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The Medium is the Mess By Algis Kemezys


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on’t you just love it when you see artists touching up the older works of art that grace the streets of Puerto Vallarta? Yes, the life span of these murals needs some tender loving care every few years and I appreciate whoever is responsible, if there is anyone, that does that job making sure touch-ups occur before it’s too late. One of my favorite themes is that of fish and the ocean. I always loved the thesis of the Russian movie called Solaris, 1972, which was based on Stanisław Lem’s novel of the same name published in 1961. The mind and brain of the planet is the world oceans. “What a concept!” I thought when I was a young hippie. Years later I read a book that might confirm the original thesis. According to Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author who wrote the book, The Hidden Messages in Water, 1999 said that, “human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water”. Emoto’s conjecture evolved over the years, and his early work revolved around the hypotheses that water could react to positive thoughts and words and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. So with that food for thought, you can see these two wonderful works of ART around downtown Puerto Vallarta. The woman in the ocean is wonderful because the colours bring me peace. It is graced by repairman Eduardo Cordoba who has a tattoo on his chest of what he calls his other mother. His first love is the ocean as well. This is located at Calle Venezeula & Colombia. The image of angry fish is located near Teatro Vallarta on Calle Peru.

If the above hypothesis are correct, the fish have all kinds of reasons to be upset with us careless unthoughtful humans, as we contaminate the oceans. For the record, it is my personal theory that when mass amounts of any species i.e. the Fish are exterminated, then nature will find a way to exterminate the species responsible for this. I think the interconnection between all our DNA’s has a built in protection mechanism, so regardless of how smart we might be, nature will deal with us in a very unfriendly way because we are not doing right for our fabulous home, this planet called Earth. If you know of any Murals you would like to direct me to outside downtown PV. You can address them to algis.kemezys@gmail.com Subject: Puerto Vallarta Street Art.

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Profile for Vallarta Tribune

Issue 1137, January 17 - 23, 2019  

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico The Vallarta Tribune is the longest running free English language newspaper in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We publish w...

Issue 1137, January 17 - 23, 2019  

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico The Vallarta Tribune is the longest running free English language newspaper in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We publish w...