………………...4

Disabled People in Society………………………………………………………………….5

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News in the Future We all are interested in how the news will be in the future; it is not a secret that technology will change it drastically. People used to read the news every day to get involved in what is happening in the world. It is important to spend a little bit of your daily time reading about all the different topics that any kind of news can offer to us. Luckily, technology has already changed our lives giving us more comfort in a lot of aspects. It would be a very good advantage if these two aspects got combined to entertain people. Electronic arts have been involving people in the pass of time. No matter how far from your home, you will have electronic devices and technology will help you to receive informative news. In the future, paper will not be necessary to reproduce news like a newspaper. It will be all electronically distributed around the world. And it will be preserving our planet evading the use of a lot of paper that later will be polluting our streets. Personal information will always be read by us, so the news will have a personal purpose. You will be able to personalize whatever kind of news you want to receive in your mail, or maybe in an application. Doing this will not make the news so boring, because you will evade different types of news you do not want to see. News being scheduled like that will create a better relation between people and it. Of course, it will be easier to read the news using these types of facilities in the future. People used to get in contact using mobile devices during the day; an advantage to the news is that you may be able to get your news from any kind of mobile. Smartphones, tablets and also computers will be available to read the daily news. All types of software will accept this kind of technology. Your phone will not be only used to make some calls and read text messages; it also may have an extra button to get in contact with any kind of news. You will be instantly notified if something new occurs around the world just a few minutes later after the event has occurred. In conclusion, technology will always be associated with the news in the future. These two aspects will make people live easier. You will have whatever you want to be notified about in your mobile device. Reading bad and boring news will be done; information will be personalized and ordinarily scheduled. The News is important to us, and it will be more interesting to adapt our personal news topics to our lives than reading news that we are not interested in.

Vinicio Alvarado M.

Newspaper Types of Media Throughout time, the newspaper is one of the means of communication most utilized to get information about things that happens in the country and around the world. In the newspapers, we can find all kinds of information that occurs daily at a low price, and accessible to everyone. In them we can find a variety of information, like tragic events, advances technological, showbiz and sports. In Costa Rica, there is a variety of newspapers at similar prices. The newspaper gets its name from its main feature just because it is published at regular periods of time. Tragic events are events related to situations, like crimes, homicides, accidents, violent assaults, natural disasters and murders. Currently this section of the newspaper is extensive for the many grotesque acts that occur daily in the national ambit and around the world. This section is generally very strong for the atrocities that occur daily to quantity innocent people. This section is very repetitive as cases that occur are the same but different people. The bad news are becoming more, therefore this section always has a lot of information for the reader. The place used for technological and showbiz are very striking spaces generally, for the youth who reads the newspaper because they want to be informed about any technological advancement, and innovation technology that we use in everyday life, or about informed about new fashions or people today. Some newspapers bring magazines about fashion or technology separately at low cost and thus do not include these sections in the daily newspaper. These magazines usually put them in the newspaper on Sunday. This section also contains intimate stories of the lives of celebrities. It is certainly one of the sections seen by most readers. The sports reports in the newspapers is related to the different sports practices showing the different victories and failures that happened in soccer, basketball, baseball and a lot more sports. Soccer is the most important and practiced sport in the world. The sports section is one of the most striking parts for the citizens who read the newspaper, because in this section they report about all the sports news of the country and the world. In Costa Rica, the newspaper of most interest in the field of sports is Al DĂ­a. Are more focused on sports than on any other news that happens. Certainly, the sports sections are the most attractive section for male readers. The news is not so important because they are usually repetitive, does not offer solutions, or are false. All they do is causing an attitude of fear. Newspapers should be more informative in a positive way, so that the readers take interest towards learning new and more important things. Newspapers must be serious and not use incoherent sentences or exaggerations to call the reader's attention. Read interesting articles create a good mentality.

Omar Porras M.

Overcoming Obstacles Obstacles are all around your life course, no matter when they appear, you always have to overcome them whit effort and faith. Having a good perspective and goals in life can help you a lot to overcome a problem that confronts your life. You do not have to be afraid of a problem, always being positive will change the perspective of an obstacle. It is always useful to analyze what kind of problem is affecting you. The mind is the most powerful weapon that you have to confront any kind of obstacle. Physical disease means that your problem is in any part of your body. There are many people having mobility problems because they do not have their legs, or others who an accident took (present perfect) off a specific part of their body. It is difficult to adapt your life to this type of injury that lasts for the rest of your life. Some life examples are people who use prosthesis to try to replace the part that was stole from them. We have to learn about these people, because they can inspire us to overcome a physical injury. They make people realize that obstacles are not affecting their live courses, because they can continue their lives without paying too much attention to the problem that they have. The mind is the most powerful organ that the body can have. We should not think that a mental illness or disease can become an obstacle. It is more than a fact that retarded people can overcome easy these types of problems they have since they were born. Special people like them are angels that God send to us here in our lives. We all are the same so you do not have to judge badly this kind of people, because they are all like us. Sometimes, we can find mentally ill people who are better than us in certain activities. The manner how people see diseased humans is degrading. You can note some differences in diseased people; of course it will cause a different feeling in you because you will have to make a comparison between the life that they live and our life. It is always hard to look at someone in this kind of situation, but you do not have to make jokes about them. It will be totally disrespectful and wicked. All you have to do is find the manner how you can help this kind of people and make a change in this world poor of values. Most of these people have to be respected as equal. You will not allow that an obstacle detain your hope of continuing living through the pass of the days. Overcoming an obstacle will demonstrate that it is possible for people to live good while being with any kind of disease. Faith and effort are basic in this time. Live your life day by day overcoming any kind of problem that confronts you.

Vinicio Alvarado M.

Types of Obstacles for People with Disabilities

There are disabled people everywhere in the world. They are people like any other person who is in a good physical or mental condition. These are people whose only difference is that they have a problem or a disease. Normal people cannot say that they are more or less than a person with a disability. Disabled people are no less than others. They also have very good intelligence. But these people have obstacles in everyday life, like physical obstacles, mental and social challenges which they face daily. A physical barrier for people sometimes is more difficult because there are no facilities for people with disabilities. People with physical disabilities are sometimes discriminate by society. It should not be so because the fact that they have a physical inattention does not mean that they are not able to achieve objectives. A person may have a physical disability; it does not say that is less intelligent than a person without a disability. People are equal in society. These people demand from society equal rights to live a dignified life. Mental obstacles are not just for persons with a disability if that is what you think. Mental obstacles are also for people who say they are mentally normal but with obstacles. These obstacles cling to life and do not let them their lives normally and successfully. This suggests that we believe that we are nothing in life. But really all people are able to achieve their objectives. Such obstacles can be improved with various techniques that make the man meet the required objectives. In society, there are a lot of obstacles. There is also a large difference in social classes putting differences among people which should not exist because all people are equal. The lower class has more than the middle class Obstacles. Social classes are discriminatory. This is a mistake. All people are able to achieve something and to excel in a work. In society, a disabled person is discriminated. It should not be like that. They are very capable people. The only difference is something else that makes them special. Obstacles should not be barriers in our lives. Overcome every day is a way to break down barriers. Social classes impose obstacles daily. People should not take into account what other people dictate. It should only matter what each person is capable of achieving. The positive attitude of people can make you achieve what you want in life.

Omar Porras M.

Disabled People in Society

It is now essential to develop a more inclusive society, which is mindful of the differences and the needs of the disabled in society. Society has to provide better quality of life by helping them in their professional development and public transport. We must not forget that these people have rights and feelings like a normal person. Therefore, it is important for society to become more involved in this issue in order to achieve effective equal opportunities. There is no need to look at these people with contempt, but people should rather facilitate their lives including them into society. People with mental or physical problems have to be treated like everyone else. Sometimes discriminated by society but this is due to the lack of culture. It is therefore important to promote equal rights for society to accept these people. Giving him is important opportunities to these people to feel useful and so their goals are very important. Sometimes these people have so much fighting spirit that work better than a normal person and strive to achieve a goal proposed. Generally, people with disabilities sometimes have to live with some disadvantages. Sometimes they are denied the possibility of education or professional development. Society also turns away from them and they are excluded from the cultural life and normal social relationships. This type of person is facing a big problem every day as they have limited access to public buildings and transportation due to their physical limitations. So it is important that society thinks about these people with the objective to provide them with all the means and resources to grow personally. These people with a physical or mental impairment have not been given opportunities to improve their lives. With the help of their families they have been able to overcome the obstacles they face in life, sometimes achieving goals that society thought they would never achieve. These people are role models because they are forced every day to be useful people at home and in society. These people are an example, because they are always fighting for a better quality of life. We have to understand that these people need more patience to do something, so it is important to give respect and space they occupy. These people have rights and must be accepted in society without any discrimination. We have to see the efforts made every day with their families to continue rising. Give them opportunities for personal development so that people feel useful in life. Society also has to change that mentality of discrimination and has to help people with disabilities. Sometimes we can learn a lot from disabled people, as they work hard and have a desire to be better people, so we have to accept them in our society.

Eddie Bermudez C.

Future Longevity of Our Lives

Currently, there are notable differences in the aging of people from different countries. While some of them enjoy healthy aging, others develop diseases that affect the quality of life. The habits I had as a young person can influence longevity. There are also some factors that can influence life expectancy, such as the economy and the problems the person had in life. Longevity cannot be manipulated because there are factors that influence but there are ways to have high life expectancy. Longevity is the average life with people in different places in each country. Longevity is a mystery because some people may live longer than others and no one knows why. Sometimes the average life is different in each country; this is because of the different customs and traditions for health care. Sometimes people do not think about the future and do not have good habits that can help health. Sometimes it is important to listen to older people to tell us the secrets to having high life expectancy. Some factors that could affect our lifetimes include obesity, smoking and alcoholism. Exercise is also very important to have high life expectancy. Also not having a good diet and stress can be the most dangerous to the longevity of people. But family genetics can sometimes affect life expectancy. Therefore, it is important to know that things can benefit me to have a very good quality of life. The useful life is limited, because when the person to be old may have disadvantages which are a major risk. People at a certain age start to suffer from memory loss and other symptoms. But these symptoms are present in different ways because of the lifestyle that the person had when he was young. This part of the lives of people is ugly sometimes because some people suffer abuse. Also this stage of life is a learning process due at this stage people lose everything he knew. Longevity cannot be determined because there are many factors that influence life expectancy. But if we have some recommendations as good nutrition, exercise, this will help us have a better quality of life. It is also known that longevity in different countries is different because they have different lifestyles. It is important to have a good life, with excellent habits because this can affect us in the future. Personally one can influence the good life expectancy. This can be achieved by following basic recommendations and that help us determine our lives.

Eddie Bermudez C.

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