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Kendra Evans soars over the competition. Photo courtesy of Terrence Worlfolk "99 problems and a win isn’t one", was the

motto for last year's basketball season. The lady Wildcats set the bar high last year ending the season with a 26-3 record. In the season home opener the Lady Wildcats will face off against Valdosta State University Blazers. Veteran players are returning to the court, which enables them to provide help for their new teammates. Head coach Lonnie Barley feels there is still work that needs to be done. “Every year calls

for adjustments,” said Barley. The FVSU coaching staff plans to prepare for the season by perfecting the basics of defense and offense. The perfection will help the Lady Wildcats live up to their new motto for the 2010- 2011, "If it can be done we can do it." The key player for the season is junior, Kendra Evans (#11). Continued on page 2

November 2010 Volume 1, Issue 1

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Athletic Fall Convocation


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Pink is in the Air 3 Health Corner Our Town, Our schools, Our teams, Our Pride! These are the words that express the relationship between Fort Valley State University and its sponsor Chevron. This partnership should take FVSU and Chevron to new heights. Sports Information Director, Charles Ward, proposed the idea to Terry and Shanno n

Delong, owners of Chevron in Fort Valley that would benefit both sides. In exchange for their sponsorship, Ward would make Chevron the official filling station of the University. For Terry Delong, this deal was to sweet to pass up. “The things that clinched it, is that he tailored it to my needs,” said Terry Delong.

of her Fort Valley pride can be seen throughout the entire store. “I feel more energy coming into the store, I really love supporting the community,” said Terry Delong.

Delong living close to Fort Valley is really town oriented. Signs

Sign at local Chevron


Special points of interest: See which athlete traveled to Nebraska for a 13week internship Which big hits are landing NFL stars in hot water

Photo courtesy of Christian Jordan

Take a sneak peek at Men’s Basketball

Last year Evans averaged 6.2 rebounds and 12.2 points per game. In the 20102011 season, Evans has also been named a preseason ALL-SIAC first teamer. Coach Barley is perfecting the defense and offense. The Lady Wildcats look to have a perfect Detrius McCall season and capture goes for a layup. SIAC title. Photo courtesy of the Ranked 20th in the Terrence Wolfork. nation by the USA Today coaches poll the Lady Wildcats are on their way to achieving their goals. The Men’s basketball team also looks to have similar success on

the court. November 5, 2010 was the first home game against Georgia Southern. The underdog Wildcats plan to make this season more successful than the last. Head Coach John Douglas attributes the 9-18 season to the lack of chemistry. Many changes are being made for the new season. “Last year the team was focused on offense, this year the team will show respect for offense as well as defense,” said Coach Douglas. Douglas has high expectations for his role players Detrius McCall (#30) and senior Kenneth Simmon (#21). McCall is a defensive presence, he lead the team in blocks with 22 and snatched down 5.2 rebounds per game. last year and Simmons averaged 7.7 points per game. Both look to

set the tempo for their team this season. The team’s motto for the new season is “No waste of time.” Coach Douglas implied that his team will utilize their time on and off the court to become a better basketball team. The Wildcats have a long journey ahead and are looking forward to the support of the student body throughout the season.

Fort Valley State University athletes went from being the center of attention to paying close attention during the 1st Fall Athletic Convocation. The event was in the WWE Blanchet Computer Technology Mathematics building which was a different setting for the athletes.

cuss key factors in how to reach their full potential here at the university. “Help us help you,” said Mrs. Rommelda Simmons.

the importance of turning in all of my paper work on time.”

The convocation informed the students on how to have a successful academic school year here at FVSU. The event featured a spokesperson from each department on campus such as Financial Aid, Health Services and many more. They spoke briefly to dis-

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Athletic Director Dr. Percy “Chico” Caldwell, plans to take athletes to a new level academically. “I would like to get the athletes passing rate up to 70% right now it’s about 55%,” said Caldwell. Students found that each department was very helpful in addressing their individual needs. According to Jason Griffin a sophomore, “Financial Aid helped me understand

FVSU fans enjoying basketball game Photo courtesy of Terrence Wolfork

Dr. Caldwell plans to host many other events that will benefit student athletes. The Convocation was a concept that grasped the athlete’s attention and provided much needed information for guaranteed success here at FVSU.

Emanuel Williams

Being an athlete is hard enough, so imagine being a starting defensive end while maintaining an academic scholarship.

Photo courtesy of Terrence Worfolk

Emanuel Williams, a junior economics agriculture major is also Fort Valley State’s starting defensive end. He currently holds a 3.5 grade point average GPA and is a dean scholar. Williams admits that it’s hard to maintain his GPA along with practices and having fun. He knows it’s something that has to be done. Williams dedicates at least one or two hours each night to studying after practice. This past summer Williams was able to complete a 13 week internship at an agriculture com-

The Nation Football League's hierarchy is starting to crack down on devastating tackles. Sunday, October 17 was what some call the most horrifying Sunday in league history.

Dunta Robinson and Brandon Meriweather were fined $50,000 for their tackles; while James Harrison was fined $75,000.

Players like Desean Jackson, Todd Heap, and Mohamed Massaquoi all received concussions after being on the receiving ends of devastating tackles.

League officials made an announcement later that week; any player that makes a devastating hit or helmet to helmet contact will be suspend and docked a game check. Commissioner

As the month of October came to an end, the NFL was brightened up with a dash of pink. The League allowed the players and staff to NFL player shows show their support support for breast of Breast Cancer cancer awareness Awareness Month. Photo courtesy of The ers wore equipment such as pink gloves,

towels, cleats, mouth pieces, chinstraps etc. The New York times wrote that DeAngelo Williams from the Carolina Panthers came up with the idea of pink cleats. Williams’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. Unfortunately her three sisters died from the disease.

Volume 1, Issue 1

The NFL has a program “ A Crucial Catch” which will auction off the items worn by players and coaches and donate the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

pany in Omaha, Nebraska. “I was able to visit brewers in eastern and western Nebraska and see their daily lifestyles,” said Williams. In the future Williams plans to attend grad school to receive his Masters degree and also get a job that is in the agriculture field.


Roger Goodell stated he will do anything to protect the players in the NFL.

James Harrisons’ illegal hit Photo courtesy of

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, wrote on his Twitter page that he was excited about the idea. He said that he would be wearing all pink shoes, gloves, wrist bands, chinstrap and mouthpiece. He also said that he planned to wear the gear throughout the entire month of October and expects to be fined, but that he will match any fine with a donation.

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I f you’ve ever had heat cramps, you probably were told that you weren’t properly hydrated and to drink more water, well they were half right. Heat cramps are actually due to the lack of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. When you sweat your body loses large amounts of salt. Not replacing the salt being lost can result in hyponatremia, a serious low sodium condition.

can be treated by resting in cool areas, and drinking fluids with sodium. If you experience dizziness, fatigue, vomiting, headaches, shortness of breath, or a temperature greater than 104 degrees you should seek medical attention. According to Curley Williams, FVSU wide receiver says, “Coach tells us that we should always hydrate ourselves with water and powerade so we won’t cramp up.” Remember to always keep plenty of fluids when you are doing any strenuous activity.

Mild cases of Heat cramps

The Holiday season is overflowing with friends, family and unwanted calories. Here are a few tips to avoid packing on those dreaded holiday pounds. Practice portion control Reduce the calories of the meal by loading your plate in fruits and vegetables Wait 20-30 minutes before deciding on another serving Choose skinless white meat turkey over high in calorie and fat dark meat.

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