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SPIRITUAL FORM OVERVIEW Spiritual Formation is a pathway and a process to help people grow in their relationship with God. Through interactions with Christian mentors, campus pastors, chaplains, biblical teaching, and meaningful life experiences, VCHS graduates can define and live out their own faith both on our campus and in the community. Alongside a student’s educational journey, we seek to foster the values of wisdom, honor, courage and sacrifice, which we call ‘the Way of the Warrior’. For our students, the Way of the Warrior is about personal formation on their journey towards graduation. Our goal for every student, is the desire to be formed into the likeness of Jesus, allowing us to reflect His love, and grace to others around the world. We will encourage our students to grow in their Christian faith or be willing to give Jesus a fair hearing.


MATION BIBLE DEPARTMENT VCHS offers students the opportunity to deepen their faith, relationship, and understanding of God as part of our holistic education journey. We believe a relationship with Jesus is transformative personally, communally, and globally. Through Bible classes, weekly chapels, mentoring, service opportunities and biblical integration in every aspect of our programs and courses, students are challenged to grow in faith, character and love for others on their Quest for Excellence. We believe that the message of salvation and life in Jesus Christ will transform the lives of our students, our culture, and our world. With this in mind, the Valley Christian High School Bible Department desires to minister to the whole student in each one’s journey with God by teaching the truths found in the Bible, loving the individual, and holding students accountable while encouraging and empowering them to be people of influence.

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“Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” ~Luke 2:52 5

BIBLE COURSE OFFERINGS Christianity & Leadership This course introduces students to a biblical understanding of God and His desire to have a relationship with all people. Questions such as, “Who is God?”, “What is God like?”, and “What has God done?” challenge students to examine cultural views of Christianity in order to develop an informed and personal view of the Christian faith. To understand the foundations of this faith, an emphasis is placed on how the historical events in scripture foreshadow and point towards the need for the Savior: Jesus Christ. This yearlong course also focuses on preparing VCHS students to be leaders on the VCHS campus, in their specific VCS programs, and in their general life circumstances. The leadership curriculum trains students in the practical value of personal responsibility and capability for growth in all areas of life: from managing homework and relationships to wise financial stewardship. Students will leave the course with confidence that with the help of the Holy Spirit in their lives, they are empowered to affect positive change for themselves and for the world around them.

Wisdom for Leaders Semester 1: Wisdom for Leaders prepares VCHS students to be leaders on the campus, both in their specific VCS programs and in their general life circumstances. This course uses the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs, in conjunction with leadership curriculum, to train students in the practical value of personal responsibility and capability for growth in all areas of life: from managing homework and relationships to wise financial stewardship. Students will leave this course with confidence that with the help of the Holy Spirit in their lives, they are empowered to affect positive change for themselves and for the world around them. Semester 2: This semester is purposed to inform students on the big picture questions about the Bible. Questions like, “What does it mean that the Bible is God’s word?”, “Does the Bible have any errors in it?”, “How do we know if the Bible is literal or metaphorical?” will help students to have a more circumspect understanding of the value of the Bible in today’s world. After overviewing the types of literature found in the Bible and interpretation methods, students will apply this knowledge to various Old Testament scriptures.


New Testament Studies This course examines the books of the New Testament. Students study the historical and cultural significance surrounding the life of Christ and the beginning of the Christian church. By analyzing the works and teachings of Jesus, students see how those impacted the first century and modern Christianity. Students will also study

the doctrines of the New Testament and how those truths can change lives in today’s culture. They compare and contrast our culture with what scripture says about the nature of reality, how to endure in trying times, and how to develop and maintain healthy relationships.


Christian Practice & Belief This course introduces students to the distinctive practices Christians pursue to live out and deepen their faith, as well as the core doctrines that articulate Christian belief. Through the year we will focus on twelve disciplines of the Christian life, studying their biblical roots, historical development, and conceptual rationale, but also experientially engaging each discipline and reflecting on those experiences to pursue growth. Alongside this, we will also conduct an overview of core Christian doctrines, focusing especially on the theology of Paul in his New Testament letters, distilling his thought into a conceptual outline of the Christian faith.

Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Religion serves as an introduction to logic and also answers the question, “Are there good reasons to believe any religion (specifically Christianity) is actually true?” The goal of this course is for students to use appropriate philosophical logic in giving a culturally relevant, sound, and objective defense of their beliefs. Students achieve this through examining the basics of logic itself, recent arguments for and against the existence of God, the resurrection of Jesus, the historical accuracy of the Bible, and other major topics relating to Christian truth. Challenging students to consider how issues of character and communication may help or hinder the defense of their belief, this course also lays the philosophical foundation for asking the same difficult questions of other religions in the course World Religions.

World Religions World Religions is designed to give students the structure to help organize their thoughts and enable them to make intelligent judgments about different philosophical claims. It focuses on the major world religions and how each answers philosophical questions related to the meaning of life. Some of the questions included relate to views on ethics, the nature of the external world, the nature of man, the role of the mind, and views of knowledge. Students are introduced to each faith through their texts and by advocates of each tradition (via pre- recorded interviews). They then have the opportunity to evaluate the philosophical claims of each religion through discussions, essays, and their final project.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” ~Deuteronomy 6:5

BIBLE COURSE OFFERINGS CONTINUED Service Learning: Mentoring VCHS Service Learning classes are designed for students to practice leadership skills and a servant mentality as they connect with on campus opportunities for service. Specifically, the Service Learning: Mentoring course offers leadership growth practice in assisting faculty members, mentoring fellow students through peer tutoring, and mentoring freshmen through mentorship groups. Biblical principles guide the motivation and the leadership lessons such that students understand and live out God’s desire to notice and take action on behalf of their neighbors.

Service Learning: Missions This yearlong course is designed for students to practice leadership skills with an attitude of service as they engage in practical opportunities to that minister to the needs of specific cultures and communities. Students will study the past and present socio-economic, political, and spiritual climates of these communities and consider ways of providing service that will make a positive and lasting impact. Students will be educated in the logistics behind planning a short-term mission trip. This course also examines the historical accounts of missionaries, especially in the last century, emphasizing what God is doing in our world today.


Service Learning: Outreach This yearlong course is designed for students to practice leadership skills and a servant mentality as they connect VCHS with opportunities to assess and minister to the needs of the community surrounding our campus. Much of our work is through partnership with local schools. Components of study included are: the study of child development and lesson planning; Biblical prayer and evangelism; researching the effects of prayer on historical Christian revivals and missions; the study and practice of leadership skills; and the application of prayer evangelism. This last component will include the practical application of the class as they participate in and plan activities, tutor, and host a kids club on the local elementary school campuses.

Service Learning: Justice This course is designed for students to practice leadership skills and a servant mentality as they connect VCHS with opportunities to work for justice in their communities. God is a God of justice (Micah 6:8), and this class is an avenue for students to move beyond charity to advocate for justice from a biblical perspective. While students study the concept of God’s kingdom and God’s design for the role of humanity in the earth, they create real life opportunities for both themselves and others on their campus to live out the concepts of justice, mission, giving, service, and compassion. Students will also consider the difference in perspective between good works without God, good works for God, and good works with God.


CHAPEL Chapel is an opportunity for every student to pause from their busy academic schedules and be encouraged or challenged each week. Chapel includes engaging music, relevant teaching, reflections on Scripture, and prayer. The Office of Spiritual Formation crafts the teaching calendar throughout the year to meet the experiences of young adulthood by rooting oneself in the good news of Jesus, Scripture and community. Chapel is one of the many ways our students are encouraged to lead, serve, and impact their communities beyond graduation. •

Weekly Chapel with lessons brought by the Ministry Team

Bi-annual Spiritual Emphasis Weeks gives students the opportunity to learn from Christ-centered speakers specifically designed to cultivate the lifelong journey of following Jesus

CONNECTION GROUPS All VCHS students are placed into a Connection Group each year. Connection groups provide an intimate setting of 20-30 students to ponder difficult questions and seek biblical answers under the guidance of their Connection Group Staff Leader. Connection Groups meet every other week during chapel time. Quote from Student: “One of my favorite things in my week is getting together with my Connection Group. I love that it’s a small group of friends who I can trust to share my life with - the good and the bad. It’s so nice to have an extra layer of support each week.”


SERVICE All students have a yearly requirement to perform twenty-five hours of community service. We encourage our students to serve and impact their local and global communities, both for today and for the future.

SERVICE PROJECTS Community Service VCHS connects students with outside communities to help foster transformative, Christ-modeled relationships. Through these relationships, students learn to care for and encourage others in hopes that they will develop a lifelong desire for service and a heart of compassion and love. We accomplish this goal through outreach classes, service clubs, and community service requirements. Here are a few of the places our students serve: Loaves and Fishes, San Jose Family Shelter, Second Harvest, City Team, Sacred Heart, and Beautiful Day.

Service Learning: Outreach VCHS students serve the community during the school day through the Junior University Program. Our students invest their time and knowledge by tutoring and developing relationships with students at local underserved public elementary schools. Since the program began, the API STAR results of Hellyer Elementary School have increased over 100 points. Not only do our students tutor these children during the school day, but they also run two after-school programs, Kids Club and Lighthouse Initiative, which enhance the elementary schools’ academic, artistic, and athletic development.

Community Service Requirement The Valley Christian High School community service requirement is an integral part of all Bible courses. Students must complete ten hours of community service prior to the end of the first semester, and the remaining fifteen hours prior to the end of the second semester. Ten hours must be completed with a Christ-centered church, and the remaining fifteen hours with a nonprofit organization or a Christ-centered church.


MISSION TRIPS IMPACT PROGRAM In addition to providing award-winning academics, arts, and athletics programs, VCHS offers students the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love through our IMPACT Mission Trip program. IMPACT’s goal is to transform students as they learn, loving and serving our cities, our nation, and our world. Trips abroad include Seattle, Appalachia, Alaska, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, South Africa, Liberia, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Through acts of service like building projects, working with local refugees, or teaching children a new skill, students experience personal victories, spiritual transformation, and softened hearts. This local and global perspective allows students to use their unique, God-given abilities and talents beyond the classroom. As they are the hands and feet of Christ, our students learn that we are more alike than we are different. Students realize they impact the global community with their selfless service.


“And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” ~Micah 6:8


PARENT INVOLVEMENT Parents are a welcome and valued part of our Warrior Community, and one of the best ways to strengthen your student’s spiritual journey is by getting involved with other parents to form a strong network of support.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~Proverbs 22:6


PRAYER INTERCESSORS Members of the VCS community gather weekly to pray for our students, faculty, and staff. If you would like to join our faithful prayer teams, please contact our lead prayer intercessor, Patty Favet, pfavet@vcs.net.

MEET PTPF (PARENT-TEACHER PRAYER FELLOWSHIP) Think of it like the PTA but better! Each year our PTPF parents spread love and encouragement throughout each campus. Many parents say that their friendships in PTPF have lasted throughout their child’s school years and even after graduation. Keep an eye out for PTPF communications from your campus at the beginning of the year to sign-up, or contact your campus directly. High School Contact: Jean Mitchell, jmitchell@vcs.net, (408) 513-2425


MISSION STATEMENT Valley Christian Schools’ mission is to provide a nurturing environment offering quality education supported by a strong foundation of Christian values in partnership with parents, equipping students to become leaders to serve God, to serve their families, and to positively impact their communities and the world. VISION STATEMENT A world where every student pursues their personal Quest for Excellence™.


FOUNDING STATEMENT Valley Christian Schools supports the homes and churches of students in providing an education that is grounded in the Judeo-Christian values of the Bible, as reflected in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Valley Christian Schools is committed to a Quest for Excellence™ in all of its educational programs, and provides a comprehensive kindergarten through twelfth grade curriculum with a rigorous college preparatory program. Firmly founded on Christian values, Valley Christian Schools challenges youth to aspire toward lives of character, service and influence while pursuing their individual Quests for Excellence. valleychristian



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