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8/5 - 8/11, 2010

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News Leisure League Fest

A winner has been announced for their photo contest and wedding photographer Matthew Morgan ( took the prize. cont. on back

Ed Royce – Town Hall

On Saturday, August 14, 2010, Representative Ed Royce will host a town hall meeting. All are invited to attend. Royce will use this time to give an update of legislation in the House of Representatives and answer any questions people may have. It will

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Weavver - Art Walk Tech

New Dining Experience

Downtown Web and IT service firm Weavver (210 N. Malden) is opening it’s doors again to the Fullerton Art Walk. This

The downtown area has a new flavor from the far away land of Lebanon. Some have said that

week will feature live art by Taco Comics and band Afternoon Dream Syrum. Taco Comics promises to do live airbrush art

Fullerton, because of it’s particular location, has a Mediterranean climate. The newly opened Les Amies would then be the perfect accompaniment to our perfect weather. I tried the patio seating on a perfect sunlit Tuesday. The shawerma (marinated steak sandwich, $3.25) is a well made version of an ancient food. It’s light, yet satisfying. The herbs and vegetables are delicately balanced with the meat to give if a flavorful and maybe slightly tangy flavor. It’s great patio food. Les Amies menu is simple. At first I thought it was short, but now I understand. They are focusing on a limited set of dishes that they can deliver very well, very consistently. The customer benefits. They also carry an unusual drink called jalab. It’s a soft drink (non-carbonated) that is made from fruits and herbs, a concoction that tastes like roses smell, but nothing like roses taste. It is a little difficult to describe the flavors at Les Amies because flavors are combined in novel ways. The humus ($2.50) is the best I’ve had within many miles. It’s freshly made and flavorful. I had to go back the next day because I couldn’t stop thinking about the food and the flavors. I tried the kafta (ground beef sandwich, $3.25) which was surprisingly tender and flavorful. I also tried the baba genouje (humus made from eggplant, $2.50). Wow. I am going to go back to Les Amies, to the gracious hostesses Joyce and Gina, to sit on the patio and relax, and I am going to try everything on their menu, and each of the soups.

onto whatever you bring in; shoes, shirts, or even you! The theme of the Weavver art is Comic Con. From the site, “Slum Circus is a collective of comic book artists with a special interest in horror. Check out their website online at This is an after party for Comic Con and pre-party for the larger Slum Circus show on the 28th!”

Les Amies is located at the parking area behind 128 W. Wilshire (I Gotcha Pizza). The very moderatly priced menu is on www. 714.526.2100

Weavver - Art Walk Tech Weavver does web development and work on open source business applications. You can find more about their work at: weavver. com but you can find more out about their interrest in art by going to the show!

promote: 714.900.3710


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Leisure League Fest

Ed Royce – Town Hall be held from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Fullerton City Hall, located at 303 West Commonwealth. This event is free and open to the public. Royce looks forward to seeing everyone in Fullerton on the 14th. Please don’t hesitate to call (714) 744-4130 with any questions. All are invited to attend!

Hunger Artists Theater The winning picture, printed large above, captures the sunny pastoral expanse of the Muckenthaler grounds and the casual festivities the event inspires. The Muckenthaler Mansion Cultural Center is hosting a World Dance performance and six great bands. The Center is responding to city cutbacks by innovating. How better to innovate than to turn to that work-horse of wealth generation, the open market. Help support their efforts to preserve a cultural landmark by attending the next event Sunday 8/8 12 - 4 pm.

The OC Underground Burlesque Society Presents: Cartoon Cuties Hosted by KATE FOX, OCUBS Founder and Producer

Featuring: BILLIE JEAN as a lovable skunk afflicted with a bad case of l’amour! CANDIE ROX as a girl as colorful and bright as a rainbow! DAHLIA DeLUST as a feisty housewife with a famous blue beehive! KATE FOX as a kitty who loves to say “hello”! VERONICA VIXXX as a pink-haired 80s rock star! VESTAL VIXEN & VIOLET FEMME as two babes who hunt ghosts with “Scoob”! VIKI VOLTA as a classic cutie who goes “boop-boop-a-doop”! Plus “Pick-Up Artist” TRIXI A LA MODE!

Stages Theater: So Alone Concert

Online Survey This week we want to know: Trade freedom. Yes or no? Vote online.

Letters to the Editor The Fullertonian is always looking for feedback from readers like you! Tell us what you think via e-mail: We’ll answer your questions... Maybe even the stupid ones.

“The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much like life.” - Arthur Miller This week only, musical Director, Mitch Faris reunites the live bands from William Mittler’s rock and roll saga So’Alone, to pay tribute to the legend of Johnny Thunders.

Made from new, original style VW bug and bus interior quality upholstery.

Live, in concert, the So’Alone Bands will play Johnny’s greatest songs, from the pre-punk, glam-rock era of the “New York Dolls” to the born-to-lose bombast of the “Heart Breakers”.

Drive home with a Volks-Baggin Seat Bag Tote today!

Come and see and hear why...”Johnny Thunders will never die!” This Fri. (6th) & Sat. (7th) at 8 PM. Sunday (8th) at 6 PM


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