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Newsletter nº 24 - september 2011

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Vall d’Or Golf

Nº 23

III Trofeo Marqués de Velilla On Saturday the 20th of August Vall d’Or Golf welcomed the 3rd Trofeo Marqués de Velilla golf tournament. The championship was held under

Mr. Diego Wencelblatt and Mr. Guillermo Piccotto - 2nd Pair Handicap classified.

Mr. José Hernández de Mercado (owner of Marqués de Velilla), Mr. Rafael Blanes, Mr. Juan Pedro Manjón and Mr Israel Rodríguez Rojas (Director of Vall d’Or).

the enjoyable “Four Ball Best Ball – Stableford” modality, with simultaneous start for all players at 9:30 am. The 8 first qualified couples with handicap and the scratch winners were rewarded. The participants enjoyed a wonderful day, a golf course at its best

Mr Sven Wienfort and Mr Robin Wienfort 1st Pair Handicap classified

and a perfect service and organization of the tournament. After the tournament the participants went upstairs to the terrace of the Restaurant mÁxime, were they all enjoyed a fabulous buffet, during which the excellent wines of Marqués de Velilla and Viña Mercado were served. Last but not least, the Director of Vall d’Or, Mr Israel Rodríguez Rojas, and Mr. José Hernández de Mercado, the owner of Marqués de Velilla, proceeded to the awards giving ceremony and a prize drawing which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Mr Hernández de Mercado promised all of the participants a new edition of the tournament for 2012.

Vall d’Or Golf

Nº 23

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Mr Rafael Nicolau and Mr Lorenzo Rigo

Mrs Francisca Maldonado and Mr Juan Vicens

3rd Pair Handicap classified

4th Pair Handicap classified

Scratch Winning Pair: Rafael Blanes and Juan Pedro Manjón with 42 points 1st Pair Handicap classified: Sven Wienfort and Robin Wienfort (44)

2nd Pair Handicap classified:

5th Pair Handicap classified: Antje Roeder and Michael K. Roeder (40)

6th Pair Handicap classified:

Diego Wencelblatt and Guillermo Piccotto (43) Eric Tejedor and Antonio Corral (40)

3rd Pair Handicap classified: Lorenzo Rigo and Rafael Nicolau con (42)

4th Pair Handicap classified: Juan Vicens and Francisca Maldonado (40)

7th Pair Handicap classified: José Mir and Francisco Ferrer (39)

8th Pair Handicap classified: Giselher Persiehl and Christian Lindgens (38)

Bodegas Marqués de Velilla Marqués de Velilla was established in 1985 by the Segovian family, Hernández de Mercado, and is today among the most respected wineries in the Ribera del Duero appel l a t i o n . In 1996 it set up at its current, permanent site in the small village of La Horra, where the family had purchased in 1989 one of the most spectacular estates in the region: M o n t e V i l l a l o b ó n . Situated towards the top of the estate’s hill, the winery displays an original architectural style, a mix of old Castilian and colonial, which blends in perfectly with the surroun-

d i n g l a n d s c a p e . Since 1998, Marqués de Velilla has produced wine solely from its own grapes, thanks to its 183 hectare (452 acre) vineyard, which is planted with 88% Tinta del País, 8% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Malbec a n d M e r l o t . In August 2000 extension work was begun on the winery to equip it with state of the art technology and to transform it into one of the most modern bodegas in Ribera del Duero.

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Vall d’Or Golf

Nº 23

Trofeo Ayuntamiento de Felanitx Last Saturday the 27th of August, for the third time in a round the "Trofeo Ayuntamiento de Felanitx", tournament was held in Vall d’Or Golf, thus coinciding with the local “fiestas”. The competition was held

Mr. Marcos Gómez Chicano 1st qualified of the 1st Category

Mr. José Pulido del Moral - Scratch Winner

under the Stableford Individual modality, with 2 categories for both ladies and gents.

presented by the Restaurant mÁxime, the managing director of Vall d’Or, Mr Israel Rodríguez Rojas, proceeded with the awards giving ceremony, together with the illustrious Mayor of Felanitx, Mr. Gabriel Tauler. Last but not least a fantastic prize raffle for all participants was held.

At the end of the tournament, and after enjoying a fabulous buffet,

Mr. Pedro Juan Nadal Fiol - Felanitxer Winner Mrs Francisca Maldonado 1st qualified of the 1st Category

See ALL the results on our webpage:

Vall d’Or Golf

Nº 23

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Scratch Winner: José Pulido del Moral with 32 points 1st Category Ladies

1st Category Gents

1.- Francisca Maldonado with 37 pts.

1.- Marcos Gómez Chicano with 35 pts.

2.- Katja Maier with 33 pts.

2.- Jaume Vaquer Arnau with 35 pts.

2nd Category Ladies

2nd Category Gents

1.- Catalina Obrador with 32 pts.

1.– Sven Wienfort with 42pts.

2.- Birgit Fernau with 29 pts.

2.– Robin Wienfort with 41pts.

Wednesday golf

On Saturday the 20th of August, during the awards ceremony of the Marqués de Velilla Tournament, the prizes for the Wednesday Golf Tournament 2010/11 were awarded. In the ladies category Mrs Katja Maier was the winner with 173 Pts.; followed by Mrs Michaela Lange with 170 Pts. In the gents category the final winner was Mr. Eric Gulliksen

with 171 Pts.; followed by Mr. Christian Lindgens with 170 Pts. At this stage we would like to thank all of our members and friends for their weekly participation in the tournament. Being convinced that we shall be able to achieve an even higher participation in the new season.

Mrs Katja Maier - winner of the tourna-

Mr Eric Gulliksen - winner of the tournament

Mrs Michaela Lange - 2nd classified

Mr Christian Lindgens - 2nd classified

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Vall d’Or Golf

Nº 23

The new season starts as follows: Last Wednesday, the 7th of September, the second round of the Wednesday Golf Tournament 2011/12 was held in Vall d’Or, under the Stableford Individual Modality. The 1st classified was Mrs Anne Marie Muller, with 45 pts.; followed by Mrs. Gitta Fernau with 37 pts. The men’s winner of the day was Mr. Christian Lindgens with 40 pts.; From left to right, Mr William Tubman, Mrs followed by Mr. Klaus Peter Gitta Fernau, Mrs Anne Marie Muller and Mr. Schendel with 35 pts. Christian Lindgens.

General Classification Ladies

General Classification Gents

1.– Anne Marie Muller with 76 Pts.

1.– Christian Lindgens with 76 Pts.

2.– Katja Maier with 70 Pts.

2.– Klaus P. Schendel with 68 Pts.

3.– Antje Roeder con 66 Pts.

3.– Marco Etter with 66 Pts.

coming COMPETItIONS date





Stableford Individual

CADDie-MASTER & Greenkeeping We would like to remind you, that on the 12th and 13th of this month only 9 holes will be open. Wherefore we will grant a 50% discount on the actual green fee rate. On Friday the 30th of September Vall d’Or Golf will host the filming of the German series “Verbotene Liebe”. Also we would like to inform you, that on the 29th of October the entire course (including driving range, changing facilities, and the paddle court) will be closed, due to the celebration of a private tournament.

Vall d’Or Golf

Nº 23

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Newsletter Vall d’Or Golf

CONGRATULATIONS Special congratulations go to all the members of Vall d'Or Golf who celebrate their birthday during the month of September, on behalf of all of us we wish you: MUCHAS FELICIDADES. AUFRECHT, Roswitha

HENNIG, Renate

RAIBLE, Jürgen Joachim

BECKE, Geert



BUSCH, Ingrid

KALS, Ral-Peter



KONCZAK, Winfried



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Newsletter september Eng  

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