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The Road to Excellence



f ro m t h e S uperintendent One day can change everything. On this particular day, I was driving to Watsonville. Tom, a man I pastored in Fremont, wanted to show me how he was integrating iPads into his classes at Monte Vista Christian School. To be honest, this trip was more of a favor to him than a benefit to me or our Schools. I took Larry and Eric along for company; perhaps we would learn a few tips about using iPads as textbooks and get a free lunch for the visit. When we drove onto campus, it began. The courtyard was clean and inviting. There were large pictures of students attached to light posts. And places for students to sit and chat. It felt more like a Disney park than a school campus. While I was standing there enjoying the atmosphere, a man came up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Steve. Aren’t you Tom’s friend? He is busy now in class. How about I give you a tour?” We walked upstairs where I noticed Scripture verses on the walls. As we interrupted a class, few took time to turn their heads. Students were huddled in groups using their iPads for a project. The room was thematically designed somewhat in a manner Disney would approach decor. Color was everywhere on the wall. Decorations that supported the subject matter enhanced the environment. Desks were replaced by tables. Large TV’s were on the wall instead of white boards. There was energy in the room. Enthusiasm for learning. Room after room was the same way. Soon, I stopped seeing decorations and iPads and simply basked in the innovation and excitement that was all around me. I told myself, “This is the future of education.” I then turned to our host and asked again for his name and position. “My name is Steve Sharp and I am the headmaster of Monte Vista Christian School.” That day, three decisions were made that have altered the course of VCS. 1. iPads As Delivery Devices For Education | Students love these devices and so do teachers. At the end of the school year, we gave every teacher an iPad. I reassigned Eric Raasch as Director of Educational Technology and asked him to beef up our network to handle the bandwidth when students begin bringing iPads to campus next year. We reconfigured five classrooms for iPad integration. Teachers began private instruction and seminars on how to use iPads to teach.

pres c h oo l a rt s h o w

2. Aesthetics Matter | “I want color on campus. This idea that a school must look like a hospital is over.” With the help of Chuck Fleming, an interior designer on our staff, we hit all three Schools. It amazes me how color affects the soul and inspires learning. Teachers who were not slated to get their rooms done this year decided to jump ahead and brought their family members in to paint their own rooms. It will probably take us five years, but every room on this campus is getting a makeover. Take a tour and see what we have done. It is impressive. 3. Experimentation Required | Education is morphing fast. Old paradigms are falling off quickly. Technology is changing how we teach. Classrooms are being “flipped,” where instruction happens at home through one’s computer or iPad and homework is done in the class. Touring Monte Vista’s campus, I realized how quickly education is changing. I knew then that we needed to challenge not what we teach, but how we do it. Schools are not delivering what companies need. That was in April – five months ago. Since then, I have made five more trips to Monte Vista, bringing with me over fifty teachers, administrators, church staff and board members. Within thirty minutes of touring their campus, all were hooked. Later on, I came to learn that Steve Sharp is an Assembly of God minister who served under some of the same pastors I have. He invited my team in and gave away all his “secrets,” holding nothing back. He and his wife, Sheryl, even traveled to Valley to advise us on how to transform our campus. Steve was the one who also sent us Dave Johnson and his family. One day, while we were talking about finding a Superintendent for Valley, Steve said, “Check out Dave. I told the Board if I die, Dave is the person to take over Monte Vista.” Dave and I spoke and he felt the Superintendent chair was not the right fit, but the Operations chair was more to his gifting. He came July 1 and has been running ever since. Through it all, I have seen the gracious hand of God steer our Schools and provide friends along the way. For now, I remain in the Superintendent chair, and my heart is excited because the future of education has come to Valley Christian through Steve Sharp and Monte Vista. We have always had stories to boast in with our students. Now we have the course, the atmosphere and the innovation that will “wow” any family that walks through our campus. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness and thank you, Holy Spirit, for making Steve Sharp a friend and mentor to Valley Christian Schools.

D R . R O G E R V ALC I , S U P E R I N T E N D E N T O F S CH O O L S

Our Mission

t h e re a son w e e x ist

To inspire a passion for Jesus Christ and to awaken God’s unique story in each student. To prepare all students for their specific callings through a Bible-based college preparatory experience that transforms them into forward thinking leaders who are able to move beyond success to true significance within a complex global community.

Our Vision

what we aspi r e to be

We envision VCS as a premier school system where the Christian life is vibrantly expressed with purpose, passion and excellence. We see a place where teachers are passionate about students and teaching, where students are excited about learning, and where the parent-school partnership is energetically working together to create a life-changing experience for every student.

Our Eslr’s E x pected S chool - W ide L ea r n i n g Res u lts APPLY BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES AND CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW Using the Bible as an authoritative reference, students will integrate its truths and principles into their lives and pursue a greater understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ for personal growth and development of their faith. THINK CRITICALLY AND SOLVE PROBLEMS Students will intentionally apply sets of thinking strategies that show reflective judgment in response to observation, experience, and communication; and will apply creative and decision making skills to current situations to arrive at more desirable outcomes and solutions. COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY Students will skillfully convey meaning with logic, precision, and originality, in a variety of genre, showing a proficient awareness of their audience and their purpose, and apply technological strategies for the successful communication of their thoughts. LEARN INDEPENDENTLY Drawing from previous experience, knowledge and a set of personal skills, students will identify individual academic goals and pursue intellectual challenge through the application of problem solving strategies. LEADERSHIP Students will facilitate leadership in word and action that inspires others, builds unity and commitment to further Christian values, to promote the common good and accomplish community goals.

pres c h oo l a rt s h o w

Our Core Values

w h a t drives us


Seeking and achieving top performance, quality and value in every area of endeavor.

Christian Worldview

We espouse a worldview based upon the entirety of Holy Scripture, and through the lens of Jesus Christ and His teachings.


Providing a safe, secure and healthy environment for the entire school community.


Self-discipline, integrity, courage, and honesty. Doing the right thing even when it’s hard to do. Responsibility for personal behavior and for resolving conflicts in a direct and respectful manner in accordance with Matthew 18.


Constantly seeking new and better ways of achieving progress.

Critical Thinking

A reflective process of evaluating information and sources, drawing conclusions, deriving significance, comparing and contrasting, and developing positions based on supporting evidence.


Fostering an atmosphere of trust where every voice is encouraged and valued, and where information is provided in a timely, clear and consistent manner.


Collaboration and integration of every part of the school community in a way that fosters harmony and understanding. Partnering with parents in the educational, social and spiritual development of their children.

Social Responsibility

Cultural Diversity

Serving the needy and seeking social justice locally, nationally and globally. Placing a high value on each person’s cultural heritage and background. Moving beyond tolerance to true celebration of all peoples and cultures.

T H E R O A D T O E XC E LL E N C E | P A G E 5

excellence what

student P erspe c tive

makes Art is my greatest passion. Each year, I return to China and work on my Gong Bi paintings, which use the traditional Chinese style. Though this type of art requires a few weeks for each piece, I never fail to bring some of my work back to the states. This year, I had a special request from the City of Dublin, and on September 4, I presented my art to the council members. For me, art hasn’t been limited as a passion—it’s become a profession as well. Having worked for my mom’s company for the past few years, I’ve learned that business isn’t just buying, selling, and crunching numbers—it’s also the art of innovation. The requests we receive at tradeshows have led me to design several new products for the company, which has directly led to multiple patents and a top seller on Amazon. Through my pursuit of art over the past twelve years, I have discovered that a true passion never reserves itself: from using my talent in student government to applying that same creativity in my four patents, I have happily seen art penetrate all other parts of my life. During my twelve years on this Hill, I’ve found Valley Christian Schools to foster each student’s unique talent. The friendly and supportive Christian atmosphere has urged students not only to determine that passion, but also to pursue and apply that passion wholeheartedly. Unlike many schools, Valley isn’t focused solely on getting stellar academics and college acceptance letters—it’s also determined to create high achieving individuals who will bring change to the future. The administration is set on cultivating young minds who will be extraordinary in the long run, not just high school. Megan Zhu | VCS Class of 2013


What e ve r y o u do,

w het her i n wo rd o r d e e d , d o it a ll i n th e n a m e o f th e L o r d J e s u s . . . Coloss ian s 3:17




What e ve r y o u do,

w het her i n wo rd o r d e e d , d o it a ll i n th e n a m e o f th e L o r d J e s u s . . . Coloss ian s 3:17


te a c h er P erspe c tive

makes I first set foot on a Valley Christian campus as a preschooler in 1978. Since then I attended VCE, VCJH, and graduated from VCHS twenty years ago as Valedictorian, senior class president, and female athlete of the year. Here I met my high school sweetheart and our oldest child of three has just graduated from VCHS. I am now in my 15th year as an educator, each of which has been better than the last! Back in high school I never thought I’d ever be a teacher, but I always knew I loved the sciences. I started out pre-med in college, and when we had our kids that evolved into a career in education at Valley Christian. I then became credentialed in life and general sciences at the secondary level and obtained my Master’s Degree in Education. As I began in the classroom as a high school anatomy & physiology, and junior high life science teacher, I became a peer to several of my former teachers, which was amusing. Over the years I have also taught health, leadership, and am currently a biology teacher and science department chair. I am additionally tasked with training, observing, and assisting teachers as a curriculum and instruction coordinator. However, my true love is teaching my students each day. As a science educator, I revel in the rewarding responsibility to educate the whole child. I thrive upon delving into topics and issues that truly interest students on an impacting level beyond course content. Whether it is unraveling the mysteries of creation, helping students uncover the risks of behaviors, or discovering the unique qualities that God designed in them from the conception of their embryonic DNA, I find true joy in knowing my career has significant meaning beyond any paycheck or title. Attending, parenting, and teaching at Valley Christian has been a storied journey of purpose and fulfillment that I could never have imagined! Melissa Greer VCHS Teacher, Science Department Chair, Parent and Alum

W H AT M A K E S VA L L E Y C H R I S T I A N D I F F E R E N T | PA G E 9

excellence what

p a rent & e m p l oyee P erspe c tive

makes Our journey at Valley Christian started eight years ago when we became part of the church and school ministry here. My husband and I were married in 1996 and moved to the United States in 2001 from Pakistan. We have 3 daughters: Mariam (14), Hazel (9), and Abigail (4). Valley Christian Schools has a great impact on our family. Our children are growing spiritually and demonstrating the personal impact of God in their young lives by sharing the gospel, memorizing Bible verses, serving on Christian Leadership, and singing worship songs from Chapel. Watching them grow in Christ is an amazing blessing to us. Our oldest daughter, Mariam, with her Christian Leadership group, was part of the Night Strike ministry that goes into San Francisco on Friday evenings and shares food, clothing, prayer and the gospel with the homeless. The students were in the confident hands of their teacher, Mr. Merrell, and it was there Mariam ventured out to share the unconditional love of Christ in a place completely out of her comfort zone. Her young eyes were opened to a world of need and she had an opportunity to respond. That is what VCS is all about! Every student at Valley Christian Schools is given a chance to grow in their God-given gifts and talents. Our Performing and Visual Arts program extends from Preschool to High School and we believe that this will bring the Schools closer, building bridges and taking Valley Christian to higher levels of commitment. Teachers and faculty members here are dedicated and committed to serve the Body of Christ. Devoted teachers take time to work with students, giving them the attention and care that they need – not only academically, but also spiritually and emotionally. We are blessed to be here as staff and church members, but above all, we are blessed to be parents of students who attend Valley Christian Schools. We feel that a Christian education is the best gift that we can give to our kids. Sadiq, Monica, Mariam, Hazel and Abigail Anthony


What e ve r y o u do,

w het her i n wo rd o r d e e d , d o it a ll i n th e n a m e o f th e L o r d J e s u s . . . Coloss ian s 3:17




What e ve r y o u do,

w het her i n wo rd o r d e e d , d o it a ll i n th e n a m e o f th e L o r d J e s u s . . . Coloss ian s 3:17


a l u m ni P erspe c tive

makes As a Valley Christian Center “lifer,” the University of California at Berkeley seemed like the last place I would choose to begin my post-high school adventure. The thought of a massive public, secular education system was extremely foreign and intimidating for someone who had spent my preschool through Senior year surrounded by the comfort of a close-knit and faith-filled community. However, Valley Christian Center prepared me for the challenges ahead in ways I never expected. I entered the collegiate experience with both a strong understanding of leadership and eagerness for involvement. At Valley Christian, I was encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities – everything from varsity women’s soccer and student government to chapel leadership and drama productions. While my extracurricular involvements taught me many things about leadership and working with others, I was also able to observe exceptional leaders in practice. The staff and faculty of Valley Christian Schools are unparalleled in their commitment to set quality examples for their students. Having witnessed such great teaching and built close relationships with my instructors at Valley Christian, I have come to deeply value those qualities in my college educators and continuously seek out connections with current professors. My personal leadership development has continued throughout college, but truly began with my Valley Christian education. Above all, Valley Christian equipped me with the proper mindset and background to both grow in my personal faith and share it with others. The culture of Berkeley has expanded my Christian worldview, energized me to be a true ambassador of Christian love, and challenged me to remain committed to my faith. I have been able to connect with an incredible, thriving community of believers on campus, and I remain involved in both local church and national organizations. I am still able to recall and apply valuable lessons learned in my Valley Christian Bible courses, and I am proud to claim a wide breadth of knowledge in the Word. As I now prepare to move on from college into the career world, I enter my new journey confident in leadership and affirmed in Christ. I wouldn’t have made it to Cal without my Valley Christian experience, and I encourage all those privileged enough to attend during this time of tremendous growth and innovation to take full advantage of their years here. Morgan Woodward | Class of 2009


excellence Renovation Ahead Last February, the VCS School Board and the VCC Deacon Board met to tackle the numerous facility challenges surfacing at our Schools. After much deliberation, both Boards approved, and in some cases, funded, the following projects for our Schools. Sanctuary & Performing Arts Center| Four million dollars have been raised by the church to build on the Hill a place of worship for the people of Valley Christian Center, as well as a Performing Arts Center for the students of Valley Christian Schools. Another two and half million will be needed to obtain occupancy. The closed shell, stucco, doors, and windows are targeted for completion by Christmas of this year. Each weekday of the school year, the students of VCS will occupy this facility for chapels, classes and productions. On the weekend, it will be used by Valley Christian Center as a place of worship. Science Center | With the rise of athletics and arts on the Hill, the Boards felt a statement concerning Sciences needed to be made to our constituency and to our community. After all, this is Silicon Valley. The old Junior High School building has been slated for renovation to become a premiere Science Center for Valley Christian Schools. Work is scheduled to begin Spring 2013 in order to have this new facility ready for the opening of school in Fall 2013. 1.3 million is allocated for this project. Agora Courtyard | The entrance to our Schools is complex and uninviting. The Boards wanted our front door to inspire excitement and innovation for learning. Initial costs look to be about 300K. Viking Sports Complex | The Boards have enjoyed the thrill and community of watching Coach Parrella and company surprise the competition with a disciplined and determined cadre of athletes that make up our Viking Football Teams. Yet, driving to Hayward to watch a game is getting old. Under the Vice Chairman of the Church Board, John Deming, plans have been drawn and bids solicited to add football games to our soccer and baseball programs. 1.7 million dollars has been set aside to replace the turf and reconfigure our field to a new Viking Sports Complex. Construction will begin when the City of Dublin issues us permits. Viking CafĂŠ and Youth Center | Upon completion of the new Sanctuary and Performing Arts Center, the Board voted to gift Valley Christian Schools and the T4 Youth program the existing Sanctuary. Plans are already in process to convert this venue into a Youth Center where our students can gather together to study, eat, play and worship.

What e ve r y o u do,

w het her i n wo rd o r d e e d , d o it a ll i n th e n a m e o f th e L o r d J e s u s . . . Coloss ian s 3:17

S A N C T U A RY & P E R F O R M I N G A R T S C E N T E R




High School

junior high


DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Lori Cantrell P | 925.560.6262 E | ADMISSIONS ASSISTANCE Preschool Debbie Drake Elementary School Debbie Martin Junior High | High School Lori Umidon REGISTRAR Anne Coackley Junior High | High School 2011-2012 ENROLLMENT Preschool 114 Elementary School 306 Junior High School 178 High School 286


W E LC O M E T O V ALL E Y CH R I S T I A N Sixty seconds in a minute; 60 minutes in an hour; 24 hours in a day; 365 days in a year...time. It is a valuable gift from God, one that we have the free will to spend as we wish. At one time or another, most of us have spent our time wishing we had more of it, especially when it comes to how quickly the time passes. Before we know it our children have gone from infancy to graduation in the blink of an eye. There is no doubt that time is a precious commodity. At Valley Christian Schools, we understand that the time your children spend with us is quite valuable. Whether a part of our Preschool, Elementary, Junior High or High School, the time students spend here is significant, filled with growth and change. We recognize the importance of providing the time for students to discover their unique design—working toward fulfilling their purpose ordained for them by the Creator. At Valley Christian, these discovery opportunities come in the form of academics, the arts, athletics, spiritual growth, leadership, community service and the building and fostering of relationships. Passionate, experienced teachers who challenge students to become life-long learners and leaders surround students at Valley Christian Schools. Opportunities are created for students to think critically, learn independently, communicate effectively while applying Biblical principals toward personal growth and development of their faith. Time well spent? We believe so! The administration, staff and faculty of Valley Christian Schools are committed to making every moment count. We cherish the time spent with your students and value the occasions when we see the hand of God at work in their lives. Thank you for giving us this special gift of time with your child. Lori Cantrell Director of Admissions

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. –Mother Teresa

L O R I CA N T R E LL | P A G E 1 7

VCHS is a private, coeducational Christian school that is jointly accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Student enrollment is approximately 300 students in grades nine through twelve; average class size is 16 students. Located in Dublin, California, on forty-nine acres, the high school facilities include a gym, an athletic field and a softball field. Dublin is located thirtyfive miles southeast of San Francisco in the heart of the Tri-Valley area bordered by Pleasanton to the south and San Ramon to the north. Highways 680 and 580 intersect in Dublin.



Superintendent Pastor Roger Valci Junior High & High School Principal Pastor Larry Lopez ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Joe Smylie ACADEMIC ADVISOR RoseMary Tuuri director of Curriculum and instruction Deborah Knott Walker Athletic Director Scott Babinat STUDENT ACTIVITIES Lynn Kirksey VCHS Main Office 925.560.6250

As students begin the transition from adolescence to adulthood, they are given opportunities to discover the gifts and talents that have been given to them through God’s workmanship. A Christcentered environment is established at Valley Christian where students can make significant decisions that will apply toward their future in the areas of academics, spiritual development, artistic expression and athletics. – Pastor Larry Lopez


V ALL E Y CH R I S T I A N H I G H S CH O O L VCHS emphasizes the following expected student learning results: • Biblical principles from a Christian worldview • Critical thinking and problem solving • Effective communication • Independent learning • Inspirational leadership


VCHS awards a high school diploma based upon requirements for admission to the California State University system, the University of California, and private four-year colleges and universities. A minimum of 250 units is required for graduation, which includes all course requirements stipulated by the California State Department of Education. Course credits must include Algebra II and a physical science as well as a biological science. Subject Bible English Social Studies Mathematics Science

Credits Years Subject 40 4 Languages 40 4 P.E. 40 4 Electives 30 3 Fine Arts 30 3

Credits Years 20 2 20 2 20 2 10 1

Students also complete 15 hours of community service per year.


Fun and service seemed to be the common themes for student activities at Valley. The High School started out their year with homecoming festivities, with royalty, the big game and Showdown at the VC Corral Dance. We added several new clubs this year; FIDM Fashion Club and Red Cross Club are just two of them. We also started a newspaper called the “Viking Voice,” which included news from both the Junior High and High School.

P A S T O R L A RR Y L O P E Z , P R I N C I P A L | P A G E 1 9

CEEB CODE 050787 2011-2012 ENROLLMENT Freshman Class Sophomore Class Junior Class Senior Class

63 71 82 70

AVERAGE CLASS SIZE 16 HONORS and AP COURSES Introduction to Literature Honors World Literature Honors AP English Language & Composition AP English Literature & Composition AP Spanish Language AP World History AP United States History AP Macroeconomics AP Microeconomics Geometry Honors Algebra II Honors Pre-Calculus Honors AP Calculus AB AP Statistics Chemistry Honors AP Biology AP Physics B AP Art History AP Studio Art: Drawing AP Studio Art: 2-D Design AP Studio Art: 3-D Design AP Mean Score 2012 VCHS California USA

3.36 2.95 2.89

Exceptional Subject Results Calculus AB 100% pass Microeconomics 100% pass Physics B 100% pass US History 100% pass Macroeconomics 91% pass AP English Literature 88% pass Biology 80% pass Spanish Language 80% pass (non-native speakers)

Spirit Week is always a highlight of the school year, with this year’s theme being “Cereals.” Watching staff and students dress up for the special dress up days showed us just how creative some people could be! We could not forget our two formal dances, Winter Ball at Wente and Prom on a Yacht! The seniors conquered Disneyland at Grad Night and the year of fun was over. Service to our school and community was also rambling around the campus, with students packing food for Kids Against Hunger, serving the homeless in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco, clean up at Camp Parks and Del Valle, numerous walks for cancer, and many mission trips. God blessed us with a successful year.

College Board Advanced Placement Program Recognition for VCHS Scholars | 2012 The following students have been recognized by the College Board for their outstanding achievements on AP exams. AP Scholar | Scores of 3 or higher on 3 or more exams: Olivia Coackley | Taylor Decool | Christine Dykes | Eeron Grant | Lily Kwak | Greg Landon | Bucky Layton | Tiffany Lee | Aaron Lokker | Eirene Ma | Evan Opperman | Megan Zhu AP Scholar with Honor | Scores of 3 or higher on 4 or more exams, average score at least 3.25: Christine Chen | Amanda Elliott | Dylan Gray | Josie Howatt | Soo Kim | Rebecca Parnell | Zach Paulson | Zach Roush | Jenna Temple | Cody Van Dussen AP Scholar with Distinction | Scores of 3 or higher on 5 or more exams, average score at least 3.5: Ryan Flynn | Celestine Jahren | Joshua Landgraf | Andrew Park | Owen Schwaegerle | Christina Tong

National Merit Commended Scholars Christina Tong Semifinalist in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Competition James Bessolo Semifinalist in the 2013 National Achievement Scholarship Competition Kenneth Chism | Tiffany Lee | James Bessolo Commended Students in the 2013 National Merit Program

CLASS OF 2012 College Attendance

SAT Scores

SAT Subject Scores

ACT Scores

TYPE 4-Year 2-Year Other


SUBJECT Reading Math Writing

MEAN 551 547 549

SUBJECT Literature Math Level 2

MEAN 583 619

SUBJECT English Math Composite

AVERAGE 24.7 22.7 24.0

f riends h ips

Weighted Grades | Students who complete AP courses, Chemistry H, or Pre-Calculus H receive one additional GPA point: A=5, B=4, C=3. No additional points are given for grades of D+ or lower. Grading System 97-100 A+ 93-96 A 90-92 A- 87-89 B+ 83-86 B 80-82 B- 77-79 C+ 73-76 C 70-72 C- 67-69 D+ 63-66 D 60-62 D- Below 60 F

4.0 4.0 4.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.0


Class Rank | Class rank is calculated based upon cumulative, weighted GPA. Some courses are excluded. spiritu a l e m p h a sis w eek

V CH S P R O F I L E | P A G E


NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CRITERIA FOR MEMBERSHIP Scholarship | Students who rank in the top 25% of their class meet the scholarship requirement for membership. These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Service | This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit. Leadership | Student leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, idea-contributors, dependable, and persons who exemplify positive attitudes about life. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working with or for others. Character | The student of good character upholds principles of morality and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, is routinely punctual, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle. Citizenship | The student who demonstrates citizenship understands the importance of civic involvement, has a high regard for freedom, justice, and democracy, and demonstrates mature participation and responsibility through involvement with such activities as scouting, community organizations, and school clubs.

AWARDS National Honor Society The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 by a group of high school principals committed to the idea of recognizing outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character and Citizenship. National Honor Society 2011-2012 | Fall Christine Chen 12 KC Chism 11 Olivia Coackley 11 Amanda Elliott 12 Ryan Flynn 12 Blake Garvis 11 Spencer Garvis 11 Dylan Gray 12 Celestine Jahren 12 Sang-won Ji 12 Jessica Kim 12 Soo Kim 11 Joshua Landgraf 12 Tiffany Lee 11 Evan Opperman 11 Matthew Valci 11 Cody Van Dussen 12 Megan Zhu 11

National Honor Society 2011-2012 | Spring Eunice Bautista 11 Sara Cariveau 11 Christine Chen 12 KC Chism 11 Katy Chun 11 Olivia Coackley 11 Amanda Elliott 12 Ryan Flynn 12 Blake Garvis 11 Spencer Garvis 11 Dylan Gray 12 Dimyana Hanna 10 Celestine Jahren 12 Sang-won Ji 12 Jessica Kim 12 Soo Kim 11 Lilly Kwak 11 Joshua Landgraf 12 Gabrielle Lean 11 Tiffany Lee 11 Aaron Lokker 11 Megan Mathews 10 Jacob McGrath 11 Evan Opperman 11 Andrew Park 11 Jarrod Poston 10 Jacqueline Price 10 Christina Tong 11 Matthew Valci 11 Cody Van Dussen 12 Austin Wei 10 Elisa Wong 11 Megan Zhu 11

Awards Valedictorians | Celestine Jahren and Joshua Landgraf

Salutatorian | Ryan Flynn

High School | Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards | These awards are given to the three highest achieving students for each academic course taken in high school. Awards are given in Math, English, Science, LOTE, Social Studies and Visual & Performing Arts. Approximately 300 students receive one or more of these awards.

Junior High | Gold, Silver Bronze Awards | 8th grade students enrolled in high school classes may earn these high school academic awards. These awards are given to the top three highest achieving students in math and languages. Approximately 10 junior high students receive one or more of these awards. Academic Excellence Awards | Awarded to the top three students in each of the junior high courses for outstanding academic achievement. Approximately 50 awards are given.

Principal’s Award | Awarded to junior high and high school students who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and above. Approximately 10 junior high and 15 high school students receive this award.

Principal’s Honor Roll/Highest Honor Roll | Awarded to junior high and high school students who have achieved a GPA of 4:0 to 5:0 GPA each semester. Approximately 50 junior high and 60 high school students receive this award. High Honor Roll | Awarded to junior high and high school students who have achieved a GPA of 3.5 - 3.86 each semester. Approximately 45 junior high and 75 high school students receive this award. Honor Roll | Awarded to junior high and high school students who have achieved a GPA of 3.0 to 3.43 each semester. Approximately 45 junior high and 75 high school students receive this award.

Christian Character Awards| Awarded to junior high and high school students in each grade level: • Servant Award | Demonstrates the heart of a true servant; willing to give of themselves for the good of others, regardless of personal needs.

• Friendship Award | Extends genuine friendship and concern to fellow classmates.

• Heart of Worship Award | Demonstrates the heart of a disciple that longs to be intimate and bring others into •

intimacy with God using their artistic gifts, whether music, art, dance, poetry or any other form of artistic expression. Leadership Award | A Godly model in the areas of speech, conduct, purity, integrity and daily living.

Community Service | Recognition of outstanding contribution of service to the community.

Parent Teacher Fellowship Scholarship | Recognition of upholding the values of Valley Christian High School, outstanding Academic Excellence and exhibiting Christian Character. Presented to Cliff Woodward and Jenna Blevins.

Performing Arts & Creative Expression Awards| Recognition of creativity, inspiration and excellence in the Arts, Choir, Theatre, Musical Instrument. Renaissance Award presented to Collin Fleming.

r obotics

V CH S P R O F I L E | P A G E 2 3

Ce l estine J a h ren | Va l edi c tori a n

c l i f f wood wa rd | c l a ss o f 2 0 1 2

c ongr atu l ations c l a ss o f 2 0 1 2 !



C O LL E G E P LAC E M E N T S | 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2 COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY ACCEPTANCES Nearly 100% of each senior class pursues higher education. The following is a list of colleges and universities that have accepted VCHS graduates in the past three years. Academy of Art, SF Arizona State University Art College Center of Design Art Institute of California Azusa Pacific University Babson College Baylor University Benedictine College Biola University Boston College Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo California Baptist University California Lutheran University California Polytechnic, Pomona Calvin College, MI Case Western Reserve University Chowan University, NC Columbia College, IL Concordia University Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, AZ Cornell University CSU Channel Islands CSU Chico CSU East Bay CSU Fresno CSU Fullerton CSU Humboldt CSU Long Beach CSU Sacramento CSU San Diego CSU San Francisco CSU San Jose CSU San Marcos CSU Sonoma Dominican University Embry-Riddle Aeronautics Emerson College

Emory University, GA Fashion Institute of Design, SF Ferrum College, VA Florida Institute of Technology George Fox University George Washington University Georgia Institute of Technology Grand Canyon University Harvard College Harvey Mudd College Johns Hopkins University Loyola Marymount University Michigan State University Montana State University New York University Northeastern University Northwestern University Ohio State University Oregon State University Pennsylvania State University Pepperdine University Point Loma University Pomona College Princeton University Santa Clara University Scripps College Seattle Pacific University South Dakota School of Mines Southern Methodist University St. Anselm College, NH St. Johns, New York St. Mary’s College of California Texas Christian University Trinity International University Trinity Western University, Canada UC Berkeley UC Davis UC Irvine UCLA UC Merced UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz University of Arizona University of Chicago

University of Colorado, Boulder University of Georgia University of Idaho University of Kentucky University of Michigan University of Nevada, Reno University of New Mexico University of Oregon University of the Pacific University of Pennsylvania University of Redlands University of San Diego University of San Francisco University of Southern California University of St. Andrews University of Toledo US Air Force Academy Vanguard University Vanderbilt University Washington State University Westmont College Wheaton College Whittier University Whitworth University, OR William Jessup University Bold denotes new as of 2011.

Class of 2012 College Data 4-year colleges | 73% 2-year colleges | 21% Class size | 69 Community colleges | 14 CSU | 7 Private colleges | 26 Out-of-state | 21 Out-of-country | 1 (St. Andrews, Scotland) US Army | 2 US Air Force Academy | 2 UC Eligible | 79% CSU Eligible | 90%

C O LL E G E P LAC E M E N T S | P A G E 2 5

VCJH is a private, co-educational Christian school that is jointly accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Student enrollment in the Junior High is approximately 175 students in grades six through eight. The average class size is twenty-two. Developed on forty-nine acres overlooking the Tri-Valley area, Valley Christian Junior High facilities include a gym, an athletic field, and a softball field. The City of Dublin is located thirty-five miles southeast of San Francisco in the heart of the TriValley area bordered by Pleasanton to the south and San Ramon to the north. Highways 680 and 580 intersect in Dublin. Admissions Standards Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5, be in good standing at their current school, complete an administrative interview, and pass an entrance examination.

Student Activities The Junior High Student Council is responsible for ensuring an engaging, energetic and fun atmosphere for all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Monthly activities include onsite and offsite chaperoned events such a Boomers, Rockin’ Jump, bowling, movie night, gym night, Family Fun Night, and a junior high Thanksgiving Feast. We also offer two dance parties during the year where we coach the students to exhibit godly, respectful social behavior. Community service is done as a large group. Past projects have included raising money to purchase and package food for Kids Against Hunger, collecting toys for children of incarcerated men, collecting and distributing socks and toiletries to the homeless in our local communities, writing encouraging letters to our service men and women and collecting food items for our local food bank. We look forward to serving in a meaningful way again this year. JOE SMYLIE




Superintendent Pastor Roger Valci Junior High & High School Principal Pastor Larry Lopez

CURRICULUM Each semester is an accumulation of two nine-week quarters. Students attend seven classes per day.


Sixth Grade Transitions


Seventh Grade Principles of Wisdom

English 6

English 7 or English 7 Advanced World Geography World Geography (Eastern) (Western) Earth Science Life Science Pre-Algebra or Introductory Algebra or Introductory Algebra Algebra I Advanced Physical Education|Health Physical Education or Dance|Health Technology and Technology 1 or Spanish Languages 1A or Yearbook

Athletic Director Scott Babinat STUDENT ACTIVITIES Carol Styles VCJH Main Office 925.560.6250

Eighth Grade Christian Living or Christian Leadership English 8 or English 8 Advanced American History Physical Science Algebra I or Geometry Honors Physical Education or Dance|Health Technology 2 or Spanish 1B or Yearbook

All students in grade 6 rotate through a quarterly elective program that includes technology, American Sign Language, and Spanish. Students in grades 7 - 8 may select from three choices: technology courses (Technology 1, Technology 2), Yearbook, or Spanish 1A|Spanish 1B.


Each student’s grades are calculated on a percentage basis: 97-100% =A+ 93-96% = A 90-92% = A-

87-89% = B+ 83-86% = B 80-82% = B-

77-79% = C+ 73-76% = C 70-72% = C-

67-69% = D+ 59% and below = F 63-66% = D Pass = P 60-62% = D-

Grade point averages are calculated as follows: A-4; B-3; C-2; D-1; F-0. Students and parents may access information about grades, homework, attendance, student behavior, and school activities at or on the School’s website.

STANDARDIZED TESTING Explore Achievement Tests 2012 Class Mean Scaled Scores/National Mean Scaled Scores Grade 8 English Mathematics Reading Science Composite 17.9/15.2 17.7/15.9 16.3/15.0 18.9/16.8 17.8/15.9

V C J H P R O F I L E | PA G E 2 7

Valley Christian Elementary School is a K – 5, non-denominational, college-preparatory, Christian school founded in 1970 under the ministry of Valley Christian Center.



Superintendent Pastor Roger Valci ELEMENTARY Principal Grace Hersh VCES MAIN Office 925.560.6270 ACCREDITATION Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. ACSI has over 5,000 member schools that represent 1,020,000 students in over 100 countries. Accredited by WASC, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


V ALL E Y CH R I S T I A N E L E M E N T A R Y Valley Christian Elementary School is fully accredited in grades K-5 through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In 2011, the school received a 6-year term of accreditation from both organizations, the maximum length awarded. Accreditation not only legitimizes our curriculum and instruction, it also ensures that we are indeed carrying out our mission to provide a superb education through the lens of a Christian worldview. Student and parent participation in reaching “beyond these walls” was once again embraced enthusiastically. Donations of food to the Children’s Emergency Food Bank, hundreds of shoe boxes filled with essentials donated to Operation Christmas Child and gifts to Agape Village Foster Families were just several of the organizations helped during the 2011/12 school year. Learning takes place in a variety of settings outside the classroom. Kindergarten classes learned how pumpkins grow at the pumpkin patch, first grade students grew a vegetable garden, second grade taught us the stories of many of our true patriots through their Patriotic Musical, third grade learned more about science as they attended Chabot Space and Science Center, fourth grade studied missions in San Juan Bautista and fifth grade attended Handel’s Messiah Ballet Company production where students experienced the cultural fine arts.

The primary goal of curriculum is to teach correct information about God. It is by knowing God’s attributes, His acts of creation, and His purposes in creating, that we come to know God. Students at VCES learn to appreciate, understand and apply Scripture to the full scope of the curriculum. – Grace Hersh, Principal

Spanish comes to VCES! Our first graders are able to pray and create and read simple sentences with the vocabulary they have already learned. This year the Spanish program was expanded to include second grade. During the 2011/12 school year, our students participated in the ACSI Elementary Academic Meet. Ed Hubbard,

G R A C E H E R S H , P R I N C I PA L | PA G E 2 9

Our theme this year, “Thriving God’s Way,” helped our students cultivate a heart for God and others.

with all of your

heart, soul & mind

M a tt h e w 2 2 : 3 7


Chairman of the event, said, “Once again, you sent the most delegates of any participating school. What is most impressive is your scores – especially in Math.” Our students amassed 22 blue ribbons. Our Talented and Gift students (TAG) also competed in the Math Olympics with nine placing with medal and ribbon standings.


Thriving God’s Way was our chapel theme for the 2011/12 school year. Our verses were Matthew 22:37-40, “Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” We spent the year learning to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our focus was to practice this in word and deed.


Along with our Promethean Boards in every classroom, interactive whiteboards that connect to a computer projector, iPads are arriving on campus! Each teacher has been outfitted with an iPad to use in the classroom for academic enrichment and enhancement. A rolling cart of 25 iPads will be purchased this year so students may begin to experience these devices in hopes of preparing the youngest generation for the 21st century academic and work world.


Each afternoon our 3rd – 5th grade students attend Visual and Performing Arts classes. With each class period in visual arts, every student explores his or her artistic style and expression with individual and group activities. This is in the form of drawing, painting and sculptural mediums. The goal of performing arts instruction is to give every child an opportunity to perform in the disciplines taught. The purpose is to instill confidence in expression both individually and corporately. Students work toward singing, acting and dancing in a seasonal musical, in addition to other performances throughout the year.


f riends h ips


Learning takes place in a variety of settings outside the classroom. The following are our current after school enrichment offerings. We are frequently updating and adding to this list as we find new and innovative programs to enrich the learning environment. • Dance • Band • Guitar • Book Club • Kids Can Act • Chess • Mandarin • Computer Open Lab • Piano • Computer Programming

valley christian elementary school TerraNova 3 Standardized Testing | SPRING 2012


Grade K Reading Grade K Language Grade K Math Total Score Grade 1 Reading Grade 1 Language Grade 1 Math Total Score Grade 2 Reading Grade 2 Language Grade 2 Math Total Score Grade 3 Reading Grade 3 Language Grade 3 Math Total Score Grade 4 Reading Grade 4 Language Grade 4 Math Total Score Grade 5 Reading Grade 5 Language Grade 5 Math Total Score

VCE National Percentile of Mean NCE Score 95% 95% 92% 93% 88% 82% 92% 89% 76% 80% 85% 81% 74% 76% 73% 77% 76% 71% 70% 73% 82% 75% 84% 84%

California National Percentile of Mean NCE Score 82% 85% 73% 78% 80% 73% 71% 74% 70% 70% 70% 70% 65% 62% 63% 63% 63% 64% 57% 62% 64% 63% 62% 65%

ACSI National Percentile of Mean NCE Score 81% 83% 74% 77% 80% 72% 70% 73% 72% 70% 70% 71% 66% 63% 63% 66% 64% 65% 57% 63% 65% 64% 62% 65%

l e a ding t h e w a y

f irst d a y o f s c h oo l

The National Percentile (NP) score is a score that ranks test performances from 1 to 99. For example, a NP score of 65 means that the student’s score is higher than the scores of 65 percent of the students in the norm group for that grade and time of year. TerraNova™, Third Edition promotes student achievement and learning with a full range of research-based standardized achievement tests, reports, and services. TerraNova 3 content is closely aligned to the content and skills commonly addressed in state standards and those promoted by national teacher associations. p. e . c l a sses

V C E S P R O F I L E | PA G E 3 1


Superintendent Pastor Roger Valci PRESCHOOL DIRECTOR Lillian Kinney Main Office 925.560.6235 2011 THEME

Jesus said, “Anyone who welcomes a child like this on my behalf is welcoming me.” Matthew 18:5



V ALL E Y CH R I S T I A N P R E S CH O O L THEME At Valley Christian Preschool, we lovingly welcome our precious children and their families, as they become a part of our lively and exciting learning environment. We encourage our little students to reach for the stars to be the best they can be as they explore God’s amazing world. Each child is given the opportunity and inspiration to develop their self-image, establish friendships, and discover how much fun it is to learn in an atmosphere surrounded by the warmth of Christian staff and teachers. Profile Valley Christian Preschool’s talented and dedicated faculty, staff, administration, parent support team, and church body warmly welcome our little ones and their families. Our licensed preschool program continues to grow and thrive as families of two to five year olds become a part of our lively learning environment. It is a unique blessing and honor to inspire a passion for Jesus Christ and to awaken God’s unique story in even the youngest of our little students! It is our desire to foster a spirit of community among all of our families. This begins with our fun-filled Ice Cream Social in September and continues throughout the school year with our Preschool Harvest Festival, Thanksgiving Classroom Feasts, Birthday Parties for Jesus, Christmas Musical, Easter Celebration and Prayer, Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads, Art Show and Science Fair, and then concludes with our Promotion and Awards. The Preschool continues to have tremendous support from our leaders, from both school and church, who participate regularly to bless the children and their families through devotionals, chapels, musical events, and many other activities. The Preschool’s community spirit of volunteering and loving those around the world with the love of Jesus Christ continues through the collection of gift-filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, donated food items throughout the year to the Tri-Valley Food Bank and eager participation in many other wonderful causes. The Preschool continues to deliver an excellent Early Education program using a broad selection of teaching methods and techniques that are developmentally appropriate to cultivate the “whole” child, helping them grow and succeed academically, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Our dedicated teaching and administrative staff continue to grow professionally by attending innovative training seminars, as well as, by participating in college level classes pertaining to early childhood development. At Valley Christian Preschool, we see each child as a unique and special gift created by God, and we are dedicated to our mission of providing a superior preschool education for generations to come.

L I LL I A N K I N N E Y , D I R E C T O R | P A G E 3 3

Visual Arts

S HAW N MA T S O N D E PA R T M E N T H E A D The Visual Arts on the Valley Christian campus have continued its presence in building a culture of creative expression and study, with a fully UC-approved course selection in Art and Design. With each class period every student is given opportunity to explore their own artistic style and expression with individual and group activities. We are excited to work through the arts in forming children who are able to respond with insight and innovation in all subject areas, through lessons that focus on creative problem solving and exploration of personal vision. Across hands-on studio and academic based coursework, the program now offers 19 courses, from Kindergarten through High School.

• • • • •

In addition to formal coursework, an afterschool art club, Scribble, was added in 2011-2012 as an open place for students and faculty across the campus wishing to explore materials and ideamaking alongside people driven to cultivate personal growth and artistic identity. The student internship program in its second year has shown the profound value of students owning and influencing their own education to impact the experience of their peers and faculty. Film and Philosophy was added to support students wishing to experience theoretical studies in artistic expression and techniques in cinema. Advanced Placement Art History was planned to return to scheduled offerings for the 2012-2013 year. To support continuity from 5th grade into Junior High and then into High School, a Creative Expression course was developed for 6th grade students. For Elementary Grades 3-5, a program was developed for the 2012-2013 year to provide an artistic experience that would directly connect grade specific art curriculum, growth and expression. With each class period every child will explore their own artistic style and expression with individual and group activities.

Achievement Our annual Arts Night, hosted by The Blackhawk Museum, welcomed more than 600 friends and family at our showing of more than 400 works of art in photography, graphic design, fine art and sculpture, which was largely organized and run by senior students. The awards and honors of High School Visual Art students totaled more than twenty 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners in local, regional and state art competitions sponsored by public and private organizations. Prizes included recognition of achievement and monetary awards.

k a n a ko i m ori | pi c ture in a pi c ture

n a t h a n esto c a pio | p a tterns

jessi c a ki m | sign l a ngu a ge

su m m er c h ui | turt l e vesse l

V I S U AL A R T S | P A G E 3 5

Performing Arts

CH U C K FL E M I N G | D E P A R T M E N T H E A D Theatre Arts Highlights of Theatre Arts at VCS includes a 22-year history of dramatic arts, with 2 dramatic plays staged each year. We introduced a UC-approved VPA course in Drama for 9th through 12th grade students offering instruction in Theatre History and Practice. Developments in the last 3 years include maintenance of dramatic play schedule and introduction of Musical Theatre: • • •

Addition of 2 JH|HS musicals per year Addition of 2 Elementary School musicals per year “0” hour drama program as a part of the Music Performance Class for 6th through 12th grades, including preparation for seasonal concerts and chapel performances

Music Although our recent history did not include music instruction in academic or extracurricular offerings, we now offer the following: Instrumental Music • •

After school extracurricular band program for 4th through 12th grades “0” hour drum line as a part of the Music Performance Class for 6th through 12th grades, including preparation for seasonal concerts and athletic half time entertainment

Vocal Music • • •

“0” hour choral program as a part of the Music Performance Class for 6th through 12th grades, including preparation for seasonal concerts, chapel performances and CMEA Festival competition “0” hour mixed ensemble program as a part of the Music Performance Class for 6th through 12th grades, including preparation for seasonal concerts, chapel performances and CMEA Festival competition “0” hour girl’s ensemble program as a part of the Music Performance Class for 6th through 12th grades, including preparation for seasonal concerts, athletic half time entertainment, chapel performances and CMEA Festival competition

Music Theory • •

“0” hour music theory program as a part of the Music Performance Class for 6th through 12th grades including beginner, intermediate, and advanced theory instruction UC approved VPA course in Music Appreciation for 9th through 12th grade students offering instruction in music theory and annotation as well as comprehensive Music History

Elementary School • History of instrumental and vocal music instruction emphasizing elementary music theory and annotation • Development of the Afternoon Elementary School Performing Arts Program introducing, instructing, and developing vocal music (choir), drama, and dance for all students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

C o n ce r t ba n d

After School Enrichment • History of ad hoc offerings at various rates with instructors of various competencies for Elementary School students. • Development of a comprehensive program including performing arts instruction with vetted professionals teaching instrumental and vocal music, drama, and dance both corporately (class model) and privately (studio model) for K-12th grade students. Some of these offerings include piano, guitar, percussion, woodwind, brass, strings, and vocal instruction.


Valley Christian Schools 2012 Performing Arts Programs present

Evening Picnic ladie ’ s e n semble The Performing Arts Department of Valley Christian Schools proudly presents

rd of

Th e




VCS O utdoo

r Ba sk et

Ball C ourt | Thurs The Cr usader day, M Feat Choir, ay 24 Mixed Ensemb Band, and Da uring | 6:00 le, Band ncers, an PM , Drum d

“A heart is not measured by how much you love but how much you are loved by others.”

Th line an d Colo e Viking Choi rguard , Dancer r, Girl’s Ensemb le, s, and Drama.

w iz a rd o f oz

per f or m ing A R T S | P A G E 3 7


I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back. – Philippians 3:12-14 (The Message)



The mission of Valley Christian Athletics is to provide a sports environment that promotes spiritual, academic and athletic excellence. We are dedicated to “Pursuing Victory with Honor” by adhering to the rules of competition and modeling outstanding sportsmanship. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Scott Babinat athletic assistant Lori Umidon Main Office 925.560.6257

At Valley Christian, our goal is that every athlete will: • experience the love of God • discover how to function in a team environment • improve their individual and team skills • improve every time they go on the field (or court) of play • learn how to deal with competition in a positive manner • draw close to God through association with coaches and teammates


WOMENS SPORTS | Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball


MENS SPORTS | Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Wrestling Most Recent Team Accomplishments

Philippians 4:13 states,

2011-12 Varsity Football NCS Scholastic Award – Division 4

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.”

2011-12 Varsity Football NCS Division 4 Quarterfinalists

It is often stated that sports reveal character, and while that is true, at VCHS, we also strive to use athletics as a tool, to develop character and teach life lessons in the concepts of good teamwork and sportsmanship.” – Scott Babinat

2011-12 JV Football BFL Champions 2011-12 Girls Basketball BCL-E Champions 2011-12 Girls Basketball NCS Qualifiers 2011-12 Girls Softball BCL-E Champions 2011-12 Girls Softball NCS Qualifiers 2011-12 Boys Baseball BCL-E Champions 2011-12 Boys Baseball NCS Division 5 Runner Ups 2011-12 Boys Volleyball BCL-E Champions 2011-12 Boys Volleyball NCS Division 3 Runner Ups

C H A M P I O N S F O R L I F E | PA G E 3 9

Valley Christian Schools is a ministry of

View “A Sacred Trust,” the story of Valley Christian Schools, by scanning this code with a QR Reader application on your smart phone.

7500 Inspiration Drive Dublin, CA 94568 925.560.6262

Superintendent Report 2012  
Superintendent Report 2012  

Valley Christian Schools superintendent 2012 report.