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Program Highlights Honors Class Offerings

The Valley Christian Junior High School (VCJH) academic program includes nine different honors courses, as well as a strong and wide-ranging selection of elective classes. The typical student at VCJHS takes multiple honors courses during his/her time in junior high school. Students enrolled in at least one honors course: Sixth Grade 53%

Seventh Grade 65%

Eighth Grade 70%

Eighty-two percent of the VCJH graduates continuing to Valley Christian High School enroll in the VCHS Honors Program.

High School Class Equivalent Offerings VCJHS offers four courses that are equivalent to high school courses. They are: l Algebra I l Geometry l Biology l Spanish 1 Honors In addition, if a student completes Spanish 1A and Spanish 1B, this is also equivalent to one year of high school Spanish.

Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10) This is the standardized testing that measures student progress toward high academic achievement.

Sixth Grade


Reading Math Language Science Listening Thinking Skills TOTAL BATTERY * 10.5 means tenth grade, fifth month ** PHS - Post High School

10.5* 10.7 11.3 10.1 12.2 10.5 10.6

Seventh Grade

Reading Math Language Science Listening Thinking Skills TOTAL BATTERY

Eighth Grade 10.8 12.5 11.6 10.6 11.1 11.9 PHS

Reading Math Language Science Listening Thinking Skills TOTAL BATTERY

12.2 12.5 12.7 10.8 PHS ** PHS PHS

Valley Christian Junior High School was honored by being named the Intel School of Distinction - Star Innovator 2011 and the Intel School of Distinction - Middle School Mathematics Excellence 2011. The Intel Press Release states, “Intel sponsors the Schools of Distinction awards to honor schools for implementing innovative math and science programs and serving as models for other schools. Intel’s Schools of Distinction awards program honors K-12 schools that have some of the most successful educational programs in the country. Schools recognized for this award have demonstrated excellence in math and science education and their ability to promote students’ problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills, areas called 21st Century Skills by educators.” VCJHS’ 21st Century teachers are true innovators that are captured by the creative thinking and strategic initiatives. They are challenged to dream, innovate, and implement pioneering programs in their classrooms. Teachers utilize teaching skills such as differentiated instruction to address students’ varied learning styles, “inverted learning,” video presentations, and the inclusion of multiple forms of technology including a 3-D printer which is operated in the classroom environment to enhance student learning. Valley Christian Schools also became the first K-12 school in the nation to purchase an atomic force microscope, which can view and measure matter on a nanoscale. The powerful setup enables students to view, for instance, the binary coding on a CD, and see how it differs from the data on a DVD. Carlos Contreras, Intel’s U.S. Education Director, said judges were impressed with Valley Christian’s commitment to help students succeed “and nothing will get in the way.” He said, “The vision lives both inside and outside the school.”


Applied Math, Science, and Engineering Institute (AMSE) AMSE offers a K-12 grade pipeline of inspiration, instruction, and learning, producing innovative, global learners. Students may reach pre-algebra in sixth grade, algebra in seventh grade, and geometry in eighth grade or higher. This allows the students to participate in four years of advanced mathematics while in high school. Junior high science students may complete Earth Science in sixth grade, Physical Science in seventh grade, and high school Biology in eighth grade, allowing them to proceed with four years of advanced lab sciences in high school.

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way’s curriculum, Gateway to Technology (GTT) is an opportunity for Middle School students to experience the world of engineering. Through hands-on activities, projects and problembased learning, students discover what it is like to be an engineer. GTT-Basic: This class starts with the foundations of engineering: the design process. Students learn the basic of engineering sketching, modeling and multi-view drawings. They design their own furniture and progress to creating playground equipment. After learning about robotics and the associated systems, they use their new found skills to work collaboratively as a class, to create a conveyer line out of Fisher Technic parts that model the creation and packaging of a tool block. GTT-Advanced: Having learned the basics, these students branch out to survey the many fields of engineering including: Chemical, Electrical, Aerospace, and Environmental. From building rockets and launching them, to making glue the students explore all the fun and excitement that is engineering. The capstone of this class is the “Design Challenge”. As a class, students chose a product to innovate, and then move the product through the entire design process from concept to manufacturing.


PLTW classes engage the interest and energy of middle school students to explore how God designed the universe, then apply that knowledge to become creative innovators.

Science Club

Science Club students explore the character, nature and wisdom of God through science. Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences are studied while having fun. We start by asking questions, creating a hypothesis, and then finding ways to test our hypotheses. Science exploration is not limited to the school grounds as we will take our exploration of nature off campus for tours, talks, and travels in Silicon Valley. The culmination of our exploring will be our entries into the Synopsis Science Fair of Silicon Valley. Science Club is open to any student enrolled in Valley Christian Junior High School.

Junior High Math Club - Chi Alpha Mu

Our Junior High Math Club (JMHC) is chartered with Chi Alpha Mu (Creative Adventures in Mathematics) the National Junior High Mathematics Honors Society. JHMC received High Team Achievement with the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools. In addition, the JHMC received gold status with MATHCOUNTS. Our JHMC participates in local and nationally recognized math competitions ranging from the AMC 8 and the National Assessment Testing Center to the Santa Clara Valley Math Association. Math club is open to all Valley Christian Junior High students. Students are exposed to a variety of math activities and competitions. Our club is closely affiliated with Valley Christian’s High School club and participates in competitions at grade level along with the high school. Our clubs and associations have links to other nationally recognized institutions like the Johns Hopkins CTY and Stanford EPGY. We hope that by offering these activities, we can inspire students to want to learn more mathematics. Our club is a place where students can embrace the challenge of mathematics, develop their mathematical reasoning to a greater degree and discover their unique God-given talents to achieve their unique purposes in our Quest for Excellence.


GEM ST Girls in l Engineering l Math l Science l Technology


Girls in l Engineering l Math l Science l Technology

This is a club that is designed to inspire VCJH girls to discover what they can accomplish in the areas of Engineering, Math, Science and Technology. Through the use of hands-on labs and projects, this club hopes to encourage girls to expand their knowledge in these areas and to give them the confidence to follow their interests and explore their future career options. The club is open to all girls in grades six thought eight.

Annual Rube Goldberg Competition

VCJH has an annual Rube Goldberg Competition. Working in teams of two to four, students design and build a Rube Goldberg Machine that accomplishs a specific task. The machine utilizes at least ten different events using all six simple machine types. The machine must fit onto a 30 x 70 inch table top and be assembled and tested in under three hours. Each team submits a scaled drawing of their machine which accurately identifies each machine by type. Extra points may be earned for using more than ten events. Teams have the morning to assemble and test their machine before judging in the afternoon. Entries are judged on: technical difficulty, creativity, success, and team work. This competition is open to all junior high students.


Robotics/FIRST Lego League The Robotics Program at Valley Christian Schools was established to promote science, technology, engineering, teamwork, project management, and positive Christian attitudes. The Robotics Program sponsors the WarriorBots, a robotics competitive team. VCS has joined efforts with the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition Science and Technology) organization where students compete in a sports like environment inspiring young people to be science and technology leaders while engaged in exciting mentor-based programs. FIRST LEGO® League introduces students to real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. Students design, build, and program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology, apply real-world math and science concepts, research challenges facing today’s scientists, learn critical thinking, team-building, and presentation skills, and participate in tournaments and celebrations. WarriorBots Awards

2010 Local Tournament 1st Place Robot Design 2010 FLL State Championship 3rd Place Robot Design 2010 FLL Regional Champion’s Award 2009 Utility Patent Dual Purpose Wind Machine/Turbine 2009 FLL Regional 1st Place Champion’s Award 2009 FLL Level 1 Tournament 1st Place Robot Design 2009 FLL U.S. Open Championship 2nd Place Quality Robot Design 2009 FLL U.S. Open Championship Excellent Achievement Research Project 2008 FLL State Championship 2nd Place Overall Champion’s Award 2007 FLL State Championship 2nd Place Robot Design 2007 FLL Regional 1st Place Champion’s Award 2006 FLL State Championship 1st Place Research Project


Math The Junior High Math Department’s hope is that students will recognize the mathematical precision that is God’s world and more clearly understand the attributes of God’s character through the window of mathematics. The Junior High Math Department provides a comprehensive math program that encompasses all levels of ability, from grades sixth through eighth. The program offers honors level course at every grade level, with all math courses emphasizing critical thinking, problem solving, mathematical concepts/applications, and preparation for high school mathematics.


Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces is a web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course in order to determine the topics they are most ready to learn. This system also provides the advantages of one-on-one instruction, 24/7, from virtually any web-based computer for a fraction of the cost of a human tutor. ALEKS also provides the advantages of oneon-one instruction, 24/7, from virtually any web-based computer for a fraction of the cost of a human tutor.

Intel Schools of Distinction Middle School Mathematics

Valley Christian Junior High School was awarded the honor of being named the Intel School of Distinction for Middle School Mathematics. This award is granted by the Intel School of Distinction to the school demonstrating a mathematics environment and curricula that meets or exceeds benchmarks put forth by the national mathematics content standards. The VCJH math program was especially recognized for demonstrating excellence in math education through innovative teaching and learning environments in this nationwide contest.


Math Map Sixth Grade

Math 6

Seventh Grade

Math 7

Eighth Grade

Pre Algebra

Pre Algebra

Algebra I

Pre Algebra

Algebra I


Algebra I


HS Algebra II

Highly qualified students who have successfully completed the prerequisites, may enroll in higher level math courses.

High School

Three years of high school math are required for graduation.

Freshman HS Plan 1




Algebra I, or Accelerated Algebra I

Geometry, or Honors Geometry

Algebra II, or Honors Algebra II

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics

HS Plan 2

Geometry, or Honors Geometry

Algebra II, or Honors Algebra II

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics

AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics

HS Plan 3

Algebra II, or Honors Algebra II

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics, Multi-Variable Calculus

HS Plan 4

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics, Multi-Variable Calculus

Trig/PreCalc, Trig/PreCalc AB, Honors Trig PreCalc BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Finite Math, Statistics, AP Statistics, Multi-Variable Calculus


Science Students experience many hands-on labs in the junior high’s own science laboratory classrooms. This may include building models of DNA, atoms, and animal cells. In studying the effects of force, they may build pinewood derby cars or even middle age trebuchets. Students have the opportunity to view samples at the molecular level in Valley Christian’s own NanoTechnology Microscopy Laboratory featuring two scanning probe microscopes. Students analyze DNA through DNA electrophoresis analysis, and may also treasure hunt using handheld GPS units. VCS’s junior high science curriculum reaches all levels of students, from the very advanced scientific minds to the very young scientists of the sixth grade.


eCYBERMISSION is a web-based science, math, and technology competition for students. The competition promotes self-discovery and enables all students to recognize the real-life applications of science, math, and technology. Students compete for regional and national awards while working to solve problems in their community. Teams can choose one of four Mission Challenges: l Sports & Recreation l Environment


l Scenario Challenge l Health & Safety

This year, more than 12,000 students registered for eCYBERMISSION and 2,005 teams submitted their research for scoring. Now in its seventh year, eCYBERMISSION has awarded more than $6.8 million in U.S. EE Savings Bonds in support of the science, math, and technology leaders of tomorrow. Since its inception, more than 58,000 students from across the country, in U.S. territories and Department of Defense Education Activity schools worldwide have participated in the competition.

Bold = Grade Level

Science Map Seventh Grade Life Science Physical Science

JH - Plan 1 JH - Plan 2 JH - Plan 3

Eighth Grade Physical Science Life Science

High School HS Plan 1, 2, or 3 HS Plan 1, 2, or 3


HS Plan 3 or 4

(Concurrent Enrollment in Algebra I required)

Physical Science

(Concurrent Enrollment in Algebra I required)

(Concurrent Enrollment in Geometry required)

High School

Two years of high school science are required for graduation.





HS Plan 1

Physical Science


Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, or Biotechnology

Optional 4th year

HS Plan 2



AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, Honors Physics, or AP Physics

AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, Honors Physics, or AP Physics

HS Plan 3

Honors Biology

Honors Chemistry

AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, or Honors Physics

AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Physics, or AP Physics

HS Plan 4

Honors Chemistry

AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Physics, or AP Physics

AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Physics, or AP Physics

AP Biology, Biotechnology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, or Honors Physics

Science placement is based on the successful completion of the prerequisite course, assessment scores, and teacher recommendation. In junior high, students are still maturing in their ability to understand more abstract concepts. We diligently try not to place a student in a course for which he or she is not ready. Students being offered a position and choosing to enroll in an honors class will be required to sign a contract agreeing to meet the class standards as stipulated in the contract.


English “Learning that Lasts” is the goal of the English Department at VCJH. Each grade level is committed to reinforcing and building on the skills of the previous grade; therefore, grammar rules are taught not only to be memorized but applied in creative and expository writings. Literature is taught not only to be comprehended but to be analyzed for theme and beauty of language. The excellent content and enthusiastic participation of students in creative writing has earned the English Department the title of “School of Distinction” by Creative Communication Organization and has the students works published in Celebrate, a creative writing publication. The Writing Proficiency Test is a graduation requirement for all eighth graders. The test involves writing a five paragraph persuasive essay on a current issue. The topic is given to students on the day of the test, and, in spite of the rigorous requirements, it is passed by 100 percent of the students. Through the writing program, participation in activities such as the ACSI Speech Meet, and the Shakespeare Festival, students learn to be confident communicators to defend a position or share their faith in the community.


History The VCJH Social Science department engages students in the events and meaning of history using a variety of innovative experiences that enhance learning. Through the use of simulated historical events and technology, students are challenged to “walk in another’s shoes” as they learn about people and cultures of a different time. Teachers strive to reveal to students the hand of God and His divine plans in the events of the world’s history. From Creation through World War II; Mesopotamia to America; through kings and empires to democracy, our staff, with over 50 years of combined educational experience, reveal God’s work in the lives of those we study. The department incorporates field trips to places such as the de Young Museum, The Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose City Hall, and The Santa Clara Superior Court to provide students a “hands-on” approach to education. Our annual eighth grade trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York, averages over 150 students who observe the qualities of our great nation first hand. Project-based learning is reinforced through presentations, art projects, video presentations, and podcasts. The department is a member of the National Council of the Social Sciences and has participated in national projects such as the National Student Parent Mock Election, the National Geo Bee and the State History Bowl.


Bible Our overall goal is for students to develop, grow, and sustain an ongoing personal relationship with God. Each Bible class at VCJH features a distinctive study of a portion of the Bible. Students learn practical application from studying and memorizing God’s Word. We also offer a course titled Introduction to Bible at the sixth and seventh grade levels. This course is designed to give students a firm foundation in developing a Christian worldview. Since we recognize the Bible to be God’s spoken word to us, all junior high teachers integrate biblical principles in the courses they teach. Students learn to filter all they encounter through the lens of biblical truth. In addition, we are committed to actually live out our faith in practical ways; students are challenged to participate in many service and mission-minded projects during the school year. These projects include national and international outreach such as Operation Christmas Child, Grace Public School in India, World Vision-AIDS Kits for Africa, Second Harvest Food Bank, City Team, and Teen Challenge. Students are encouraged to attend Prayer Club, sponsored by the Leadership class. Prayer Club is an opportunity for students to gather and pray for each other. Attendance to weekly chapel is a highlight of the week and features a challenging speaker and wonderful student-led worship time. Two major Spiritual Emphasis Weeks occur yearly as part of the chapel programming. In addition, all eighth graders are invited to participate in eighth grade Breakaway. This is an annual time set aside during the school week when students “break” away to a retreat setting in the Santa Cruz Mountains to enjoy a time of bonding, spiritual renewal, and commitment. 13

Physical Education The Valley Christian Physical Education Department, in partnership with PE4Life and Polar technology, challenges students to make regular exercise part of their daily routine. During the past decade, many concerns have surfaced regarding the health of today’s youth and the effects of physical inactivity. Therefore, our focus in PE has turned to fitness and wellness, allowing all students, regardless of athletic ability, to become interested about their personal health and well-being. Physical Education incorporates technology tools so students can develop personal responsibility through self-assessments. With these tools, students are able to set goals appropriate to their individual fitness levels and check their progress as they move forward. These assessments are based on the five components of fitness: • Cardiovascular Endurance • Muscle Strength/Endurance • Blood Pressure • Body Composition • Flexibility In addition to our fitness and wellness, each student is introduced to our 15 major units of activity which include: • Swimming/Water Polo • Aerobics • Lacrosse • Team Handball • Soccer • Ultimate Frisbee • Flag Football • Street Hockey • Track & Field • Badminton • Basketball • Broom Ball • Softball • Health • Volleyball


Technology/ Video VCJH students are blessed with a high level technology department. Along with the basic computing skills classes, students have the opportunity to take classes in 3D Animation, 3D Game Design, Video Production and Video Journalism. Each course utilizes professional level equipment and software. Typing/Computer Applications: This course teaching the important computing skill all students will need to be successful students from junior high through college. Students will learn basic keyboarding, how to use the Microsoft Office Suite, how to successfully utilize the internet, how to format MLA papers, and many 21st century educational tools. 3D Animation: Junior High students are blessed with the opportunity to learn 3D Animation using Autodesk MAYA. Student will create virtual sets and characters. Student will learn how to animate their characters with a final project to create a short cartoon from script to screen. 3D Animation II: This class will continue teaching the skills of Autodesk MAYA, focusing on dynamics, fields, and advanced animation techniques. 3D Game Design: Using MAYA and Unreal Development Kit students will learn how to create an interactive environment for computer gaming. Students will learn the entire process of Game Design from concept, to testing, to final production. Video Projects: Students in this class will learn how to use professional level cameras and Final Cut Pro to plan, film and produce various video projects. Students also study film to understand how this important art form can be used to influence the world.


Video Journalism: Students in this class will learn how to use professional level cameras and a professional production system to produce the schools daily news program that is broadcast to all classes.

Video Journalism’s New Control Room

VCJH’s Voice has just installed a new professional video production system. Students will be learning how to use a NewTech Tricaster 300. The Tricaster 300 is a network-quality HD/ SD live production system. The 13-channel switcher gives complete control to broadcast, live stream, project and record multi-definition productions simultaneously. It contains 15 HD live virtual sets and advanced matte generation to achieve the look of a network-style studio in a limited space, allowing our students to deliver a network quality production to each classroom in the school.

Technology Equipment Specifications: • The main computer lab has 25 MacPro Computers running dual platforms. • The labs access the Internet using T-1 Internet connections. • The VCJH has four mobile laptop labs that can be moved from classroom to classroom as needed. • Video classes utilize professional-level cameras and equipment. • All technology/video classes utilize software that is considered industry standard.


Conservatory of the Arts Dance/Theatre Arts gh Music gh Visual Arts Valley Christian Junior High School offers a full range of visual and performing arts classes in Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre. Being part of the Arts at VCJH allows both budding artists on a lifelong creative quest and students just wanting to explore their gifts, a chance to see what they could be. Students are given exceptional performance and educational opportunities along with field trips and travel for some groups.

Dance Arts •

Students are offered jazz dance and advanced dance classes in a fully equipped dance studio. All classes are taught from a Christian perspective, training dancers in technique, style, dance history, choreography, worship, and evangelism. Students perform two annual dance concerts.

Theatre • • •


Theatre courses offer opportunities to learn acting, lighting, make-up, sound, and stage management. The junior high has its own 90-seat theatre with lighting and sound but at times will use the high school state-of-the-art, 196-seat theatre with a fly gallery, scene shop, and full lighting and sound capabilities. Three major productions are conducted each year.

Music All Conservatory groups perform at community events, concerts at top venues, and competitive festivals throughout the school year. • Band classes offer instrumental instruction for every skill level. Students are placed in one of four classes based on audition. • Marching Band and Color Guard students are taught the skills needed to perform as a unit during their VCJH concert band class. The groups combine to make a parade band that marches down Main Street in Disneyland during the annual band trip. • Strings offer two levels of performing groups, including harps. Field trips take place to enrich the student’s musical experience. • Jazz is taught in Studio Band. This ensemble develops performance skills in jazz, world beat, and contemporary music styles. The award-winning VCJH Studio Band performs at festivals, concerts, and school functions. • Quest Choir offers students the opportunity to explore their vocal gifts in a choral setting, while emphasizing the art of blending and harmonizing with others in the group. • Piano instruction is offered in keyboard lab. Group lessons are taught with attention given to the individual student’s skill level.


Visual Arts • •


Photography classes offer a truly unique combination of digital photography and Adobe Photoshop editing program. You can view some of the student photos by going to csimpson. Valley Christian Junior High has a kiln on campus to facilitate the Clay Projects class. Students learn the fun of clay, including firing and glazing. Each year we take a field trip to a local clay studio to experience an outdoor firing called “Raku.” • What could be more fun and challenging than creating your school yearbook? Students take the pictures, create the pages, and write the memories for their classmates. • Art Foundations is an art class for exploration of a variety of mediums. Students explore pencil, pen, paint, and print as we work through the elements and principles of art. In the spring, we show our work at the school-wide Festival of the Arts.

Foreign Language The goal of the foreign language courses at VCJHS is to introduce students to a new language and culture in a way that is exciting, challenging, and fun. Currently, junior high students may choose from three different levels of Spanish. Spanish electives are open to all grades, and each course includes games, skits, hands-on activities, and cultural celebrations. All Spanish students also have the opportunity to supplement their speaking and listening skills on Rosetta Stone both at home and in the classroom. In addition to preparing students for future language learning, coursework at VCJHS offers students the opportunity to test out of Spanish 1 at Valley Christian High School, enabling students to get a “head start� on their high school studies.

Foreign Language Map Junior High Course(s) Track 1 Track 2 Track 3

Spanish 1B (1 year) Spanish 1A (1 year) Spanish 1 Honors (1 year) Spanish 1A (1 year)

Course to enter in grade 9 Spanish II * Spanish II * Spanish I

Track 1: Recommended for all sixth and seventh grade students. Track 2: Recommended for motivated seventh and eighth graders. Track 3: Recommended for any student who would like a fun introduction to Spanish before entering high school. This track does not prepare students to enter Spanish II. * To enter Spanish II as freshmen, students must earn a passing grade (C or higher) on a final placement exam. 20

PowerSchool PowerSchool is a program that provides parents with access to their child’s grades, attendance records, discipline records, and the school announcements. It is an internet-based system that provides for real-time management of student data within a user-friendly environment. Parents also have the opportunity to sign up for automatic email alerts, which provide such information as grades, assignments, and/or attendance information, sent to you via email at user-specific intervals.


Learn@VCS is our student portal to their teachers websites. Teachers will post their lesson plans, homework, and syllabi on this portal. Teachers may also post additional resources for their students, video lessons, or online assignments. This portal will also give student direct access to their school email, google docs, and google calendar features.


Warriorlife (aka Google Apps for Education) is our suite of online student productivity and collaboration tools. Each student uses a unique account to access email, calendar, and documents. 21

Student Support The Student Support Center exists to provide needed support for students with a variety of needs at Valley Christian Junior High School. In partnership with parents and teachers, VCJH students are given support when needs arise. Students involved with Student Support for academic intervention are held accountable to use their Student Planner effectively, complete homework, and turn assignments on time. Periodic accountability checkups include examination of current grades and communication with teachers and parents. The Student Support Center also provides guidance and support in social, emotional, and spiritual issues as it relates to their education at VCJH. We work closely with the junior high faculty and administration to promote an optimum experience for attending students. We offer resources for meeting a variety of needs. Student Support is a safe and confidential place for all.

Kurzweil Educational Systems

We offer research-based assistive technology to provide qualifying students help for reading teacher-created tests. Kurzweil Educational Technology provides visual and audio assistance to students who struggle with literacy or attentive issues. The school library provides the space for individuals to access the computers for taking tests at no cost to parents. The junior high also has web licensing for using the technology at home for reading textbooks which are in CD Rom format. All who qualify may check with the school librarian about a check out plan for the year.

Test Center

We are pleased with the addition of a Test Center this school year. A qualified test proctor is present during the hours of 7:20 am – 3:00 pm during the school week. With the help of their teacher, students may make up a missed test at a designated time. The test center is a quiet, clean space for students to make up or even finish a test in a timely manner. 22

Athletic Team Offerings Fall

(August - October) Flag Football - sixth grade Flag Football - seventh grade Flag Football - eighth grade Girls Volleyball - sixth grade Girls Volleyball - seventh grade Girls Volleyball - eighth grade Girls Softball - sixth-eighth combined Cross Country - sixth-eighth combined

Spring 1

Winter 1

(October - December) Girls Basketball - seventh grade Girls Basketball - eighth grade Wrestling - sixth-eighth combined

Winter 2

(November - February) Boys and Girls Basketball - sixth grade Boys Basketball - seventh grade Boys Basketball - eighth grade

(February - April) Soccer - sixth-eighth combined Volleyball - sixth-eighth combined

Spring 2

(April - May) Track and Field - sixth-eighth combined Tennis - sixth-eighth combined Golf - sixth-eighth combined 23

Admissions Thank you for your interest in Valley Christian Junior High School. We believe that prayer is a vital part of selecting and applying to the right school. We will be praying for you and your family as you consider the future education of your young person, and we trust you will seek God’s guidance as well. To help you better understand the application process and the most helpful ways to experience just what our dynamic school has to offer, please note the following: ADMISSIONS AND PLACEMENT TESTING is required for all new incoming students. Completed application packets are submitted to VCJH prior to the placement testing and personal interview. The test covers math, language, reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, and Bible knowledge. The testing fee is included in the application fee. Additional fees are charged if a student requires special testing. Testing may be scheduled by calling the Junior High Registrar. PERSONAL INTERVIEWS are required for all incoming students prior to acceptance. A personal interview of the student and parents with one of our administrators, teachers, or counselors is a key part of admission to VCJH. The interview typically takes 30 minutes. It is important that the viewing of the VCJH DVD is seen prior to scheduling the personal interview. Notification of student placement decisions will be mailed within the week after the interview. CAMPUS TOURS are available on Tuesdays or Thursdays by calling the Junior High Registrar, (408) 513-2471 or emailing PROSPECTIVE STUDENT SHADOWING takes place by appointment scheduled by the Junior High Registrar. We make every effort to pair a VCJH student who participates in activities or subjects that match the interests of your child. An application must be on file to schedule a shadow date. Final decisions for admission are made upon the completion of all application materials and personal interview. We will not keep you waiting for months! Available spaces will fill up quickly. The sooner you complete the application process, the sooner we will be able to contact you regarding placement of your child. Please feel free to call (408-513-2471) or email ( if you have any questions. We trust you will find Valley Christian Junior High School and its caring faculty and staff a perfect fit for your child during the coming school year.


Valley Voices - Students Valley Christian Junior High is a place where smiles can be seen, dreams can be accomplished, and God is put first. Here at VCJH, diversity is accepted and embraced as any student has the opportunity to express his or her gifts and talents in a way that is pleasing to Christ. - Maddie, grade 8 Valley Christian Schools has taught me life skills and has brought me closer to God. Unlike most schools, Valley Christian not only has given me the academics that I need, but has taught me lessons for my life. The teachers are willing and eager to help me with any problems I have. Valley Christian has helped shape me into the person I am today. - Tanisha, grade 7 I like that the teachers at Valley Christian allow us students to understand why we work hard, and how it will affect our lives in the future. I like that our curricular activities help us to learn more and prepare us for the newer economy. - James, grade 8 I like how VCJH has allowed me to grow in my academics as well as in my faith. The teachers here are wonderful and attentive to all our learning needs. Valley is a great place to go to school! - Nicolas, grade 7 I enjoy going to Valley Christian because there is a sense of opportunity. All of the academics and electives make it feel like a place where we can succeed and learn in a loving Christian way. - Katelyn, grade 8

Valley Christian has helped me grow in faith through the chapels, students, and teachers. Every person at this school is here to support you and be with you. Valley Christian is a very devoted Christian environment, and this school is the best thing that has ever happened to me! - Kara, grade 7


What I like the most about Valley Christian School is that the students can enter into competitions such as the Math Olympics or the join the Math Club. The great thing about these opportunities, is that there is not an excessive amount of competition to be first as much as challenging ourselves to be better. - Chris, grade 8

Valley Voices - Parents Parent Comments from the annual survey: Every person in the JH office is always helpful and informative. Over the past seven years, they have been friendly and informative anytime I needed help. The junior high has an excellent staff, which is always helpful to parents. They couldn’t do a better job taking care of our kids and representing the school in a positive way. Parent notes to the teachers and staff of Valley Christian Junior High School: Thank you for your enthusiasm, caring attitude, and your willingness to make sure our kids have a great junior high experience centered in Christ. Each one of you has touched our children in special ways, and encouraged them along the way to utilize their gifts. Our son started VCS for the first time this year (grade 7). From the moment we first stepped foot on campus, my husband and I could “feel” the love and support of the VCS community. We feel the same way each time we come back for an event. I’m sure our son must experience that daily. Thank you all so much for preparing our son for the best possible life. Thank you so much for the nurturing instruction, and positive attitude you bring to your work as Valley Christian staff and teachers. Yours truly is a “purpose driven life.” It’s not always a piece of cake administering to and teaching our hormonal middle schoolers. Please know how much you are appreciated and how much we trust you with our kids. The Christian education you provide will be a key component of the moral and ethical foundation our kids will have as adults. Every day you spend with our kids, provides them with a wonderful education academically and spiritually. Thank you for your patience, guidance, and compassion. We thank the Lord everyday for having all of you in our kids’ lives. Thank you for being good role models. What a blessing it has been for our kids to attend Valley Christian.


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:11-13

Bible verses are inscribed on Valley Christian Schools facilities to invite guests to seriously consider the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Click on “Gospel Message” at for more information, or you are invited to call (408) 513-2500 to speak personally with the VCS Chaplain or a VCS teacher, coach, or administrator. VCS is founded on Christian values as found in the Bible and reflected in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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