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Valusens presentation

23 avril 2010

We have been in the business of enterprise performance and transformation for 15 years.

You are a shareholder, group CEO or head of a Division of a large Group. One of your affiliates or activities in your portfolio is in a critical situation or needs transformation and requires immediate decision.

Most of our missions address on of these situations: 

Turnaround, Restructuring and Change management

Management of a disinvestment project and of the sold enterprise

Acquisition and integration of a new entity

Disruptive development (new markets abroad, change of the business model)

Valusens, your operational partner, build an efficient an transparent partnership in order to:  evaluate situations, help the decision making process,  manage the enterprise and / or manage transitions.


We leave to nobody else the delivery of the missions we accept.

.. With solid management methods.

We are leaders at the helm .. Former Senior Executives at CEO level, we take on the responsibility of the business or simply provide the management with consulting services.

We develop and share unique business management approaches, capitalising on practical experience, proven methodologies and innovative thinking.

Valusens has developed a framework of offers tailored to situations Focused on results delivery,

Based upon listening, decision making and taking action,

Organised for transferring know how and best practices.


We commit ourselves on four tailored and packaged offers and conclude resultsbased fee agreements.


Turnaround management process.

Probe, Boost, Lead offers


Cash management Strengths & key assets


Make durable

Turnaround starts with a quick and substantial action plan on the cash and identification of key assets and strengths of the company. Proven practices allow reducing costs, eliminate loss sources and produce cash flows while managing the operational drivers. In this emergency situation companies need quick decision making process and execution with no compromise. The key question though that needs to be addressed from the beginning of the mission is to setup the objectives beyond the turnaround as such : The project. Make the company viable, but for doing what next and in which direction ? The project that needs to rely on the strengths and key assets of the company cannot be separated from the turnaround mission as it provides the input to define the measures necessary to undertake the project and in particular the way to generate the cash that will be needed. It is also the lever for motivating the staff in difficult situations. Main types of projects : disinvestment to a competitor or an other company with complementary activities, change to a more stable Business model, improvement of the competitive situation‌ 5

Disruptive development management process

Hunt, Lead offers New territories Opportunity

Action plans Strengths

The disruptive development is the way to penetrate new territories with the aim to create value for the company. Establish on new markets, culturally very different by acquisition, joint venture or organic growth or substantially change its business model are two situations of disruptive development. New players, different rules and know-how, other organisations and laws ‌ are as many new parameters to master. However acquiring such mastering is not enough. The main success drivers are the following : the targeted opportunities in the new territory, the delivery levers of those opportunities and the strengths of the company. In the absence of one of those, resources even significant can be invested and wasted. This structure is a key element of the strategy (to be reviewed and incorporated into the decision making process). It will remain crucial during the whole delivery phase as the main stake will be to mobilise the strengths of the company on the new playing ground. 6

Disinvestment management process.

Alignment on the exit plan

Search and assessment of potential buyers

Probe, Lead offers

Running the process until the Closing

The sales of a Business raises two specific issues : fist the alignment of the stakeholders on a schedule and the exit options, second the preservation of the business value until the closing. The interests of the stakeholders (shareholders, management, people, ‌) may diverge considerably. The alignment phase ensures consistent information and communication while preventing conflicts or blocking initiatives. The Business value preservation is a project in itself, distinct and parallel to the cession process. It covers the definition and the negotiation of the key valuation parameters with the potential buyers, then on putting these parameters under operational control until the effective sales. Implementing adequate reporting tools and animation processes is a basic. However, the key drivers for value preservation concern the managerial quality and consistency as well as the staff motivation.


Acquisition and integration management process.

Culture convergence



Value creation


Probe, Boost, Lead offers

Merging means above all maintaining the operational capacities of the new coming entity after acquisition, pursuing foreseen synergy realization and ensuring convergence of corporate cultures. It really matters that cultural shocks do not become merger gravediggers. Each synergy opportunity is described by the set of operation measures for its implementation, by its impact on the cash flows and, therefore, its ability to increase the business value. The new coming entity sometimes enjoyed critical corporate services from its previous group or shareholder. This services have to be replaced within a clear timeline, according to its operational needs. Merging two entities brings obvious risks of value destruction (potential negative synergy, organizational and cultural conflicts, ‌). Fits ones should be identified and assessed, then controlled by specifics action plans. The second ones should be addressed with a clear understanding of values, cultural representations and managerial fundamentals of both entities.


The partners of Valusens

Jean-Louis Olie

Philippe Plunian

15 years of experience as CEO in technological enterprises in France and internationally.

Philippe has more than 20 years of experience in distribution and BtoB services.

CEO of Thales Transportation Systems for 6 years, JeanLouis has developed its activities in Europe, Asia and North America, launched a JV in China and set-up development centre in Asia. He has turned around several Companies and led execution of mergers, acquisitions and disinvestments.

Partner at Orgaconsultants from 2000 to 2008, he has led various assignments to develop and turn around industrial and services networks or businesses. Before, Philippe managed a €100m Automotive Business Unit at PPG Industries, an American glass maker Group and led the merger of the activities following the takeover by a Japanese Group.

Education : Ecole Polytechnique Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées. Psychology degree at René Descartes University .

Education : HEC Paris

Hugues Ferreboeuf Entrepreneur and CEO of several companies in the telecommunication industry. NTIC specialist (telecom networks, outsourcing, mobile phone services) Hugues has created start-up and Managed SME and Business Units within large telecom companies in the last 15 years. He has turned around and repositioned several businesses and has also initiated and conducted build up and sales development strategic plans in the USA, in Asia Pacific area and in West Europe. Education : Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications


Hugues Ferreboeuf Tel. +33 6 77 99 78 22 Email

X(81) Télécom(86) Bilingual English

DOMAINS OF EXPERTISE •Business Management (start-up, SME, Business Unit). •Sales and business development, •Restructuration, Crisis management. •Post Merger integration, disinvestment. •International Build-up

MANAGING EXPERIENCES •Valusens (Paris) , Partner. Business strategy consulting and management services. •Juniper Networks (Paris). Managing Director. Telecommunication equipments. •Intermobile (Paris). Managing Director. Mobile phone international Services. •E*message (Paris/Berlin). CEO. Providor of mobile services for Businesses and call centers. •France Telcom (Paris). Director of BU System outsourcing and integration. •Eunetcom (Paris/New York). CEO. International telecom operator.

INDUSTRIES EXPERIENCES •Telecommunications (equipments and services) •IT systems integration and IT services •Airline industry •Call centers •Public administration 10

Jean-Louis Olie Tel. +33 6 77 99 78 22 Email

X(70) Ponts(75) Bilingual English Spanish

DOMAINS OF EXPERTISE •Business management •Restructuring, turnaround, change management •Merger & Acquisition, disinvestment •International build up, industrial and services establishment in Asia (China, India)

MANAGING EXPERIENCES •President JLO Management, Partner Valusens. Business strategy consulting and management services. • Thales Transportation Systems, Paris (CEO). Automatic fare collection, security and communication equipment & systems for public transport. • Euroart, Munich (Managing Director). Battlefield radar systems. • Thomainfor, Paris (COO). IT services and outsourcing. • Alsys, Washington DC (CEO). Software vendor.

INDUSTRIES EXPERIENCES • Defence •Public transportation •Industrial equipment & systems •System integration and IT services •Software vendor •Medical imaging 11

Philippe Plunian Tel. +33 6 80 89 68 42 Email

HEC Paris (83) Fluent English German, Italien

DOMAINS OF EXPERTISE •Business management. •Sales, logistics and operational performance. •Sales channels management. •organisation and change management. •Restructuring and post-merger integration. •International build up (Central and Eastern Europe).

MANAGING EXPERIENCES •Valusens, Paris (Partner). Business strategy consulting and management services. • Orgaconsultants, Paris (Partner). Strategy and management consulting, practice industry and business services. • Primagaz – Liotard, Tours (Managing Director). Manufacturing of LPG tanks. • Asahi Glass Company, Brussels (BU Managing Director). Distribution of Automotive replacement equipment. • PPG Industries, Genova (COO - CSO). Production and distribution of automotive equipment.

INDUSTRIES EXPERIENCES •Automotive •Manufacturing (Glass transformation, OEM Equipment, plastics ...) •BtoB Distribution and retail •Business Services •Equipment rental •IT and advisory services 12

Valusens presentation  

Valusens is an advisory and management services company with a global reach

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