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“Bridging the gap between students and the corporate world.”

A Message from our President Alfonso Solano Bridging the gap between students and the corporate world. Since its creation in 1975, JEMA has been dedicated to the development of its members, not just in their marketing abilities, but in their interpersonal and leadership skills as well. 35 years has only strengthened our resolve; serving its members with quality activities such as seminars from esteemed speakers, tours to renowned marketing and multi-national firms, marketing competitions, and parties among many others. Providing the best and most enjoyable events has always been our initiative in the formation of outstanding LaSallian businessmen. Ranking 2nd among the professional organizations of business and economics in the latest accreditation of the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) has placed new challenges and greater expectations in our way. It is because of this that we strive all the more to be the best. However, new opportunities have arisen as well. A new set of officers means a

fresh perspective to work on; new ideas, new innovations, new alliances, and a different way of doing things. This year, as JEMA aims to reach the top, we have planned a lot of things in store for all of you. We have already accomplished a lot; JEMA’s seminars, school tours, general assembly, and the acquaintance party, Heatwave, were spectacular successes. This term also marks the launch of JEMA’s internal marketing competition: Innovative Solutions in De La Salle University (InSIDe). It is a chance for you, our members, to show off your skills as a marketer and a LaSallian achiever. As we close this 1st term, I invite you to continue your active participation in our activities as JEMA promises to provide more learning and memorable experiences throughout the year. Be JEMActive!

Jica Coronel AVP Promotions

Kelcey Chua Advertising Executive

Eyang Recoter AVP Communications

Rainbow Sanchez Public Relations Executive

Kashka Tobias VP Promotions

Tisha Yazon Advertising Executive

George Yao Public Relations Executive

Sir Aries: Good consumer insight, without this you won’t succeed.

Sir Cu: Understands the needs and wants of the customer, and make sure he can deliver. Ms Zamora: One who has a complete knowledge of the discipline of marketing; being able to work the discipline forward and backwards, lots of diligence, imagination, some talent and one who is well read.

Mr Benjie Encarnacion: Know what your pick-up line is.

The Marketer, a project by the:

Remembering the good times of First Term JEMA, going through the first term in DLSU, was not an easy path. It was a new beginning for most things. JEMA had planned out numerous activities to make that good first impression. It was all about introduction and pleasing the lovely members, old and new, and those people composing and surrounding it. Most succeeded while some may have needed improvement but what was most important was the happiness and friendship that came out of each activity JEMA worked hard for. It brought much fulfillment and lessons that would definitely yield better events for the following term. JEMA only has begun. The climax is yet to come!   



There will always be a place for YOU in JEMA JEMA ELITE by Jill Ong A year ago when I entered De La Salle University, I wanted two things: to graduate with flying colors and later on become the best marketer. Everyday I came to school with a pen and paper till I got tired of the routine and asked myself, “What have I learned?” There, I felt something was missing. I neglected the chances for me to strengthen my leadership potential and explore the world that goes beyond my comfort zone. Realizing what I had become, I joined the Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association, which would probably be the highlight of my whole college experience. What makes it even better is that I am a JEMA Elite, trained to re-define what true leadership is, strive for excellence and work with a family composed of amazing personalities. Who would have thought my 250 Pesos would go a long way? I found a family like no other and built a better future for myself. Every Wednesdays, I go to school just for JEMA meetings and every time I go home, I’d always wish that meetings won’t come to an end. Because of JEMA, I wanted countless things and created a bigger dream!

JEMA EXECUTIVES by Mari Montemayor College life is the time when we have to take things seriously. No more High school me and all the crazy things I did back then. It is time for me to have a purpose in life for me and for my family. In college, it is not enough to just pass all your subjects. Even if passing will give you a diploma it is not enough and so I joined JEMA executives which made me feel like I was someone in college. JEMA executives showed me what life after college would be like and it helped me prepare for it. In JEx, I meet new friends and learn how to work with them in activities while sharing ideas which help improve my skills. The best thing in JEx is that you feel like you have a family of friends who are willing to help each other go through college while having fun. I hope that when I graduate I leave something great to JEMA just as they have left something for me to remember in college. It is a unique experience in college that DLSU students must have in their college life. GO JEMA!

JEMA MANAGERS by Chuck Garcia The JEMA Managers (JMan) program is just young and is created for the members of JEMA. It aims on making the members to be as active as the other programs offered without pressure given to them. Most of the members in the JMan program are Frosh students. I think it is a great way for the freshmen to experience being an active member of an organization such as JEMA while they are still adjusting as a first time college student. The program officially starts in the second term with activities that will enhance and develop the members not only intellectually, but also academically competent and socially responsible.

Be JEMACTIVE! Be a part of the JEMA Family!

“Never underestimate the importance of creativity in anything you do. “

to everything). Surveys and statistics are all helpful and essential. By Via Lapid I myself have spent countless hours searching for information needed for Marketing is often said to be reports. one of the coolest courses in the College of Business. This is without a M a j o r s = l e a r n i n g b e y o n d doubt the truth. But there is definitely classroom walls. more to this course than people think. And so far in my seven terms of Major subjects in this course are being a Marketing Management really fun and exciting although they major, here are a few things I have may be truly stressful at times. These discovered... subjects are able to capture the real essence of “learning-by-doing” Researching is an inevitable task. through their activities. From selling products to creating marketing plans, Marketing greatly involves the study you will get to experience this kind of consumer behavior, product of training that can help enhance your attributes, and various aspects of an skills. Plus, the marketing department environment. Ready your search only has the best professors! engines because researching actually takes a lot more time than expected. Must.Think.Differently. (And no, Wikipedia is not the answer

Marketing as a Course

Never underestimate the importance of creativity in anything you do. In this course, students must be able to think outside the box in order to further their potential. Of course as we all know it is always better to come up with original ideas rather than to do something that has already been done. I have seen that some of the best students in Marketing are those that continuously surprise others with their innovative ways of thinking. Although these are just a few things you could expect, one thing you should know is that the best way to live life as a marketing student is to work hard and have fun. Love your course and you will surely enjoy the journey. Good Marketing!

GREEN MARKETER, STAND UP! By Rainbow Sanchez, Public Relations Executive We are legion in Marketing Management. Getting out and getting our space in the Marketing world becomes a challenging feat. At JEMA, we like challenges – it’s what we in Marketing Management strive to override. It’s about striking a balance between the intellectual and the creative. So I began my search for clues in order to get to the bottom line of the question: How does one stand out in the Marketing? I’ve met with a sage when it comes to Marketing; Mr. Benjamin Encarnacion. He is profound when it comes to giving advice about my questions. When asked how to have an edge in the Marketing industry, Mr. Benjie replied by defining what Marketing is; “Marketing is creating value for consumers”. By defining your passion, you make your market realize that you are one with them. Engage, create inter-relationships. An example for this “a red coffee mug is indicative of a brand already”. And yes you got it, it’s Nescafé.

He then gave tips:


Know very well your role as a facilitator of creatingvalue of creation.


Marketing has so many facets so you have to know the value of the services or your product.


Create value for the consumers create value for the enter prise you’re working for.


Build trust with the brand and the consumers.


Have an in department knowledge of your consumer. Get under the skin.

Mr. Benjie remembers when he was still working for Nestlé, he was attending a seminar in a school. He sat in between two marketing directors. He was asked to make a very short introduction of the company he was representing. Sir Benjie knows that to stand out as a Marketer, he has to know a good pick-up line. He introduced the company by asking them three questions: “When you think of milk,

what brand comes to mind? If you think of coffee, what brand comes to mind? If you think of chocolate drinks, what comes to mind? In unison, they all said Bear Brand, Nescafé, Milo. If you have that virtual sticker, you have engaged to the consumer.” When asked to give a statement about consumers, Mr. Benjie recalled the statement he gave in a global conference about marketing and communications, in Singapore. “A consumer has an expiry date”. And he turned heads by saying that. A simple statement can make waves in the Marketing industry and we are very fortunate to actually learn this in school. I did not stop my quest there and neither should you. Your quest doesn’t stop there. This is your chance to make your own path to end up with the goal you want- to stand up in the Marketing industry by being you. We are here now, in this university and we are privileged to be part of this community. We might not have the all the answers. But that’s the beauty and growth in this whole adventure; we look for our answers, we think for ourselves and we push ourselves to find out how we can be best at our passion. In the classroom, the ceiling is our limit but

out there as we experience what we want, the sky is the limit. Use what we are taught here to excel out there. Experiences make us better and that’s why do not be afraid to ask questions and just go for something because it might be the biggest learning experience you will ever have. You’ll never know, your pick-up line might be in the making right at this moment. You have to be Lasalyano to the core – Green to you. Sir Bienvenido Encarnacion facilitates learning at De La Salle University for Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Market Strategy. He is active in the Marketing & Opinion Research Society (MORES). His day job is heading up Knowledge Management at BCD Pinpoint. Farming and trading coffee are his weekend fascinations.

“In the classroom, the ceiling is our limit but out there as we experience what we want, the sky is the limit. “

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