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Issue No. 87

Dec 2013 & Jan 2014

for Whitechurch, Whatcombe, Clenston, Stickland, Houghton, Turnworth & Milton Abbas

Off Bulbarrow Lynne Rainford

Helping to inform and unite the Community Š Valley News 2013 - Content may not be reproduced without prior permission from the contributor. Web site:

most suitable for the position. If you are interested in putting yourself forward as a candidate, please contact the clerk. It is hoped the casual vacancies will be filled by co-option at the next parish council meeting. The Parish Council has been made aware of the concerns of some residents regarding recreational shooting and the upset it can cause to domestic animals. Councillor Sutcliffe met with a representative from the police. The police confirmed that it is not against the law to shoot at any time of the day or night; however, they would recommend an individual wishing to shoot register with the police so that if concerned residents ring the police they can inform the residents about the nature and duration of the activity. Finally, the police have recently conducted a speed check in the 30mph limit heading out of the village towards Blandford; of the 40 vehicles monitored only one was exceeding the speed limit. Please note the meeting on 25th November will begin at 7.15pm rather than 7.30pm. There is no meeting in December, the provisional date for the first meeting of the New Year is Monday 20th January 2014, 7.30pm at the Pamela Hambro Village Hall.

Editorial Did you notice this Remembrance season how well-supported so many events were? It was striking to see the number of people who turned out for the funeral service of Harold Jellicoe Percival, the ground crew member who died aged 99 with no immediate family as he had never married; he worked on maintaining the Lancaster bombers used by the Dambusters. And also, In Staffordshire, 93-year-old Dorothy Ellis - thought to be the last surviving widow of a World War One veteran - joined senior representatives of the government and the armed forces at the National Memorial Arboretum. She said that she was disappointed that her legs wouldn't hold her - she had wanted to stand to pay her respects, but was unable to do so - a most poignant moment. It seems as though there is a huge national pride in remembering the fallen and injured service men and women, and those 'back home' who supported them and their efforts; this remembrance is not about glorifying war but is a simple act which helps ensure that their sacrifice is never forgotten and will always be appreciated. And did you know that the Last Post is sounded every day in Ypres, site of one of World War 1's most infamous battles? It is quite remarkable, and shows the depth of feeling that remains for the current generations, enjoying freedoms that we might not have had were it not for their sacrifices. Next year's services of remembrance will be all the more powerful, it being 100 years since the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914. This spirit might seem to be lost at other times of the year - but perhaps less so in our local communities? We have written before of the strength that is shown for the well-being of our communities by those who volunteer to give of their time and/or skills for the benefit of others. A good example recently was the Ghost Walk organized at Stickland, where 64 tickets were purchased to enjoy a 'spooky' walk round the village, followed by a soup supper at The Crown. The proceeds from this event - about ÂŁ300 - were then sent to the Poppy Appeal. Many people give of their time to be on committees, Councils, clubs or similar, and without those people we would be much the poorer. Neighbourcar is looking for more volunteers (see the article elsewhere in the magazine) - there are several people who give of their time to help in this way, but more are needed. And let's include in the roll-call of thank yous the volunteers who deliver the Valley News each month (except January!) to help us fulfill our intention: 'to inform and unite the community.' In this regard a very special mention must be made to Nora and Peter Steele, who have decided that it is time to give up their round delivering the Valley News to Clenston Road and other nearby areas after numerous years - quite outstanding support for the community. Thank you both very much. We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will see you again for the February edition. Valley News Team

Christine Holbrook (Clerk)

Winterborne Whitechurch Parish Council The meeting took place in the Village hall with 15 members of the public present. The PC welcomed Pam Thornton as a new co-opted member of the Parish Council. A member of the public asked if the vacant Reading Rooms in the village could be turned into a Community Shop. Piers Chichester said it was a good idea in principle but from past experience it would be hard to get it going as other village shops in the area were finding. Councillor Don Byrom gave an update on the Community Speed Watch Team in the village. He said that the volunteers had been out on 8 occasions over a period of 9 hours. During that time 37 speeders had been recorded with 29 of these vehicles travelling in excess of 39mph and 3 of those were at 50mph or more. DB gave thanks to the volunteers and the police. Two members of the SNT, PCSO Mike Sinnick and PCSO Luke Goddard were also present. PCSO Luke Goddard also provided a report on incidents in the Blandford area, and although there had been some in neighbouring villages, there had been nothing reported in Winterborne Whitechurch. Liz Baker who is a Resident Involvement Officer for Spectrum Housing Group came along to the meeting to see if she could provide any support for the suggested Teenager Shelter and exercise equipment that the PC are hoping to erect in the village. The clerk is currently looking into any planning and insurance requirements needed. The PC is waiting on further information from the County Council regarding renewal of the lease for the play park. The PC has agreed to replace the bus shelter at Lady Bailey and obtaining quotes. The play park was found to have fungi growing around the edge of it due to the heavy rainfall over a period of time. This has been cleared and it is hoped will not return again. It was also reported that the swings had been twisted up on their chains which have now been sorted and hope not to find this happening again. The PC is currently waiting on an annual inspection of the play park. The pavement along Dorchester Hill was reported to have overgrown again from brambles and bushes causing difficulty in walking along there without stepping into the road. This has since been cut back. The clerk advised that he had received a report that a sheep had been savaged by a dog earlier in the week which resulted in the sheep being put down. The meeting closed at 8:25pm. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 4th December at 7:30pm in the Village Hall

Winterborne Stickland Parish Council The last meeting was held on Monday 28th October 2013, 7 members of our community attended. The Parish Council are investigating the possibility of taking ownership of the land at Downfield which has been identified as a possible Gypsy and Traveller site; District Councillor Burch has made some preliminary enquiries within North Dorset District Council and it appears that there may be grounds for a negotiation. The next step would be to identify uses for the land by the community; uses may include allotments, a common space to walk or relax - if anyone has any ideas please come along to the next parish council meeting (25th November, 2013) to share your views. As previously reported, there are currently two "casual vacancies" on the Parish Council - these vacancies have been advertised for the required period of time, an election has not been called, therefore the Parish Council may fill these vacancies by co-option - this means that the "members" of the council are able to vote on behalf of the community for the candidate they think 2


to travel to their medical and other essential appointments. All of our drivers are volunteers and we are looking for a few more people who would be willing to give up some free time to join us. Personally, we have found the experience of being a volunteer driver very rewarding and actually not difficult to fit into our busy lives. The amount of time you give to volunteer driving is totally flexible as each trip is booked in advance by our travel coordinator. If you are unable to do any particular journey or are away on holiday, other drivers will fill in. A mileage allowance is paid to the drivers for each journey made. This service is greatly appreciated and valued by our customers some of whom are quite isolated due to their lack of transport. If you think you might be able to join us and would like some more information, please ring Anne Donnelly 01258 881261

Valley News - Urgent help needed! We have to report that our treasurer, John Drew, has decided it is time to 'hang up' the Valley News cheque book. John has carried out the financial tasks for us with enormous efficiency, and has helped us steer the magazine to its current financial security, and we are enormously grateful to him for all that he has done. He has decided to end his voluntary shift with us at the end of January, which is the end of the financial year for the magazine, and (as every year) the accounts will be presented immaculately. He has also agreed to help induct the new person into the role, so that the handover can be carried out smoothly and with as little difficulty for the new person as possible. Clearly we now need to find someone in the community who would like to come forward and offer their support with this important role. The work isn't too onerous, but it is vital! Please get in touch if you would like to join the team in this capacity and help us to continue with the production of this popular magazine. Thank you. Graham Case 880740

Thank you On behalf of Winterborne Whitechurch Parish Council I would like to convey a big thank you for the grant of ÂŁ80.00 the Valley News awarded us. Despite the gloomy weather, villagers of all ages took part in the bulb planting event in Fields Close on 19th October. We now look forward to daffodil, crocus and snowdrop flowers blooming every spring (hopefully!). We'll send you some photos when they do. Caroline Ward, Parish Councillor

Blandford Food Bank Blandford Food Bank will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays as usual up to and including Christmas Eve. If anyone in our area finds themselves facing a crisis this month, please do speak to one of the Ministry Team, and we will get a voucher to you so that you can get a Christmas food parcel. Revd. Alan Ryan 01258 880482, Revd. Jimmy Hamilton Brown 01258 880627, Revd. Marion Miles 01258 452010 or Mrs Jenny Galuschka 01258 456305.

Thank You A huge thank you to everyone who attended the Dinner/Dance at Athlehampton House in aid of The Friends of Blandford Hospital. The team at Athlehampton came up trumps as usual with an excellent meal; music provided by The Moonlight Swing Band had everyone up dancing all evening and the total money raised was ÂŁ1475.00. Jane Robbins and Claire Harrison

Bus2Go Motoring Along The end of October, we had a tour of Weymouth Fire and Safety Centre. Dave Alan, Community Education Officer (Firewise) kindly gave us a tour through various rooms in a property and the fire hazards that may be awaiting there for us due to carelessness. The possible scenarios seemed endless and the message was loud and clear. Thoughtlessness can cause fires in the home by lighted cigarettes, overload of the electrical circuit and leaving unattended appliances resting on the bedding ie laptop, hair straighteners. The heat generated from these devices can quickly become ignited if left in contact with flammable materials. Dave's other message to us was, do NOT attempt to tackle a fire yourself. Make sure everyone gets out safely and leave the rest to the highly trained professionals'. Several of us signed up for a free check-up of our homes by the Fire Service. Remembrance Sunday at Bovington Tank Museum was an opportunity for us to take time out and remember all those who have given their lives from the First World War to present day. 'We Will Remember Them'. Our 2013 programme finishes with the Christmas party lunch at the Marquis of Granby. Two buses will be taking us. There are a couple of seats left. Panto at Weymouth Pavilion: in partnership with Spectrum Housing, five buses have been booked to take us all there. We have been successful in obtaining a grant from the Skipton Building Society, Grass Roots Giving. Over 1,000 applicants applied a 160 were chosen by region and Bus2Go was one of them. We wish everyone a 'Happy, safe and Peaceful Christmas.' Looking forward to welcoming you on board Bus2Go in the New Year. From the 'Team' at Bus2Go 01258 837749 follow us on Facebook and Twitter @bus2gonow

Happy Christmas Colin, Jane and Stuart Robbins wish all their friends and neighbours a very Happy Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New year; they will not be sending Christmas cards this year but will be giving a donation to The Friends of Blandford Hospital instead.

Greetings Greetings from Robin and Judy Hungerford to everyone in the benefice. With God's blessings for peace in your hearts and homes.

Christingles at Winterborne Stickland It's amazing to think it's time for making Christingles again! The Crib and Christingle Service in Winterborne Stickland will be at 4pm on Tuesday 24th December in St Mary's Parish Church. We will be making the 60 Christingles the day before at 2pm on Monday 23rd December at 25 North Street (opposite The Crown). Come and help us! All children plus Mums, Dads, Grannies, Grandads etc will be welcome! Please phone Angela (01258 880118) to say you're coming so we can arrange enough chairs around the table(s). Thank you! Angela D'Silva and Heather Sim

Coffee and Carols The Parish of St Mary, Winterborne Stickland, warmly invites you to Coffee & Carols on Sunday 22nd December at 11am in church, and there might, just possibly, be some mince pies. We look forward to seeing you! All are welcome. We aim to include everyone, so if there is anything we need to arrange for your comfort and convenience please let us know. For example, if you need a service sheet in large print, space for a wheelchair, not to sit still for too long, not to have to stand for too long or a lift to get you there and back you can contact us on 880482 Rev'd Alan Ryan, 880627 Rev'd Jimmy Hamilton Brown, 456305 Mrs Jenny Galuschka

Neighbourcar Volunteer Drivers Needed As many of you will know, Neighbourcar is a scheme which has been introduced to enable members of the local community, who do not have access to a car and are unable to use public transport, 4


legs were becoming unsafe and the edges quite sharp and somewhat dangerous. We hope that the new tables will give many years of good use. There is a special hand tool available which helps to fold them down easily after use. As a result of these improvements to our furniture we are hoping to be able to make a collection of stage blocks, which could enable productions to be staged 'in the round', out of the old tables. However, we do have 3 office-type chairs surplus to requirements. These are metal framed and padded - two square shaped, and one which is more rounded. If you might be interested in having any of these chairs please contact me to discuss a donation for them. Finally, advance notice that the hall floor is going to be resanded and sealed round Easter next year. This will bring to a conclusion the improvements which have been planned over the last few years. We apologise to any users who may not be able to use the hall whilst the work is carried out (between April 7th and 21st) Graham Case 880740

Milton Abbas Local History Group A light hearted discussion was held, especially as the members have agreed to break with a golden rule of all Milton Abbas meetings: "any assembly of two or more members shall demand the holding of a raffle". Thanks to one of our members for reminding us of that one! Sixteen members agreed on the aim and objectives of the group; a copy of which should be on the village website soon. John Fifield brought along some of his documents to have a look at, and Bryan Phillips showed some of the on line resources now available to tackle local history. At the next meeting we will be discussing the upcoming World War I centenary, recording oral history, plus presentations on visits to Dorset County Museum photographic archive and Dorset History Centre. Please everyone bring along your old photos and documents. Come along and join us for mulled wine and mince pies on Wednesday 4th December, 7.30pm in the Reading Rooms

Pamela Hambro Hall 100 club - December 1st 105 Mr A Whitehall 2nd 124 Mrs M Cox 3rd 117 Mr D Bell

Milton Abbas Women's Group We were pleased to welcome Marion Howitt to our meeting this month. She gave us a fascinating talk and demonstration on two crafts that have both undergone a revival in the last few years. First of all, decorative braiding (Kumihimo), which has been part of Japanese culture for many centuries. She demonstrated how to make a simple braid with just a few colours and also showed how the same techniques can be extended to make colourful and intricate jewellery. We were all encouraged to have a go using the samples she had brought along. Closer to home, button making was an industry in Dorset from the 17th century up until the 1950's when plastic arrived on the scene. However the old skills are being kept alive today and Marion has found that there is still a specialist market for handmade buttons, and has had commissions from film and television companies, as well as for wedding dresses. Our meeting next month sees the return of the Crossways Hand Bell Ringers who will be providing the entertainment for our Christmas party on December 17th. Please contact Ellie Payne (01258 880981) or Pauline Northeast (01258 880223) if you would like details. Pam Longworth

Hazel Lappin

Whitechurch Village Hall 100 Club - November 1st 92 Mr Phil Chittenden 2nd 72 Mrs Karen Guest 3rd 73 Mrs Gill Walker

Barry Thom

The Six Wives of Henry VIII Thanks to all who came along for our first Artsreach show of the new season...... and what a great show it was! I am not going to try and prĂŠcis the show here, just suffice to say that the capacity audience were held in stitches from the very start. The thought of one actor playing Henry VIII, and just one other actor managing to portray all six wives sounds a little strange, but the end result was one of the best shows we have had! Looking ahead, there may just be time to catch the Vera Van Heeringen Trio, on Friday, 29th November (Doors open 7pm) Alternatively, keep an eye out for Dave Mynne, with his one-man version of Great Expectations in March. (We have seen this, and it is EXCELLENT!) If you require any information on our promotions, or regarding Artsreach in general, please do not hesitate to contact me on, or 07770 724 884. Graeme Gale

Bere Regis Floral Group Members of Bere Regis Floral Group will gather at Athelhampton House for a Christmas lunch on Tuesday, December 3rd. The meeting that follows this will be the AGM on Tuesday, January 14th in Winterborne Kingston village hall. Arrive around 1pm for lunch served by the committee prior to the meeting. Everyone who is a member of the club or who is interested in joining is welcomed most warmly to join us for lunch. We look forward to seeing you! For all details about the club, contact secretary Diane Edmunds on 01929 472331.

Join us on a trip to Salisbury Playhouse A cold, dark winter evening is the traditional time to enjoy the terror of a spooky fireside story. However, on Monday 10 February (7:30) Cheselbourne Theatre Club is keen to persuade us to leave our hearths to enjoy the creepily atmospheric tension of Gaslight at Salisbury Playhouse. Although Gaslight was written in 1938 it is a very successful re-creation of a Victorian thriller. By Patrick Hamilton, who also wrote the classic thriller Rope, Gaslight is set in fog-bound London in 1880. The play combines the traditions of nineteenth century melodrama and twentieth century psychology. Indeed the term "gaslighting" has come to describe the situation in which a victim is presented with false information in order to make them doubt their memory and perception. Expect some great stage effects as the avuncular Inspector Rough uncovers the dark demons beneath the antimacassars of the Manningham's home in south London. To book tickets and transport (ÂŁ25 per person) please contact John Widdowson (01258 837791) as soon as possible (closing date 10 December).

Pamela Hambro Hall By the time you read this magazine the hall kitchen will have been refurbished. The committee made the decision to improve the facilities as there is a lot of use of the hall and several parts of the fitments and worktops were looking their age. The new water 'boiler' for hot drinks should prove more efficient and useful - as well as safer - than the kettles, and the old urn was past its best. We hope that everyone who uses the hall will appreciate the improvements, and do their best to keep it looking as good as it does now! We are grateful to those users who were inconvenienced whilst the work was carried out for their patience and understanding. We have also taken delivery of 10 new folding tables to replace the very heavy, square tables which were also past their best. The 6

Arnewood House Luxury Bed and Breakfast S t u n ni n g v i ew s B e d r oo m s w i th en - s ui t e O u t d oo r S w i mm i ng P oo l J a c u zz i H o m e ma d e B r ea d , J a ms an d P r e se r ve s Telephone 01258 880611 7

Events St. Mary’s Church, Stickland Coffee Morning & Charity Shop Mondays 10.30am-12noon Whitechurch Youth Club for 9-14 yr olds Mondays 6.45pm-8.15pm Whitechurch Village Hall 50p a week

Bingo Friday 13th December AND Friday 17th January Eyes down 7.30pm Winterborne Whitechurch Village Hall

The Middleton Players present Nostalgia by Lynn Brittney Friday 10th & Saturday 11th Jan • 7.30pm The Reading Rooms, Milton Abbas Tickets £5 available from Milton Abbas Post Office.

Raffle • Refreshments. Come along and join us for


an enjoyable evening with good company and a

Coffee Morning Parish Room, Whitechurch Wednesdays 10am-12noon

few laughs. All welcome plus children with adults.

Ann of Green Gables

In aid of the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

from Forest Forge Theatre Company & Artsreach

Thursday 16th January • 7.30pm Milborne St. Andrew Village Hall

Milborne Movies ‘Nativity 2 – Danger in the Manger’ (U) Friday 13th December • 7.30pm Milborne St. Andrew Village Hall

Come and have a Cup & Cake with your neighbours and friends.

Musical Evening Friday 17th January • 7.30pm Hosts John & Claire . Please phone 880841 to

Round Robin Ramblers Sunday 1st December • 1.30pm Tarrant Crawford (4½m)

reserve a place. Bring your own CD if you wish

Christmas Tree Festival St James Church, Milton Abbas Saturday 14th December 10am-12noon Sunday 15th December 2pm-4pm

Meet near Tarrant Crawford Church

Artsreach Event The Leon Junt n-Tet Saturday 8th February • 7.30pm Ibberton & Belchalwell Village Hall

Sunday 5th January • 1.30pm Puddletown Forest (4½m)

Coffee & Mince Pies available. Trees will remain on

Meet at the Forest parking area SW of or 880240 for info and/or

Adult £8.50 U16 £6 Family £25. Bring a bottle,

Puddletown, near Beacon Hill.

register your tree.

Light Refreshments, Raffle. Bookings: Barbara

More info contact Ian Bromilow 880044

Tree decoration Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 9.30am-9pm

Smith 817555 / Annette Newman 817269

display until 6 January. Contact Unity-Joy Dale on

St. Mary’s Church, Winterborne Stickland




at 9.30am “A Service for Everyone”


Come along with children, family and friends. A lovely way to start your Christmas.


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Dunbury moves into its 21st year and towards new horizons. The school is due to convert to a sponsored academy on 1st February 2014 and much planning is underway to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. The current Governing Body will end and a new Local Advisory Board appointed by the Diocese of Salisbury Multi-Academy Trust. Applications to the Board are welcomed and details are available from The Dunbury School office. For the children, it will be business as usual; the curriculum will be the same, they will have the same teachers and they will be expected to work just as hard and continue achieving well. All associated with the school have valued the experience, professionalism and smiling face of Mrs Julie Larter over the past term as the Acting Headteacher as she steers the school in readiness for handover to academy status. There is an air of excitement over the school as we venture towards this next important event in the history of Dunbury. Dunbury Governors

St Mary's Church, Winterborne Stickland Remembrance Day Service The British Legion Remembrance Day Service was held at 3pm on Sunday 10th November. The Service commenced in St. Mary's Church with the second half of the Service at the War Memorial in the village street. It was a very well attended Service, and the collection was donated to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Thank you to the Sports Club and to Rosie Raison for making us all welcome and for providing tasty refreshments after the Service. Christmas at St. Mary's Church, Winterborne Stickland As usual we will be holding our popular Crib and Christingle Service in the Church at 4 pm on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day at 9.30 am a short Morning Worship Service which is for everyone, will be held and our vicar Rev Alan Ryan will officiate. All will be very welcome, bring your children, neighbours, family and guests. Let's all spend a while sharing Christmas Morning together. We hope to see some of you at these services, meanwhile "A Very Happy Christmas To You All". St. Mary's Church, Stickland PCC

Dunbury Poems

The Dunbury School celebrates in style On 25th October The Dunbury CE VC Primary School celebrated 20 years as a federated school, serving the villages of Milton Abbas, Winterborne Stickland, Winterborne Kingston and Winterborne Whitechurch. Members of the community as well as past, present and future pupils and staff were invited into the school to enjoy some singing and dancing from the Reception Key Stage 1 children and a brilliant poem all about the school performed with actions by Key Stage 2. Approximately 100 guests arrived despite the pouring rain, and enjoyed coffee, cake and a catch up with other fellow students. The children all decorated fairy cakes, which the Teaching Assistants then designed into the shape of our school logo, very impressive. The staff put on an exhibition of archived material including fascinating log books from 1896, and behaviour logs and admission registers, alongside curriculum timetables and photographs. Some of the exhibits were loaned by local residents making a really full and thoroughly enjoyable exhibition for the children and guests to enjoy. In fact it has proved so popular the school have left the articles on display, so if you have a member of your family who may have received '2 strikes to the behind' for insubordination come along and have a look. All we ask is that you ring first so we can ensure there isn't a class using the room at the time. 01258 880501 All the children were thrilled to be presented with a torch each with the inscription 'The Dunbury School, 20 year celebrations 1993 to 2013' along with a photograph of all the current children. We've heard from some parents that they couldn't prise these off the children before bed that night. A lovely day had by all, and a great end to the half term.

My Mum My mum is a fluffy teddy My mum's eyes are blue leaves My mum's hair is a rainbow My mum's lips are a big red banana


My Family My Grandma's hair is white snow My dad is a fuzzy ball His hair is a black cloud My mum is a big teddy My brother is a manic monster


My Family My brother is a big juicy tomato with rosy cheeks and red hair He is a sun He is a shooting star My mummy is a big bowl of pasta she is yellow and yummy My mummy is juicy and sweet Libby Her eyes are gold, sparkly stars She is a gigantic cuddly bear My Grandma is a huge bowl of white chocolate with rocky road on the side My Grandma is vanilla ice cream Kieran

Dunbury - past, present and future Children and staff invited governors and friends from the village communities to a wonderful party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the federation of The Dunbury School. Preparations were underway many weeks ago and included an interview with some children that was broadcast on Solent Radio, the baking of many cup cakes that together formed a giant image of the school logo, and an impressive exhibition that celebrated the history of The Dunbury and the schools that formed the federation. Guests reminisced as they wandered through a stunning exhibition of photos, records, logbooks, registers and other memorabilia that traced the individual schools back in history to the1880s. The party concluded with songs from the children and by a special guest, Della Jones - one of the founders of the Dunbury federation of schools, presenting commemorative torches to every child with an inscription to mark this historic occasion.

My Dad My dad is a fluffy polar bear My dad is a chocolate chip muffin My dad's hair is a big splodge of mud My dad's eyes are a splodge of shiny blue paint My dad is a big squishy marshmallow


My puppy Gaston HIs fur is a fur ball His eyes are shining stars His tail is a soft black thin fur ball His nose is a cold flat ball His body is a squishy marshmallow His tongue is sandpaper My puppy is an elephant


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VIVIENHORDER Estate Agents See the latest properties online: A local family run business Established 1984 Dealing with all types of residential property "We pride ourselves on personal service" 4 Salisbury Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7AR Email: Fax: (01258) 454459

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The Dunbury School 20th Anniversary



The Winterborne Valley & Milton Abbas Benefice • • • MIDWEEK SERVICES • • • Rev'd Alan Ryan • Rev'd Marion Miles • Rev’d Jimmy Hamilton-Brown • Rev’d Sue Litchfield • Mrs. Jenny Galuschka Wed 0930 HC Milton Abbas Preaching Team: Andrew Page; Peter Chichester; Ian Bromilow; Sue Lichfield • • • • • DECEMBER • • • • •

Dear Reader, Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat ... and all that. As I write this, I have got deadlines to meet for service rotas and all sorts of things which are far from what Christmas is all about. Is this really what being a rector is all about?! I hope not! There are six beautiful church buildings in our Benefice. Each has its own character; all will look fantastic at Christmas. Will you venture through the doors of one of our church buildings to escape the frantic commercialism of the Christmas period? Or, perhaps to get a real flavour of Christmas? Maybe you have been toying with coming to church. Perhaps this year you will give it a go. When I say, "Ours" I don't really mean "Ours." I mean, "Yours" when I am talking about these churches. In the old days the church was the centre of community. During the week it would be used for all sorts of activities, market, school, shelter, worship, to name a few. Some would say that the Church is no longer relevant in today's society. To say that, is to nibble away at our experience of community. Our churches should still be in the centre of our communities - perhaps as successful coffee shops during the week, but a place where we can pause in our busy lives and take comfort and rest with our Father. These churches are meeting places where we can give thanks for new life, joining of lives in marriage and the passing of life. Or where we can just breathe deeply and remember all the voices that have joined together to pray over hundreds of years . I want to ensure that the next generations in our village are familiar with our churches. There are families who have worshipped in these churches for generations but it would be good for old and new villagers to know that all are very welcome. We welcome young and old for baptism, marriage and worship. If you feel uncomfortable with one type of service - try another. There are more contemporary worship style services with prayer and praise. There will be a traditional Book of Common Prayer service (BCP) in one or two of the churches each Sunday. There are the Morning Worship services for all. Look in the Pews News, The website or ask the Rector (that's me) if you are uncertain where to go. It may not be in your village but there will be something for you in one of the churches in our beautiful benefice. It would be great to meet with you! Yours Alan SERVICES KEY: BCP 1662 Book of Common Prayer HC Holy Communion or Eucharist EP Evening Prayer b Baptism CW Common Worship CCP Celebrating Common Prayer x Communion by extension All Age A lively, informal service for all the Church Family with a mix of modern songs & traditional hymns Prayer & Praise Informal service by the Music Group with a talk, prayers & modern songs Lovely Cake! Service for all with tea & cake, worship, Bible stories & crafts

Mark Steele


1st 1st of Advent Purple Clenston 1030 Mattins SL Houghton 1500 HC AR Milton Abbas 1030 All Age+HC JG Stickland 0900 sHC BCP AR Whitechurch 1800 Prayer & Praise SL Isaiah 2.1-5; Romans 13.11-14; Matthew 24.36-44 8th 2nd of Advent Purple Houghton 1500 EP BCP AR Milton Abbas 0900 HC BCP AR 1700 Awesome Cake SL Turnworth 1030 HC JG/MM Whitechurch 1030 Sung Eucharist AR Isaiah 11.1-10; Romans 15.4-13; Matthew 3.1-12 15th 3rd of Advent Purple Milton Abbas 1800 EP BCP SL Stickland 1030 HC JHB Whitechurch 1030 All Age+HC JG/MM Isaiah 35.1-10; James 5.7-10; Matthew 11.2-11 19th Houghton 1800 Carol Service AR 22nd 4th of Advent Purple Milton Abbas 1030 S. Eucharist AR 1800 Combined Parishes Carol Service Milton Abbey Stickland 1100 Carols & Coffee JHB Whitechurch 0900 sHC BCP AR Isaiah 7.10-16; Romans 1.1-7; Matthew 1.18-25 24th Christmas Eve Purple Milton Abbas 1800 St Catherine's HC AR Stickland 1600 Crib Service & Christingle HS & AD/AR Whitechurch 1030 Nativity TG & RG/AR 2330 Midnight AR, JG 2Sam 7:1-5, 8-11, 16; Acts 13. 16-26; Luke 1. 67-79 25th Christmas Day Gold or White Clenston 1030 HC BCP Rev Roy Bennett Houghton 0900 HC BCP MM/SL Milton Abbas 1100 HC AR Stickland 0930 MW AR Turnworth 1030 HC MM Isaiah 9. 2-7; Titus 2. 11-14; Luke 2. 1-14 29th 1st of Christmas White Whitechurch 1030 HC MM/JHB Isaiah 63.7-9; Hebrews 2.10-18; Matthew 2.13-23 • • • • • JANUARY • • • • • 5th 2nd of Christmas/The Epiphany White Clenston 1030 BCP AR Houghton 1030 HC MM Milton Abbas 1030 MW SL Stickland 0900 sHC BCP AR Whitechurch 1800 Prayer & Praise Isaiah: 60: 1-6; Eph 3: 1-12; Matt 2: 1-12 12th 1st of Epiphany Gold Houghton 1500 EP AR Milton Abbas 0900 HC BCP AR 1700 Awesome Cake Turnworth 1030 HC JHB Whitechurch 1030 HC AR Isaiah 42: 1-9; Acts 10: 34-43; Matt 3: 13-17 19th 2nd of Epiphany White Milton Abbas 1800 EP MM Stickland 1030 HC (with 2 baptisms) AR Whitechurch 1030 MW JG Isaiah 49: 1-7; 1 Cor 1: 1-9; John 1: 29-42 26th 3rd of Epiphany White Milton Abbas 1030 HC AR Stickland 1030 MW SL Turnworth 1800 EP MM Whitechurch 0900 sHC BCP AR 1700 Lovely Cake SL Isaiah 9: 1-4; 1 Cor 1: 10-18; Matt 4: 12-23 29th Whitechurch 1900 Confirmation Service with Graham


Milton Abbas Riding for the Disabled

Storm Damage

Michael's world completely changed the day he met Banjo. There was an instant connection with his pony and, although he didn't know it then, it was the spark that fired a continuing love of horses. The early years at home and school were frustrating for Michael. Unable to express himself, he could sometimes get irritable, even angry. But that wasn't the real Michael, as his first teacher, Rachael, who had just joined Beaucroft School, explained: "I remember him as a jolly little boy, musically gifted, although with speech and language difficulties that meant he had no verbal communication." Michael's parents and the school wondered if introducing him to horses might help open up his world. Weekly sessions at the Milton Abbas Riding for the Disabled Group, based at Pound Cottage Riding Centre, soon saw a huge change in Michael. "He had an instant bond with the ponies and I remember him feeling proud of his achievements, and gaining in confidence as the weeks passed," said Rachael. With the help of the RDA volunteer instructors and side-walkers, Michael's speech gradually developed. "The RDA helpers became a significant and positive part of his life, encouraging him to develop his social skills. But the ponies are a big part of this process, too, as they are highly therapeutic, sensory and emotionally regulating animals," said Rachael. Friday mornings with the RDA provided more than riding lessons. Over the next few years his teachers liaised with the RDA helpers and together they discovered Michael's individual needs; physical, emotional and linguistic. "It was wonderful to watch his progress, both in riding and communicating. Banjo played a big part in that," said Rachael.

We saw this van that had been crushed by a tree on Tinpot Lane in Blandford after the storm on 27/28th October. Jago (10)

Cycling in winter Stay safe on Dorset's roads and 'be bright - be seen' this winter. Year-round cycling isn't for everyone, but with the right kit and a bit of effort it can be a real joy. Making sure cyclists are easily seen by drivers is especially important at this time of year when evenings are drawing-in. Drivers can also help by taking time to look out for cyclists and using indicators, especially when turning. Plan your route Traffic-free routes, which feel safer during the daytime, may not be well-lit at night. If you know you are going to be cycling at night, it's worth thinking ahead and making sure that your route has street lighting. Sometimes it's safer to cycle on the road. You should also think about parking you bike in a well-lit area. Watch out for hazards more carefully Traffic isn't the only hazard at night. Watch out for uneven surfaces and potholes, animals, pedestrians in dark clothing and other cyclists without lights. Look for them carefully and give them a wide berth when you see them. Dress for it o Jacket and gloves should be numbers one and two on your checklist - you won't make it much past the end of October without them o Your jacket needs to be waterproof and windproof, but also breathable and not too thick. It's amazing how quickly you can overheat while cycling, even on the coldest days, and you can always add extra layers underneath if necessary o Wear something fluorescent to be seen during the day and reflective clothing to be seen at night o You could wear a strip that goes around your middle and over your shoulder that is both reflective and fluorescent you can buy these at cycling shops o Have reflectors stuck to your cycle helmet o Stick reflective material on rucksacks or panniers Get your bike ready o Make sure you have two lights on your bike, a red one on the back and a white one on the front o Reflectors are important so make sure they are fitted to the back of your bike, your pedals and spokes for extra visibility, especially when cycling in the dark o Book a service - bike parts tend to wear out and work loose more easily in the wet, so it's worth making sure everything's in good condition to start with Gear up for autumn and winter and stay safe on the move.

Now, 19 years old and over six feet tall, Michael is back at RDA, but this time training to be a volunteer. Proud Mum, Ali, explained what brought him back to Pound Cottage. "Michael's doing his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and part of that involves volunteering. The Milton Abbey RDA Group seemed the perfect choice because Michael still loves horses and is learning to ride." After just a few weeks Michael passed his 'Green Card' and was grooming, tacking up, leading and side-walking for the new generation of Beaucroft school children. Once again, Banjo was part of Michael's life. "It has been a great experience coming back, especially seeing Banjo again, and learning to groom and lead him," said Michael, adding: "I remembered Barbara, one of the instructors, too, and she's helped me pass all my tests." Horses helped give Michael a positive start in life and they continue to encourage him to strive to achieve. "I'm studying for my BHS in horse management at Kingston Maurward College, as well as taking hose riding lessons." This quiet young man with a shy, engaging smile, gained enormous confidence from his first encounter with horses. Now he has been able to help another young generation of Beaucroft children do just the same.

Dorsetforyou 18





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warmer, Glühwein. Take 6 cloves, 1 large lemon sliced, 1 orange sliced, 2 bottles of fruity red wine, 150g of soft brown sugar and 2 cinnamon sticks, bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes, but do not boil. Add 200ml of brandy and serve in heatproof glasses with extra cinnamon sticks as stirrers. End in true Christmas spirit by inviting the neighbours in to share it! Claire Scott

Down the Garden Path This combined issue of the Valley News covers a period of great change in the garden. The mild autumn this year has meant that a lot of plants have carried on growing and flowering much later in the season and the leaves which survived the storm are still hanging there, reluctant even to take on the traditional shades of autumn, so delaying the annual tidying up. December is the month in which the weather usually deteriorates markedly as frosts become a frequent occurrence and we all wish that we had joined the autumnal migration to warmer climes. It is also the month when wreaths are made to decorate the front door for Christmas. These are quite easy and enjoyable to make and all the family can be involved in gathering the materials which is much more fulfilling than simply buying a ready-made wreath. Metal coat hangers from the dry cleaners can be bent to form a shape and then your chosen foliage can be tied to the frame. Fir cones, which can be collected on walks and dried, can be sprayed gold or silver before being added to the framework along with anything else which takes your fancy. Alternatively simply take a piece of wood, tie a ribbon at each end to hang it up, and add sprayed teasel heads, dried achilea or poppy heads to the frame. If willow is available a ring can be created which will last for several years with fresh decoration being added each Christmas. With Christmas in mind, books make lasting presents for gardeners and alleviate the frustrations imposed by frozen ground as winter imposes its icy grasp. Some that I have enjoyed particularly are 'A little light weeding' by Richard Briers which is full of entertaining gardening extracts; 'Garden Magic' by Ann Taylor which is a fascinating little book full of astonishing garden tips using common household items such as washing-up liquid, beer and Epsom salts; 'Wild garlic, gooseberries …and me' by Denis Cotter, a chef who is a passionate about vegetables, is an interesting read while you have time to experiment in the kitchen with his unusual recipes; 'A year in the village of eternity' by Tracey Lawson follows a year in a hilltop village in Italy which fascinates scientists because the inhabitants live extraordinarily long lives and tend their gardens, fields and animals well into their eighties and again local recipes are provided for each of the seasons - who knows, they might have the same effect on us! We are fortunate still to have two bookshops in Blandford so why not drop by over the holiday season and see what else you can find - they need our patronage if they are to avoid being washed away by the internet tide. This is also the time of year when plant catalogues rain down upon us and the pictures make even the smallest flowers look tempting but, beware, there is seldom any indication of the actual scale and appearances can be deceptive. The autumn storm this year may have helped to create that extra bit of empty space in your garden, or cleared away accumulated shade, while some shrubs or perennials may have reached the end of their natural life, which gives us gardeners a great excuse to add to our plant collections and try out something new. Talking of new, this year was the year of the round yellow cucumber but I have yet to meet anyone who grew it and liked it. Its hairy skin was as tough as old boots and it was full of seeds inside so I used it for pickling! But your garden is the one place where your personal choices are what matters and, whatever the result, it's fun to experiment and the results are always as unpredictable as the British weather. As I sit writing this on a glorious autumnal Remembrance Day I can reflect on the onslaught of winter yet to arrive and on past man-made onslaughts which mean that so many lost their lives without being able to experience all the joys of the natural world which surrounds us. Hopefully our future storms will not be of the magnitude which has caused so much loss of life in the Philippines this weekend and that we can look forward to a precocious Spring. In the meantime may I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a fruitful New Year and end with a friend's recipe for a good winter

Winterborne Whitechurch War Dead 1914-1918 Local amateur historian seeking information about the 10 men commemorated on the village war memorial. They are Arthur Baker, Reginald Lane, Edmund Mansel-Pleydell, Henry ManselPleydell, Thomas Orchard, Samuel Skinner, Jesse Vater, William Vater, Joseph White and Charles White. If you know anything of their history and would like to share it, please contact Richard Wilson at Thank you. "Lest We Forget"

Hod Hill in the fog

Graham Case

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Blandford Osteopathy Clinic Robert Forrest Bsc (Hons) OST D.N.

Highly effective and affordable treatment for most spinal, joint and muscular conditions

New 'Tai Chi' Class in Winterborne Stickland

29 East Street Blandford Forum Dorset DT11 7DU

Starting 14th Nov at 7pm in the Village Hall Yang style Tai Chi taught by Patrick Harries 01963-362863 or 07971-884071 ÂŁ5 each week for the first four weeks then ÂŁ18.75 a month 6 sessions starting 14th Nov to 19th Dec Then a full program in the New Year (min. 10 students)

Tel: 01258 458262 Email: Website:


Remembrance Sunday

The Winterborne Whitechurch Cubs took part in the village’s Service of Remembrance.

Pictures: Mark Paine

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. 24



Valley Organisations & Contacts Abbey Swimming Club Milton Abbey Swimming Pool. Tue 1830-2030, Fri 1930-2030, Sat 1000-1200, Sun 8am-9am Lynn 881443, Pat 880601, Stephen 881524 Action Songs Wed (Term Time) 10-11am, PHH Jilly Spencer 450441 Aquacise and lane swimming for fitness Exercise in the water - safe and fun for all ages. Ladies and gentlemen welcome Fridays 6.30pm Maria 880895 Badminton Fri 6.45, Rec Hall, Milton Abbey School Anita Handley 01258 882118 Bere Regis Floral Group 2nd Tue each month, 2pm W. Kingston Village Hall. Diane Edmunds 01929 472 331 British Horse Society (Dorset) County Bridleway Officer • 01258 880318 Cheselbourne Theatre Club Jane Dawson 01258 882154 DT11 Forum Extend Exercise Club Fri (Term Times) 10am-11am, PHH Jilly Spencer 450441 Fun, Fit & Funky Mon (Term Time) 10am-11am, PHH Jilly Spencer 450441 Golf Club Milton Abbey School, Sally White 881871 Ladies Keep Fit Wed 7.30pm WVH. Mary Fripp 880416 Milborne St. Andrew Village Hall Events Alice Harrall 01258 837371 Milton Abbas 2001 Women’s Group Sylvia Isherwood 881154 Milton Abbas Art Group Mon 7pm-9pm, RRMA Janet Maughan 881210 Milton Abbas Cricket Club Thu, Juniors 6.45, Seniors 7.30 Rec Hall, Milton Abbey School, Colin Chastey 880060

Milton Abbas Neighbourcar For your medical transport needs, Nigel 881709 Milton Abbas Riding For The Disabled Liz Platten 881650 Milton Abbas Sports Club Tennis and Squash. Based at Abbey School. Maria 880895 The Middleton Players Mike Roberts 880976 Milton Arms Book Club Helen 880883 Musical Evenings John Close 880457 Pamela Hambro Hall 880969 Pilates In The Sticks (Foundation) Thu (term times) 10.30 Debbie Mannion 880464 POPP Wayfinders for The Winterbornes Phyllis Watt 07971 338610 Richard Hewitt 07971 338129 Round Robin Ramblers Normally 1st Sun & 3rd Wed each month Ian Bromilow 880044 Running Club Sunday morning social runs with Milton Abbas Sports Club Madgits. Maria 880895 or Jonathan D: The Scribblers Writers Support Group Meet 2nd Wed. Each month Elizabeth Toves 881115 Short Mat Bowls Mon 1.30pm & Wed 7.30pm, PHH Francis Dennett 880129 The Spanish Society Susana 880693 Stickland Rainbows Thu (monthly) 5.30-6.30 PHH, Girls 5-7yrs Sharon Elliott, Sticklebacks Parent & Toddler Group Tue (Term Time) 10am-12pm, PHH Rachel Emis 01258 881460 Swimming Lessons Juniors and adults. Beginners and improvers. Maria 880895 or Richard 837402

Table Tennis Tue 2pm-4pm & Fri 7pm-9pm, PHH Graham Case 880740 Tae Kwon Do Wed 3.45pm PHH Tap Dancing (Adult) Thu: Intermediates 6.15, Advanced 7.30 RRMA. Elizabeth Goodchild 01305 268029 Tennis Club Winterborne Sports Club, Stickland Tracey Parsons 880307 Valley Ringers Mark Lockyear (Tower Capt, Whitechurch) 882111; Ann Fox (Tower Capt, Stickland) 881156 Valley Computer Club Graham Case 880740 Valley Gardening Club Talks: 3rd Wed (Sept-May), 7.30pm, PHH Mark Steele (Chairman) 880002 Valley Players 881415, Whist Drive 3rd Wed each month, 7.30pm, RRMA. Entry £1 Winterborne Sports Club Bookings: Deb 07775 960915 Winterborne Whitechurch Cubs Scouts Fri, 6.30-8pm, Dunbury School Gym Boys & Girls 7½-11 years. Akela 881164 Winterborne Whitechurch Village Hall Bookings: Barbara Hutton 880843 Zumba WVH, Various classes, AM & PM, Tue & Thu Tracy 07971 636437 Police - Blandford Rural South Safer Neighbourhood Team PC Dave Mullins & PCSO Luke Goddard 01202 223003, 07825 521850 or 101 for non-emergency calls. If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, please dial 999. KEY: RRMA PHH WVH

Reading Rooms, Milton Abbas Pamela Hambro Hall, Stickland Whitechurch Village Hall

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