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In preparation to return to school for this school year, we are sharing with you the most current information for how Valor intends to bring students back to campus in consultation with guidance from local and state health officials. This communications booklet is intended to provide you with additional details on Valor’s Return to School plan. The pandemic situation is dynamic and we will update these plans as circumstances and guidance requires. We believe it is best for students to be in school, which has been affirmed by local and national health experts. We are taking into account our student’s entire health profile – physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health – and are convinced that on-campus, in-seat instruction is in the best interest of the vast majority of our students.

I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. PSALM 16:8


Return to School Believing it is in the best interest of the overall health of our students to reopen for on-campus instruction, Valor is committed to: • Working collaboratively and effectively with our local public health partners in the event of a positive COVID-19 exposure or positive test.

• Remaining well-informed on updates to virus behavior, safety protocol, and sanitization strategies. • Focusing on all aspects of health – physical, social, emotional, and spiritual - of our students and staff.

• Responding quickly to maintain a healthy environment for students, faculty, and staff.

• Serving and supporting our Valor community as we face uncertainty and unknowns.

• Committing to mitigation and prevention efforts through multiple layers of protection campus wide.

• Educating students on the importance of reducing the risk of exposure with simple and consistent hand washing and personal hygiene practices.


Valor Traditional Schedule We will begin the year with a seven period schedule, allowing us to have up to 25 students in our classrooms. Each classroom has been modified to allow additional spacing and students and teachers will be wearing face coverings. If possible, students without a first period class are asked to delay arrival on campus until their assigned schedule starting time. Students without a class last period or a co-curricular activity, are asked to exit the campus so as to limit groups of students or congregating in public spaces at the end of the day.


Valor Reduced Capacity Schedule However, if there is a mandate that requires schools to accommodate even greater levels of social distancing, the Valor Reduced Capactiy schedule would allow us to further reduce the number of students in a classroom. The Valor Reduced Capacity schedule allows 50 percent of our students to be on campus at one time. While it may not be an option for all students to remain on campus, there may be cases where co-curricular engagement could take place simultaneously while a different group of students is in class. In this schedule, students attend classes in either a morning or afternoon grouping, but would still have access to the campus for tutoring, studying or co-curricular involvement. Within this schedule, teachers will teach smaller classes of 12-13 students and each color will meet three times per week with the fourth “period� being supplemented through the use of asynchronous instructional material.




Teacher Tutorial/Connection - Contact teacher to schedule an appointment


Valor Remote Schedule Valor will adopt a remote schedule in the event we are required to move fully to online learning for a brief or extended period of time. In this schedule, students will attend three class sessions a week via Zoom for a remote, synchronous, and interactive experience. Similar to the reduced capacity schedule, each color will meet three times per week, with the fourth “period� being supplemented through the use of asynchronous instructional material.

Options for Remote Learning If a student needs to remain home due to isolation, quarantine or out of concern for health and safety when living with vulnerable family members; technology is being installed throughout classrooms to facilitate an effective online experience. Students can login either during the class period and watch a streamed version of the lecture, but not actively participate, or they can go later to watch videos from the class period, completing any additional formative assessments or assignments. A high quality camera and microphone system is being installed in each classroom along with a control panel prior to the start of school. These technology upgrades will allow faculty to record their classes with ease, create additional resources for students, and allow students to observe their classes when they are absent. While these features are available for students who become sick during the school year, this option is also available for any family that would prefer to begin the school year in a remote setting. If you are interested in learning more about this option, please contact Sheila Beckie.


Health Screenings, Hygiene & Wellness Health Screening and Verification • Enrolled students will conduct their daily health screening and verifications at home each day before coming to school. • Parents, volunteers or vendors entering Valor must conduct a Health Screening and Verification through Valor’s Raptor visitor management system.

Hand Washing • Restrooms are equipped with hands-free sinks in most locations. • Signs will remind students to wash their hands prior to lunch and throughout the day. • Signage will be placed throughout heavily trafficked areas and entry ways with COVID-19 Health and Safety Best Practice reminders.

Mental Health • Valor has added a social-emotional services interventionist. This position will allow us to broaden our support for students. • If your student is having social emotional, or mental health struggles, contact our Social Emotional Services Coordinator Lindsey Ervin at 303-471-3261.


Distance, Movement & Congestion Physical Distancing • We are encouraging our entire community to practice physical distancing throughout the day. • The size of our classrooms will accommodate students to be spaced farther apart. • We have extended passing periods between classes to help facilitate social distancing during these periods of transition and have added an additional lunch period to the schedule. • The number of students in the library and computer lab will be limited. • Hallway lockers will not be assigned or used for this school year.

Drop Off & Pick Up • School drop off and pick up will remain in the circle drive in front of Valor. • If a parent/guardian needs to pick up their student early, they are asked to call the school at 303-471-3000 to excuse their student. • The front desk will notify your student to meet you in the front circle. To minimize exposure, please wait for your student in your vehicle.

Food Service Bistro, Café and Commons • We will be offering a limited menu to start the year but all three serving venues will be open. Self-service options will be replaced with prepackaged ones and the beverage stations will not be operational when school opens. • Students will be encouraged to practice social distancing while waiting for their food. FLIK employees will be operating under very strict guidelines from their parent company, Compass Group, with the utmost focus on health and safety. • We will encourage our entire community to enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather and eat lunch outside as much as possible.


Protecting Students & Adults Masks, Face Coverings & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) • Given current state guidelines, and until further guidance is provided, Valor will require that masks are worn in public indoor places and when proper social distancing cannot be maintained. • Please keep in mind that there are individuals in our community who cannot medically tolerate wearing a mask. • Valor will have a supply of disposable masks for employees, visitors and students should they need one. • Valor branded masks will be distributed at student check-in, with additional ones available for purchase in the school store. • Any parent, volunteer or vendor entering Valor will be required to wear a mask. • All Valor faculty and staff will also wear masks, and some faculty may use face shields instead of masks while instructing in their classrooms.


Cleaning & Disinfecting • Classrooms will be regularly cleaned and disinfected each day. We continue to contract with Microforce, a specialized cleaning company, that provides electrostatic surface treatment for antimicrobial protection to all classrooms and high-contact surface areas. • We have electrostatic disinfectant sprayers in-house, used regularly to further enhance our protection and treatment of high-contact surface areas around campus. • Disinfectant kits are stationed in every classroom for faculty use between periods or as needed during class. • Hand sanitizing units are spread throughout Valor buildings in high-touch and high-traffic locations. • Enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols and procedures have been implemented with our day porter service and evening cleaning crew. Ventilation • Valor’s buildings utilize a high-performance air displacement ventilation system which supplies fresh outside air to all areas of Valor buildings. • Classrooms and offices are constantly working to bring in outside fresh air and exhausting contaminated air. • High quality filters are installed in all our high-performance air handling units and monitored regularly, and are replaced appropriately to ensure quality and effectiveness. • We are in the process of purchasing and installing bipolar ionization units for all of our air handling units to further improve the quality of our indoor air. This technology produces ionization molecules which attach to and deactivate harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses; and has already proven effective against SARS and influenza, holding great promise for significantly higher air quality in our buildings.

Safety for students and staff remains our top priority while learning in person.


Planning for Confirmed COVID-19 Case Contact Tracing & Isolation Room • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) will provide exposure definitions and outbreak requirements in the next few weeks. • We will support Tri-County Health as requested in their contact tracing efforts. • A new isolation room has been created to minimize exposure for any student who develops symptoms related to COVID-19 during the school day. • Seating charts will be used in classrooms to be able to better facilitate contact tracing. • Please click on this link to learn about our protocol for a COVID-19 confirmed positive case.

Questions? If you have questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate individual below. Safety & Security, Health and Wellness – Tige Watson, 303-471-3230 Facilities – Patrick Lynch, 303-471-3117 Student Schedules & College Counseling – Zach Gautier, 303-471-3297 Finance – Jody Goff, 303-471-3386 Faculty & Curriculum – Rebecca Thomas, 303-471-3275 Remote Learning – Sheila Beckie, 303-471-3113 You can also view our Return to School FAQ webpage for the most up to date information.


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