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Friday May 16 - 22, 2014 PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Fernando Gonzalez Corona Director Victor Falcon Editor Lic. Madeline Milne Editorial Board Marcia Blondin Raymond C. Beaty Lois Ellison John & Christie Forget Landon Hollander Nancy Van Landingham Robina Oliver Sales Team Rebeca Castellón Community Manager / Sales Julie Mongeau Designer Cynthia E. Andrade G.

Vallarta Tribune is an activity and entertainment guide and merely publishes information as it is provided by the advertiser or event host. We do not assume responsibility in errors or omissions other than to correct them as soon as they are made known to us regarding event schedules, locations and/or prices. In addition, we do not assume any responsibility for erroneous inclusion or exclusion of information except to take reasonable care to ensure accuracy, that permission has been obtained to use it, and to remove it as soon as is practical upon receiving your notification of error. We recommend you always confirm prior to attending or visiting an event or establishment. Weekly publication edited, printed and distributed by Ediciones y Publicaciones Siete Junio, SA de CV Grupo Editorial Tribuna Calle 21 de Marzo # 1174 Col. Lomas del Coapinole Del. El Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco México CP 48290 Tel. (322) 226-0829, 226-0800 * *

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit Here is some advice to make your trip a little easier and more enjoyable. TIME ZONE: The entire state of Jalisco is on Central Time, as is the southern part of the State of Nayarit starting from San Blas in the north. BUSES: A system of urban buses with different routes can bring you from one end of the bay to the other and all the spots in between. Current fare is $7.50 pesos per ticket and passengers must purchase a new ticket every time they board another bus. There are no “transfers”. TAXIS: There are set rates within defined zones of town. Do not enter a taxi without agreeing on the price with the driver first. Price is per trip not person. MONEY EXCHANGE: Although you may have to wait in line for a few minutes, banks will give you a higher rate of exchange than the exchange booths (caja de cambio). You will need your passport. Better yet, use your bank card to withdraw funds from any ATM machine. Note that ATM’s in the banks are the safest to use and generally charge lower fees. DRINKING WATER: For the 17th year in a row, Puerto Vallarta’s water has been awarded a certification of purity for human consumption. The quality of the water tested at the purification plant varies greatly from what comes out of the tap at the other end. So do be careful. If you want to be doubly sure, you can pick up bottled water just about anywhere.

EXPORTING PETS: Fall in love with the street dog outside your hotel or a puppy on the Malecon doesn’t mean they can’t come home with you. The process is fairly inexpensive and only takes a day or two. You need a certificate of health from a local vet among other things. The time of year that pets can travel in the cargo section of the plane may be your biggest challenge. For the most up-to-date information contact the Puerto Vallarta SPCA at COMMON SENSE: Just as you wouldn’t walk around your hometown drunk and beligerent, it is not acceptable to do that here. While Mexicans are a forgiving bunch, basic politeness is appreciated. For the guys, peeing in public is a major faux pas and if you are caught, can get you tossed in jail or an expensive fine. Pay attention to your surroundings. Pay your bills. Be courteous. And have fun! DRINKING AND DRIVING: First off – just don’t. The consequences are not worth it. Taxis are cheap and plentiful. Fines are as much as 10,000 pesos. You can be taken to jail and your vehicle impounded. There are many checkstops on the weekends and you will be asked to blow if they suspect you have been drinking. LEGAL SYSTEM: Not knowing the law is not an valid excuse in Mexico or anywhere. If you find yourself caught in a legal situation be aware that guilt is presumed until your innocence can be proven. This is a very difficult lesson to learn if you are visiting from the United States or Canada in particular. Immediately contact your consulate for assistance.

Depending on where you stand, reality can be very different



Calling in Mexico Calling phones in Mexico can be tricky as it is different than in the US or Canada. There are different codes you need to use depending if you are calling landlines or cellular phones and if they are local or long distance. Long-distance calls from within Mexico For national long-distance calls (within Mexico) the code is 01 plus the area code and phone number. For international long-distance calls, first dial 00, then the country code (for the U.S. and Canada the country code is 1, so you would dial 00 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number). Calling Cell Phones (from a land line) If you are calling from a landline within the area code of the Mexican cell phone number dial 044, then the 10 digit number including area code. Outside of the area code (but still within Mexico) dial 045 and then the 10 digit phone number. Cell phone to cell phone only requires the 10 digit number. Phone Cards Phone cards (“tarjetas telefonicas”) for use in pay phones can be bought at newstands and in pharmacies in denominations of 30, 50 and 100 pesos. Pay phones do not accept coins. When buying a phone card for pay phone use, specify that you would like a “tarjeta LADA,” because pre-paid cell phone cards are also sold in the same establishments. Calling Toll-Free Numbers Some toll free numbers work from Mexico to the US and Canada, but many do not. You need to dial a different prefix. To call the following toll free prefixes, dial as follows: 800 numbers Dial 001-880-then the number 866 numbers Dial 001-883-then the number 877 numbers Dial 001-882-then the number 888 numbers Dial 001-881-then the number

Emergencies: 060 Red Cross: 065 Non-Emergency Police 322.290.0507 Fire Department: 322.223.9476 Ambulance: 322.222.1533

Consulates American Consulate Nuevo Vallarta: 322.222.0069 24 hrs Guadalajara: 333.268.2145

Immigration: 322.224.7719 Consumer Protection: 01.800.468.8722 Tourism Offices Jalisco: 322.221.2676 Nayarit: 322.297.1006

Canadian Consulate 322.293.2894 24 hrs: 1.800.706.2900

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Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Editor´s Note Editors note


brief lull in an otherwise busy month. Our first tropical storm was more lamb than lion. The sprinkle of rain we had on Sunday evening reminded me that we are soon to be drenched. As much as I am looking forward to the cooling and cleansing rains, I realized I have some prep work to do! Time to bring in the cushions, rehang the tarps, buy a tent for the front walkway… For those that don’t know just how much rain falls from the sky in a matter of minutes – remember back to CNN where you see those poor souls in far off countries with all their belongings piled on their heads, escaping the rising floods. It’s kind of like that but a little more (or less) civilized. I have seen pick-up trucks float by me on the highway. I have seen entire Huanacaxtle trees wash down the river. The spillway behind my home is at least 10 feet deep and 20 feet across and it routinely fills with rushing torrents of water that could carry just about anything away-and often does, right into our bay. This isn’t to scare you. For the most part Puerto Vallarta has the infrastructure in place for the rains. It’s nothing new. There are some intersections to avoid. And some

things better left until after the rain stops – like driving, walking the dogs and hanging your laundry. Inevitably your laundry will get caught out, again and again and your dog(s) will track in muddy prints. But man, is it ever cool to watch. The lightening, the dramatic cloud formations, the rivers of water, the children playing under the drain spouts, the cars floating by…Summer in the bay is a battle with the elements, the sun is hot, the rains are heavy, the humidity is stifling. For those of us year-rounders it can be a challenge to find ways to cool off and stay dry. In the coming weeks we will be featuring some options for getting more enjoyment out of your summers here. In the meantime, get your ducks in a row. Don’t let the first big storm catch you unaware. Last weekend saw the very successful 3-day 2nd annual Bugambilia Festival in Lazaro Cardenas Park. I hit up the Friday night cocktail event at Oscar’s. The table decorations were fabulous, the food and wine perfect, the auction items worth bidding on. All in all a great lead-in to the evening’s festivities at the park and a great second event. We’ve got plenty of photos on page 18. Next weekend we celebrate

Vallarta Pride. This year’s event proves to be even bigger and better than last with lots of great activities and of course the parade of the year. It’s a fabulous time to be here in Vallarta. Be sure to check the centre pages for the schedule of events and more information. There is still time to get your business or group in the parade – it’s only a $200 peso registration fee. See page 14 for more information. If you are in town there are a number of outdoor events to check out including the Wind - Kiteboarding events in Bucerias, the Open Water swimming competition in La Cruz and the Canadian-Vallarta Sports Competition at the Sheraton/ Stadium. It is also the start of Restaurant week – plenty of amazing menus to taste around town. Check out page 19 for more information. Finally a request. If you are flying back to British Columbia or Alberta, even over the summer, the many rescue agencies in town desperately need people to take animals back to Canada with them. There are foster homes and adoptions pending the arrival of these dogs and cats. By

clearing space in the shelters we can accept more needy animals. It’s not difficult and takes about an extra 20 minutes of time. It costs you nothing and will help save more than one life. Send me an email Mmilne(at) and I can

Letters to the Editor


e have spent time in Vallarta for the past 17 years. We have seen many changes over these years. One big change was the construction of the new pier. Last year we enjoyed dinner on the beach and watched this beautiful structure as it changed to various colors. It was a sight to behold. This year many of the lights are working only sporadically or not working at all. What a shame. What a waste of money if the pier will not be maintained as it was designed. It sends a message to the world that there is no city pride.

Around town with Julie


alking the streets of Vallarta can be said to be challenging, whether it be on cobblestones, dodging potholes, tripping on uneven sidewalks or even no sidewalks. Whatever the street may looks like it can be quite the obstacle course - now add a pair on high heels and a tight dress. On May 22nd more than a dozen contestants will be in costumes and in 12cm high heels for the first ever ‘Pulpito Drag Derby’ . The Derby racers will begin at the Pulpito Plaza stairs with trays of rainbow colored glasses and will then proceed to travel along Pulpito street and back to Olas Altas to the participating local businesses which include The Swedes, Coco’s Kitchen, Nu, Pulpito 116, Maya,

Sama, Ron Morgan Realtors, R Salon and The Palm Cabaret. At each stop, contestants will pick up extra drinks and face other challenges (and of course drink a free shots of tequila or other treats from each business). Watching will be just as much fun and spectators will be invited to place bets on the top 3 contestants! Winners of the ‘bet’ will receive their payout at 3x1 in Pulpito Derby Dollars good at participating businesses. Results of the contest will be revealed during a special show at The Palm Cabaret and Bar on the same night starting at 9pm, hosted by the sensational Supermana (singing live!) from Mexico City with special guest ‘Drag Kings’ from Seattle, Washington. 100% of the door

connect you with more information. Or google PV SPCA or MexPup or Colina Spay and Neuter or PEACE Animals or Sayulita Animals. Slow season, what? Get out there and enjoy yourself. Madeline

We must also comment on the Sunday night bus schedule. At 9:30 p.m., we waited a 1/2 hour in Old Town for a bus to the hotels. There were another 15 people also waiting for the same bus. In that 1/2 hour at least a dozen buses went by. They were mostly empty and all going to places other than the hotel zone. We believe the lack of buses is targeted at the tourists who are then forced to pay 100 pesos for a cab back to their hotel. R and J Huntington Beach, CA

proceeds will be donated to the Pulpito Plaza Project. The Derby starts 6pm on May 22nd at the new Pulpito Plaza in Vallarta’s vibrant southside neighborhood. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Pulpito Plaza Project, which aims to add benches and plants to the already rehabbed Pulpito stairs as well as improving the adjacent corners and sidewalks along Pulpito street. What a great way to kick off Vallarta Pride Week! Come join me. I’ll be there, watching in admiration and of course placing a bet! May the best Drag Win! Until next week keep cool, Smiles Julie


Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

New Colorful Grasshopper Discovered in Mexico


grasshopper that was recently discovered on the side of a mountain road near Oaxaca, Mexico by University of Central Florida scientists (UCF) now bears the name Liladownsia fraile after Grammy-award-winning singer and activist Ana Lila Downs Sánchez. The scientists named the new species after the Mexican-American singer as a nod to her efforts to preserve indigenous culture and her penchant for wearing colorful, local costumes as part of her performances. The researchers discovered the new species in 2011 while doing fieldwork for another grasshopper study in a pine-oak forest of the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountain Range in Oaxaca, Mexico. “We were surprised that a grasshopper of that size and found next to the road wasn’t discovered before,” said Ricardo Mariño-Pérez, one of the co-authors. There are about 9,700 known species of grasshoppers in the world. For the UCF team, it was important to recognize Mexico in naming the species. Downs is known for her contributions to the music industry through her traditional fashion, which is primarily based on Mexico’s indigenous communities, cultures, and heritages. Her music has earned her a Grammy Award and two Latin Grammy Awards. She’s active with various humanitarian


causes, especially those related to Latin America’s indigenous communities. “This taxon is dedicated to Lila Downs for a number of reasons, such as the fact that she was born in the vicinity of the type locality and because she incorporates several indigenous tongues from Mexico into her musical style, including Mixteco and Zapoteco (the latter of which is spoken in the type locality). A dditionally, Lila Downs has not only promoted the vast cultural diversity of Mexico worldwide via her music, but also through the use of bright colors, a staple of Mexican culture, and considering that this new genus is brightly colored, we would like to recognize her efforts through the dedi-

for advanced manufacturing , as the main strength is the human capital. “The percentage of engineering graduates in Mexico is higher than in Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom and United States; in addition, the country has more than two hundred research and development centers , both public and private “ The Director General of ProMéxico said it’s time to boost the competitiveness of the region and continue to be the world’s largest production platform. In the presence of David Robillard, Presi-

Explore Banderas Bay


uerto Vallarta is located in the middle of Banderas Bay, one of the largest bays in Mexico at nearly 100km in length. It is bounded in the north by Punta de Mita and in the south by Cabo Corrientes.

Canadian Authorities facilitate trade and travel with Mexico


cation of this new genus.” Mariño-Pérez said the discovery of the grasshopper is an important reminder to all of us to be mindful of the way we use our planet. “We are in an era of biodiversity crisis,” he said. “Every day species are disappearing, in some cases even before being discovered. This discovery is a reminder that new species are not only in the middle of the Amazon or in the deep forests of Africa, but also next to the road in a more or less populated area.” To assist in supporting the conservation cause, this unique grasshopper species has been placed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s new Red List of threatened species.

Mexico, an excellent partner in North America exico City , May 9th 2014.Francisco N. González Díaz, Director General of ProMéxico said that its demographic profile, skilled human resources, legal security, advanced manufacturing experience and openness to trade and investment, make Mexico an excellent partner for the future in the region of North America. González Díaz invited Canadian companies to consider Mexico as an important partner for the development of knowledge-intensive projects and not just as an optimal destination

It straddles the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, divided along the Ameca River. The bay is home to many wonderful communities and an abundance of natural wonders. In the winter and spring seasons

dent of CanCham, and Francisco Suárez Dávila, Mexican Ambassador to Canada, González said that the region has to invest in global value chains: “We not only manufacture more products together, but design and increase the added value of complementary products” Trade between Mexico and Canada has increased from 2.7 billion dollars in 1993 to nearly 20 billion dollars in 2013. Canada is the fourth largest source of FDI in Mexico. Mexican Business Web with information ProMéxico

you can witness the awe inspiring beauty of the humpback whales as they calve in the warm waters of the bay, in the summer you can experience the majesty of the sea turtles hatching and returning to their watery world. The fall brings renewed vigour to the mountains and rivers

anada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that the government is taking real action to make it faster and easier for Mexican visitors to come to Canada. Under the CAN+ program, Mexican nationals who have travelled to Canada or the United States within the last 10 years will be eligible for expedited visa processing. CAN+ is yet another option to make it easier for Mexican travellers to come to Canada. By fast-tracking a large number of applications, CAN+ is freeing up visa officers to work on other cases. As a result, the program is improving overall processing times for all Mexican travellers who will see their visas processed in 10 days or less. Alexander highlighted how the government is increasing legitimate trade and travel to Canada. The success of the Canada Multiple-Entry Visa (MEV) program is another example of ways the government is providing fast and convenient options for travellers wishing to visit Canada. In April 2014 alone, more than 95,000 MEVs, which allow visitors to come and go from Canada for six months at a time for up to 10 years, were issued to individuals coming to Canada on vacation or to spend time with family. Quick facts • Canada’s close tourism ties with Mexico continue to grow with more than 34,000 visitor visas, study and work permits issued to Mexican visitors, students and workers between January and April 2014; a 20 percent increase from the same period in 2013. • More than 2 million Canadians

visit Mexico each year. • The CAN+ program will speed visa processing for an expected 50 percent or more Mexican travellers to Canada. • A six-month pilot of the CAN+ program delivered real results: visas were issued in seven days or less with an approval rate of over 95 percent. • Citizenship and Immigration Canada also offers three “Express” programs that help Mexican business people, tourist groups and students come to Canada faster: o Business Express expedites business travel from Mexico with visas issued within days with a near-perfect approval rate for those registered in the program. o Travel Express offers a fast, simplified visa application process for tourists who use travel agencies registered with the Canadian Embassy. o Mexican Student Pilot fasttracks the processing of study permits with a near-perfect approval rate for those who study at participating Canadian educational institutions. Quotes “Our government is opening the door to economic growth while protecting the integrity of Canada’s immigration system. By making the CAN+ program permanent, our government is making it easier and faster for Mexican travellers to come to Canada to do business, visit family or friends, or bolster Canada’s tourism industry. This will further strengthen relations with our valued NAFTA partner and will help foster economic growth in both our countries.” Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Source:

with the fresh rains and revived vegetation. No matter when you visit, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit will share their wonders with you. Here is a selection of some of the many things you can do while visiting us.

Walking Tours Take a tour through Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Downtown to learn about this city’s rich history, famous people, architecture, and cultural and ecological heritage; all this on an easy to moderate two-hour stroll led by a certified guide. Tours leave from the Municipal


Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Mexico – Third Largest Real Estate Market in the World


exico is the third largest real estate market in the world and it is expected to continue to grow. Canadian and American investors are flocking to Mexico to buy retirement and investment properties. A recent informal survey conducted by Mexi-Go! of real estate offices across Mexico indicated that Canadian buyers make up as much as 70% of all purchasers of vacation product within some destinations in Mexico. Vallarta-Nayarit estimates 50% buyers from Canada while Mazatlan sees closer to 70% and Los Cabos 30%. Canadians are the second largest nationality of travelers to Mexico making up nearly 20% of all visitors. (Americans are first with about 60%.) Rapid yet stable development is occurring in many prime regions throughout the country. Popular vacation destinations are now welcoming the influx of North American, European and Russian investors who are looking for warm weather, low real estate prices and luxury amenities. Los Cabos, Vallarta-Nayarit, Riviera Maya and Huatulco are attracting more tourists, snowbirds, retirees and investors each year. Minister

of Tourism for Nayarit, Rodrigo Perez Hernandez recently stated that, “over 450 million pesos has been invested in the past six years in Nayarit by foreigners purchasing real estate and investments. Projections put this at double in the next five years.” “We are seeing investors, both Mexican and foreign, building amenities to accommodate the wave of ex-pats that are coming”, says Madeline Milne, “when they are building hospitals and a Starbucks on the corner, due diligence shows that the dollars are coming.” For home owners the options are varied and prices range from

$99,000 to the sky’s the limit. Strong vacation rental markets ensure that properties see a return on the investment. Real estate brokers are beginning to understanding the power of the referral when it comes to this international real estate boom. Canadians can purchase a two or three bedroom townhome with luxury amenities in Los Cabos for as little as $145,000 at Ventanas Residences, an ocean view condo in historic Old Town Puerto Vallarta for $190,000 at The Park or at Papaya 15 in Playa del Carmen a one or two bedroom condo from $145,000. Source: Mexi-Go!

Netflix Is Going Latino! To Produce Its First Spanish-Language Original Series


etflix looks to tap into the ever growing Latino market with its first Spanish-language original series. The 13-episode series will center on a family feud among the heirs of a soccer club after the owner’s death, Variety reported. Director Gaz Alazraki, who made the Mexican box office hit “We are the Nobles,” is set to helm the project that will shoot entirely in Mexico. It will offer a satirical, highly entertaining look into the world of professional soccer. “Gaz has the disruptive vision and creative storytelling we were looking for in producing out first original series in Mexico,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer. “We’re confident our

members in a market as important to us as Mexico and Latin America will love this family comedy.” According to Variety, the cast

Explore Banderas Bay Tourism Office every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. Shopping in the Zona Romantica – this charming neighbourhood is also called Old Town and is a popular residential area

for expats and Mexican families. Along the main streets you will find shops galore, filled with wonderful authentic crafts, clothing, jewelry, excellent restaurants, spas, theaters and more. Vibrant and friendly, this area

will be from all over Latin America and include “Nobles” star Luis Gerardo Mendez.

offers an excellent day or two (or more!) of exploring. Close to Los Muertos beach, consider ending your day with a sunset margarita at any of the many beachfront restaurants. Sunsets on the Malecon Sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean never fails to give us a

Olympic medalist to swim at 4th Annual Open Water Competition


a Cruz de Huanacaxtle, the Nautical Capital of the Riviera Nayarit, is preparing to host the 4thannual Open Water 3-5K Competition, which begins at 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 17th. One of the best-known athletes that will swim in this competition is Olympic medalist Lizeth Rueda Santos, who said she has had the opportunity to enjoy Nayarit’s beaches and considers them among the prettiest and safest for swimmers. The destination will welcome competitors from the State of Mexico, the Federal District, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Colima, Nayarit and Jalisco. This year there is also a Canadian swimmer, a good sign as one of the objectives of the organizers and of the Riviera Nayarit is for the event to have an international reach. The number of participants in this competition that includes athletes from ages five to 70 has

sunset each night. Grab a seat at any of the number of excellent bars and restaurants along the malecon, order your favourite cocktail and let it all slip away. Once the sun has set, the malecon comes alive with families out for a stroll, plenty of live entertainment and later in the

grown steadily since its beginnings in 2011. “This time around we have 700 swimmers—we had to close registration one week before the event because we had reached our capacity. The first one was held in 2011 with 300 swimmers and now we’ve more than doubled that amount,” said Belín Villasante, General Director for the competition. There were several factors that contributed to the execution of the event, including accessibility, hotel infrastructure, restaurants, roads and more. “It would have been very difficult to pull off this event without the support of the Riviera Nayarit and Mexico brands as well as the government of the State of Nayarit and the Secretary of Tourism,” assured the Director. The fact the destination is the domestic leader in clean beaches and has excellent safety standards in and out of the water encourages the participation of more swimmers.

night, the nightclubs beckon. Sayulita – A short 45 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, Sayulita is the surfers mecca of Riviera Nayarit. A funky town with a wonderful protected beach, this laid-back town has a hippie vibe with the organic cafes and the yoga studios to prove it.


Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Paradise and Parenting By Leza Warkentin By Leza Warkentin

Rolling Out Red Carpet with 1st Annual Vendor Recognition Awards


n the spirit of entrepreneurial development, our “make it, bake it, grow it” vendors celebrated our 1st Annual Vendor Recognition Awards! (What could be a better way to bring an end to our very successful 5th season?) Before we wrap things up on the last shopping day of the year (May 17), we set out to recognize those who demonstrated excellence in products, services and volunteerism. • “Make It”: Chantel~Vintage Spoon Jewelry Owner Chantel Mann, a former real estate agent, was on her way out of town after the market crashed. Serendipitously she applied to the market. Her business has grown with featured items in exclusive shops around Mexico. Today Mann is still a vital part of the Vallarta community. • “Bake It”: Cacahuate Carlos Owners Carlos Valdivia and Lisa Gilroy have grown their business from a tiny table and 3 kinds of peanuts into a market favorite. Multiple peanut flavors, cookies, brittle and 5 different nut butters – Cacahuate Carlos has it all! • “Grow It”: Hortalizas Palomera Growers Jose Luis Palomera and Alejandra Farjas have 5 hectares on which they grow herbs, greens and gourmet baby veggies. As one of the few small farms in the area, Hortalizas Palomera has supplied produce for area restaurants for 14 years.

• Services: Bahia Chiropractic Dr. Erik Fulfer, a third generation, board certified chiropractor, adjusts patients from all over the world underneath his shaded OTFM-TC tent. For house calls, call 322-182-5045. Winners received $1500 pesos gift certificates for branding and marketing. During our recognition event we also recognized community members who have enhanced the quality of life for marginalized groups: • Community Builder: Cherie Verber Verber along with her partner Pam Alexandra and their friend Mary Jacobs provide english, sewing and art classes out of their home for the young and young at heart. Cheri also mentors two of the market’s Young Entrepreneur Program vendors, Mireya Amaral (Poder de Niña/Girl Power) and Abraham Amaral (Casa de Muñeca/The Doll House) who share their artisan talents with international shoppers. • Market Supporter: Bruce Bing Bing has supported the market from its earliest days by buying produce and cheeses directly from the vendors for his 3 Vallarta-based restaurants. He is also known to have vendors create special products exclusively for his dining patrons. Bing donates in many ways, one of which was giving seed money to Young Entreprenuer Mireya Amaral to buy her first sewing machine. • Volunteer: Bill Hegelund A volunteer since the first season, Hegelund’s dedication has made a huge impact on the success of the market. He arrives each Saturday well before any of the

Explore Banderas Bay Visit the Huichol Cultural Centre for some wonderful hand-made beaded jewelry or grab a surf lesson from one of the many vendors on the beach.

Cooking Classes – Recognized as one of the world’s leading cuisines, there are a number of great schools in the Puerto Vallarta area that will teach you how to master tortilla soup,

vendors and jumps in to help with a myriad of details ranging from set up to take down.

Teacher Appreciation

Impassioned by responsible food production, entrepreneurial development and the “buy local” movement, our OTFM-TC is a North American style market celebrating the tradition of Mexico’s tianguis markets. Stop by for home décor, fashions, accessories, farm-fresh produce, international cuisine and readto-eat foods. Located in Lazaro Cárdenas Park, the OTFM-TC is open every Saturday from 9:30 am to 2 pm from the first Saturday in November to May 17. Visit us on www.oldtownfm. com or Facebook.

very May 15 is Teacher’s Day in Mexico and my idea for the column this week was to write a sort of “Day in the Life of a Teacher”. I was pretty excited about it and started taking notes during my class time in nursery school. This lasted precisely one minute before I got a hand cramp and I stopped, because in ONE MINUTE the following events occurred: - I had a goldfish cracker shoved in my mouth -A child had fallen off his chair for no particular reason - Someone had given another kid his water bottle and then accused him of stealing it - I had a chocolate chip cookie shoved in my mouth - I had to intervene between two children who nearly came to blows over how many bathroom stalls there are in our bathroom (there are two) - Someone had spilled at least half of a Family Size- box-worth of Kraft Dinner on the floor My editor simply doesn’t have the space for an article about a day in my life as a teacher, so let me leave the rest to your imaginations. It’s probably cuter that way anyway. I am in a unique position to know that teachers deserve their own special day because a) I am a teacher b) I am fairly realistic about the unique qualities and/or foibles of my own offspring. Here is my Top Ten List of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Complain About the May 15 Holiday (And Why You Should Buy Your Child’s Teacher a Starbucks Gift Card to Boot): 10) Teachers spend hours planning exciting, engaging projects, knowing full well that there will

always be someone who will want to know what they have to do to just get a passing grade. 9) They listen to the comment “Must be nice to have the summers off!” without committing a crime, even though they spend July and August planning the new school year and getting in some professional development. 8) Outdoor lunch duty in September in Puerto Vallarta 7) Indoor lunch duty on rainy days ANYWHERE ON EARTH 6) Some teachers are parents who get to help their children with homework once they finish up at school. Because what else could they possibly desire to do with their time? 5) I have found fewer teachers in it “for the money” than the wait staff at the Olive Garden. Because they are on the same salary scale. Without the tips. With their Masters degrees. 4) Preschool and music teachers sing songs like “Hakuna Matata” and “Put Your Finger in the Air” without (almost ever) flinging their CD players off the second floor. 3) Your child’s kindergarten teacher accepts her gift of crushed, sweaty flowers as though they were the very Crown Jewels. And she wears them as such. 2) Teachers see that one child eating lunch alone every day. And then suddenly desire to eat their own lunch at that very table on their only break of the day. 1) Teachers know that, while education is certainly about the three R’s, it’s a lot more about raising up the human beings who are going to be running this joint in a few years. And so they raise our children up with love, passion and courage without asking for a whole lot. But I bet a Starbucks gift card couldn’t hurt.

enchiladas, salsas and more. Fresh seafood, abundant fruit and veggies and a sophisticated community make Vallarta a foodies dream destination. Look for a school that will take you to the markets or introduce you to the farmers and fishermen for a

truly cultural experience. Don’t want to cook? Try one of the Food Tours available. Eat like a local and for three hours you will enjoy everything from Tacos to Pozole. Art Galleries – It is said there are more galleries per capita in

Puerto Vallarta than any other place in Mexico. Many of these galleries are along the side streets that run through Centro. Stop at the Tourism Office in the Main Plaza for a map or take advantage of their free walking tour. Many galleries carry high

• Non-Profit: Ballenarte Puerto Vallarta Founded in 1996 by Astrid Frisch, this nonprofit focuses on the research, preservation and surveillance of Humpback whales in the Banderas Bay. Their internationally award-winning work has been instrumental in the educating the public and increasing the quality of life for these magnificent mammels. ballenartepv(at) Thank you for making this season our best yet. And don’t forget that this Saturday is the last chance to pick up all of your favorite farm-to-table produce, artisan foods, one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and home décor. Many of these vendors will continue to provide products and services throughout the summer so visit our website for contact information. Finally, congrats to Liz Montejano of Wiki as her whimsical line of handmade, embellished wood products can now be found in the Four Season’s gift shop.



Friday May 16 - 22, 2014


hile so much of the activity is focused on Puerto Vallarta proper, there are some truly tropical experiences to be had south of the city. The mountains come down to meet the ocean and with this we have a number of excellent rivers, valleys, beaches and towns to explore. In the coming weeks we will feature a number of the activities and destinations you can enjoy on Vallarta’s South Shore this summer. The Puerto Vallarta South Shore begins where Conchas Chinas ends, and from there runs along the coast passing the residential developments of Garza Blanca and Sierra del Mar, through the town of Mismaloya to Boca de Tomatlan, where the highway turns east and heads up into the Sierra Madre mountains towards El Tuito. Although the highway ends, the border of the South Shore continues along the coastline, but without road access it can be interesting to access. There are many towns and secluded beaches that are boat access only. You can grab a water taxi from the pier off Los Muertos beach or there are a number of great tour companies that will bring you where you want to go!

South Shores beaches

• Playa Mismaloya - at the mouth of the Mismaloya River. The beach was featured in several scenes from Night of the Iguana and the main set was located on hillside to the South of the beach. The beach is developed with a

number of restaurants. • Playa Las Animas –An excellent beach to hike to from Boca de Tomatlan this narrow white sand beach is developed with several restaurants. A panga from Boca costs about $40 pesos • Playa Las Caletas - Once the private beach of film director John Huston, today it is a wildlife preserve. There is a living natural reef close to the shore which attracts snorkelers. • Playa Quimixto - a somewhat rocky and secluded beach which is settled by a small village of about a hundred families. Hire a horse and guide in the town for a tour through the small river valleyto a series of waterfalls. Particularly impressive in rainy season. • Yelapa - once a small fishing village and a popular “hideaway” for gringos, electricity, telephones and the internet have arrived. There are a couple of excellent hotels, great restaurants and waterfalls to hike to.

Explore Banderas Bay quality local crafts, established Mexican and international artists and more. Volunteer - There are many wonderful organizations across the Bay that can use your help.

Both time or money will be appreciated. On Sundays, the Brigada de Basura does a morning clean-up with the local children and then they all head to Que Pasa restaurant for breakfast, activities and friendship.

Need to recover from a little too much sun? Take the day and try an off the beach activity.

Tequila Tour

When in Jalisco…. Tequila and mariachi are musts. Tequila, like Champagne must meet certain criteria to be called Tequila, but that doesn’t mean that other products are not equal or superior in flavour. What is important to remember is that 100% agave is the key to quality. Learning a bit more about the production of this national treasure and how to truly taste a ‘tequila’ is a wonderful way to learn more about the culture of this country you are visiting. One of the best reviewed distilleries around Puerto Vallarta is the Rancho Verano and their Don Chendo products. Rancho Verano is a small distillery just outside of Puerto Vallarta in Las Juntas y Los Veranos. The Don Chendo products are 100% Agave and produced similar to Tequila, but they are only allowed to call their product “Destilado de Agave”. This very popular spirit offers tours to showcase production. “This is some of the smoothest tequila I’ve ever tasted. We stopped by the distillery and took the tour, which involved a lesson on how to judge tequila, and a taste of about five different kinds. It is well worth the trip.” Review posted on

Canopy Tours

The south shore of Vallarta is popular for Canopy tours and they are a great way to get into the jungle and see something a little different. They are not for the faint

of heart but if you are feeling a little nervous, maybe a shot of the Don Chendo you just picked up will sooth your nerves. The newest canopy tour, Paradise Adventure Park / Canopy Indio has more than 10,000 feet of lines spread out over 10 lines, some up to half a mile long and nearly 700 feet from the beautiful jungle canopy below. The facilities are in exce-

llent shape, the restaurant serves great typical Mexican food and the margaritas are very popular. “The guides were super friendly and the scenery was beautiful. The zip lines built up from short and slow to fast and long. The longest one was over 2000 feet. The guides let us go and caught us every time and made us feel real safe.” TripAdvisor, April 2013

Ride the bus - Buses in Puerto Vallarta are an experience all their own. You can tell the general destination of the bus by what is written on the window. Costco, Sheraton, Centro, Mismaloya you can go just about anywhere in this city on the bus.

Only seven and a half pesos (per bus - there are no transfers) this is a great way to explore the neighbourhoods. Head south on the bus and get a front row seat on some spectacular scenery on your way to the Vallarta Zoo.

Or hop the Bucerias bus in front of Walmart and 30 minutes later you are exploring a charming beachside town. Tip: Sit on the non-sunny side of the bus. Trust me. It gets hot. Support Local Business - One of the most popular reasons

tourism 8

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Tourism unites Mexico and Asia Mexico City.- Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Secretary of Tourism, declared after her visit to China that Mexico is committed to boost tourism in the context of the relationship promoted by President Enrique Peña Nieto and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. Secretary Ruiz Massieu attended the 14th Global Summit of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in Beijing, where she met with Shao Qiwei, Chairman of the National Tourism Administration of China. Both representatives discussed issues such as the bilateral agenda in tourism, air connectivity, strategies for promoting the two countries and the undertaken exchange and improvement practices. A working group has been created in order to focus, among other actions, on the promotion and declaration of year 2015

as the China-Mexico and Mexico-China tourism year. This July, teams of both nations will meet in Mexico City in order to address the achieved agreements. The next event in which both nations will meet is the Meeting of Ministers of Tourism of the Forum of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). The presentation of the National Infrastructure Plan at Los Pinos presidential residence was the framework for the Secretary of Tourism to address the importance of the touristic sector in the national economy. She stressed that this industry represents over 8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it is the fourth source of foreign exchange and the largest employment source of young women; hence the importance of investing in tourism infrastructure to generate high social and economic benefits.

Three Strategies to Improve Tourism Infrastructure


ourism is one of the six strategic pillars of the National Infrastructure Program 2014-2018. Over 180 billion pesos will be invested to broaden and upgrade the tourism infrastructure of Mexico, based on three strategies: FIRST. Improve infrastructure and equipment in major tourist destinations. • Restore beaches; refurbish historic centers of colonial cities; and a implement a Program to Support the country’s Magical Towns to increase the number to 100 throughout the country. SECOND. Promote the creation of new tourism infrastructure to diversify the range of services available in the sector. • The main investment projects include the consolidation of Meso-American Heritage, with the development of Sustainable Tourism Centers in Chichén Itzá, Palenque, Calakmul and Teotihuacán. • Plans are underway to build new convention centers , as well as 20 public parks on the country’s main beaches. Third. Link infrastructure development to policies to boost tourism competitiveness. • Remodel major airports to make them more user-friendly; modernize Tourist Ports and building new road accesses. Develop more sustainable tourist destinations; install underground cabling to enhance cities’ image; and revive tourism in natural areas. As a result of these investment projects, which will consolidate and diversify tourism, Mexico will have a stronger basis for making this activity a great promoter of regional development and welfare for Mexican families.

Explore Banderas Bay visitors love Puerto Vallarta is because it’s a thriving city not just geared towards tourists. A fine example of this is the many small businesses that you can find in ‘Centro’ including galle-

ries, restaurants, clothing stores, spas and more. Venture off the malecon to find the perfect souvenir. Conchas Chinas The south of Puerto Vallarta is a

Mexican torurism figures According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), in 2012 the touristic industry joined 78 billion trillion pesos, perceiving a 2.6% growth compared to 2011. These figures represent 8.4% of the Mexican GDP, exceeding the amount of other economic activities such as agricultural, chemical and food industry altogether. The INEGI reports that the activities related to tourism represented 5.8% of total employment jobs in the country. Regarding domestic consumption, the figure reached 1.971 trillion pesos increasing 8.5% in 2012. As for government spending, 57.57 billion pesos are directed to promote the country abroad.

Mexican Business Web.

Inbound tourism grew 6.4% in 4Q13


he National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) presents the results of the Quarterly Indicators of Tourism Activity (ITAT) for October-December 2013 (4Q13). During the fourth quarter of 2013, Quarterly Tourism Indicator GDP increased 1.7%. Services grew 1.6% and touristic property increased by 2.1% in real terms over the same period a year earlier.

In the reference period, Quarterly Internal Tourism Consumption Indicator rose 3% compared to October-December 2012. By components, consumption exerted by tourists residing in the country (internal) reported an increase of 2.6%, and the one consisting of the expense made by foreign tourists (inbound tourism) grew by 6.4%. Mexican Business Web with information from INEGI

Mexico plans to invest 180 billion pesos ($13.8 billion USD) in Tourism Infrastructure


exico plans to invest 180 billion pesos ($13.8 billion USD) in tourism infrastructure to turn the country into a global power in the industry, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced during the Tianguis Turístico Cancún 2014. “Mexico has everything necessary to become a tourism power at the global level,” the president told industry leaders gathered at this 39th Tourism Fair in the Mexican Caribbean resort city, that has become the largest and most visited Tourist Destination in all Latin America. Travel agency representatives, tourism industry executives and officials from all levels of government listened as Peña Nieto discussed Mexico’s advantages in terms of natural beauty, cultural offerings and historic sites. “Today, our nation is the No. 2 tourism destination in the Americas and the only Latin American country that ranks in the top 25 most-visited nations in the world,” Peña Nieto said. The government plans to

thick jungle full of adventure and excitement. Head south along the 200 highway and you will find the architecturally inspiring community of Conchas Chinas. The beach cove here is excellent for snorkeling.

President Peña Nieto at the Tianguis Turístico Cancún 2014

pursue a three-pronged strategy to develop Mexico’s tourism infrastructure. “The beaches and colonial districts in the country’s main tourist destinations will be renovated, and the “Magic Towns” program will be expanded to 100 locations across the country”, the president said. “New offerings will be developed at Meso-American heritage sites, with sustainable areas being created in Chichen Itza, Palenque, Calakmul and Teotihuacan, while

convention centers and 20 new public parks are built at Mexican beaches”, Peña Nieto continued. “The third element in the strategy is to modernize and refurbish Mexico’s ports and airports to make them more attractive for arriving tourists“, he added. “Mexico welcomed 23.7 million foreign tourists in 2013, generating revenues of more than $13.8 billion”, President Peña Nieto concluded. Sources:

Nogalito The first town South is that of Nogalito. Set back in the jungle it is a charming Mexican village that also is home to one of the most popular day tours - the Canopy Mundo Nogalito Tour with the only tunnel zip-line in

town. If you’re feeling the heat, stop at the Punta Negra bridge and take a drip in the river. Lovely fresh water, lots of little pools to splash in and rocks to dry off on. If you’re lucky, a vendor will come by with snacks and drinks - otherwise pack your own.

local 09

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

My Life In Vallarta By Lois Ellison

May Musings


ne recent morning we noticed it had rained a little overnight. Could this be a sign that summer is just around the corner? It seems too early this year, with several humid days already upon us. The timing of this is actually good for us. You see, some months ago we planned a trip for late May and early June.

When we made these plans, we were afraid we’d miss out on the last days of temperate weather before the long hot summer. As it turns out those last days are already behind us. Weather is always a factor when you travel. Not that we can do anything about it, but we watch the forecasts and hope for the best. Our first stop will be Kansas to visit our twin granddaughters who will soon

Explore Banderas Bay Mismaloya 15 minutes further is Mismaloya, a small town set back from the water along a river that leads to the ocean and a number of beach restaurants.

This bay looks onto Los Arcos and is a great place to grab a panga boat for a tour of the impressive rocks. If you have time, book a snorkel or dive trip. This is one of the deepest ocean

turn 5. In advance of that, we find ourselves watching the tornado reports. When we saw all that recent devastation, we quickly purchased some trip insurance. From there it’s on to Alaska. My husband is a photographer and he wants to capture the glaciers while there is enough left to make it spectacular. We’re not used to that cold weather and it’s been a challenge to find enough warm clothes to take along. Better pack some sleeping masks. Almost 18 hours of sunlight every day. Finally we’ll visit Portland, one of our favorite cities and home of another granddaughter. All of this will be accomplished using a combination of planes, trains, buses and a ship. Travel is always fun and exciting but living out of a suitcase gets old in a hurry. As much as I enjoy seeing new things and visiting familiar places, there are so many things about Puerto Vallarta that I miss when we travel. Where else can you see fireworks from your terrace every single night of the year? Or wake to the crowing of a solitary rooster, too proud to give in to the ever encroaching city life? There is a certain rhythm to life here. You can find it in the ebb and flow of the waves, the rustling of the palm trees, and the melodic cadence in the voices of the native speakers. Sometimes it comes to you from the chiming church bells or the graceful swaying of the pelicans and frigates high in the sky. It’s there in the rumbling sound of the rocks as a wave recedes and the swoosh swooshing of a straw broom when the early morning sweepers clean the Malecon. It’s more than a rhythm, it’s a symphony: a trumpet’s wail as the Mariachi play, a ringing bell announcing the knife sharpener, the belching bus as it navigates our streets, the tap tap of a hammer, the jingle of the gas delivery truck, the drums and bugles during school band practice, the clatter of hoof beats during a parade, even that lonely dog barking down the block. Every city has its own music. I’m sure we’ll hear many choruses as we travel but when we come home, I’ll fall asleep and dream to the lullaby that is Vallarta’s sound.

valleys in the world and home to turtles, whales, dolphins and the blue-footed Booby. Back behind the town, check out the Vallarta Zoo where you can play with baby monkeys, tigers and lions.

Flower of the Week by Sandra Cesca

Plumeria Plumeria (Spanish) Plumeria sp.


rangapani. In the dogbane family, this lovely flower is most fragrant at night; used in leis and incense for their intoxicating perfume; sap may irritate eyes and skin; the white flower is used for ceremonies such as weddings and funerals; often planted in cemeteries. This plant is one of over 200 found in Sandra’s new color-coded guidebook, Tropical Plant Walks of Puerto Vallarta. Available now at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens’ gift shop, Page in the Sun Bookstore and from Sandra at the Paradise Community Center Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Information on her many walking tours can be found at:

Boca de Tomatlan Boca de Tomatlan is the last town along the ocean and the place to grab a boat to the small beach communities of Quimixto, Las Animas and the very popular Yelapa. Looking for romance - book a

table at the nearby Le Kliff for spectacular views and sunsets.

real estate 10

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Let’s Hear from You: First Person Expat Interviews By Miguel Fernandez


ast week I asked to hear about your experience as an expatriate living in Puerto Vallarta, and Ted Peterson, a yearround resident expat, and former San Francisco resident generously gave me a nice snapshot of his lifestyle down here. How long have you lived in Puerto Vallarta? I’ve lived here for 16 wonderful years. The years have gone so fast and Puerto Vallarta has been a wonderful place to live. I hope I never have to leave. Why did you choose to retire in Puerto Vallarta? Like hundreds of other people, I’d been here on vacation many times prior to my retirement. I had always loved the people, climate and laid-back lifestyle in PV. Also being a gay man from the most liberal city in the world, I was looking for a place where there was a degree of acceptance for gay people. I found PV to be a very tolerant environment for alternative life-styles. Down here, a person can do pretty much what they want, within reason, as long as you respect the culture by not doing anything too outrageous. Did you rent or purchase when you first moved here? Since I’d been here so many times on vacation and already had friends living here, I knew that I didn’t need time to evaluate whether this was a good move for me. I decided to buy a house immediately, which I wouldn’t advise most people to do. Over the years, I’ve met many people who regretted buying when they first arrived. The smart thing to do is to rent for 6 months and make sure this is what you want. Also that gives a person an opportunity to decide in which part of Vallarta he or she might want to live. What did you do after you sold you home? I spent a few months looking for a condominium. By that time, I knew exactly where I wanted to live, which just happened to be in

the same neighborhood where my house was located. I found the perfect 2-bedroom condo on the hill above the Guadalupe Church with a view of the ocean, and a small pool and terrace on the roof-top terrace. What do you do to occupy your time? Well, it’s not hard to find things to do in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re a joiner, there are many different groups for ex-pats. If you’re more of a loner, like myself, there are hundreds of different classes you can attend. I love to paint, so I spend several mornings a week at “Fireworks”, at Los Mercados, where I can paint ceramics with my good friend Bea. I’ve also taken Tango lessons for a few years, though my teacher has moved back to the U.S. Of course, like most people, I have developed great friendships here and spend time with my friends playing cards, having dinners or hanging out at the beach. What’s your favorite thing about Puerto Vallarta? The Mexican people are just wonderful, so friendly and engaging. It’s great to walk out in the morning and be greeted by neighbors, or strangers in the street with a friendly “Buenos Dias”. You just don’t find that in most places these days. What’s your least favorite thing in Puerto Vallarta? Umm, that’s an interesting question. The summers here can be rough, with the high humidity and heat. The climate really limits what you can do during the summer. I do most everything I need to do in the mornings and stay home in the afternoons. In the evenings I like to take a walk, but that depends upon how lazy I am on a particular day. Is there anything in particular that you miss about the United States? Really, I don’t miss much of anything. Now, you can get most everything here. I love the fact

that we can have access to US Netflix. And, I no longer need to search for books now that I have my Kindle. I can download books from US libraries and I don’t even have to buy books anymore. The new advances in technology have made it very easy to live in a foreign country. What about medical costs and healthcare considerations? Oh, I have the Mexican National Seguro. It costs me between three and four hundred dollars a year which covers everything after you’ve had it for a couple of years. Also, I have a private doctor

and the costs are so reasonable compared to the US. And the dental costs are a fraction of what they are in the US. But the most important aspect of the medical care here is what wonderful personal attention you receive, and the quality of care is superb. What would you say to people thinking about moving here? It’s a great place to live. Compared to the US, the crime rate here is very low. If you hate the cold, like I do, it’s a perfect place. The Mexican people are very friendly. The cost of living is much lower here than the US or

Canada. Puerto Vallarta’s become a city now, but the neighborhoods still retain a special character of times past. In my neighborhood there are families that have lived here for generations. Overall, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about Puerto Vallarta. I’m one lucky dude.

Sites Marina

El Tigre Villa For Sale Located on the 10th Tee

The Best Price $/m2 in El Tigre Fully Furnished 4 Beds 4.5 Baths This stunning home includes maids quarters, stunning kitchen and majestic living room that looks on to a glorious pool and outdoor entertainment area. Enjoy magnificent golf course and heavenly views from this divine residence. If you are looking for a Million dollar home, but not the price, this is your only option.





5,6,7 P


e m th fro y on nda u us o S t nd ay Fi esd u



Raicilla Mezca Tequil

322 322 -22-2 2 -16 0-4 -597 8-0 4


a place to live and enjoy your present !



feed your body, soul and spirit

Discover and enjoy our inspiration of the day on our Poetic-Cuisine WITH COLORS AND FLAVORS OF MEXICO

Pulpito # 120-A Col.A Romantic Zone Bet Amapas & Olas Al Puerto Vallarta



2 X 1 X 5,6,7 PM 1



Raicilla Mezcal Tequila


322 322 -22-2 -16 2-5 0-4 97 8-0 4

Discover and enjoy our inspiration of the day on our Poetic-Cuisine WITH COLORS AND FLAVORS OF MEXICO

Pulpito # 120-A Col.Amapas Romantic Zone Between Amapas & Olas Altas Puerto Vallarta

(see page 19)





a al la

Auténtica Comida Mexicana y Mariscos Authentic Mexican Food and Sea Food Olas Altas # 220, Col. Emiliano Zapata Nextel: 1862226 Cel. 322 138 8770 email:


p 11 p ma 5 -



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a place to live and enjoy your present !


pe O

feed your body, soul and spirit

Amapas tween ltas a

Roberto Flores Díaz Silver Jewelry Tel. 222 5920

Olas Altas #250 Col. Emiliano Zapata

Restaurant Week in Vallarta By Gary R.Beck


Looking for your dream home in paradise? Please feel free to contact me at I’ll be very happy to help you. Alfonso Davalos / Tropicasa Realty

or those of us fortunate to be here in Puerto Vallarta from May 15 through May 31, wonderful dining experiences await us with tasty temptations. Top restaurants will offer their usual fantastic dishes at a bargain price during the 2014 May Restaurant Week festival. Options are offered on special menus consisting of three courses with three choices per course, all for a set price of either 199 pesos or 299 pesos, plus beverage and tip. This culinary event celebrates its tenth year. The iconic Vallarta Lifestyles is once again the organizer with uploads of information and menus on This represents an opportunity to visit and enjoy places long on one’s “want to experience” list at attractive pricing. Or, diners may return to one of their Bahia de Banderas area

Wanderings on Olas Altas

Voices without Borders


s part of Vallarta Pride 2014, the Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus is proud to present its “Voices Without Borders” concerts featuring the Reveille Men’s Chorus from Tucson, Arizona. Join us for a fabulous selection of hits on Friday, May 23, 2014, 7 PM and 9 PM, at Act II Entertainment Stages Main Stage, entrance on Basilio Badillo, corner of Insurgentes, in the Romantic Zone. The Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus will sing a set of songs popular in both Spanish and English in the USA and Mexico, and the Reveille Men’s Chorus will follow with a set from their recent “Simply Fabulous!” concert. Then both choruses together will fill you with pride with a set of rousing international songs in both English and Spanish. The Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus was founded two years

ago by Artistic Director Bob Bruneau and board member Joyce Ericson to bring together gay Mexicans and ex-patriots and build bridges understanding in the community through quality male choral music. Tucson’s Reveille Men’s Chorus, under the artistic direction of Shawn Cullen, is in its 19th year of changing lives through music. Don’t forget to stop by the Encore Piano and Wine Bar at Act II before or after the show for a drink. At 6 PM, enjoy a cocktail party and an exhibition of the film “We Are Proud”. Tickets are $300 pesos each or $250 pesos each if you ask for promo code “LOCAL”. Get your advance tickets now at or at Mail Boxes Etc, Plaza Molino, corner of Ignacio Vallarta and Aquiles Serdán by the Río Cuale.

By Poncho Davalos

Vallarta Pride Parade


ne of the most exciting things in all the festivities around the world is always the parade. Vallarta Pride will be from May 22nd to May 26th. I wanted to know more about the events so I approached Nancy Page; she is in charge of coordinating the Vallarta Pride parade. Nancy said, “The parade is very important because Puerto Vallarta has been a mecca for gay lifestyle for so long and many people come from around the world to enjoy the freedom here. It is the perfect time to be able to celebrate that freedom; to be who we are, be comfortable, to be able to get committed to each other, to get married to each other, and to celebrate all Vallarta diversity. I’m very proud we are in our second year

of Vallarta Pride.” When I asked about the specifics Nancy told me, “The parade is going to start at the Sheraton, leaving from there, we’ll go along the malecón, at the end of the malecón, we will wrap around Lazaro Caradenas park and then we’ll go down Olas Altas and exit on Rodolfo Gomez.” This year the cost to be part of the parade is 200 pesos if you want to walk with a banner or have

favorites, with friends and relatives. So, read the list of participants and pick out some places after perusing their menus. Also, diners will attend in my small groups, open to all with RSVP, enabling them to visit with longtime friends and make some new ones along the way. The evenings are casual, relaxed and enjoyable. Positive restaurant reviews or promotions will be published in the Vallarta Tribune and on their website. Please do not miss this opportunity.

PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTS • Kaiser Maximilian 5/15 • Cafe des Artistes 5/17 • Barcelona Tapas 5/18 • The River Cafe 5/19 • Archie’s Wok 5/20 • Gaby’s 5/23 • The Blue Shrimp 5/24 • Si Señor 5/26 w w w. va l l a r ta t r i bu n e. c o m / restaurantweek

a float. Vallarta Pride Parade wants everyone to be part of the event. They don’t want to exclude anyone so they made the entry fee low for all people to stand up and be part of the parade and to show the whole town who we are. Nancy mentioned it is very important that people understand common sense rules of being in the Pride Parade. Don’t do anything your mother would be disappointed by if she were to see you. If you are interested to be part of the Vallarta Pride parade as a Walker with a banner or with a float please contact Nancy Page at: Nancy@ or info@ It is very easy just you need to fill out a form registration. I don’t know, but at least I’m ready and excited to see the parade, at the malecón guys and girls see you next May 24th, the parade starts at 6 pm.

VALLARTA SHOPPING DIRECTORY The only complete guide for Vallarta´s best galleries, boutiques, spas, restaurants and more.


e sure to click on the online Vallarta Shopping directory frequently to see new businesses who have opened with contact information, hours, products and services. The directory has 19 different pages of specialties such as restaurants, cafes, boutiques, art galleries, handicrafts, beauty shops and spas, drug and nutrition stores, leather shops, jewellery stores, food and organic products, entertainment and bars, boutique hotels, real estate companies, Interior Décor, books, florists, optical and various services. Each listing includes not just the name and contact information but photos of their store or restaurant, products and specialties. These businesses know the importance of keeping their image in front of the public all year long, especially to new visitors who check the internet to find the best that Vallarta has to offer. Recently opened places that you should visit are Cerroblanco

Gallery on Basilio Badillo with a fantastic selection of art and jewellery. Another new restaurant on Basilio Badillo is Anejo Limon, decorated with colorful paintings of Catrinas and other Mexican themes from Galeria Vallarta. Art Vallarta, at 213 Calle Pilitas in the Romantic Zone is a new place to create your own art in their studio, take classes or display in their gallery. The main difference between Vallarta Shopping Directory and other guides is that it is kept up to date every six months so in case a business closes or moves their location, the change is made so you will have the correct information. Also you often find specials from restaurants or special discounts when you mention the directory. Keep a copy on your desktop for easy reference for telephone numbers and website links. vallartashoppingdirectory.

Basilio Badillo 269 A Puerto Vallarta, Jal Mon - Sat 4-11 pm (322) 223 3734 From USA or Canada 1-269-282-9550


Nacho Daddy Mexico is the place in Puerto Vallarta where American, Canadian and European ex-pats and tourists across the globe gather to drink, eat, dance, listen to great music,watch football and having a rip-roaring good time. 287 Basilio Badillo in old town 322 223 0838

Events 1816 LOCAL

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Banderas Bay Initiative By Minerva Zamora

Eco Toilets and Green Heroes

H In the heart of Puerto Vallarta discover the origin of fire in the Mexican Opal


ocated on the malecon, the Opal Mine is an attraction that showcases the glorious opal stone found in Mexico.

What is an opal?

The rich play of color in some Opals gives them unsurpassed splendor and mystique. For this reason, Opal is one of the most fascinating and fabled of gemstones. Taking millions of years to form (5-6 million years for each centimeter of stone) Opal is composed of tiny silica spheres that can be arranged in an orderly pattern. This diffracts the light entering the stone into the spectral colors. A light wave diffracted through the Opal causes a color sheen or scintillation in the stone. The density and pattern of the aligned silica spheres are responsible for the different colors refracted in the Opal. In Mexico, Precious Opals and Fire Opals come from several deposits. The most important are near Queretaro, in Queretaro state, and near Magdalena, in Jalisco state.

Types of Opals

There are many varieties of natural precious opals, here are the most popular types of opals. White Opals: White based Opals are opaque and more common, but can have very strong color flash and can be very beautiful depending on the individual stone and the intensity of the play of color.

Crystal Opals: Crystal Opals are called Crystal Opals because they have a translucent or semitranslucent base, and they are usually very bright, depending on the individual stone. A high quality Crystal Opal looks almost like a rainbow, they are very special stones and command a pretty hefty price depending on the play of color. Semi-Black Opals: SemiBlack Opals have a darker base color that ranges from Light to Medium Gray depending on the individual stone and usually have very vivid colors and also command a hefty price depending on the play of color. The base color can range from opaque to translucent or semitranslucent. Black Opals: Most black opal is a blush-green color but can be any combination including gold, red, violet, yellow, and orange. Probably the rarest of all gems including fancy color diamonds is a very black, dark background with reds/pinks and other colors splashed across the stone with intense brightness and a “dance” that no stone can match. The top stones of this description can command $40,000 or more per carat. A Harlequin pattern black opal is so rare that it can be compared to a red diamond. Paseo Díaz Ordaz 528 Col. Centro, Malecón Phone 22 33896

ere at Banderas Bay Initiative/Fundación Punta de Mita, we love finding new and innovative ways of reducing our environmental impact. Our most recent quirky idea came from the co-writer of this column, Maria del Mar, who had seen an innovative eco-toilet/sink which pre-used the water used in the sink to fill up the toilet tank for flushing. By the way, did you know the water we use to fill up the tanks in our toilets is tap water, which means we could basically use it as drinking water in a pinch? And we use it for flushing out waste! I had never heard of this great invention before, but apparently they are sold ready to install, with some pretty lovely designs. We looked around for this type of toilet in PV but they were nowhere to be found, which is when my, usually suppressed, do-it-yourself bug kicked in. After a few google and youtube searches, we convinced everyone at the office that this was something we could do in our office for pretty cheap (we had been looking into installing a sink in our sink-less bathroom anyway). We had trouble finding porcelain sinks and lids that were the appropriate sizes and which could handle having holes drilled into them, but with a little bit of out-of-the box thinking, we settled on a plastic storage box with

flowerpot base instead. Our sink works wonderfully! Once you are ready, you flush the toilet regularly, and pretty soon the water that would come in to fill up the reservoir tank starts gushing out of the faucet leading to your new sink, you wash your hands, and that soapy water goes directly into the reservoir tank, leaving it ready for the next flush. After this lesson in innovative thinking, I’ve been looking through the internet for more ideas such as this one., Pinterest, Treehugger, and a hundred other websites have eco-friendly crowed-sourced

ideas with complete instructions; from simple recycling arts & crafts projects, to full blown green remodeling ideas (such as the solarpowered water heater for a house of 4 people, made from recycled beer bottles!). In the coming weeks, Fundación Punta de Mita will be opening up a contest for ideas of how we can all be “green heroes.” This includes quick tips on how to reduce/reuse/recycle in our homes, innovative ideas such as the toilet-sink, and even bigger projects which improve processes or materials we use in larger quantities.


TUESDAY MAY 20 \ MARTES 20 DE MAYO 8:00 pm - La Mujer en Tiempos de Colera (RR)

FRIDAY MAY 16 \ VIERNES 16 DE MAYO 8:00 pm - Los Fantastikos (BT) 8:00 pm - Coral: La Transformacion (RR) 10:00 pm - Jose Maria: Las Canciones de Mi Mente (RR) SATURDAY MAY 17 \ SABADO 17 DE MAYO 12:00 pm - La Magia de las Letras (MS) 7:00 pm - Solo Cinco: Una Agrupacion Familiar (RR) 8:00 pm - Los Fantastikos (BT) 8:00 pm - Las Anecdotas del Miembro (MS) SUNDAY MAY 18 \ DOMINGO 18 DE MAYO 1:00 pm - La Magia de las Letras (MS)

WEDNESDAY MAY 21 \ MIERCOLES 21 DE MAYO 7:00 pm - Frida - The Stage Show (MS) 8:00 pm - Jose Maria: Las Canciones de Mi Mente (RR) THURSDAY MAY 22 \ JUEVES 22 DE MAYO 7:30 pm - Dorys: Agua Luna Mia (RR) 8:00 pm - Las Anecdotas del Miembro (MS) FRIDAY MAY 23\ VIERNES 23 DE MAYO 7:00 pm - Voices Without Borders: PV Men’s Chorus (MS) 8:00 pm - Los Fantastikos (BT) 8:00 pm - Coral: La Transformacion (RR) 9:00 pm - Voices Without Borders: PV Men’s Chorus (MS)

riviera nayarit 17

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Fun on the Riviera Nayarit By Cat Morgan

La Cruz Hosts 4th Annual Open Water Swimming Competition


he 4th Annual Open water swimming Competition, (Aguas Abiertas Riviera Nayarit Nadoseguro) will be held this Saturday, May 17th, 2014 in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, at the playa next to the Marina Riviera Nayarit (La Cruz Marina) starting at 7am and finishing at 2pm. There are going to be a lot more people this year, as there are 700 registered competitors, which is double the amount from the first tournament which was held in 2011. The competitions are regulated as well as judged by people from the International Swimming Federation (Fina) as well as the Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN). They have had to close the registration early due to so many people signing up. The competitions are include all ages of athletes from 5 to 70 years old, and welcomes competitors from regions of Mexico, as well as Canada, the United States and abroad. In previous competitions the categories were 7 to 10 year-olds making a 500 m lap; kids ages 11 and 12 swimming 1.250 km.; swimmers ages 13 and 14 competing in the 2.5 km swim, and amateurs 15 years and older swimming the 3.75 km in the required time of under 2 hrs. The main competition is a 5k

race for professional swimmers with a time limit of 1 hour, 20 min. Place/Prize Trophy Information: 1st Place - Trophy & $4,000 pesos 2nd Place: Medal & $3,000 pesos 3rd Place: Medal & $2,000 pesos 4th Place: Medal & $1,000 pesos 5th Place: Medal and $500 pesos The event has huge financial backing and is heavily supported from the government, as well as the State of Nayarit and the Secretary of Tourism, as well as sponsors like “Riviera Nayarit” and “Mexico”, which helps to create the success for this annual swimming event. La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is the perfect place for this swimming competition due to its pristine beaches and safe swimming location, along with local hotels and restaurants and road access. There is also plenty of room for everyone to come and enjoy the day on the beach and cheer for their swimming friends, a fun time for all. There will be vendors with food and drinks, tee-shirt stands and more. If you missed out on registering for this year’s swimming competition, here is the information to get in on next year’s competition! You may email at eventos@, or call 322-2090716. Well known and important swimmers will be competing, such

as female competitor and Olympic medalist Lizet Rueda Santos. I wish all of the competitors the best of luck! Buena Suerte! Come on over to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle this Saturday and

enjoy the festivities! See you on the playa!

Cat Morgan, owner of Regional Network is open for questions,

comments or other Riviera Nayarit news. She can be reached at or , or you may also call 322-728-6897 (cell)

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Events 18 18 riviera nayarit

By: Stacey Elkins

Voluntarios Sayulimpia

P The 5th Children’s Fishing Tournament Encourages Positive Social Values


ore than 200 children from San Blas, Tepic, Compostela, Santiago and Tecuala came together during the 5th year of this family-oriented tournament, which teaches sport fishing along with environmental awareness to the newer generations. The Tepic Sport Fishing Club organized the 5th Children’s Fishing Tournament at the historic port of San Blas under the pretext of celebrating the children, but with an underlying cause directed towards creating positive social values in the younger generations. The event took place on May 4th at Fonatur’s Tourist Marina in San Blas, and it met everyone’s expectations when it welcomed more than 200 children as participants, all of whom were accompa-

nied by their parents every step of the way. The kids competed under the guidance of the club members, learning the necessary techniques for catching a fish; the environmental awareness part came through when they were taught that all the fish needed to be returned to the sea. “We as club members are very proud to be able to instil the notion of responsible fishing in the younger generations, as well as show them how to value the environment and help with the conservation of our waters, all in a family-oriented ambiance,” said Carlos Menchaca, President of the Board for the Tepic Sport Fishing Club. The Government of the State of Nayarit and the Riviera Nayarit

Convention and Visitors Bureau were co-sponsors of this event. There were many prizes for the children, including tablets, bicycles, fishing rods and balls. They also participated in games and enjoyed a clown show, among other entertainments. “We hold these kids’ events at the Tepic Sport Fishing Club using whatever is left over from the adult tournaments, as it is a non-profit event,” added Menchaca. New fishing tournaments for children will be announced soon for San Blas and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, which will also be free. All those interested in participating can find more information on social media and the club page at:

5th Annual Riviera Nayarit Wind Festival


ucerías, the Riviera Nayarit’s Wind Capital, will be hosting the most important stop on the National Tour of the Mexican Kitesurf Association from May 16-18. Bucerías, the Riviera Nayarit’s Wind Capital, is hosting the Wind Festival for the fifth year in a row. This international kitesurf competition is considered the most important stop on this leg of the National Tour held by the Mexican Kitesurf Association (AMK by its acronym in Spanish). The weekend of May 16-18 will be one of intense activity in the waters off of Bucerías’ shores. The event will bring in approximately 200 participants, about 30 more than last year. Agustín Tapia, Secretary of the

AMK and one of the presidents of the Wind Festival organization, stated there are very few places to practice kitesurf in Mexico and the Riviera Nayarit has the best conditions to do so. “We have a 90 percent chance of winds during the month of May, making this one of the best spots in the country and in all of Latin America,” he commented. He also mentioned several factors including the climate and the hotel infrastructure, both of which are very favorable in welcoming the many guests that will be coming in from the Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Sinaloa, Jalisco, Colima, the Federal District, Veracruz and Nayarit, domestically. Internationally they will see parti-

cipants from the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland. The competitions include Down Wing, a race for all categories; Big Air, where the prize goes to the highest leap; Freestyle for tricks and showy moves (this is divided among Pro, Amateur and Women’s categories); and Course Racing, which consists of a Long Distance portion and Slalom. The categories include athletes that range from 10 to over 40 years in age with, of course, separate men’s and women’s categories. The festival, hosted by Bucerías, also shares some of its activities with La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. For more information click here:

erhaps you’ve seen the men and women in Sayulita sporting the orange t-shirts that read, “Gente Trabajando Por Sayulimpia.” You might see them sweeping the streets, cleaning up the beach, river or school grounds, picking up trash from trash drops or hauling recycling to the recycling center. These hard working Mexican locals are volunteers for Sayulimpia. ProSayulita is a supporter of this invaluable group, paying the rent for the house where the volunteers live and paying for the gas and upkeep of the vehicles used by the volunteers to haul garbage and recycling. Jack Jones, President of Pro Sayulita, touches on the importance of the Voluntarios Sayulimpia in conjunction with Sayulimpia. “It takes the full resources of Sayulimpia and the volunteers to keep Sayulita clean during busy weekends and holidays. For instance, Semana Santa. Sayulita is a much cleaner town with both groups working.” The voluntarios Sayulimpia work 7 days a week and are generally on the street cleaning from 7am until 4pm. However, they often work longer hours. There are

6 full time volunteers, including Alejandro Aaron Castro Cavazos, who is head of the volunteers. During holidays, such as Semana Santa, there are an additional 6 temporary volunteers added to the mix. As hard as they work, they are not guaranteed a wage, as they work strictly on tips. However, they also welcome donated non-perishable items, such as rice, beans and canned tuna fish. When asked why he works with no guaranteed wage, Alejandro said, “I like to be working on the streets with the people. I think there’s a good future with this job and I like making a difference in the community.” Alejandro expressed excitement to be involved in a new project that will have them collecting food waste from the streets for a compost center. This center will be behind the middle school. Oswaldo Vallejo, who manages Sayulimpia, raves about the current group of volunteers, “You call them to clean up something and they go. They are always available and are very reliable. You can consistently count on them. They are a very good team. “ Oswaldo also expresses gratitude for everything that they do. “Thanks to the volunteers, who help so much to keep Sayulita clean. They do an incredible job.”

Events 19

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Perceptions of Art by Marcia Blondin


uerto Vallarta’s Second Annual Bugambilia Festival came to a soggy end this past Sunday in Parque Lazaro Cardenas. It wasn’t much of a rain unless you were an incredibly expensive sound/light system, then it’s immediate shutdown. The Festival covered three evenings in the park (besides the cocktail party at Oscar’s and the fashion show/brunch at the Bistro). Nearly every facet of ARTby definition: “the expression of creative skills”, was on hand to entertain residents and tourists; all of whom were enjoying themselves so much - I am sure they would have stayed regardless of our first light summer rain. Under the guidance and stellar reputation of Jim Lee Events, everything (well almost!) went according to plan. It took months to put it all together, believe me! For the first time I watched the Xiulta Dancers perform to the music of Ravel’s “Bolero”. Wow!

What a sideways shift that was from the Mexican Hat Dance and other Folkloric ballets they perform. Scarlet red everywhere right down to the Spanish fans held in decidedly unchildlike hands. Each step accurately and precisely set down in unison - a Xiutla benchmark. Excellent.

We were also treated to a mini Cirque du Soleil - impeccable gymnasts/dancers that drew oohs and aah’s from the audience. The Pooch Parade was a happily enjoyed riot of laughter that will hopefully return next year. Act II Entertainment brought many of the contestants from Danny Mininni’s production of the Voice of Vallarta including winner Coral. Coral’s career makes its formal debut this Friday evening at Act II so everyone go and help her celebrate. She is a shining Voice who will go far. Also from V of V: Hugo, Juan Maria and Solo Cinco. Excerpts from the fabulous ballet Frida were danced. Everyone who has not seen Frida onstage at Act II will be in attendance every Wednesday after being teased by that little snippet. The salsa dancers were stunning (and sexy) in their shim-

mering bright blue costumes. Our painter’s tents were well attended by festival goers who enjoyed outstanding pizza, tacos, burritos and more all washed down with tastes of Raicilla made just south of Vallarta. While the Festival is finished until next May, a thousand THANK YOU’s go out; first to the volunteers, organizers and those generous supporters who gave us much to give away. Secondly to the City of Vallarta for letting us use Parque Lazaro Cardenas and the downtown streets for our smashing parade. Thirdly - to all of our entertainers, including our great sound and light guys, and finally to all of you for attending our cocktail party/flower show and sold-out Sunday brunch/fashion show and then spending time playing with us in the park after dark.

Keep on planting those bougainvillea’s...with each one our city grows more beautiful and inviting. Now THAT, my dear friends, is A-R-T. Photos by Fernando Batin


Friday May 16 - 22, 2014

Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations For visitors to Puerto Vallarta who wish to support the less privileged in our paradise, this is a list of some of the many organizations that could benefit from such kind gestures. If you would like your organization recognized here, please email details to Acción En La Cruz: aid residents of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle by providing provisions in exchange for community services performed. www.landon5120. Alcoholics Anonymous: In English Puerto Vallarta Alanon Club - Basilio Badillo 329 Amazing Grace Missions Assisting families in Majisterio & Progreso with necessities and job training and English. Children’s programs also. Tax-deductible in USA & Canada. Contact American Legion Post 14: raises resources and manpower to improve facilities needing building maintenance Asilo San Juan Diego Home for the Elderly - Contact: Lupita Sanchez Covarrubias 222-1257 or malupita88@ or\ asilosanjuandiego.htm Asociación Down - Assistance to persons with Down’s Syndrome – Contact: Ana Catalina Eisenring at 224-9577. Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter - Safe shelter for women & children victims of domestic violence. Becas Vallarta, A.C. – Provides scholarships to high school and university students. Tax-deductible in Mexico and USA. Polly Vicars at (322) 223-1371 or Buri Gray at (322) 221-5285. www. Bucerias Bilingual Community Center: Supporting families, seniors in Bucerias. Casa Hogar - A shelter for orphaned, abandoned, disadvantaged or vulnerable children. Luz Aurora Arredondo at 221-1908, Rita Millan (322) 141-6974. Centro Comunitario SETAC-GLBT – Services the GLBT community, including treatment and referrals, education, English classes, HIV testing and counseling. Paco Arjona 224-1974 or paco@ Clinica de Rehabilitación Santa

Barbara - Rehabilitation of the handicapped. Contact: Laura Lopez Portillo Rodriguez at 224-2754. COLINA Spay and Neuter Clinic - Free and by-donation sterilization clinic in Old Town. Only open Sundays, Contact: or 322-104-6609 CompassionNet Impact – Transforming the lives of people living in chronic poverty. Job creation, education, emergency food, medicine & clothing. Tax-deductible. Cell: (322) 133-7263 or Cruz Roja (Red Cross) - Handles hospital and emergency service in Vallarta. It is the only facility that is authorized to offer assistance to injured people on the street. Contact: 222-1533, 222-4973 Desayunos para los Niños de Vallarta A.C. Feeding programs, education programs, day care centers for single mothers. 22 343 11 or 22 225 72 FB/desayunosninosvallarta Discapacitados de Vallarta, A.C. (DIVAC) association of handicapped individuals dedicated to helping one another. Ivan Applegate at 221-5153. Families At The Dump: Supporting families living in the landfill or garbage dump thru education and sustainable opportunities. www.familiesatthedump. org or 297-7425 Fundacion Punta de Mita LDG. Ana Lilia Medina Varas de Valdés. Tel. (329) 291 5053 Grupo Ecológico de PuertoVallarta: Arq. Luz del Carmen Pérez Alvarez cayro_13@ Friends of PV Animals Volunteers working to enhance the lives of shelter animals. For info and donations visit Horizonte de Paz: Shelter for men of all ages who are troubled with alcohol & drug addiction. Donato Schimizzi: 322 199 9523 or Roberto: 281 0644 La Brigada de la Basur:a A weekly meeting of neighborhood children to clean Vallarta Streets. Contact Que?Pasa 223-4006 Mexico Ministries & Mission, Inc. raises funds to the poor in Vallarta. Contact Fr. Jack+ 044 322 229-1129

Navy League - assists in the transportation of donated medical supplies from the U.S., organizes work groups to paint and repair facilities, and operates the local Toys for Tots program. www.


New Life Mexico - Challenging Child Poverty with health and education programs. Philippa Vernon Paraíso Felino AC Refuge and Adoption Centre for cats and kittens in the Bay of Banderas. Luis Donaldo Cel. (322) 120-4092 Pasitos de Luz - substitute home for low income children with any type of handicap, offers rehabilitation services and special support to their families. 299-4146. PEACEAnimals - Free mobile spay/ neuter clinic operating 48 weeks a year, primarily in Puerto Vallarta. Tax-deductible. Pro Biblioteca de Vallarta - Raises funds for Los Mangos Public Library. Tax-deductible Ricardo Murrieta at 224-9966 or Jimmie Ellis at 222-1478. Proyecto Pitillal, “Busca un Amigo” Association created by underprivileged mothers of paralyzed children. Contact: 299-4495. Puerto Vallarta Garden Club: Beautify and protecting the environment. PuRR Project - A no-kill cat shelter, a natural un-caged environment. www. Refugio Infantil Santa EsperanzaShelter for Children. Tax-deductible.

What a beautiful boy! Not so much when he was rescued by a couple of our dedicated volunteers. Eddie was in very bad shape when he was brought to the sanctuary, requiring immediate emergency medical care. In addition to general health problems, he had apparently been hit by a car. Unfortunately we could not repair his leg so it had to be removed. But, as you can see in the photo, he is doing terrific. Eddie is about a year old and a Fox Terrier mix. He gets along great with the other rescues at our sanctuary and has no trouble keeping up and playing with the other dogs. Please contact us at

Roma’s Kids - Educate the children of the Volcanes and surrounding area: Math, English and computer programs a priority. 100% goes to the kids. kids. The International Friendship Club (IFC) - Supports the Cleft Palate Surgery Program & families in need. 322-222-5466.

Toys for Tots Vallarta - Distributes toys and constructs playgrounds for Puerto Vallarta area during the Christmas holiday period. Jerry Lafferty 322 221 6156 or Lourdes Bizarro lourdes. Vallarta Saludable (Healthy) – Healthy living through organics, stevias, cooking workshops, serums reversing dialysis and reality show. Suzy Chaffee


Friday May 16 - 22, 2014


Emergency Phone Numbers Havre No.111 Col. Versalles Fluent Englis Spoken


The police station or the fire department is 060. For Non-Emergency calls, dial (322) 290-0507 for the Police Dep & (322) 224-7701 for the Fire Department.

Ambulance Services

You can get cash for your clothes in as little as a WEEK! Clean out your closet AND get some spending money!

Red Cross Ambulance: 222-1533 Global Ambulance: 226-1014

NOW TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Deja New Old Town Jacarandas 280 between Cardenas & Carranza Mon - Sat 10-8 Deja New Plaza Marina Local F9 - Mon - Fri 10-6

Hospitals Ameri-Med Hospital: 226-2080 Cornerstone Hospital: 224-9400 San Javier Hospital: 226-1010 Medasist Hospital: 223-0444 C.M.Q. Hospital: 223-1919 I.M.S.S. Hospital: 224-3838 Regional Hospital: 224-4000

For more info on cleaning out your closet for charity contact Kathleen at

Other Important Phone Numbers American Consulate: (322)222-0069 or 01-333-268-2145 Canadian Consulate: (322) 293-0098 Motor Vehicle Dept: 224-8484 Consumer Protection (PROFECO): 225-0000 Immigration Office: 221-1380 National Telegraph: 224-7970 Electric Company (CFE): 071 Water Company (SEAPAL): 223-1516 Municipal Services: 223-2500 Tourist Protection: 223-2500 Ministerio Publico: 222-1762 Animal Protection: 221-0078 Wake-Up Service: 031

LIVE MUSIC VENUES Please be sure to contact the venue to confirm all events. Café Roma Encino 287 Centro Mon-Sun 10:pm -3:00 am Beboteros Diaz Ordaz 565 Malecon 322.113.0099 Benito’s Paninoteca Bar Nima Bay, Local 12, “Marina Vallarta” 322.209.0287 El Patio de mi Casa Guerrero 311 esq. Matamoros 322.222.0743 El Rio BBQ Bar 322.222.2510 Encore Lazaro Cardenas51, Bucerias 329.298.0140 La Bodeguita Del Medio Paseo Diaz Ordaz 858, Malecon” 322.223.1583 Tu-Sun 9:30-2:00 am Murphy’s Irish Pub Morelos 484 Altos 1, Centro

La Palapa Pulpito#103, Playa los Muertos” 322.222.5225 Las Adelitas Av. Fluvial Vallarta 234 322.293.7778 322.113.0373


Nacho Daddy

287 Basilio Badillo

Emergency Phone for Sayulita

Philo’s Delfin15, La Cruz de Huanacaxle”329.295.5068 Thu-Sat 8:30 pm

Dial 066 from any standard land line. Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. To report suspicious activity in Sayulita, please dial 045-322-141-5994.

Que? Pasa Aquiles Serdan 625, Col Emiliano Zapata 322.223.4006 The River Café Isla del Rio Cuale Local4 Centro 322.223.0788 Vitea Libertad Edificio Malecon 2, Centro” 322.222.8703


Emergency Numbers for Bucerias & La Cruz Numbers for the Police Department in case of emergency are 291-0049 and 291-0666. Emergency number: 066 Police, Bucerias & La Cruz: 298-1020 Civil Protection (Fire, Ambulance): 291-0295 Ambulance, Santa Rosa Clinic: 298-0157

Friday May 16 - 22, 2014



Challenge your brain! Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain only one of each of the numbers 1 through 9.


Number Blocks


Word Search

What’s a number block you ask? The numbers in each row add up to the totals to the right. The numbers in each column add up to the totals along the bottom. The diagonal lines also add up the totals to the right. Some of the numbers are missing. Try to fill in the missing numbers between 0 and 12.


1. Loan - Pool - Great White 2. Clog - Pump - Flat 3. Rain - Fur - Trench 4. Silver - Tin - Nickel 5. Coffee - Oil - Air 6. Tulip - Lamp - Onion 7. Saturn - Dirty Shirt Collars - Newleyweds 8. Date - Cook - Phone 9. Spock - Suess - Phil 10. Fire - Soda – Safe

Commonym 7 Answers 1. sharks 2. shoes 3. coats 4. metals 5. filters 6. they have bulbs 7. they have rings 8. books 9. doctors 10. crackers

What’s a commonym you ask? A commonyms is group of words that have a common trait in the three words/items listed. For example: thewords; A car - A tree - An elephant.. they all have trunks. These will make you think!

Wuzzle 7 Answers 1. Cry all the way to the bank 2. The stakes are high 3. That’s too bad 4. Eyes in the back of my head 5. Miniskirt 6. All in All



What’s a wuzzle you ask? A wuzzle is a saying/phrase that is made up of a display of words, in an interesting way.The object is to try to figure out the well-known saying, person, place, or thing that each wuzzle is meant to represent.


Authentic Mexican Food! Seafood & Steaks Mention this ad for ONE GUACAMOLE per table with dinner

Olas Altas 474 , Romantic Zone Reservations 222 8382

Francisco I Madero # 202, corner Pino Suarez, Emiliano Zapata Olas Altas Reservations 222 6593 e-mail

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