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Monthly Ministry Update from Valerie Payne General Counsel’s Office

October 2012

They Look  So  Familiar  .  .  .   As  I  have  been  traveling  this  fall,  I  have  met  with  some  amazing  people  and   collected  some  great  stories.  Here  is  a  picture  of  my  favorite  so  far:    

Update from  Virginia  Beach   In  October,  I  had  the  opportunity  to   visit  my  beloved  alma  mater,  Regent   University  School  of  Law,  and   encourage  the  student  body  to  seek   out  God’s  purpose  and  plan  for  their   law  careers.  I  presented  to  nine  law   classes  in  three  days!   One  student  featured  me  on  her  blog: 12/10/valerie-­‐payne-­‐serving-­‐lord-­‐as-­‐ attorney.html      

Meet General  Rodolfo   (“Rudy”)  Interiano  and  his   wife,  Eva.  When  I  met  them   on  October  11  during  a  visit   to  the  Military  Ministry  HQ   in  Newport  News,  VA,  I  felt  a   strange  wave  of  déjà  vu   wash  over  me.  It  felt  like  I   had  met  them  before.    

The kind  folks  at  Military   Ministry  warmly  welcomed   Ret.  General  Rodolfo  Interiano  and  his  wife,  Eva,   me  and  invited  me  to   serving  on  the  international  operations  team  of   present  to  the  group  during   Campus  Crusade’s  Military  Ministry     morning  devotions.  After   they  prayed  for  me,  General  Rudy  jumped  up  to  present  an  update  from  a  trip   he  and  Eva  made  to  the  Honduras  Naval  Academy  in  September.  He  reported   that  they  ran  a  successful  life  coaching  seminar  to  60  senior  officers  and  that  236   officers,  cadets,  and  non-­‐commissioned  officers  accepted  Jesus  as  their  Savior!    

As General  Rudy  shared  this  exciting  news,  I  kept  turning  my  head  to  look  at  him   and  at  Eva.  “Hmm,  they  look  so  familiar!”  I  thought.  Hugging  Eva  after  the   presentation,  I  said,  “Do  I  know  you  from  somewhere?  Surely  we’ve  met.”   Confused,  she  replied,  “No,  I’ve  never  seen  you  before.”  Hmm  again.   .  

General Rudy  Interiano  leading   dozens  of  military  officers  in  prayer   as  he  and  Eva  initiated  evangelism   and  discipleship  programs  at  the   Naval  Academy  in  Honduras.  

Prayer Requests:

÷ Pray for  wisdom  and  endurance   as  I  continue  to  travel  this  month   and  seek  ministry  partners.   ÷ Praise  that  I  am  about  halfway  to     my  goal  of  being  fully  funded  by   Christmas!  

Finally, it  dawned  on  me:  I  was  their  attorney!  Three  years  ago,  I  worked  on   their  immigration  paperwork  when  I  was  practicing  with  a  firm  in  D.C.  Realizing   how  God  used  me  long  before  I  would  join  staff  with  Campus  Crusade  to  help   such  key  ministry  leaders  was  humbling.  Never  have  I  felt  so  securely  in  the  dead   center  of  God’s  plan.  “For  we  are  God’s  workmanship,  created  in  Christ  Jesus  to   do  good  works,  which  God  prepared  in  advance  for  us  to  do.”  (Ephesians  2:10)    

Military Ministry  is  amazing.  Since  9/11,  they  have  supplied   over  3  million  Rapid  Deployment  Kits  upon  request.  They   counsel  combat  veterans  suffering  from  post-­‐traumatic  stress.   They  pray  for  those  in  the  trenches  and  support  their  families.   Having  friends  and  family  who  sacrificially  serve  in  our  military,  I  am  so  grateful   for  Military  Ministry  and  its  significant  work.  In  honor  of  Veteran’s  Day  and  all   who  serve,  it  is  my  privilege  this  month  to  highlight  my  new  favorite  ministry  of   Campus  Crusade.  It  is  a  joy  for  me  to  serve  a  ministry   that  loves  our  brave  military  men,  women,  and  families.   Their  needs  are  great  but  God’s  love  is  greater!


October 2012  

Monthly update from Valerie Payne

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