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Educere May 2013 | Issue 02

Cleanliness is next to Godliness A Day at Vid Values in Action:

A Values Revolution

First Month at School

...bringing Values to Life


Educere ...bringing Values to Life

April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to life

‘Educere’ Explained: Educere is a Latin word (pronounced “Edoo-kay-ray”) which means ‘to bring out’ or ‘to draw out’. The word ‘education’ is a child of Educere, which shows that all knowledge lies within an individual, and the process of education should result in the emergence of one’s innate goodness. Educere aims to share the various facets of living a valuesinfused life. We hope that it will not only be a means to share our various values-initiatives, but that it also ignites a spark within every reader, bringing about positive change in the way we live our lives as individuals, schools, corporates, communities, and nations.

Front & Back Cover: Logos of Vid International: The 5 petals represent the core Human Values; the small figures under the petals represent our children who are being infused with values striving towards ‘illumination’ and knowledge, depicted by the blue halo. The enlightened youth, represented by 2 kneeling figures, are ready to serve society, reflecting excellence in life.

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Welcome! Dear Friend, It is a joy to share with you that our school is in session! On April 15th, Vid International became the proud ‘home away from home’ to 23 precious preschoolers and a wonderful family of teachers and staff. Our days are complete with lots of play time, adventures in learning, and smiles and laughs all around. It is heartwarming to see our children transform from shy little ones into confident students who enjoy and participate in all their activities. We welcome you to take a glimpse into our dynamic daily routine that has certainly allowed our children to blossom in such a short space of time. And, how have parents reacted to their children’s experiences at Vid so far? Flip to the ‘Parents Talk’ feature to find out. Also, in this issue, we bring you a message from our Founder, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, about the true purpose of education—practical ideals upon which Vid International has been modeled. Then, read on about how we translate these ideals into our school activities and transmit these life lessons to our children in the ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ section. This magazine is lovingly produced by the Values in Action (ViA) Foundation, parent of Vid International, which promotes values in life and in living. At Vid, we work on developing the character of our children through a curriculum of activities infused and enlivened by Human Values. Please continue to make our magazine, Educere, a hub for values enthusiasts and a vehicle for the promotion of values by sending us your valuable suggestions, comments and written contributions that we can showcase in future issues. It is not possible to comprehend the sheer joy and fulfillment of being in the company of these pure little beings without experiencing it in person. So, if you haven’t yet visited us at #21 Back Street in Tacarigua, we encourage you to do so very soon. Our school hours are between 8 am and 2 pm, Monday to Friday, and there are volunteer opportunities for all. See you there! With Love,

ily m a F e r e c u Ed

Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life

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contents contents

From our Founder’s Pen...................................04

Words of wisdom from the Founder of Educare Philosophy



Values in Action................................................05 A Values Revolution

Vid School Prayer..............................................06 What we ask for every day

First Month at School.......................................07 Snaps of our children during the month of April

A Day at Vid.......................................................08 Our dynamic daily schedule



Parents Talk........................................................10 Words of feedback from our students’ Moms and Dads

Cleanliness is next to Godliness....................12 How to help your children develop healthy habits

Look who came to visit!...................................14

Special guests arrive to spend time with the children of Vid

Snapshots...........................................................15 Reliving a few of our favorite memories





...bringing Values to Life April 2013 | Issue 02

from our founder’s pen Sri Sathya Sai Baba STUDENTS! Embodiments of Love! Teachers and Patrons of Education! Education lends beauty to man. Education is man’s most precious wealth. It confers happiness and renown on man. It is the teacher of teachers. When a man travels abroad, education stands by him like a kinsman. Education is adored by rulers, not wealth. Degrees alone do not signify education. Education that is confined to the physical sciences is a travesty of true education. Together with knowledge of the natural sciences, one has to acquire humility, discipline and a good character. Everyone should recognize this sacred character of education. The student of today is concerned with acquiring wealth, strength and position, but not good qualities. Education is meant to enable one to acquire what are good qualities. Every student should take note of this. Education is not intended merely to stuff the brain with information. It has to transform the heart and make it pure. Real education should enable one to realise that mankind is one family. It should help one to experience the unifying forces in society. Education should promote discrimination and humility.


7 Dear students! I wish that you should go out into the world as ideal students and serve the nation well. Securing degrees is not enough. You have to make your knowledge available to others. This is the purpose of education. Remember God, love the nation and experience bliss. This should be your aim. Eschew all differences of caste, creed and nationality and cultivate oneness of spirit. All are one be alike to everyone. Realise the divinity within you and recognize that it is in one and all.


Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life

values in action... a values revolution

Life is a journey…enjoy it. Someone once said that life is a really beautiful gift, if only we knew how to live it! For a fulfilling and contented life, the seed of values have to be sown early, and knowledge needs to blossom into wisdom. Only then can the real beauty of life be understood and appreciated.


urturing and nourishing the young, unsullied and pure minds and hearts of little children is the most important aspect in their journey of life. At this stage, teachers and parents play the most vital roles. Good education is a birthright of every human being. From time immemorial, the place of education has been at the core of any social structure. Here, everyone gathered together without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion or even economic or social status. It is for this reason that educational institutions play an important role in creating a balanced, harmonious and unified society. This process of creating model citizens begins at the preschool level. It is not difficult to acknowledge that preschoolers today are born with a much higher level of awareness than before. Their levels of perception and grasp are much subtler and stronger. At that age (between 3 and 5 years) they absorb and learn from everything they see and feel. Their hearts are impacted by every big or small event happening around them. If we expect our children to grow up to be healthy, happy and responsible citizens of the future, then we have to secure their present. If we expect them

to be loving, then we must ensure that they are surrounded and filled with love. If we expect them to learn cooperation, discipline and respect, then we need to be examples of these qualities. Discipline should be the natural means of conduct and not something to be enforced. Love, not fear, should be the medium through which they learn their lessons of life. Sharing and cooperating should be their expression of living. Only then can we expect a golden era of peace, love and righteousness. This process of inculcating, infusing and integrating the universal human values into the school environment is successfully done through the Values in Action (ViA) Program, adopted by Vid International for the integrated personality development of all its children. Vid offers the best learning experience for young children, irrespective of their social, economic or religious status. The ViA Program not only encourages parent participation but also offers opportunities for integrating parents into their children’s early educational journey. Let us join and celebrate this values revolution…for the prosperity of our children, our country’s future, and the world.


Vid School Prayer O Lord, take my love, and let it flow in fullness of devotion to Thee; O Lord, take my hands, and let them work incessantly for Thee; O Lord, take my soul, and let it be merged in One with Thee; O Lord, take my mind and thoughts, and let them be in tune with Thee; O Lord, take my everything, and let me be an instrument to work for Thee

Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life

First Month at School We welcomed 23 students on Monday 15th April: Vid International’s very first batch! Our day began with an offering of prayer to commemmorate this auspicious occasion. Then one by one, our brand new students arrived for the first day of their school life at the Preschool with a Heart. Here’s what our first month together looked like.



...bringing Values to Life April 2013 | Issue 02

a day at vid

Morning Assembly

Light Meditation/ Circle Time

Class Time


Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life

Outdoor Play

Nap Time

Fun Friday



parents talk ...bringing Values to Life

April 2013 | Issue 02

I am a parent who is proud to say that

my son, Ameer, is a student at Vid International. The school is spacious with roomy classrooms and quite clean. The teachers are also warm and welcoming. My son is very happy and has learnt a lot, not only academically but has learnt to express himself better. He came home telling me that “Honesty is the best policy” and this is just one of the many things that he has learnt. I wish Vid International many, many years of success and pray that God continues to bless this institution! Fariel Ramkissoon, Ameer’s Mom

Truly a school with a heart. Vid has a unique blend

of teachers and staff who display such care and dedication towards my son’s development. The teaching methods include a wonderful combination of building good character with a sound academic foundation. Mostly, I appreciate the individual care they give each child. It means so much when each child believes he is as special in school as he is at home. Kavita Ninah, Rohan’s Mom

Rohan’s experience at school continues to be a learning one (for all of us at home) which by definition is the chief purpose of school! Notwithstanding his slow settlingin, we continue to see signs of progress every day that reflect some of his learning at school: the way his puts together his ideas, applies logic to everyday situations, his focus and approach to tasks at home, and his desire to do things by himself. I am very grateful for the continued support by the school staff in helping Rohan to settle down. I must admit that teaching a three-year old requires a lot more patience than I am accustomed


The people at Vid are very kind.

They make my children feel very loved and comfortable, and they opened their hearts to us and made it possible for my children to go to school there. They have good values that I love for my kids and good standards. Thank you, Vid. Christina Sooknanan, Kailey & Kayla’s Mom

to (unlike with playing games) and, like Rohan, I am learning quite a lot as he teaches me “ABCs” every day that he learns in school. I express my sincerest gratitude to his teachers for taking up this role—a truly noble profession with the greatest reward being the success of the students. As we continue to chisel his foundation, I am certain that the hard work we put into him now will no doubt result into a beautiful masterpiece for society. Thanks much. Live long and prosper! Vishnu Ramdial, Rohan’s Dad


My daughter, Saira, is an only child who has

The environment at Vid is a very pleasant and child-friendly one

never spent long periods of time away from her family. From her second week of school, she quickly grew familiar and contented with her surroundings. She was even quite eager to attend school on weekends! After settling in, she spoke non-stop of the friends she made—one little girl, in particular—as well as a teacher she took a special liking to. The activities done before and during class (like singing the National Anthem, morning prayers, drawing and colouring), are other aspects of school life that she enjoys, and that my husband and I appreciate. She still however asks, “Mummy, why do I have to sleep every day?” All in all, Vid International is living up to all our expectations and it is a journey that Saira truly seems to enjoy. Natasha Nagassar, Saira’s Mom

The children’s school, Vid International,

located at Back Street, Tacarigua, exudes an aura of pure, sound, educational and spiritual atmosphere. The building and environs convey a vision of enlightenment. Above everything else, the presence of the administrative and teaching staff, especially the female teachers—all reflecting the values and virtues of truth, goodness and beauty, make parents and guardians feel comfortable, safe and full of hope or the education, growth and future of their children. May this light grow, Rewatie Gardiner, Sarah’s Grandma

The teachers have managed to streamline the

way my daughter does things, and this has become a foundation in her development as an individual. The school has so far made a positive impact on her behaviour and conduct, and her human values are being moulded into making her a better individual. Nalini Maharaj, Toshala’s Mom

that allows students to be themselves, as if they were at home. The ‘Aunties’ at the school take great care and give the children full attention ensuring that none feels neglected. I have observed that every child is given an evaluation and tailored directions to ensure a meaningful experience.

I appreciate how much interest Suhaila’s

teachers are taking in her: from trying to find transport solutions to calling when she is absent to find out if all is well. I am happy to know that the teachers are looking out for my child’s well-being and development to such an extent. Joanne Ramdath-Brown, Suhaila’s Mom

As a parent whose child is in the pre-concrete

operational stage in growth, I am very pleased with the methodology utilized by Vid International. In today’s world, human values and character building are important in childhood development. These phenomena are reflected in Vid’s vision and goal, which as an educator myself, I am very pleased with. Also, after familiarizing myself with the modus operandi of the school, I am inclined to state that, in my perception, the words of Joseph W Krutch (1893) in his book, The Modern Temper, reflect the objectives of Vid International: “Methodology, religion and philosophy are alike in that each has a function in the interpretation of experience in terms which have human value.” Damian Ramdeo, Abraham’s Dad

My daughter, Sherdé, has expressed a great desire to continue attending Vid: she wakes up excited every morning (even on weekends) asking to go to school. She has expressed in her own words how much she loves her new school, her Aunties and Uncles, and all her friends at Vid. I am amazed and pleased with her enthusiasm. I, too, find myself at Vid almost every evening, remaining at times up to 7 p.m., enjoying spending time there and helping with projects. The school’s philosophy and values-based system are fairly new to me but having the opportunity to discuss with Abhi about the concept of values and how to apply them, I have come to understand the importance of this teaching style. I have also applied it to interactions with my daughter outside of the school environment and definitely works. I am grateful for the school’s Facebook page that allows me to keep up-todate with daily events, and I am also thankful for the teachers as they keep me well-informed about my daughter’s developmental progress and advise me accordingly. I look forward to seeing the school operate at its full potential in the near future. Andell Johnson, Sherdé’s Dad


April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life


...bringing Values to Life April 2013 | Issue 02

cleanliness is next to

godliness D

o not assume that children at an early age are incapable of maintaining cleanliness all around. If you want your children to stay disciplined in life, you should encourage them to learn clean habits as early as possible.

Early childhood education is very crucial for the development of each child,


and preschool programs expose children to learning activities that help in shaping their personalities. At Vid International, we aspire that our children develop an integrated personality and become allrounders who can excel in every aspect of life. Vid achieves this by focusing on the character development of every child

through imparting values, with the help of parents and the wider community. One of the ways we develop their character is by teaching them about hygiene, which includes keeping themselves clean and tidy, and creating a good impression. Teaching children cleanliness at an early age will ensure that it is embedded in them for life.

Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life

Steps that can be taken to Cleanliness while teach our children clean Eating habits are as follows: Teach them how to Personal Hygiene be neat while they eat and drink. Children will The first step to cleanliness certainly spill food as is personal hygiene. You their fine motor skills are can teach children to wash still being developed, but hands before meals, brush through practice, constant teeth regularly, have a nice encouragement and praise bath and wear clean clothes they will gradually improve. at all times.

Keeping Surroundings Clean

Cleanliness Around the HOME

Remember that children follow their parents’ and Besides personal hygiene, educators’ habits very you can teach children to closely. If they observe us keep their surroundings keeping the environment clean. Parents can teach clean, they will certainly them how to clean their develop the very same room by showing them how practices. to keep everything in place, like their books and toys and In the Social Learning make them set their bed Theory, Albert Bandura neatly. At Vid International, (1977) states that behavior we ensure that the children is learned from the keep the classroom always environment through the neat and clean by packing process of observational up after activities and learning. This is where storing their shoes properly children view and imitate before silent sitting and nap the behavior of people time. around them. Educators, parents and community Keeping Washroom members should always & Sink Clean practice these good habits so that our children can Once they have developed look up to us as exemplars the habit of personal and develop their own hygiene and keeping positive traits. their room clean, it’s time to make them keep the Remember that this will washroom clean. You can take time, but once these teach them how to flush values are instilled and every time they use the implemented regularly, toilet, and to turn off the there is no doubt that tap after using the sink to the foundation for good prevent water wastage. character will be set.



...bringing Values to Life April 2013 | Issue 02

look who came to visit!

members of the vid family drop by

Grandpa Lenny Lall

Grandma Daya & Aunty Gayatri Maharaj

Uncle Justin Lall

Uncle Devesh Maharaj & Friends Aunty Vidya Maharaj

Uncle Steve Rajpatty & Aunty Risa


Uncle Gautam & Aunty Susie Tewari

Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life


memories of special events at vid Human Values Day 23 November, 2012

Our first Human Values Day began with a multifaith prayer ceremony during which religious ambassadors shared teachings and prayers highlighting their core values. The Vid Family of volunteers then got into teams to prepare and package meals, as well as clothing items for the residents of the Youth Training Center (YTC) in Arouca. We spent the afternoon with the young men at YTC, sharing a motivational talk, stories, lunch, and of course, lots of love. It was a truly heartwarming and fulfilling experience to be in their company and learn about their challenges and triumphs of life.



...bringing Values to Life April 2013 | Issue 02

A Very Vid Christmas

2o December, 2012

We celebrated our very first Christmas in true Vid style! Members of the Vid Family from diverse backgrounds shared what Christmas means to them, and their thoughts about the true spirit of the festive season. We had a rocking jam session of carols and parang and then gifts of love were distributed. Everyone then enjoyed a sumptious Christmas spread, and spent the rest of the evening with lots of laughs and merry-making.


Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life

Medical Check-up 3 May, 2013

Good health is essential for the sound development and well-being of every child. To ensure that our children are as healthy as can be, Vid has initiated a medical series that started off with an eye examination and a general check-up (to test height, weight, heartbeat, etc). The children were all very brave and looked forward to their special treat - a sticker for each medical station visited! A dental check-up will be conducted at the school later in May, and we hope to expand this service to parents and community members in the near future.



...bringing Values to Life April 2013 | Issue 02

Vid’s First Batch o April

A good Student is an Offering that a

Sri Sathya


Educere April 2013 | Issue 02

...bringing Values to Life

of Staff & Students 2013

a good Teacher makes to the Nation

a Sai Baba


Educere ...bringing Values to Life Values in Action Foundation #21 Back Street, Tacarigua Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies 868-640-9172

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Educere: Issue 02-April 2013  

Educere...bringing Values to LifeIssue 02 - April 2013

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