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Busing Banderas Bay

serving drinks, wiping up spills, delivering free popcorn, dancing with customers, smiling, and engaging with their guests. We were surprised to discover, that the owner, Kelly Shannon Gauthier, goes home to Canada during the summer and the bar is managed by Alejandra, keeping staff employed during the low season. I was curious for high season, to meet the person who owns the bar and has nourished this wonderful

staff, allowing them to thrive in their current roles. Kelly returns by Canadian Thanksgiving, and it was fun to witness the never-ending stream of greetings and hugs between Kelly and an increasing return of clients and friends. Live Rock Seven Nights a Week! If in doubt about where to go, you won’t go wrong by heading to Kelly’s. If the overall best music in the bay, often with guest musicians,

backed by friendly staff, is not an incentive to visit this high-octane hotspot, come for the food! A chef by trade, Kelly offers a satisfying menu with appetizers, meatloaf, club sandwiches, ribs, and Kelly’s homemade sauces and desserts, all reasonably priced. Sit back and enjoy the sidewalk action, from the constant stream of busses, the tattoo parlor next door, pedestrians breaking into dance when passing by, vendors, taxis, and “life” in Vallarta, to the patrons sitting outside at the bar stools, drinking, smoking, and watching the action inside and in front of them. Kelly’s does not allow smoking inside! And they enforce it, not leaving it to clients to ask someone not to smoke. Thank you, Kelly and Staff. Lest I forget, free popcorn and all calories have been removed. And dancing of course, wherever you want; on the street, by your table, or in front of the TV, even if there is a sports game on. Kelly’s also hosts daytime activities; Chili cook-offs, cribbage, euchre, and a Tuesday, “Meet and Greet”. Check FB for schedules and food specials. What a wonderful place Kelly’s is for regulars and tourists looking for a safe, friendly place to enjoy live music, eat, and spend an evening of fun with friends, former strangers, and future family members. There is an abundance of cabs and Ubers as well as buses, and I recommend you explore the surrounding streets and experience the cultural mosaic of this neighborhood. Keep on Rockin.w

Both love playing guitar although they sometimes differ on the style they enjoy producing. Jaír, for example, is much more attracted to hard metal on the electric guitar while Caleb tends towards the classical, particularly Venezuelan waltzes, and flamenco and gypsy rumba style. What they both agree on is working together to produce the very best music be it their original pieces like Jair’s dramatic “El Bravo” and Caleb’s moving “Tears of Joy” or new renditions of Mexican traditional and huapango pieces such as their spirited interpretation of “El Cascabel” from Vera Cruz—sometimes spiced up with a bit of rock to the delight of their listeners. The brothers are joined by their cousin Gibran who backs them on guitar and as a family the three present a tight and cohesive group. Media Luna makes their home in San Miguel de Allende where they have an enormous following. They

have performed for us in Puerto Vallarta for the winter season since this time last year and have been received with great enthusiasm. Their talent is unique and undeniable. Jair’s calm and somewhat dry sense of humor offsets Caleb’s exuberance on the guitar. You can’t help but be carried away by the energy. This year Media Luna brings us more surprises in the form of special

pop up guests and the addition of another set of brothers from Querétaro, Julio and Armando Renteria. Julio’s bass playing is expressive and his beautiful voice adds yet another dimension to the show while Armando “Jimmie” on percussion thrills the audience with his solos. While the group never ceases to entertain in the more casual venues where they perform like Cuates

Bruce Howells


Bruce is a retired Canadian, who along with his wife Velma, took a “mulligan” on life and escaped the cold of Canada and settled in the Vallarta area. Fulfilling a retirement dream of not driving anymore, Bruce will use public transportation to tour the bay and tell his tales here. Tips and itineraries welcome.

Rocking with Kelly’s Pour Favor


y initial visit to Kelly’s Pour Favor, located at 245 Lazaro Cardenas in Old Town, was an afternoon bus trip from Bucerias last high season, to observe Soul Trip perform on the rooftop patio, back in the day when fun things, like music on the rooftop, was allowed. We had a great time, enjoyed the atmosphere and music and felt accomplished for having negotiated the patio stairs with no missteps. The upstairs patio is still a great spot, just no live music in the afternoons. Moving to Vallarta, we discovered

an active summer, live music scene, where many nights, ten or twenty people were considered a crowd. A Big Shout Out to all the restaurant and bar owners who support the musicians and their staff, as they stay open during the slower summer season. With our affinity for live rock music, we found ourselves at Kelly’s several times a week. It was after all, right on the bus line. We were captivated by the attention from the staff, and how they all seemed to enjoy working there;

Have You Seen Media Luna Yet This Year? Christie Seeley



From Oakland, California to Puerto Vallarta…lured by music of guitars and sounds of the sea. vallartasounds.com


ave You Seen Media Luna Yet This Year? Well, if you haven’t you are missing out. Yes, they’re the same young men you loved last year, and they have grown, matured and are producing even more exciting and often quite different music. As most of their fans know, Jair and Caleb Cabrera are brothers. They grew up together in Pachuca, Hidalgo, near

Mexico City, probably like any other brothers, disagreeing on some things and agreeing on others. One thing they agreed upon was their love for music. When they were quite young they convinced their mother to take out a loan to buy them each a guitar. Fortunately for us she acquiesced as we have been on the receiving end of the young men’s extraordinary and ever developing talent.

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Issue 1138, January 24 - 30, 2019  

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico The Vallarta Tribune is the longest running free English language newspaper in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We publish w...

Issue 1138, January 24 - 30, 2019  

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico The Vallarta Tribune is the longest running free English language newspaper in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We publish w...