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INST. Mexicano Madero Valeria Lรณpez Barredo Miss. Cristina Nava

Literature Academic Proyect



Essay of Tolerance…………………………………………..3 & 4

Original Poem (created by me) “The Beautiful Garden”……5

Poem by a famous author “How Far is it to Heaven”………..6

Short Story “The Mysterious Kidnapping of Lay”………..7-11


Literature Academic Proyect



Tolerance can be defined as a fair and objective attitude towards those whose lifestyle differs from yours. The level of tolerance in your life can be attributed to levels of happiness and contentment, as many researchers have pointed out; however, the same researchers appear to struggle when examining paradoxical questions such as, are tolerant people happier?, or are happy people more tolerant? Tolerance is consider as the capacity of the humans to accept people that are different from us, respecting they rights, feelings and ways of think talking about religion, traditions. We are free to express what we want to say as long as we continue respecting the ideas of other people.

(Are tolerant people happier? / Are happy people more tolerant?)

Nowadays is decreasing the number of intolerant people, because in this time people are freer to express what they think and in the past time, they were judged by the church or the community, for example the people who don’t believed in God, the church torture they, another example, the homosexual people were frowned upon by the society because they thought that homosexual people were sick or crazy, and there are many examples but this will never finish.

The reason of this change is because the new generations are growing up with less prejudices than old generations used to have before. One big example is Donald Trump and his followers, he is a racist (the racism is an important factor of

Literature Academic Proyect


the intolerance) person that grew up without tolerance nor respect for people of other countries.

Considering the question, is correct that tolerance make a person happier, because a person that is tolerant doesn’t care about beliefs of others, they only accept and don’t judge, and intolerant people are only looking for people that is around them for see their defects.

Concluding why tolerance is an important aspect to be accepted and be loved by the people around you, if you respect the others, you will be respected. It doesn’t matter the race, color, religion, thoughts, the important things are the feelings of a person. Sometimes we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others to understand they and that’s why we could achieve to be good and tolerant persons.

Webgraphy:  (Definition of tolerance)

Literature Academic Proyect


THE BEAUTIFUL GARDEN I walk through the garden On this warm summer day To smell a red blossom but It cut me when I grab it

In the middle of this garden There is a special flower The dark flower beautiful But scary at the same time

In that moment I knew That wasn’t a common garden It was mysterious A quiet place…

What makes that garden mysterious Is the color of that dark flower When it cut my self, I bleed… I bleed dark black…

Literature Academic Proyect


How far is it to Heaven? How far is it to Heaven? As far as Death this way— Of River or of Ridge beyond was no discovery. How far is it to Hell? As far as Death this way— How far left hand the Sepulchre Defies Topography. -Emily Dickinson

Literature Academic Proyect



Lay (main character)- He is a famous singer in the town of BronTouS (a magic town where the 70% of the population is crazy and mental sick)—Lay is a beautiful guy with Brown hair, brown eyes, skinny body, tall, and white skin, he has 20 years old

Jimin- the principal crazy stalker of Lay and his fan #1— Jimin is a guy of that 70% that is crazy about something or someone (Lay),he is a beautiful guy, he has red hair, brown eyes, he is tall and skinny, and has white skin, he has 19 years old

Friends of Jimin- they are crazy stalkers of Lay too— they are 2 girls that have the same dream as Jimin, they want to be with Lay as a couple and hang out with he. They are twins, obviously they look very similar, both have black hair, brown eyes, and curly hair, skinny body and they are not tall as Jimin, both of them have 18 years old

Stephen- The poor boyfriend of Lay and the secret lover of kook – he is beautiful, he is a poor guy, he has white skin, he is tall, with brown hair, brown eyes and skinny body, he has 20 years old

V and K- 2 policemen—they are 2 boys, V has brown hair, is the taller of the 2 policemen and is really smart to solve problems, and has 20 years old. And K has blond hair, and is the action guy, he is tall but no more than V, he has 22 years old

Literature Academic Proyect


Kook- Manager of Lay and the secret lover of Stephen—Is a beautiful guy that is tall, has white skin, skinny body, black hair and brown eyes he has 19 years old

Nathan- The detective—has white hair, he is so smart, has brown eyes, tall and skinny body, and has 22 years old.

This is the story of Lay a famous singer in the town of BronTous, that’s a famous town because in that place the 70% of the population have mental problems and they are crazy, the other 30% are normal but always scared about the other 70% of the population, they committed crimes and kill people, others are crazy stalkers of famous people of them town, like in this tragic story of a guy that only wanted to sing and dance, a guy just following his dreams and aspirations but always living scared about the danger in his town, and this is one of the many situations that happen in BronTouS town.

One day before the concert, Jimin and his two friends were making a plan of how to meet Lay in person and follow him, only because they were the craziest fans of Lay, that plan consisted in throw his phone to the stage, that was a crazy plan, because they didn’t know if Jimin could recover his phone after the concert, so they went to the dressing room of Lay for pick the phone, and as they were wishing to happened, Lay gave the phone to Jimin and in that moment Jimin inserted a chip on the skin of lay, it was an almost invisible chip, no one can see it and it was for trace Lay, to follow and spied him.

Everything was normal, but one day the manager of Lay noticed that someone was following they every day that they hanged out, and that was weird, because they have never told anyone where they hanged out, and more weird because they didn’t used to published photos on the places that they visited, only in special events, for they it was a mystery, so one day kook (manager) talked to Jimin and his friends, he told them that he didn’t knew how they know where is Lay all the time but that stop doing that, because that’s a crime, they weren’t respecting Lay’s privacy, he told them Literature Academic Proyect


that he wasn’t going to present a demand, because they were too young for got to the jail, so they promised to stop following Lay.

But one day something terrible happened, Lay disappear, he didn’t appear at night, he wasn’t answering his phone calls, everybody were worried about him, immediately the manager kook suspected about Jimin, so he told the policemen who he was suspecting, he told them that Jimin and his friends have been following him, and maybe they kidnap Lay.

When Nathan (the detective) was interrogating Jimin, he deny everything, and he was saying the truth. The detective and the policemen can’t found clues to determine that Jimin was the guilty, so they just let go Jimin.

But Jimin was worried about Lay too and in that moment he remembered the chip that he inserted at the end of Lay’s concert on his skin, in that moment he felt so grateful about putting the chip on Lay’s skin, when he remembered that immediately went to the police station for let them know what he did, he could be in problems because it’s illegal to follow people and to trace them, but the policemen told him that if he found Lay and who kidnapped him, they can forgive that little crime. When Jimin was looking for Lay with the policemen, in the way to the place they stopped in a grocery, a man with a mask enter to the grocery and he had a gun, he assault the grocery and the people in the grocery, he took it off Jimin’s phone, and that was a big problem, because with his phone they were tracing Lay’s location and the policemen that were with Jimin can’t do anything because they weren’t armed with their guns, and they lose time calling the police station because of that incident, after waiting for four hours the case finished after the declarations of every one of the people that were in the grocery. But now they couldn’t trace Lay, because of the phone, the only good news was that the grocery where they were, was near of the place where Lay is, so they decided to go home and look for Lay the next day. They went back to the grocery at the next day in the morning. They were asking to the people that were living in that area if they haven’t seen a guy with brown hair, brown eyes, skinny body, tall, and white skin (describing Lay), they told the people that someone kidnap him and if they see him please contact them. They were worried about Lay specially the manager and Jimin.

Literature Academic Proyect


Jimin was walking on the street, still looking for Lay and he saw Stephen in a grocery that was near from him, but it was suspicious, why does Stephen was there? If that place was too far from the city, so he called the manager kook to see if that was Stephen and he said that yes, Stephen was wearing black pants, and a black sweatshirt, he looked suspectful too. Kook the manager called Stephen for ask him where he is, when he answered he lied saying that he was in his house watching the TV, and that lie made that situation more suspicious, so they decided to follow him without the policemen. Stephen enter to an apartment that was in the middle of the forest, when he entered to the apartment, kook and Jimin called to the policemen and they went to the place silently because they don’t wanted that Stephen saw them out of the apartment, so only one person approached to the apartment, it was Jimin and he was near of the window he saw a person inside the apartment, apart from Stephen, but he couldn’t distinguish who was that person, so he called to the others.

They decided to enter to the apartment, because they weren’t sure if the other guy inside the house was Lay, they opened the door with a strong hit and there were Lay and Stephen, Lay was tied to a chair and with ribbon in the mouth, as everybody thought, he was kidnapped.

They saved Lay, when he made the declaration, he said that he was in his house watching a movie with his boyfriend Stephen and he (Stephen) put a cloth with chloroform in his mouth and he said that when he inhale that he got fainted, and when he finally open his eyes he was tied to a chair and with a ribbon in his mouth. When the detective questioned Stephen, he said that he did it because he needed money and wanted to get married with kook the manager of Lay (his secret lover). As I mentioned at the beginning of the story, the 70% of the population in BronTouS town are crazy and the other 30% are normal people scarred because of the other 70% of the population, this is one of the many events that happen in BronTouS Town. Another good news was that the policemen forgave Jimin as they promised, because he was the main savior of Lay, in reward for that the governor of the town gave him a recognition and money for saved one of his most

Literature Academic Proyect


famous singers, Lay was like the symbol of the town, that’s way everybody were worried about his disappearance. At the end the case was resolved, Stephen went to jail for 5 years, and obviously Lay was really thankful with his savior Jimin, but he questioned Jimin about how he knew where he was kidnapped, he had no other choice, so he told Lay the truth, and Lay just laugh, he said that Jimin was a really stalker, Jimin was worried because he thought that Lay was going to be angry about that, but no, he just laugh.

After Lay knew that reasons why his boyfriend kidnapped him, he was so sad and he couldn’t understand why does Stephen cheat him with his manager kook, but he can overcame all that situation with the help and warmth( referring to love) of Jimin. After 2 months of that situation, he started dating Jimin and that’s why he felt in love with him. Then they adopted a puppy as their son, because in that town gay and lesbian couples can’t adopt children, but everything finished fine, they got married and after that, they adopted another dog, so they became a happy family. And finally when Stephen came out of the jail, he found a nice job and he became rich, then he became the official boyfriend of the manager Kook, so he finished with a happy story too.


Literature Academic Proyect


ACRONYM Virtuous person with an excellent moral. Alert of troublemaker people and dislike problems.

Lonely person that don’t want to show her/him emotions and feelings.

Elegant person while being humble at the same time. Raise you up if you have a problem, he/she is always with you. Irritable when someone talks bad about him/her or his/her family Adorable when he/she wants to get something of someone

Literature Academic Proyect


Literature Academic Proyect  

Literature Academic Proyect by: Valeria López Barredo

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