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The Culture Book - Our Culture is Our Brand.

Define: culture a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place organization

Introduction Great companies that last a lifetime are built on great culture, that is beyond the perks and sexy offices. It is the way we will think, act and behave. We are not a company that creates products, our people is our product. Our culture will define the essence of how we want our people to react to situations, take decisions for us and clients, and finally hire people. Our culture defines our people, hence our brand.

Get There Fast If everything is equal, Fastest company in any

employees will always be to reach our goals fasters

market will win. Speed is a defining characteristic

than anyone else. We are smart and our intelligence

for our company to compete in this market. We are

will help us “Get There Fast�.

a bunch of young people with hunger to grow fast and move fast. Everything we do for our clients or

Really Curious Curiosity isn’t reserved for childhood. It’s a powerful characteristic that keeps you engaged and sharp at work. Our people will always look at new ways of doing things, and their curiosity will act as a magnet that attract clients to us. We nurture people with a hungry mind, who are beyond the routines and always looking to explore new things coming up in our ever changing digital industry.

Overcome The Fear Fear. It’s an emotion everyone experiences. But fear stops us from doing great things. We will be fearless. We will not be scared to tell the right thing to our partners, collegues and leaders. Nobody will punish you for being fearless. So, Be fearless in taking decisions and executing decisions

Work Hard, Party Hard! Working Hard is very important, but not at the cost of having fun. So have fun, Keep things light. We will Work Hard, Work Smart to party hard and maintain a great work life balance

True Integrity We will always act with integrity and honesty, and not compromise truth. Our strength comes in being very humble and transparent to all our partners and stakeholder, and we call this True Integrity.

Heart in Business Our business is beyond business, we put our heart in what we do. Our intent is to always delivery a ‘wow’ experience to our clients and partners. We want to outshine in every work we do everyday, to be seen as the pride of our nation to the world.

It’s Not Faith on Technology It’s Faith on People -Steve Jobs

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