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Curriculum Vitae Last Update, 10th June 2010

Personal Details Surname - First Name Address (IT)

Telephone Mobile IT Mobile DE E-m@il Secondary E-m@il Nationality Date of birth Sex

Schio Valentino via Federico Vallauri, 32 12040 Sant’Albano Stura (CN) Italy +39.0172.67735 +39.348.5824522 +49.1577.4676247 Italian 07th March 1983 M

Employment history Date Works and position Company data (name, address) Activity and sector

12/2003 and 12/2004 Promotion Euronics Cuneo Informatics and Audio Video

Date Works and position Activity and sector

07/2004-09/2005 Private Classes Private Classes of Maths and Physics to secondary school and university students

Date Works and position Company data (name, address)

05/2005-06/2005 Internship Bottero Spa Via Genova 82, Cuneo Transmission Project (Research and Development)

Activity and sector Date Works and position Company data (name, address) Activity and sector

10/2003-06/2004 University collaboration Politecnico di Torino via Cottolengo, 29, Mondov`Äą Computer-aided Mechanical Drawing


Date Works and position Unit Activity and sector

04/2006 Project in Collaboration with N-Technology Research and Development Component Project about Race Cars

Date Works and position Company data (name, address) Unit Activity and sector

03/2010 - 05/2010 Technical Customer Service Iveco, Torino Customer Service Technical support on electronic components

Date Works and position Company data (name, address) Activity and sector

06/2010 - ... Research and Development Actuatech, Torino Research on Powertrain hybrid vehicles


Education and qualifications Secondary School 07/2002 High school diploma (Scientific) 96/100 Liceo Scientifico G. Ancina Fossano

Date Qualification Final mark School name

University Mechanical Engineering Date Qualification Final mark University

9/2002 - 10/2005 First level degree 107/110 Politecnico di Torino

Date Qualification Final mark University

09/2005 - 03/2009 Master degree 101/110 Politecnico di Torino Study Abroad Program Erasmus TUM Muenchen WS 2007-2008 SS 2008 WS 2008-2009

University Semester

Master Thesis 09/2008-03/2009 TUM Technische Universitaet Muenchen Project in collaboration with TUM Analysis and design of components of an innovative power supply system for hybrid cars

Date Place BMW Object Title


Language skills Mother tongue Other Languages English German Spanish

Italian C1-C2,C1-C1,C1-C2 B2-B2,B2-B2,B2-B2 A1-A1,A1-A1,A1-A1 Written, Read, Spoken According to the common European table

Certificates PET (English) Passed with Merit Zertificat Deutsch (gut) Team work

Social Skills

Ability to work in team for different environments where situations were indispensable, in different hour-modalities Interested in foreign languages and different cultures. Easy going and open-minded. High motivation for meeting and getting to know new people from different cultures.

Planning skills

Ability to work in stressful situations especially with other people, respecting work deadlines

Techinical Skills

Technical manual drawing and technical report writing Audio Video Editing

Technology Skills Mastered operation systems Software

Internet browsers Driving License

Hobbies and Interests


Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Office Suite, Matlab, LATEX, Autocad Solidworks, AdamsCar, CatiaV5 Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ilustrator Adobe Dremweaver, Adobe Flash Adobe Premiere Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, FTP Client,.. Car Driving License (B) Driving Safety Course with FIAT Travelling, Music, Reading, Photography, Cinema, Meeting, Couchsurfing Volleyball, Football

I authorize the treatment of my personal data, according Italian Dlg. 196/2003.


University career First Level English language Mathematical analysis I Chemistry Computer science Introduction to analysis and geometry Mechanical Drawing Geometry Aided design Physics I Physics II Technology evolution Mathematical analysis II Material technology and applied chemistry Principles of applied mechanics European culture Fluid mechanics Principles of electrical engineering Numerical methods Electrical machines Manufacturing technology Stress analysis I Operation management Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer Experimental statistic and mechanical measurement Technology of metallic materials Structural elements of machines Computerized numerical control Fluid power Mechanics and mechanical system control Fundamentals of computer aided design Quality management and safety Thermal systems Energy systems Industrial fluid automation Industrial plants Computer aided manufacturing Internship Final project


ECTS 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 5 5 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 5

Grade Passed 30/30 23/30 30/30 30L/30 26/30 30/30 29/30 24/30 28/30 28/30 29/30 27/30 30L/30 27/30 30/30 27/30 27/30 26/30 25/30 30L/30 26/30 24/30 25/30 26/30 30L/30 25/30 20/30 29/30 30/30 24/30 20/30 21/30 27/30 24/30 22/30 30/30 Passed

Master Numerical modeling Materials for mechanical industries Analytics Mechanical Thermodynamics and heat transfer for engineers Vehicle mechanics Complements of vehicle mechanics Economics and business organization Machine design Design of railway material Control of polluting substance emissions Mechanical systems dynamic Experimentation on propulsion systems Thermal and hydraulic machines Internal combustion engines I Internal combustion engines II German Language Project Thesis


ECTS 5 5 5 5 5 5 7,5 7,5 10 5 5 10 10 5 5 5 10

Grade 27/30 24/30 28/30 25/30 26/30 28/30 23/30 30/30 30/30 25/30 22/30 26/30 19/30 25/30 24/30 30/30 Passed

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