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The journey of alumni Pastor Steven Dang (’02)

MISSIONS AT VCS An inside look at our missions programs

SPACE: THE NEXT EDUCATIONAL FRONTIER How students in the ISS program are reaching for the stars

Valley Vision | Winter 2017 Valley Christian Schools | San Jose, CA









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Welcome to the Valley Vision Impact.” banners showcasing our students around the campuses. For us, those are more than mere words, but a call to action for our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families. Our





highlights the mission of VCS, to not only give students a comprehensive Christian education, but also to prepare them to lead lives of character, service, and influence. Our school aims to create partnerships with parents, collectively equipping our students to lead, serve, and impact their communities and the world, making a difference for eternity. Not only do we teach students about the importance of servant leadership, but we also provide students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to impact those around them. I am happy to reintroduce the Valley Vision

The Quest Institute for Quality Education is

magazine to our community in an effort to

the conduit through which we live out that

reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and

mission as an organization, and one you’ll be

look forward to the amazing things God has

hearing more about in the coming months and

for us in the future. We hope that you are

in the pages of this magazine.

inspired by the stories of God at work through

I’ve often said that vision is getting a glimpse

our community, encouraged by our students’

of what God wants to do, and I personally

accomplishments, and energized to continue

cannot wait for you to catch a glimpse of what

to partner with us.

our amazing students, staff, faculty, alumni,

If you have been on campus this school year,

and the entire VCS community are doing as

you will have seen our new “Lead. Serve.

we strive together in our Quest for Excellence.


Our annual Homecoming weekend was filled with alumni, student, and family festivities, culminating in a 28-7 win for our varsity football team against Bellarmine.

FALL RO Congratulations to our junior high robotics team, the “WarriorBots,� for earning the Champions Award and competing in the Northern California District Championship!

Preparing for the 3rd Annual President’s Business Challenge coming up in May, our students met with mentors from some of the top venture capitalist companies in the Bay Area.

OUNDUP All of our campuses got into the holiday spirit, filling December with activities to keep the season merry and bright!

VCES partnered with CityTeam Ministries to provide thousands of turkeys to those in need on Thanksgiving with their annual “Turkey Drive.�


Back to the Beginning BY PASTOR STEVE DANG (‘02)

concluded that God had abandoned me. He wasn’t real, or didn’t care. I had As a 2002 graduate of VCHS and

If someone had told me in the fall of 1998 that one day I would come back to Valley Christian as the junior high and high school Spiritual Emphasis Week speaker, I wouldn’t have believed it.

given up on God.

now a Pastor at Calvary Church of Los

But He did not give up on me.

Gatos, I was excited to return to my

I applied to Valley Christian High

alma mater to share my journey with

School still full of anger towards

the students, which happened to start

God and even Christians—I made it

right where they were sitting in the

my personal mission to ridicule and

Skyway campus gym.

mock anyone with religious beliefs. I

By the time I was in sixth grade, I

distinctly remember my admissions’

had watched my grandmother, aunt,

counselor, Mr. Wessling, telling me

and father all die of cancer. But it was

over the phone, “I don’t know why we

when my sister was diagnosed with

should accept you, but I get the feeling

that same cancer that I prayed the most

that we should.”

honest prayer I had ever prayed: “Lord, if You are real, save my sister.” When she passed away three days later, I

07 Buddhist, I believed I could make God has been with me. I wanted every student to know, regardless of what they have been through or where they have come from, that it is okay to be here, wherever they’re at. My hope was to invite students to open their hearts It wasn’t until my junior year that it

to the One who desires to meet them,

became clear that God had a reason for

right where they are, and consider the

bringing me to VCHS. I was sitting in

possibility of a relationship with a

the gym for Spiritual Emphasis Week

God, who has a reason and a purpose

when suddenly, I felt as if all the anger

for their attendance at Valley Christian

and hurt that had built up since sixth

beyond what they could imagine.

grade was jarred loose in my soul. I

The most basic question we can ask

cannot tell you what the speaker said,

ourselves in life is, who am I? During

but I remember hearing a voice simply

my time with the students for Spiritual

say, “It’s time.” I walked down to center

Emphasis Week, we explored this

court and prayed, “I have no idea what

question because the answer will either

this means, but if I’m going to do this, I

be shaped by God or we will shape

want this to be for real.”

our view of God around it. Raised

Since that moment in the Skyway gym, I have dedicated my life to pointing broken-hearted students just like me to the hope of Jesus, who redeems all things. Whether through heartbreak or my own journey with hereditary cancer,

the gods happy enough to get what I wanted, and it skewed my view of God because I thought it was all about earning favor. But God’s love does not hinge on our performance; it is given freely because of our identity as His children and what Jesus has done on our behalf–out of His love, not our merit. This good news changed everything for me, and it continues to transform lives at Valley Christian Schools and around the world.


Valley Christian Elementary Recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School Congratulations to our elementary school




for being recognized as a National Blue

learning, social and emotional learning,

Ribbon School for 2016. The elementary

positive behavior systems—making you

school joins our junior high and high

shining examples for your communities,

school as being recognized by the United

your state, and the nation.”

States Department of Education as one

We are so proud of all that Principal

of the highest achieving schools in the

Gabe Guven and his faculty and staff have

nation. “National Blue Ribbon Schools

accomplished and the work they continue

are proof that we can prepare every child

to do. We were thrilled to celebrate

for college and meaningful careers,”

their achievement with the entire VCES

United States Secretary of Education

community with a wonderful ceremony—

John B. King Jr. said in a video message

cupcakes included! Once again, we

to honorees. “Your schools are on the

commend VCES for their commitment to


quality Christian education through our






Quest for Excellence.

09 I’m sure many of you have noticed the

ground on our new AMSE building this

Why the Portable Classrooms?

installation of five portable classrooms

year (which would have comfortably

on the lot next to the soccer field on

accommodated the classrooms in the

the Skyway Campus. While these are

portables), we instead felt led to focus on

portables, they are actually very nice.

increasing the salaries of our teachers.

We have installed the same carpet that is

Our faculty represent the most important

By Stephen E. McMinn,

in many of our classrooms, and each unit

investment VCS can make, and with the

comes equipped with the same clocks, bell

skyrocketing cost of living in the Bay Area,

system, IT support, and audio-visual aids.

we were beginning to lose these valuable

Even better, the classrooms in the portables

assets. We decided, therefore, to defer the

are 960 square feet each, which is bigger

building and instead, raised teacher salary

than most of our classrooms on the Skyway

schedules by 20%.

EdD, Chief Operating Officer for VCS

Campus. When finished, the portables will

I’m sure everyone will be impressed with

have beautiful landscaping and plenty of

the portables upon completion, and please

space for students to sit outside.

remember, they are not permanent. They

The reason for the portables is simple— while we had originally planned to break

will only be necessary until funding for the AMSE building can be realized.

Blast from the Past

Here’s a look back at life at VCS in decades past. Can you spot the two current VCS faculty when they were students? How about our current high school principal?

1997 2007



We couldn’t be more proud of our fall student-athletes, coaches, and VCS community that rallied around the teams all season long.


The women’s cross country team finished fifth in the CCS Championship race, marking the eleventh consecutive year VCHS has placed sixth or higher at the CCS Championships. Freshman Jordan Hahn represented the women’s team at the CIF State Championship. On the men’s side, the team competed in the CCS Championship, with Sam Cuevas running the second fastest time in school history and finishing in the top 20.


The Warriors won their sixth WCAL title, a CCS title, their first-ever NorCal Championship, and competed in the state championship for the first time in school history. The freshmen football team completed their season as undefeated WCAL Champions.


The women’s golf team took home yet another WCAL title before finishing third at the CCS Championships. Junior Quynn Duong was crowned the women’s individual WCAL Champion in addition to finishing fourth in the CCS Championship, qualifying for the CIF state tournament.


Women’s tennis won the Division III championship at the California Tennis Classic in Fresno and completed another stellar season with a trip to the CCS quarter-finals.


Our women’s volleyball team won their fifth consecutive CCS title, were crowned NorCal Champions for the third time in the past five years, and advanced to the fourth state championship volleyball game in school history. Seniors Tori Dilfer and Megan Li were named to the all-Bay Area first and second teams, respectively.


With a 19-8 overall record, the women’s water polo team completed one of the most successful seasons in VCHS history. The Lady Warriors won the championship at both the Monterey Bay Shootout and the Aptos Invitational before placing fifth in the WCAL Tournament and advancing to the CCS quarter-finals. The men took fourth place in WCAL and earned the number three seed in CCS playoffs.



“Go and make

– Matthew 28:19

of all nations.”

Jesus’ final words to His disciples were more than mere encouragement—they were a command. But just what does it look like to carry out that calling in today’s world? As the VCS community will tell you, there’s more than one way to be a missionary.

MIS●SION: (LATIN) ACT OF SENDING The word “missions” seems very normal in today’s Christian culture, and probably brings to mind the idea of people going to share God’s love in far away places. But for some, the place they are sent to is right here. Whether at their day-to-day job or participating in volunteer work in their local community, the VCS community is being sent to make an impact everywhere! Take Mackenzie Beveridge (‘10) for example.

After she graduated from Concordia University, she knew she wanted to work in Christian ministry, but wasn’t sure where. That’s when she applied to work for Young Life. Young Life is one of the many parachurch organizations that view the college campus as a mission field and is dedicated to reaching students at a critical point in their life. “People are more open to learning about God in their first three weeks of college than they are for the rest of their adult life. College ministry is so unique in that it’s not only God sending us to meet students, but God


sending students from all across the country to our university,” explains Beveridge.

Here at VCS, many faculty and staff view their work as a calling. “Do I teach science? Yes.

God’s calling to share the gospel isn’t limited

But what I care much more about is teaching the

to those working for Christian organizations, but

students good, strong, Christian character,” Rob

extends to people in the workforce everywhere.

Pepping, a VCJH teacher, says. Not only are our

“Even though I’m in medicine, I view my practice

teachers “on the mission field” on our Skyway

as less of a career and more of a ministry,” VCS

and Leigh campuses, but many also spend their

alumna Iulia (Mignea, ‘97) Hammond says about

summers and breaks abroad.

working as a family doctor. “Jesus is known as ‘the

However, it is the students who remain one

Great Healer,’ and I’m using the skills God has

of our most active groups of “missionaries,”

given me to reflect that aspect of His character.”

showing God’s love and letting their actions speak

His truth. While there are plenty of daily opportunities on campus, VCHS students have the opportunity to get firsthand missionary experience abroad through our WALK (Warriors Advancing the Lord’s Kingdom) program. Every

Missions Around VCS

year, teams of VCS students and faculty use their vacation breaks to travel the world and serve those in need, including projects in Africa, Thailand, Mexico, and Chile. These trips not only impact the students who go and the communities they serve, but also the faculty who lead the trips—faculty like Marcus Martinez, the WALK program’s Students, coaches, and VCS alumni came together for the 10th Annual “Football Camp for the Stars,” a football camp for athletes with Down Syndrome.

VCJH gathered for their Annual Missions Assembly, where students prepared to ship their shoeboxes of gifts and supplies for “Operation Christmas Child.”

director and a 2003 VCS alumni. VCS faculty and staff were privileged to hear Marcus’ account of his trip to New Dehli, India to visit Grace Public Schools at the annual keynote address this past August. Below is an excerpt from that day, edited for clarity.

The Marine Biology Club helped pick up 11,250 pounds of trash at Coyote Creek on Coastal Cleanup Day.

*** I’ll never forget my first day at Grace Public School. Driving down a one-way road weaving in between cows, motorcycles, and people, it was pretty crazy to think that the 12 students, two former VCS teachers, a VCS alumna, and I were in the heart of one of the largest slums in the world. I had heard Dr. Daugherty speak about the school for years, and this trip seemed like an amazing opportunity. But looking out the window during that car ride, I was overwhelmed. All I could see was an ocean of

Our elementary students were excited to have the San Jose Fire Department arrive in their fire truck for their annual toy drive.

buildings, shacks, and people living

and then here, these kids were singing

in unbelievable poverty. It’s hard to

songs, wearing bright red uniforms,

describe the sense of heaviness I felt in

and smiling. It all seemed impossible.

that moment.

“I’m passionate about providing opportunities for students to go on missions that God can make global missions personal for them.”

That night, the students and I

I don’t think what I was feeling was

gathered together to debrief the day.

unique; I think it happens a lot. We go

We began sharing about the traffic, the

on short-term missions trips thinking

poverty, and the hopelessness we’d all

we’re going to save the world, and then

felt. That’s when Brittany stopped us.

we see the reality of the situation and think, what can we possibly do that would make a difference?

“But what about the school? Did you guys see the school?” Brittany Diatte (‘14) had volunteered

Those thoughts were running through

to come on the trip, giving up her spring

my head as we pulled up to a big

break in her sophomore year of college

cement wall, filed out of the van, and

to serve in India.

found what looked like an entrance.

“You don’t get it,” she said. “I’ve been

Laughter was the first sound that I

collecting quarters for that school since

heard, a sound that didn’t seem to fit

the second grade. I’ve been baking

the surroundings. We saw hundreds

cookies and walking laps and taking

of kids gathered to greet us, and a big

donations for ‘Grace Public School’ for

red sign behind them that read, “Grace

over a decade, and I finally got to see

Public School.” We had just driven by

it. And it was beautiful. From what we

kids wearing rags and begging for food

drove through to what we walked into

was incredible. I have never realized

to go on trips like these—whether to

the realness of God until I walked into

India, Chile, or Africa—so that God

that school today, so let’s talk about

can make global missions personal for

what God is doing there.”

them and give them a heart to be an

We were all quiet as the conviction and truth of Brittany’s words set in for

active part in what He is doing around the world.

the students and me personally. All


day, I had been focused on the darkness

Marcus’ story speaks to what we’re

around us, and not the light that the

all about here at VCS, helping

school brought.

students grow in every way possible,

The rest of the trip was both amazing

including and especially in their love

and difficult, as God continued to move

and fellowship with Jesus. Following

us as we spent time with the teachers

Jesus’ command to “make disciples

and students at Grace Public School.

of all nations” isn’t simply a test of

But that first night is still what sticks

obedience, but it is an opportunity to

out the most. I know there are other

step out in faith and participate in the

students like Brittany, who have been

ways God is making the world whole

a part of raising money for Grace

again, bit by bit, person by person.

Public School for years, but maybe feel disconnected from what God is doing there. It’s why I’m passionate about providing opportunities for students



Conservatory of the Arts

Our award-winning Open Air Ensemble delighted audiences with their daring fall show “Secret Agent Man.”

The Conservatory’s amazing production of Much Ado About Nothing received standing ovations from packed audiences, and the Junior Conservatory’s play The Internet is Distract—Oh Look, a Kitten! brought down the house each night.

Emerge: On Broadway was a wonderful showcase of our dance student’s incredible talent.

Vivid Dance Team performed in honor of Breast Cancer Month, sporting pink outfits to show their support for cancer research.

Our four-day concert series, “Christmas at the California” was bigger and better than ever!

Arts & Crafts

EVANGELISM You normally wouldn’t think of guitar lessons

their passions to enhance learning at nearby

as spiritual outreach, but our Arts Outreach

schools as an outlet of The Quest Institute for

class is all about thinking outside the box.

Quality Education. “As a Christian institution,

“God made these students with creative

we wouldn’t be able to go into these schools.

talents and gifts; why not use those gifts to

But through The Quest Institute, we’re able to

reach people with the gospel?” VCHS faculty

serve the kids as a non-profit and provide them

and 2011 alumni Matt Ross asks.

with opportunities not currently available in

As a part of the high school’s SERVE program,

their school,” Dr. Cliff Daugherty says.

students in the Arts Outreach class travel down

SERVE matches nearly 200 VCHS students

the hill to local elementary schools three times

with elementary children based on their gifts

a week, sharing their talents and building

and interests, allowing our students to not only

relationships with the kids. Matt Ross has

impact the kids’ lives, but their own lives as

been teaching the class for the past two years,

well. “It’s just as much a learning experience

and loves the real-life service opportunity

for us as it is for them,” senior Catherine

it provides students. “We’re growing the

Owens says. “The children don’t have an

students’ hearts for the community, providing

arts program at their school, so we help them

an outlet for them to use their gifts, and giving

develop an interest in the arts, and then we

them the experience of sharing the gospel

get a chance to work with kids from different

through service. It’s great to see the impact it

backgrounds. It’s something I’ve never done

has on the students’ ideas of evangelism.”

before, and an experience I’ll take with me

Engaging with the kids on everything from art projects to music lessons, students use

when I graduate.”


DEVELOPMENT CORNER Here at Valley Christian Schools, we follow the Independent School Financial Model, where charitable giving finances enhancements to our student and teacher programs through our WARRIOR FUND. The solicitation of these tax-deductible donations (given our 501c3 status as a non-profit) encourages our families to give based upon their ability and calling. These gifts continue to allow VCS to cultivate Warriors: tomorrow’s leaders, properly equipped to serve God and family while positively impacting their communities and the world. One of the ways we do that is through our “Youth with Promise” fund, a need-based grant that allows students with demonstrated financial need to attend VCS. We are passionate about ensuring socio-economic diversity in our student body, and it’s clear that the VCS community is, too. At last year’s Quest Ball, community members gave over $560,000 directly to “Youth with Promise.” A selection of students benefitting from the fund and a handful of our donors shared a great evening together this last November, experiencing the joy of both giving and receiving the gifts God gives to us. At this year’s Quest Ball, we hope to not only match last year’s giving, but exceed it. We are so proud to partner with the entire VCS community as we invest in the lives of the incredible young people who walk through our doors each year.



3rd Annual Quest Ball Our 3rd Annual Quest Ball Dinner and Auction is almost here—don’t miss out on one of the most exciting and rewarding nights of the year! Visit to get your tickets today or sponsor the event, taking place on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at Villa Ragusa.

23rd Annual Golf Classic The 23rd Annual VCS Golf Classic is right around the corner, and there’s still time for you to join in on this amazing event! It’s a great way to not only support the school, but also enjoy a fun afternoon with friends. Visit to register for the May 15th tournament.

Junior High Jog-a-thon The Junior High Jog-a-thon is coming up on May 9, 2017! With sponsors’ donations going towards our WARRIOR FUND, it’s a great time for parents to make their annual gift. Go to to volunteer, donate, and get more information.


Space: The Next Educational Frontier By Danny Kim VCS’ Quest for Space program is one of the most innovative programs in the country—a one-of-a-kind experience for students to run experiments in space. Partnering with The Quest Institute for Quality Education, Quest for Space boasts an impressive record of 74 experiments launched by 775 students from 23 different schools and organizations worldwide. When Danny Kim, the AMSE Associate Director and Director of Innovation for the Quest Institute, first joined the team as a mentor, he had no idea he would be a part of ushering in a new era for the program. What began as a dream to increase the program’s accessibility quickly became reality, creating cutting-edge technology and giving students everywhere the chance to shoot for the stars.

When I first came on as a mentor for the junior high students two years ago, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I knew I would be mentoring bright way education should be. kids and I was impressed with their

I watched a deeper passion for

accomplishments in the program so far, learning ignited in these students and but I still had some reservations about thought about what an inspirational what their commitment level might be. model this would be for kids who There was a lot of work to be done, aren’t performing well and have lost and I expected much of my time would interest in school. It sparked an idea, be spent motivating them to put in and the challenge became, “how can we the immense effort necessary to make make this program available for more the International Space Station (ISS) students?” We began to brainstorm experiment successful.

ways to make a more user-friendly

On the first day of class, any worries I platform, but the technology needed had were immediately erased. As I began didn’t exist. Yet. to tell the students about the challenges

Weeks later, I was having coffee with

they would face, they reassured me, a friend who had just moved to a new “We’re going to do whatever we have job at Microsoft , and I asked him what ®

to do, learn whatever we need to know his department was in charge of. to get our experiment on that flight.”

“We take on impossible projects,” he

And they did! In the four months laughed. “We team up with companies it took to prepare the experiment for who need technology that doesn’t exist launch, I saw the transformative, to fix problems that don’t currently motivational factor the program had on have solutions.” their learning; their whole concept of

I could hardly believe what I was

math, science, and engineering changed. hearing; I sat there for a moment before The way the class grew individually exclaiming, “Have I got a project for and came together as a whole was the you!”

24 I told my friend about the ISS was

realized. The


program, our amazing students, and our platform was launched aboard the desire to make the program available Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft to the to even more students. Instantly he ISS and we were able to see live video was on board. He brought the idea to from the experiment running on Lego Microsoft, and a process that normally Mindstorms proving out our “plug and takes months was cemented into a play” model. partnership within a few weeks. Soon

Now that we had a workable platform,

our junior high students were flying our desire to share the technology with up to the Microsoft headquarters in other schools was stronger than ever. We Seattle to meet with engineers to solve felt “blessed to bless” other students, an impossible problem. Microsoft and got our first opportunity with the provided seven full-time engineers Firehouse Program at Andrew Hill

who worked with us on the project High School. The Firehouse Program

“The way we use God’s blessings to impact the world... reflects the loving

for five months; on our end, we had a began as a way to help students who classroom of seventh and eigth graders seemed to have no motivation for that we used as a makeshift research learning, “empowering youth and their and development department. Together families to break the cycle of poverty we embarked on a mission to create and become productive members of the easy-to-use,


platform community.” Students qualified for the

and global God


that we serve.”

that was “plug and play,” using Lego program by having four or more Fs, Mindstorm and other technology that with many of the students coming from ®

would allow students of all different tough family situations. 14 students ages and educational backgrounds to signed up through The Quest Institute launch an experiment into space. And on October 17, 2016 our dream

for Quality Education. Once again I found myself walking

into the first day of the class at Andrew Hill not knowing what to expect, but when I asked the students why they were there, their answers blew me away. “I want to make a difference,” one young man said. Others answered, “I want to break out of my poverty,” “I want to do something that challenges me,” and “I want to change my life.” I told them, “If you come to class and make the effort, you will launch an experiment on the ISS. And if someone

they were literally jumping up and discovered her passion. It’s a feat down with joy—I was too! What they that almost sounds impossible, but as had accomplished was amazing, and Christians we know that “anything is something people would have thought possible with God.” impossible only a few months before.

The ISS program started at VCS, with

One student from Andrew Hill stands all of the knowledge, talent, resources, out in my mind, a young woman whose connections, and funding with which parents never graduated from high God has so generously blessed us. But school.

it’s important that it doesn’t just stay

“When I signed up to be part of the here. The way we use God’s blessings ISS program, I was failing almost all to impact the world and the lives of of my classes and I didn’t even know the people in communities all around what engineering was,” she told me one us reflects the loving and global God day after class. “But now, my grades are that we serve. It’s what what makes As and Bs, and I not only know what companies like Microsoft and the Lego engineering is, but I love it!” tells you you’re not smart enough or

Corporation eager to partner with us

I was so excited to hear this, and and, because of that, we get to share

good enough to do something, you asked her what she planned on doing this technology with schools around the can say, ‘I’ve launched something into after she graduated. world and help motivate kids to reignite space. I can do anything.’” “I’m gonna go to college,” she their passion for learning. Over the next three months, I saw answered without hesitation. “And I’m the same determination our VCJH class gonna apply to MIT. It’s not going to had developing in Andrew Hill students be easy to get in, but I know now that whose GPA was below a 2.0. The nothing is impossible. I created an Firehouse Program began as an hour- experiment on the ISS, I can get in to long after-school meeting, but as the MIT.” semester went on, the students began In three months, that young woman staying for two hours and beyond. When went from a near high school dropout they got their experiment running, to a college-bound student who has

26 February 1-28 February 20-24

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March 25

Quest Ball Dinner and Auction

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No School -- Staff Spiritual Retreat

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K-12 Festival of the Arts

May 15

VCS Golf Classic

May 24

8th Grade Graduation

May 25

Kindergarten Graduation 5th Grade Graduation HS Baccalaureate

May 27

HS Graduation


Upcoming WALK Trips With over 180 students and faculty heading out on eight different missions trips throughout the globe this coming winter and spring, we would love to partner with them in prayer. Cut out this card as a reminder to pray for safety, provision, and God’s presence. For information on the trips, log into your VCS Portal account and look for the WALK sidebar in the High School section.

CHILE (Winter and Spring Break)

HAITI (Spring Break)

INDIA (Spring Break)

SOUTH AFRICA (Winter and Spring Break)

THAILAND (Spring Break)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Spring Break)


Warriors in the World We believe that VCS is, at its heart, a community, and one that we’d love for you to keep in touch with! Here are three ways to do that:

— Aneesh Chaganty (‘09) University of Southern California graduate Former filmmaker for Google

HEADED ON VACATION? Is your family setting off to a tropical beach for spring break? Do you have plans to hike Mt. Everest this summer or are you serving overseas? Send us your photos at of Warriors wearing VCS gear in far off places for a chance to be included in our “Warriors in the World” round up.

HAVING A BABY? For Warriors who have a “new addition” to their family, we have a gift for you to welcome your future Warrior to the VCS community. Email to receive your gift.


— Michelle Akavuti (‘01) Moody Bible Institute graduate Missionary in Slovakia for Global Outreach International

Follow @vcschools and @vchsathletics, on Twitter, download our mobile app “Valley Christian Schools,” and “like” our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the latest VCS happenings!

— Ben Moreno (‘07) California Polytechnic University and Pepperdine University School of Law graduate Deputy District Attorney with the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office

— Dmarte Arafiles (‘15) Wheaton College Student Pictured above serving on a college missions trip

— Dave Honda (‘84) San Jose State University graduate Chief of Police for Watsonville, California

— Chase Hughes (‘05) California Polytechnic University and Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences graduate United States Navy Doctor

“Teachers and staff at Valley were my mentors and my role models. They poured into my life beyond academics: helping to develop my faith, to make sense of the world, and by demonstrating a genuine love for others. Now I get the opportunity to pour into the lives of children and their families each day. I have much to give, because so much was given to me.” — Diana (Cadalbert) Espinoza (‘01) Wheaton College and University of Illinois, Chicago graduate Elementary teacher in inner city Chicago

— Iulia (Mignea) Hammond (‘97) Point Loma Nazarene University University of Sheffield graduate Family Practice Doctor

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Chief Financial Officer

Senior Leadership Team Mr. Gabe Guven

Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Lisa Arnett

Junior High School Principal

Mr. Mark Lodewyk

High School Principal

Mr. Michael Annab

Technology K-12

Mrs. Kimberly Ellefsen

Marketing & Publications K-12

Mr. Troy Gunter

Conservatory of the Arts K-12

Miss Shirley Hitchcock

Accreditation & Curriculum K-12

Mr. Mike LaBarbera

Extend the Gift Development Chair

Mr. Eric Scharrenberg

Physical Education & Athletics K-12

Mr. Werner Vavken

Applied Math, Science, & Engineering K-12

Chaplains Rev. Ed Silvoso

VCS Board Chaplain

Mr. (Rev.) Werner Vavken

VCS Faculty/Staff Chaplain

Mr. Nathan Smith

HS Chaplain

Mr. Brian Clemons

JH Chaplain

Mission Statement

Valley Christian Schools’ mission is to provide a nurturing environment offering quality education supported by a strong foundation of Christian values in partnership with parents, equipping students to become leaders to serve God, to serve their families, and to positively impact their communities and the world.

To support VCS, please call the Extend the Gift Development Office at 408-362-7642.

Annual Giving Report | 2016-17  
Annual Giving Report | 2016-17