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Chiropractic Medicine - Interesting Things To Know Dr. Daniel Palmer is the founder of chiropractic medicine. Stories claim that the word chiropractic came from a minister who used to be a patient of Dr. David Palmer. Done by hand is the literal meaning of the word. It is a combination of Greek words cheiros that means hand and praktos that means done by. The name connotes that the practice for treatment deals with the use of hands and not drugs. Chiropractic wellness, a combination of science and art, is classified as an alternative medicine. This method of treatment suffered controversies in its development as a legitimate classification of medical treatment. Nowadays, this type of treatment is only popular as a treatment for minor back pains. However, if you will study its history, Dr. Palmer was able to use the system for restoring hearing and removal of lump that brought this system to be known as one of the branches of health practice. The World Health Organization declared that chiropractic system as a complementary and alternative medicine or CAM in order to clearly set the parameters of its practice. Consequently, there are two general views being considered for its practice coverage. The first view is for it to concentrate only in nonsurgical care of the spine and the second is a widespread view being practice in several states today. The people performing this medicine are called chiropractor professionals or specialists. Being a complementary medicine, they have the function of referring patients to specific medical physicians or work hand in hand with another health professional in joints and tissue rehabilitation therapy, spinal manipulations, or lifestyle management to promote good health. Nowadays, the focus of chiropractic profession is in sport medicine, occupational health, and health rehabilitation practices. It is also connected to the treatment of particular health conditions that are not directly related to the joints and spines. These health concerns include indigestion, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, palpitations, and infantile colic. People with chronic attacks of back pain, neck pain, throat discomfort, complications, or touch sensor would rather get the services of family chiropractor in order to have a satisfying experience of comfort and relief without surgery or drugs. Often, taking drugs or medicines give more discomfort and complications than relief. Since chiropractors practice the discipline of selfmedication, they have developed a drug-free, natural, and non-surgical health care method that is proven to be remarkably effective as a complementary medicine.

Chiropractic Medicine - Interesting Things To Know