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Harriet's Journal Email this page July 1, 2011

Like mother, like daughter … “Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.” As a parent and former teacher, this insight from Progressive Louisianan author and journalist Hodding Carter (1907-1972) has stuck with me since I first came across it years ago. I’m not sure if Mr. Carter was referring to travel, per se, but that’s one of the meanings his statement has for me. After all, Alan and I have always tried to give Charlotte and Edward the values and confidence, as well as the opportunities, to travel—and truly appreciate—the world. In Charlotte’s case, I’m pleased to say that I’ve also passed on one of my most beloved travel traditions: “The Girlfriend Getaway.” Just as I did back in 1994 with my former college roommate Linda, Charlotte recently visited Southeast Asia with her friend Samantha. And like Linda and I did, Charlotte and Sam had an amazing time exploring the stunning beauty and culture of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia together (I like to think that Charlotte followed my example!). Isn’t it always better to share life’s treasures and experiences with close friends? While my daughter and I have traveled together on many occasions—with and without Alan and Edward—we’ve actually never been to Southeast Asia at the same time. So, when she returned from her trip earlier this year, we were eager to compare notes about our respective adventures. We didn’t see all of the same places—Linda and I spent most of our time in Thailand—or meet any of the same people, but hearing Charlotte’s take on her experiences on Southeast Asian culture in general made me realize how alike we are ... We both appreciate the elegant simplicity and power of Buddhism … admire the integral role of women in Southeast Asian culture … share a love for the regional cuisine … and enjoy both the peaceful (walking among the rice paddies) and bustling (visiting the floating markets) sides of everyday life in these countries. That’s why—one day—I hope we’ll start a new travel tradition: “The Mother-Daughter Getaway” to Southeast Asia. Is there a particular destination you look forward to visiting with someone special, such as your daughter or best friend? If so, I’d love to hear more about it. You can share your thoughts, experiences—and photos—with others by posting your comments below this Journal entry, or you can email me directly at In the coming weeks, we’ll be spotlighting Central and South America. If you’ve explored these destinations with OAT, I hope you’ll send your stories and pictures to me at

Harriet Lewis

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