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Comings and Goings Marcia Blondin


Long-time columnist Marcia Blondin resurrects this preview/review column each season devoted to local entertainment that she has had the pleasure of seeing lately or in seasons past.


From Oakland, California to Puerto Vallarta…lured by music of guitars and sounds of the sea. vallartasounds.com


The Diamond Comings… Saturday, February 16th, 8:30 pm, El Rio BBQ Bar  in Paso Ancho. The great  Will Chalmers presents “Solitary Man,” a  Neil Diamond  tribute show. I should say, THE  Neil Diamond  Tribute Show! This will be an exceptional concert and the only appearance of ND in Vallarta this season. I saw this show a couple of years back at  El Rio. Not being a huge  Neil Diamond fan I asked folks around me their thoughts about how  Will Chalmers  looked and sounded. Everyone was so positive! On my way out of El Rio, I passed owner/ die-hard fan  Kurt Sinner  and asked him what he thought of Will’s  performance.  Kurt  looked at me like I was insane for even asking and replied with attitude, “That WAS Neil Diamond!” Doors open at El Rio at 7:30 and I highly suggest you be there when they open to ensure good seats; you are in for some black-sequinedshirt magic! Someone, please give  Will  a big hug from me as I cannot make the show. …and Goings Saturday, February 16th, ”Tower of Song”  Tribute  to Leonard Cohen  at the  Boutique Theatre  - closing night for  Mark Zeller  and  Rafa Zermeño. This production is extraordinary. If I were a critic instead of a reviewer I would bemoan the very short run and the size of the theatre; the latter complaint is, of course, ridiculous. The size and shape of the  Boutique Theatre  are ideal for this intimate and poignant triumph of  Leonard Cohen’s  poetry set to music. I do hope and pray this show comes back soon and often. Lady Zen  accompanied by  Mark Hartman  on piano, finished her run at  Incanto  last week. The happy news is – she is moving to Vallarta in the spring and will pick up where she left off in April. She is a lovely, complicated and brilliant woman and her voice encompasses all of that and more. 

Media Luna hits the road this Spring— Destination Bellas Artes! Christie Seeley


Feb. 14 - 20, 2019 www.vallartatribune.com

Lady Zen’s fascinating and challenging background and unusual upbringing combines well with her tremendous ability to tell personal histories without one lick of ‘woe is me.’ I will keep you posted on when she’ll be back in town. The Ruach Singers from Toronto, Canada, made more than a huge fuss when they took to the stage at Incanto. Who knew? to paraphrase one of the  Singers:  that so many people vacationing in Vallarta would run to listen to sacred Hebrew music?  Incanto was sold out for this single performance for nearly two weeks before the concert. Unprecedented? Yes, indeed. It was bewildering, unfamiliar – the Hebrew – and beautiful! And fun. All of the singers were young, spirited and full of humor. They played a fundraising concert with our own  I AM PV  chamber orchestra the night before in Nuevo Vallarta, and over 500 people attended! Who knew there was Israeli rap music? I recognized one Hebrew song only but was entranced at the dimensions of the octet of harmonizing voices that could also imitate an entire drum kit and trombones and trumpets! Another peculiar aspect: any time I go to Incanto, I bump into loads of people that I know…scanning the theatre audience February 9th, I recognized one face in the crowd. One, in well over a hundred! The music gave him goosebumps my friend told me after the show and warmed his heart and certainly lit up his eyes with happiness. The Ruach Singers  went on to perform in a synagogue in Mexico City that holds 800 people. I hope they can be enticed back to Vallarta!

he sky is the limit for the young artists of Media Luna. In addition to their extremely popular weekly show at Incanto Cabaret Theater here in Puerto Vallarta every Thursday evening at 7:00, they will be playing high in the mountains at San Sebastian del Oeste on February 23-24 at an overnight annual event held at an historic hacienda. More information on this event is on my website www.vallartasounds.com and their face book page. From there they will go on to San Miguel de Allende for a number of engagements. Lucky for us, they will return to Incanto for their Thursday shows each week so be sure you get your tickets early and don’t miss out. The talented young men of Media Luna are scheduled to play at Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende on the 16th of March! This incredible band so popular here in Puerto Vallarta is also in huge demand in San Miguel. If you are traveling to the Bajío or have friends there, you will want the details. The Bellas Artes concert will be held on March 15 at Calle del Doctor Ignacio Hernandez Macias 75 in San Miguel de Allende at 6:00 PM. The full band will play presenting their Full Moon concert with invited guests, including accordionist Gilio from Colombia. They will thrill the audience with lovely Mexican Fusion pieces like a childhood favorite Son de Maria, Colombian classic Fruta Fresca, the beautiful flamenco rumba piece Entre Dos Aguas by Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia, the captivating waltz from Oaxaca by Gerardo Tamez, Tierra Mestiza, original compositions by Media Luna, El Bravo and Tears of Joy, Carlos Santana’s dramatic Europa played by Jair on electric guitar and, of course, their excellent rendition of El Cascabel from Vera Cruz. The audiences are being carried away by the innovative and energetic execution of these new additions to their repertoire. With the exquisite voice of Julio Renteria also on Bass, his brother Armando on percussion, cousin Gibran Montalvo on guitar and Caleb and

Jair Cabrera with their unbeatable guitar style, the music carries listeners to levels of ecstasy never experienced before. See and hear these talented musicians at Incanto every Thur-

sday at 7:00 PM. You will return again and again! (incantovallarta. com for tickets) For more information see my website www.vallartasounds.com and Media Luna’s facebook page.

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Vallarta Tribune Issue 1141 - Feb 14 - Feb 20  

Vallarta Tribune Issue 1141 - Feb 14 - Feb 20