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How To Treat Your Back Pain It is not surprising for you to look for back pain treatment procedures as many people all over the world suffer from back pain. Even though this is a common health issue, it is a subjective one as the reason for ones back pain varies from another. Depending on the reason for back pain, the severity of pain and for how long a person has been suffering from back pain, the treatment procedure also varies. We will talk about some of the back pain treatment procedures to help you learn about what are the options that you have. If you want to go for over the counter top medicines then you should look for anti pain medications. They help in relieving back pain for short term. However, you should be well aware of the side effects that each of those pain relievers comes with. This is why, you should always consult with your physician first before taking any forms of medication. One of the best and the easiest pain relieving treatment is the cold/hot treatment. You can use ice pack for cold therapy as it decreases the pain with anesthetic effect. You can also use heat pads for hot therapy as it helps to reduce inflammation. No mater whatever therapy you use, do not do so for more than 15 minutes. Another helpful treatment procedure is taking bed rest. You can sleep on your side or can lie on your back by keeping a pillow under your knee. It helps to relieve pain. However, prolonged bed rest is harmful for the body as it will weaken your muscle tone. You can also take nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medications for treating your back pain. They are really effective in relieving pain. You can also go for oral medications if you have acute pain. There are also injectable steroids that provide faster relief as our body can absorb them faster than the oral ones. You can increase your daily day to day activity and decrease the pain with the help of acupuncture treatment. However, you should see a back specialist in acupuncture for this and should not go for this treatment unless you are consulting with an experienced specialist. Usually, the acupuncture sessions are done 3 times a week and treatment sessions are increased gradually. Other treatments include spine manipulation and adjustment. These are done by trained and experienced physical therapist, spine specialist, chiropractor or by as osteopath.

How To Treat Your Back Pain