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Jan 3 - 9, 2014 Free Issue 874

Riviera Nayarit live music


Pets in Mexico

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Photo by Hugo Barajas courtesy Galeria Pacifico

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Friday Jan 3-9, 2014 PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Fernando Gonzalez Corona Director Victor Falcon Editor Lic. Madeline Milne Editorial Board Marcia Blondin Raymond C. Beaty Lois Ellison John & Christie Forget Landon Hollander Nancy Van Landingham Robina Oliver Sales Team Dora Luz Luna Ma. Yolanda Meza Rebeca Castellón Community Manager / Sales Julie Mongeau Designer Cynthia E. Andrade G. Distribution Oscar Villalobos - 225 4982 Vallarta Tribune is an activity and entertainment guide and merely publishes information as it is provided by the advertiser or event host. We do not assume responsibility in errors or omissions other than to correct them as soon as they are made known to us regarding event schedules, locations and/or prices. In addition, we do not assume any responsibility for erroneous inclusion or exclusion of information except to take reasonable care to ensure accuracy, that permission has been obtained to use it, and to remove it as soon as is practical upon receiving your notification of error. We recommend you always confirm prior to attending or visiting an event or establishment. Weekly publication edited, printed and distributed by Ediciones y Publicaciones Siete Junio, SA de CV Grupo Editorial Tribuna Calle 21 de Marzo # 1174 Col. Lomas del Coapinole Del. El Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco México CP 48290 Tel. (322) 226-0829, 226-0800 * *

Welcome to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit Here is some advice to make your trip a little easier and more enjoyable. TIME ZONE: The entire state Jalisco is on Central Time, as the southern part of the State Nayarit starting from San Blas the north.

of is of in

BUSES: A system of urban buses with different routes can bring you from one end of the bay to the other and all the spots in between. Current fare is $6.50 pesos per ticket and passengers must purchase a new ticket every time they board another bus. There are no “transfers”. TAXIS: There are set rates within defined zones of town. Do not enter a taxi without agreeing on the price with the driver first. Price is per trip not person. MONEY EXCHANGE: Although you may have to wait in line for a few minutes, banks will give you a higher rate of exchange than the exchange booths (caja de cambio). You will need your passport. Better yet, use your bank card to withdraw funds from any ATM machine. Note that ATM’s in the banks are the safest to use and generally charge lower fees. DRINKING WATER: For the 17th year in a row, Puerto Vallarta’s water has been awarded a certification of purity for human consumption. The quality of the water tested at the purification plant varies greatly from what comes out of the tap at the other end. So do be careful. If you want to be doubly sure, you can pick up bottled water just about anywhere. EXPORTING PETS: Fall in love

with the street dog outside your hotel or a puppy on the Malecon doesn’t mean they can’t come home with you. The process is fairly inexpensive and only takes a day or two. You need a certificate of health from a local vet among other things. The time of year that pets can travel in the cargo section of the plane may be your biggest challenge. For the most up-to-date information contact the Puerto Vallarta SPCA at COMMON SENSE: Just as you wouldn’t walk around your hometown drunk and beligerent, it is not acceptable to do that here. While Mexicans are a forgiving bunch, basic politeness is appreciated. For the guys, peeing in public is a major faux pas and if you are caught, can get you tossed in jail or an expensive fine. Pay attention to your surroundings. Pay your bills. Be courteous. And have fun! DRINKING AND DRIVING: First off – just don’t. The consequences are not worth it. Taxis are cheap and plentiful. Fines are as much as 10,000 pesos. You can be taken to jail and your vehicle impounded. There are many checkstops on the weekends and you will be asked to blow if they suspect you have been drinking. LEGAL SYSTEM: Not knowing the law is not an valid excuse in Mexico or anywhere. If you find yourself caught in a legal situation be aware that guilt is presumed until your innocence can be proven. This is a very difficult lesson to learn if you are visiting from the United States or Canada in particular. Immediately contact your consulate for assistance.

Calling in Mexico Calling phones in Mexico can be tricky as it is different than in the US or Canada. There are different codes you need to use depending if you are calling landlines or cellular phones and if they are local or long distance. Long-distance calls from within Mexico For national long-distance calls (within Mexico) the code is 01 plus the area code and phone number. For international long-distance calls, first dial 00, then the country code (for the U.S. and Canada the country code is 1, so you would dial 00 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number). Calling Cell Phones (from a land line) If you are calling from a landline within the area code of the Mexican cell phone number dial 044, then the 10 digit number including area code. Outside of the area code (but still within Mexico) dial 045 and then the 10 digit phone number. Cell phone to cell phone only requires the 10 digit number. Phone Cards Phone cards (“tarjetas telefonicas”) for use in pay phones can be bought at newstands and in pharmacies in denominations of 30, 50 and 100 pesos. Pay phones do not accept coins. When buying a phone card for pay phone use, specify that you would like a “tarjeta LADA,” because pre-paid cell phone cards are also sold in the same establishments. Calling Toll-Free Numbers Some toll free numbers work from Mexico to the US and Canada, but many do not. You need to dial a different prefix. To call the following toll free prefixes, dial as follows: 800 numbers Dial 001-880-then the number 866 numbers Dial 001-883-then the number 877 numbers Dial 001-882-then the number 888 numbers Dial 001-881-then the number

Emergencies: 060 Red Cross: 065 Non-Emergency Police 322.290.0507 Fire Department: 322.223.9476 Ambulance: 322.222.1533

Consulates American Consulate Nuevo Vallarta: 322.222.0069 24 hrs Guadalajara: 333.268.2145

Immigration: 322.224.7719 Consumer Protection: 01.800.468.8722 Tourism Offices Jalisco: 322.221.2676 Nayarit: 322.297.1006

Canadian Consulate 322.293.2894 24 hrs: 1.800.706.2900

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Editor´s Note


have been eagerly counting down 2013. This year has been one of serious character building. Whatever Mexico could throw at me, it did. Nothing was ever dangerous or life-threatening but just a steady stream tediousness and expensive inefficiency. December 25th my body said, “Enough is enough!” I spent the remaining days of 2013 in bed, sicker than a dog, with the flu that progressed into bronchitis. Compounded by the unseasonal rains, I have to say I am glad this holiday season is over. There is literally nothing left on Netflix for me to watch. Of course, we could be stuck in Winnipeg, Manitoba where it is too cold to fly. I have a couple sets of friends in the Bay for the Christmas break and they are understandably fed-up with the weather but it was

refreshing to be pulled from my funk to see they were still enthusiastic and thinking outside of the box. Rather than wallow in their rooms, they have set about exploring other places in Vallarta including trips to El Tuito, San Sebastien and Yelapa. As someone who loves short trips, especially around here, I was really pleased to see some new Vallarta converts step away from the all-inclusives and appreciate some of the many other wonderful things there is to do here – rain or shine. As we all get back to our regular programming, there remains many things to do around town. New shows are being produced each week, restaurants are enticing you in with dining specials, there are charity events, art gallery exhibits, end of course the world-class farmers and artisan markets . Until next week, enjoy your time here in Banderas Bay. Explore something new. Count your blessings and if you are by chance returning to Winnipeg or other such frosty destination, I’m sorry. We’ll be here when you return. Feliz Año, Madeline

Riviera Nayarit Celebrity sightings

Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

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In the Know A local weekly guide to places, people and things

Ray Beaty Ray and his partner, David Rohde, moved permanently to PV in 2008 after 31 years in NYC. Ray was a professor of communication at Ohio University for ten years before operating his consulting firm out of NYC counseling corporate executives worldwide on their communication efforts. Currently Ray provides research services for genealogy activities.


If it isn’t raining, enjoy a day pass at one of the beach resorts. Although they vary in price some are definite bargains to enjoy the facilities.


Attend the Becas fundraiser breakfasts to support scholarships for Puerto Vallartan children. Also, their raffles have some of the best prizes of all the fundraisers.


Enjoy a movie at one of PV’s three cinema complexes. They are as modern as you will find anywhere in the world. Many of the films are shown in English or with English subtitles.


Support and enjoy the Puerto Vallarta Zoo. Many of the animals there will enjoy seeing you.


Have drinks and an early dinner with friends at one of PV’s many restaurants after en-

Cruise Ship Arrivals

Ahoy! Welcome to Puerto Vallarta

Sofía Vergara chose Punta Mita for her Christmas holiday; Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander spent a few days in Nuevo Vallarta; actors Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber tied the knot in a private house in Punta Mita, one of the A-list’s top ten favorite vacations spots in the world.

joying an opera at the Live From the Met showings at Teatro Vallarta.....


Hike from Boca to Ocean Grill and enjoy some of the best seafood in the area. Also a great setting as the waves crash below your table.


Learn more Spanish with one of the many schools or private instructors. Raymond C. Beaty, Ph.D.

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Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

“Biking for Vallarta” Program Our Shining Sprouts vendors, Fabiola Lopez Polo and Roberto Angel Zepeda, make up the dynamic duo behind the ever-popular Vallarta cycling circuits. You can join in on the ecological, heart healthy fun on Wednesdays and Thursdays (from La Marina Whales Sculpture to El Malecon) at 9 pm and on Sundays from 8 am-12 pm. mundoceiba(at)gmail. com

By Erin Staley

Puerto Vallarta Firefighters and Lifeguards

The Spirit of Giving at the OTFM-TC


ur Old Town Farmers Market-Tianguis Cultural vendors are keeping the spirit of giving alive in the New Year. Many volunteer at nonprofit organizations represented at the market every Saturday. While you’re making your “make it, bake it, grow it” selections (farm-to-table produce, herbs, flowers, clothing,

accessories and artisan foods), be sure to stop by their stalls to learn more.

Biblioteca Los Mangos

If you’re a library fan, you have to visit the Biblioteca Los Mangos stall. Volunteers will be on hand to tell you all about the library’s

Spanish and English material as well as their youth activity schedule, art exhibitions, classes and concerts. Visit the library on Avenue Francisco Villa 1001 from Monday-Friday (9-9) and on Saturday (10-6). 322-224-9966, Facebook or website

Our Puerto Vallarta Firefighters and Lifeguards are “setting off sparks” for a good cause with their 2014 HEROES Calendar. All proceeds go toward the department’s training programs and the purchase of state-of-the-art lifesaving equipment. You can pick up your copies at the OTFM-TC ($200 pesos/$20 USD) or by going online ($23.95 USD including S&H).


Every Saturday, SPCA de PV volunteers promote adoption, healthcare and sterilization for

Explore Banderas Bay


uerto Vallarta is located in the middle of Banderas Bay, one of the largest bays in Mexico at nearly 100km in length. It is bounded in the north by Punta de Mita and in the south by Cabo Corrientes. It straddles the states of

Jalisco and Nayarit, divided along the Ameca River. The bay is home to many wonderful communities and an abundance of natural wonders. In the winter and spring seasons you can witness the awe inspiring

beauty of the humpback whales as they calve in the warm waters of the bay, in the summer you can experience the majesty of the sea turtles hatching and returning to their watery world. The fall brings renewed vigour to the mountains and rivers with the fresh rains and revived vegetation.

No matter when you visit, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit will share their wonders with you. Here is a selection of some of the many things you can do while visiting us. Walking Tours Take a tour through Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Downtown to learn

companion animals all over the Puerto Vallarta area. Facebook or

OTFM-TC Volunteers

And we couldn’t talk about the spirit of giving without mentioning our OTFM-TC volunteers: Mark, Bill, Drew, Lupe and Robin. We couldn’t have such a successful market without them! Help us continue the spirit of giving this Saturday at the OTFMTC. And don’t forget to bring your appetite as we’ll have a smorgasbord of international favorites: traditional Mexican, Thai, and Indian fare, as well as lip-smacking ribs, raspados and aguas frescas. Impassioned by responsible food production, entrepreneurial development and the “buy local” movement, our OTFM-TC is a North American style market celebrating the tradition of Mexico’s tianguis markets. Located in Lazaro Cárdenas Park, the OTFM-TC is open every Saturday from 9:30 am to 2 pm from the first Saturday in November to the last Saturday in May. Visit us on www.oldtownfm. com or Facebook.

about this city’s rich history, famous people, architecture, and cultural and ecological heritage; all this on an easy to moderate two-hour stroll led by a certified guide. Tours leave from the Municipal Tourism Office every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.

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Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

Jalisco Logistics Center: A Trigger of Western The Aztec Oceania Tour Mexico’s Economic Development O Located in the south of Jalisco, this project is one of the three most important of its kind in Mexico and will create over 35,000 jobs when it operates at full capacity. By Antonio Vázquez


n expanse covering 1,200 hectares –800 industrial and the rest for housing–, the capacity to create more than 35,000 jobs and a 1.5 billionUSD investment, are a few of the numbers of the Jalisco Logistics Center, one of three main projects to trigger Mexico’s economic development over the next eight years. “The Jalisco Logistics Center is part of the solution to increase Mexico’s competitiveness, since cost overruns in logistics are always paid by the consumer. Improving these costs will benefit end consumers,” explains Omar De Loza Jiménez, commercial director of the project. The Jalisco Logistics Center was envisioned by private initiative a couple of years ago, developed during the past administration and began operating during the current government. The benefits of the project have been the ace in the hole that has transcended administrations. Since its construction, it has created 750 direct and 1,500 indirect jobs. The 1.5 billion-USD investment in the

southern part of Jalisco –between the municipalities of Acatlán de Juárez and Zacoalco de Torres– will help trigger employment in the near future. De Loza says that over 35,000 jobs will be created and that the housing area will feature some 14,000 homes for close to 45,000 people, which means that the need for infrastructure and services in the area will create new business opportunities. The Jalisco Logistics Center is innovative in its kind because most of these projects are built in the north of Mexico, close to the US border. “We did not go in blind,” declares Omar De Loza: shown special interest in the high quality of the workforce and the strategic location within Mexico,” says De Loza. “Our great added value is composed of several elements. We have an internal customs office, a container terminal, natural gas, fiber optics. We have not reinvented the wheel, but we have taken the best, that is why we have already signed several contracts with industrial parks in Europe,” adds De Loza. To date, the Jalisco Logistics Center has international agreements with Centro Vía, the largest park of its kind in Europe, and Plaza Zaragoza, in Spain. The first stage of the Jalisco Logistics Center was opened in September 2013. The first firm, Tres Montes Luchetti, arrived in that same

month, with annual global sales of up to 2 billion USD. In this first stage of the project, 198 out of a total 250 hectares have been sold; some 40 companies have signed contracts to build warehouses in the area and two of them will begin operating in August 2014. “So far we have 11 different sectors such as metal working, auto parts, furni ture, soap, confectionery, footwear, bread, soda, electricity and electronics and pharmaceutical; we have diversified our sectors,” emphasizes the Jalisco Logistics Center’s commercial director. Moreover, the project has implemented an environmental policy. It has the technology to capture rainwater and is in the process of obtaining Integral Sustainable Urban Development (DUIS) certification. Initially, it was projected that the Jalisco Logistics Center would reach its full capacity in 10 years. Progress has cut the period to only eight years. “In eight years, we would like to have a mix of 80% Mexican and 20% foreign firms, but the ratio might change to 60-40. Mexico is going through an important time because companies are looking for new places to invest. We have to seize the moment and attract more businesses,” concludes De Loza.

Tunnel reopens to public


he recently constructed and promptly closed second tunnel, on Puerto Vallarta’s Libremiento has re-opened. The tunnel was closed in July during rainy season when surface cracks in the ceiling and walls were discovered. Though there was no structural damage, the secondary bypass road was closed to avoid damage to cars and/or

Shopping in the Zona Romantica – this charming neighbourhood is also called Old Town and is a popular residential area for expats and Mexican families. Along the main streets you will find shops galore, filled with wonderful

authentic crafts, clothing, jewelry, excellent restaurants, spas, theaters and more. Vibrant and friendly, this area offers an excellent day or two (or more!) of exploring. Close to Los Muertos beach, consider ending your day with a sunset

margarita at any of the many beachfront restaurants. Sunsets on the Malecon - Sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean never fails to give us a sunset each night. Grab a seat at any of the number of excellent bars and restaurants along the malecon,

that its influence still prevails in modern-day Mexico. A joint effort by Mexico’s National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH) and the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington, Aztecs Conquest and Glory will remain at the latter until February 9, 2014 before moving on to the Melbourne Museum (April 4 - August 10, 2014) and the Australian Museum in Sydney (September 13, 2014 - February 1, 2015). mu s e u m v i c to r i a . c o m . a u / melbournemuseum

Just in time for New Years! Fat Busting Agave Product A substance obtained from the agave plant –the same one used to produce tequila– could help combat cancer, obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes, according to Mercedes Guadalupe López-Pérez, a professor at the Research and Higher Studies Center (Cinvestav) in Irapuato. The substance is called fructan and is a non-digestible sugar molecule that goes straight to the large intestine, where it is disposed of without causing weight gain or affecting blood sugar levels. Experimental studies are currently being conducted on rats. After eight weeks on a

10% fructan diet, the rats lost weight, says López-Pérez. Rats and humans share the GLP-1 gastrointestinal or incretin hormone, which regulates as much as 70% of the body’s insulin. Consuming fructans accelerates the production of GLP-1, which is also associated with satiety. The studies conducted by Cinvestav also indicate that fructans can help boost the immune system, reduce the bacteria that cause intestinal infections, relieve constipation and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Also, rats fed with fructans absorbed more calcium from their diet.

Books Bring Droves to Guadalajara Nobel laureates Ada Yonath, Shimon Peres and Mario Vargas Llosa were among the authors, thinkers and politicians in attendance at the 27th Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL). From November 30 through December 8, the editorial world’s second-largest event drew 600 authors, 20,000 publishers from 42 countries and over 700,000 visitors. French poet Yves Bonnefoy was awarded the FIL Romance-Language Literature Prize in the presence of writers like Alessandro Baricco, Camilla

traffic accidents. The cracks have been repaired; the lighting improved, and exhaust fans installed. With these improvements, the tunnel was approved for reopening. In addition, new signage and safety indicators were installed to ensure traffic flow and safety for motorists through both tunnels. The new second tunnel should help to alleviate some of the increase seasonal traffic.

Explore Banderas Bay

n September 2013, the Aztec traveled to New Zealand and will be continuing their tour of Oceania until February 1, 2015. Aztecs Conquest and Glory explores the origin, mythology, society, daily life, religion, and beliefs of the Aztec, a civilization that reached its apogee in the sixteenth century at the time of the Spanish Conquest. The exhibition takes visitors on a trip back in time and sheds light on how this warrior nation came to dominate Mesoamerica to the extent

order your favourite cocktail and let it all slip away. Once the sun has set, the malecon comes alive with families out for a stroll, plenty of live entertainment and later in the night, the nightclubs beckon.

Läckberg, Etgar Keret, Gonçalo Tavares, Colm Tóibín, Jöel Dicker, Dani Umpi, Paula Parisot, Aleš Šteger, Use Lahoz, Rosa Montero, Javier Cercas, beach favourite Nicholas Sparks, Ildefonso Falcones, Forrest Gander and Leonardo Padura, to name just a few. This year’s guest country was Israel and next year the honors will go to Argentina. Over the 27 years it has been running, the FIL has attracted some 10 million visitors.


Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

This is Paradise... By Marcia Blondin


whirlwind of weeks of frantic activity at the PCC hit a wall named Christmas. With a deep collective sigh, we enjoyed The Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars last Friday night. A year ago, when I heard the name of this group for the first time, the word JAZZ reared its ugly head and I looked long and hard at my calendar to try and be busy elsewhere. Both JAZZ and BANDA do the same thing to me: nerves get wrecked in a heartbeat and I want to be anywhere else but within earshot. Hah! Two minutes into their first number and I was hooked. I have had the pleasure of hearing every BBJA concert at the PCC and I am never tired or bored with what they can do with their instruments; more like riveted to every note. This is a consummate group of TALENT that I am so happy to

report will be at the PCC Stage every week starting January. Give yourself a gift of brilliant music and an evening out, and do bring all your friends - they’ll love you for it. New Year’s Eve has come and gone, a new year begins unfolding with hope and renewal and promises of goodness, another few days off; another wall. Then the PCC Stage jumps into overdrive January 7th as the 4th Annual Film Series continues with “The Gatekeepers” at 7pm. Get tickets in advance, save 10 pesos and put it towards a fabulous margarita while you enjoy the movie. Then, Wednesday night Latcho and Andrea, the Blonde Gypsies enchant with a new show starting at 8pm. If you like the Gypsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert then here’s your chance to enjoy flamenco music at its

best: Live on the PCC stage! The Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars return (yeah!) at 8pm on Friday the 10th. I am letting you know a week in advance because they will sell out, so hurry and get your tickets at the box office at our Saturday Co-op Farmer’s Market. (How’s that for a good segue?) Market opens at 9am with tons of food - fresh, frozen, eat-in or take out; sweet pastries, spicy sausages, pizza, bagels hot out of the oven, coffee brought down the hill from San Sebastian and some of the finest arts and crafts to be found in the state of Jalisco. For gifts to take back to the frozen North, first get a drink from our Cantina, slow down and walk around, chat with our very friendly vendors and shop in a civilized manner, under cover of our huge palapa that keeps the sun and rain off your head. My B & B has officially launched: look for reviews on Trip Advisor within the week for Heartwood Vallarta and get your friends and family - the tourists we love - off the streets and into a cozy, comfortable home. Until next time - ciao!

The Paradise Community Center Pulpito 127 between Olas Altas and Amapas Streets in Old Town Puerto Vallarta smack in the middle of the Romantic Zone and across from Coco’s Kitchen.

Explore Banderas Bay Sayulita – A short 45 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, Sayulita is the surfers mecca of Riviera Nayarit. A funky town with a wonderful protected beach, this laid-back town has a hippie vibe with the

organic cafes and the yoga studios to prove it. Visit the Huichol Cultural Centre for some wonderful handmade beaded jewelry or grab a surf lesson from one of the many vendors on the beach. Cooking Classes – Recognized as

Paradise and Parenting By Leza Warkentin

New Year’s Resolutions


e’ve had our Christmas, yes, we surely have. We’ve had the Christmas Story and the gifts and the music and the Santa magic and the food. Oh, the food. We’ve eaten, and we’ve eaten well because, after all, it’s a party/Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day/Boxing Day/New Year’s Eve/Thursday afternoon. Now, all we have left are the tiny pieces of wrapping paper that the dogs are found chewing, and the sadly browning, still-decorated tree dropping needles all over the festively red tree skirt (best 60 pesos I ever spent). I figure if I ignore it long enough my parents will eventually shrug, sigh, and start packing up the garland while I am at work next week. This is post-Christmas at our house, slightly less than ideal to be sure, and the time is ripe for a few New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t know who invented resolutions, but it must have been a brilliant soul to introduce them to the general population at a time of year when we are at our most vulnerable: uncomfortably full, draped all over our living room furniture, wishing we would just buy the fake tree already and save ourselves a bit of heartache. I wasn’t sure what to include in my list this year. They say the top failed New Year’s resolution is losing weight. I’ve made that one every year for the past 7 years, ever since I resolved to lose those last five post-baby pounds. That got boring about eight (gained) pounds ago. And what’s more, why should I be the only one held to a set of promises I made when I was irrationally full of chocolate?

This year I’ve decided that I’ve had all the fun long enough. I am including here some resolutions that I think my kids should make. And so, here we have (with careful consideration) Leza’s children’s 2014 New Year’s Resolutions: 1) Learn to tell at least 4 decent knock-knock jokes each; while simultaneously teaching our Mexican dad what a knock-knock joke is and why it’s funny. This is the only way our mother will continue riding in the same car with the three of us. 2) Understand that when the bathroom door is closed, we could ask our father or simply wait out the agony of not having a matching pair of socks until our mother emerges two and a half minutes later. 3) Acknowledge our mother at school when she wants to say hi, even though she will try to be funny and it will be mortifying. 4) Remember, just once in awhile, to look around us and remember that we are growing up in a wondrous time, in a magical place, and we are blessed beyond measure. Happy New Year to all.

one of the world’s leading cuisines, there are a number of great schools in the Puerto Vallarta area that will teach you how to master tortilla soup, enchiladas, salsas and more. Fresh seafood, abundant fruit and veggies and a sophisticated community make Vallarta a foodies dream destination. Look for a school

that will take you to the markets or introduce you to the farmers and fishermen for a truly cultural experience. Don’t want to cook? Try one of the Food Tours available. Eat like a local and for three hours you will enjoy everything from Tacos to Pozole at the food stands and small comidas around town.

local 07

Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

My Life In Vallarta New Years Resolution #1 Vibe yourself to fitness

By Lois Ellison

Change of Plans


he question we get most from friends and family back in the States is “what do you do all the time?” I’m pretty sure they imagine us lounging in the sand, margaritas in hand, reading trashy novels. The fact is we haven’t been to the beach in almost two years. Our life is pretty much like anyone else’s wherever they live: dealing with day to day things, exercising, volunteering and socializing. Once in a while, a situation arises that overrides our normal routines and stands out. The Friday before Christmas, we arrived home from shopping to find a note from our maid advising us that there was a flujo (flood) in our guest bathroom. Our building mozo (handyman) arrived and, upon close inspection, determined that a hairline crack in the toilet tank was the culprit. Suddenly it looked like a new toilet was on our Christmas list. Now most of the time the fact that we don’t have a car is no problem. When you need to cart something big and heavy, it’s another story. Our only option was to grab a taxi. The driver agreed to take us to the supplier, wait while we shopped, and return us home with the

goods. Sounds simple enough but we’d forgotten about the siesta and sure enough the store we’d chosen was closed when we arrived. Our driver knew of another place so off we went. With his assistance translating, we finally made a selection. The one we chose was all in one piece so the box was huge and heavy, requiring the driver and a man from the store to wrestle it into the trunk. At our complex, it was unloaded, put in a shopping cart, wedged into the elevator, and then wrestled into the bathroom. Two and a half hours from start to finish. The next day, the mozo returned to install our new acquisition. He measured and marked, grappling feverishly with the behemoth. After what seemed like an eternity, he shrugged and gestured anxiously. Imagine our surprise when we realized that the new toilet was too big for the location. You see, even though 98% of toilets are designed with 12 inches of space from the big hole in the floor to the wall, our space only provided 10 or 11 inches of space. Short of knocking out the wall, there was no way this was going to work. My husband stuffed a rag into the gaping sewer line and hauled the old one to the curb.

Explore Banderas Bay Art Galleries – It is said there are more galleries per capita in Puerto Vallarta than any other place in Mexico. Many of these galleries are along the side streets that run through Centro. Stop at the Tourism Office in the Main Plaza

for a map or take advantage of their free walking tour. Many galleries carry high quality local crafts, established Mexican and international artists and more. Ride the bus - Buses in Puerto Vallarta are an experience all their

Then we had some wine and waited for Monday to arrive when the store would reopen. No last minute Christmas shopping for us. Another taxi was engaged, the giant box was wrestled down in the elevator, and into the taxi. Then we set off to find a replacement armed with diagrams and a tape measure. Now it was time for the taxi driver’s siesta while we inspected dozens if not hundreds of toilets. The young woman helping us was determined that we be successful. Each potential purchase was carefully turned on its side so the holes could be properly measured. Several times we thought we’d found one, only to have it fail this important test. And then, Eureka! Not only would this one fit, but it came in two pieces, making it ever so much easier to maneuver. Best of all, it was only 10 pesos more than the other one. Our driver easily loaded into the trunk and with almost no effort whatsoever, we got it up in the elevator and into our condo. Several more hours gone up in smoke. It wasn’t until the day after Christmas that the mozo returned. Waiting with baited breath, we watched him skillfully install our prize. All that effort and frustration faded into obscurity as we smiled happily at the finished product. So if anyone ever asks you what it takes to buy a new toilet in Puerto Vallarta, the answer is: the better part of four days, lots of patience, two amazing taxi drivers, a skilled mozo and some hefty tips for all involved.

own. You can tell the general destination of the bus by what is written on the window. Costco, Sheraton, Centro, Mismaloya you can go just about anywhere in this city on the bus. Only six and a half pesos (per bus - there are no transfers) this is


t’s that time of year again, when everyone makes their New Years Resolutions. If your resolution is to get healthy, now is your opportunity. There’s a healthy new fitness studio conveniently located in Old Town Puerto Vallarta. It’s new, it’s different, and it’s easy. T Zone studio offers Full Body Vibration Technology, originally developed for the astronauts who were losing lean muscle due to weightlessness in space. This technology has been refined since the days of the Russian Cosmonauts and is now available to everyone here at our T Zone Mexico studio conveniently located in Old Town. Discover how easy it is to get fit and toned while whittling away those unwanted inches wearing your everyday clothes. As you stand on the oscillating vibration platform for just 10 MINUTES, your small muscle groups from head to toe are stimulated by vibrating movement. Your body works against gravity (greater than normal) in tandem with your muscles, which are naturally reacting, keeping you in balance. Any age group can benefit, as it is very low impact. If you suffer aches and pains from fibromyalgia or arthritis, you may find amazing relief in a very short time. The vibrating action not only trims inches by burning fat, but builds lean muscle, expands flexibility, amps up blood circulation, oxygenates you, burns calories, promotes peaceful sleep, and helps keep you looking young by stimulating collagen production. The benefits you gain are considered the equivalent to working out an entire hour in the gym.

a great way to explore the neighbourhoods. Head south on the bus and get a front row seat on some spectacular scenery on your way to the Vallarta Zoo. Or hop the Bucerias bus in front of Walmart and 30 minutes later you are exploring a charming beachside town. Tip: Sit on the non-sunny side of the bus.

In addition, we encourage you to do spot training as you become more proficient with the vibrating process. Our studio has two complete workout videos running at all times, which highlight the use of various 30 second to one minute exercises, some using light hand weights, others with resistance bands. Come in and try our healthy T Zone Vibration Technology. Now starting our second year in PV, our members have given us great feedback. Several report going down a size or even two. One member lost an overall 17½ inches in a month; another in her 80s has regained much needed balance and stability over a 6 month period. People are reporting feeling more energetic, ridding themselves of aches and pains, gaining better sleep, recovering sensation in previously numb extremities, and just plain having fun, all while getting fit. Your first visit is always free. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly memberships. Find us at Aguacate 314B, just around the corner from CMQ Hospital on Basilio Badillo. Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-1, closed Sundays. For further info phone 222 3931 We look forward to making you a part of our healthy, happy family!


ith businesses to serve all your needs including a major grocery store, media and design, gym, dental care, healthcare, beauty, fashion, first run English and Spanish movies, arcades for the young at heart, and international and Mexican cuisine, plus the services you need like cable, internet and telephone. It is truly a one-stop shopping centre. Plaza Caracol holds regular community oriented events including musical presentations, pet rescue, art shows and holiday festivities. There is always something exciting going on here! Visit Plaza Caracol today to experience the warmth and hospitality of a truly Vallartense destination. We welcome you to Plaza Caracol. Located across the street from Canto del Sol and the Cornerstone Hospital, Plaza Caracol is centrally located in Puerto Vallarta’s Versalles neighbourhood, only minutes from downtown, Fluvial and the hotel zone.

Visit these excellent locations and more at Plaza Caracol Boutique simarik: everything for the modern woman. Most current fashion trends with the best prices. Season clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes, bikinis. We pride ourselves on offering the best personal attention. For christmas we have an excellent selection of gifts. Visit us to learn why Simarik is the best fashion boutique. We are waiting for you.

Same day on-site service for most eyeglass and contact lenses.

TK: Original designs of necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with natural stones, pearls, crystals, goldplated, silver-plated and aluminum. We create custom designs to your style.

Dr. Carlos Diaz-Medical Spa is a health and beauty medical center that offers: anti-aging treatments, Botox, facial fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), micro-peels, facial rejuvenation, mesotherapy, massage, laser hair removal, vein removal, diminished sun and age spots and homeopathic medical services.

Optical Alvarez: is the top vision care provider serving Puerto Vallarta since 1990. We give your eyes the best care possible using advanced equipment.

LIMAC: With 25 year of experience with all types of electronic accessories including audio, video and computers. Now offering repairs services for computer equipment and security systems. We also offer home delivery.

Plaza Caracol is the most established shopping centre in Puerto Vallarta with over 25 years in the community. At Plaza Caracol you will find more services, shops and events than any other shopping centre in the city.

art & culture 10

Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

Around Town with Julie


Thirty companies sign on to Adopt Vallarta


ogether with the municipal government, thirty local businesses agreed to take care and improve the entrances to the city to ensure the best of visual for visitors to Puerto Vallarta. The municipal government headed by Ramón Guerrero Martínez and representatives of thirty companies committed to this city, celebrated the signing of the agreement ‘ Adopt Vallarta ,‘ through which they will work together in the care, maintenance and improvement of the eleven miles of boulevards and meridians along the city’s main entrances, providing better visual image to the residents and the thousands of tourists that each day pass through Vallarta’s streets. In his message the mayor stressed that the objective of this program is “ a joint effort between the private sector and the government, “ therefore thanked the support of these thirty companies joined the project and take care of the roadways that are located from entrance to Las Juntas south to the Playa Camarones bridge entering downtown Vallarta. “We need each of you to better assist us and take care of all the

customers , tourists and help us care for these gardens permanently , 365 days a year, making sure they are impeccable ,” said the mayor. Representing the private sector, the Secret’s hotel general manager, Mauricio Martinez, welcomed this opportunity to team up with the local authority, “ this important program, that I hope will be the first of many where we join forces, we support the municipality and DIF Municipal and private initiative to do our bit where the philosophy is that together we can do more in sync for our beautiful Puerto Vallarta. “ Companies joined in this effort to Adopt Vallarta are: Hotel Secrets, Dreams hotel, hotel Now, Puerto de Luna Hotel, Marbella, Hotel Fiesta Americana, Dolphin Discovery, Barra Bar, Strana, Velas Hotel, Hotel Crown Paradise, Diamonds International, Peninsula Plaza, Plaza Marina, Holiday Inn, Hotel Vamar Cleaning Vallejo, Super Beach, Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Sheraton Hotel, Royal Holiday, Center City, Marriott, Toyota, Carls Jr., Starbucks, Mayan Palace, International Airport, Volkswagen and Honda.

Explore Banderas Bay Trust me. It gets hot. Support Local Business - One of the most popular reasons visitors love Puerto Vallarta is because it’s a thriving city not just geared towards tourists. A fine example of this is the many

small businesses that you can find in ‘Centro’ including galleries, restaurants, clothing stores, spas and more. Venture off the malecon to find the perfect souvenir. Volunteer - There are many wonderful organizations across the

n Christmas morning, after a late night of celebration, me and four friends gathered together our bags of toys and make-up and headed to the Wal-Mart to join in the 29th annual Christmas at the Dump. Forty-five vehicles were loaded up with around 180 volunteers, 860 cooked chickens from three different rotisseries, 1900 bottles of water, 900 bars of laundry soap, 300 soccer balls, toys for all age groups, clothing, shoes, razors and of course loads of candies. When we arrived, as the organizers configured the distribution site, I wandered around looking for a table to help set up, I felt a little hands on my leg, I quickly looked down and saw the sweetest little girl with her hands out for candies or gifts. Luckily, I had a stash in my pocket, I humbly offered her some sweets and a little regalo, she then jumped in my arms to give me the biggest hug along with the sincerest smile, she literally made my heart melt and brought tears to my eyes. I quickly understood why this event has been going on for so long. Christmas at the Dump was first started by Vera. She started distributing chickens, rice and beans to the families around the dump for 20 years. It has grown

tremendously in the past 9 years, with the generosity of family and friends, who throughout the year gather clothes, shoes, toys and many other much needed goods, which allow them to share with the less fortunate during the holidays. It is important to mention that they are by no means any type of organization; they are simply a group of family and friends who enjoy getting together once a year at Christmas to give back to the community. It was a tremendously humbling experience; I fell asleep that night counting my blessings. The joy of

giving and sharing is the best gift you can give yourself. So if at any time you would like to make any clothing, shoes or toy donations; they are already accepting them for next year. I invite you to send me an email and I will gladly put you in contact with the organizers. As the holiday season comes to an end, and I put away my one Christmas decoration, I wish to say that life is beautiful and life is grand, thank you Mexico for making this Holiday Season so bright and wonderful…Despite the rain! Until next week, Happy New Year!

Bay that can use your help. Both time or money will be appreciated. On Sundays, the Brigada de Basura does a morning of neighbourhood clean-up with the local children and then they all head to Que Pasa restaurant for breakfast, activities and friendship. They are always looking for more help.

Conchas Chinas The south of Puerto Vallarta is a thick jungle full of adventure and excitement. Head south along the 200 highway and you will find the architecturally inspiring community of Conchas Chinas. The beach cove here is excellent for snorkeling.

Nogalito The first town is that of Nogalito. Set back in the jungle it is a charming Mexican village that also is home to one of the most popular day tours - the Canopy Mundo Nogalito Tour with the only tunnel zip-line in town. If you’re feeling the heat, stop at the Punta Negra bridge and take a drip


Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

By Joel Hansen

Notes from the Tribune sports desk • As I write this I am watching the first period of a very evenly matched USA vs Canada IIHF game. Canada is the underdog and although I am a proud Canadian I think that this is good for the World Junior Tournament. When we were in the middle of winning five straight tournaments I felt like it was creating a disconnect with the rest of the countries. Now that some of the other countries have caught up, it’s nice to see a team Canada goalie need to steal a win or stand on his head to help the rest of the team out. Go Canada! • Black Monday in the NFL yesterday. Not many surprises. Shanahan was terrible, Jim Swartz could never get Detroit to live up to expectations, same for Greg Schiano and Leslie Frazier. I guess the only real shockers are that Rex and Jason Garrett kept their jobs and the Browns firing Rob Chudzinski after only one season. My apologies to anyone that is a fan of this organization. I know that the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, but at least they give you hope, I mean the Browns are awful, they are never close (and I don’t mean close to the Super Bowl, I mean close to respectability) and they can’t even get being bad right. They never have the number one draft pick, although if and when they do have the number one pick they screw it up, remember Tim Couch? Didn’t think you did. Seriously, I would consider giving up watching the NFL if they were my team. • USA vs Canada game is all

tied up 1-1 in the second. Canada is picking up the play. • I know all of you have been looking for more Curling news in my column. Well, I am happy to announce that Moose Jaw will be hosting the 2015 Scottie’s tournament of Hearts. There you go curlers, my yearly curling quota is filled. • Now that Christmas is behind us, I am looking forward to the bowl season ramping up, with so many NFL teams needing quarterbacks there are a lot of stories to track. It will be interesting to see what all the underclassman QB’s decide. • Sad to see Mack Brown get routed by Oregon in the Alamo Bowl, would have been a nice end to his tenure at Texas, however Oregon, who was snubbed for a BCS game, was too much and they clobbered them 30-7. • Speaking of Oregon, I guess Chip Kelley with his gimmicky offence and sports science nutrition might work in the NFL after all. Take that Cowboys! • It’s no secret that I hate the Dallas Cowboys. I always take great pleasure in watching them year after year screw things up on the final game of the season. The fact that this year it was the Eagles doing it to them made it that much more special. • I hope you had a great 2013 and I look forward to 2014. The year the Eagles win the Super Bowl, the Canucks win the Stanley Cup and I finally make the PGA tour, or at least break 90.

Explore Banderas Bay in the river. Lovely fresh water, lots of little pools to splash in and rocks to dry off on. If you’re lucky a vendor will come by with snacks and drinks - otherwise pack your own. Mismaloya 15 minutes further is Mismaloya,

a small town set back from the water along a river that leads to the ocean and a number of beach restaurants. This bay looks onto Los Arcos and is a great place to grab a panga boat for a tour of the impressive

rocks. If you have time, book a snorkel or dive trip. This is one of the deepest ocean valleys in the world and home to turtles, whales, dolphins and the blue-footed Booby. Back behind the town, check out the Vallarta Zoo where you can play with baby monkeys, tigers and lions.

Boca de Tomatlan Boca de Tomatlan is the last town along the ocean and the place to grab a boat to the small beach communities of Quimixto, Las Animas and the very popular Yelapa. Looking for romance book a table at the nearby Le Kliff for spectacular views and sunsets.




x 1 (11:00AM-12:30PM & 5:00PM-6:30PM)











Every Sunday

All You Can Eat Outdoor BBQ buffet From 1:00 to 4:00 pm Live Music 2 to 4 pm “Mariachi Vallarta 80” All for 150 pesos


it’s important that you know 322.222.2510



it’s important that you know



it’s important that you know

Join us in the fight against breast cancer If you are over 40 and still have not had a mammogram Book your appointment with the most professional team!

Av. Francisco Villa 1459, Los Sauces Tel. 224 8622 *



Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

Banderas Bay Botanicals

by Sandra Cesca

Banderas Bay Butterfiesby Moralea Milne Ceraunus Blue (Hemiargus ceraunus)


Heliconia Lobster Claw, Heliconia (Spanish), Heliconia stricta


he Heliconia family has almost 200 species native to the rainforests of the tropical Americas. Related to bananas, this herbaceous ornamental includes varieties Firebird, False Bird-of-Paradise and Parrot Heliconia which looks like the

bright plumage of parrots. Flowers can be hues of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens and are pollinated primarily by hummingbirds. This plant is one of over 200 found in Sandra’s new color-coded guidebook, Tropical Plant Walks of Puerto Vallarta. Available now at

the Vallarta Botanical Gardens’ gift shop, Page in the Sun Bookstore and from Sandra at the Paradise Community Center Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Information on her many walking tours can be found at:

eraunus Blues are members of the gossamer-winged butterfly family (Lycaenidae), which include the Blues, Coppers, Hairstreaks and Harvesters. Adults are usually under five cm and can be brightly coloured. Some larvae have an association with ants, being tended by them, on plants, or in the ant nests, even vocalizing with the ants. Apparently up to 98% of the world’s threatened butterflies belong to the Lycaenidae family. The Ceraunus Blues are some of the smallest butterflies I have ever seen at 3/4 to 1 1/8 in (2-3 cm). They are easy to miss as they fly low over the ground, although they are widespread and common. It has taken many photographs to get these shots, they are so small and often moving, alighting for only a few moments, that it is hard to get them focused in the viewfinder. I have seen them during every visit to Mexico, no matter the time of year or location. The light blue eggs are laid singly on the host flower buds on members of the pea family, including indigo, and partridge pea. Like other “Blues” the caterpillars are described as ‘slug-like’, these are small, oval-shaped, with a flattened underside and variably green to pinkish red. The males have stunning violet blue uppersides, which you do not often get to see; they generally alight and quickly close their

wings, showing only the grey underside, with dashes and spots. Females are a dark grey on their topside with blue only at the wing bases. You will need to get right down there at ground level to appreciate these minute gossamer-winged beauties, a great way to start the new year!



Farmer and Artisan Markets in the Bay (and beyond) For great fresh produce, baked goods, organics, crafts, jewelry, unique finds and much more, please support the local producers. There are also plenty of other tianguis around the bay that carry clothing, household supplies, tools and more. Old Town Farmers Market The largest Farmers Market in Vallarta located at Lazaro Cardenas Park 9-2 every Saturday Paradise Co-op Market Local artists, food and unique items On Calle Pulpito at the Paradise Community Centre Saturdays 9am-1pm year-round

Marina Vallarta 100+ stalls line on malecon Thursdays - 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Bucerias High quality crafts and food Lazaro Cardenas 90b. Wednesdays 9am to 1pm La Cruz de Huancaxtle La Cruz Farmers & Artisans Market Excellent market with dozens of vendors Located along the marina

Sunday from 10-2pm Sayulita Local artisan, food, and household supplies Fridays from 10am-2pm La Peñita Everything you could want and more. Year round along the main street Thursday from 9am -2pm


Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

Playa Flamingo, Playa Bucerias, Playa la Manzanilla and Playa Destiladeras Buying Beach Front V By Miguel Fernández


elcome to part 5 of Buying a Beachfront property in Puerto Vallarta. Here, encircling the Bay of Banderas, we are truly blessed with a wide variety of beautiful beachfronts. This week we move up to Nayarit, the state bordering Jalisco to the North. Most of these areas are accessible via public transportation, but having a car is really a MUST, for shopping and getting around.

because of the modern and luxurious feel, and there are numerous beachfront condos available. The developments include a lot of amenities and range from full to fractional ownership properties. Because of the proximity to the airport, and the resort ambience, many vacationers look for rentals out this way, making it a good place to invest if you want to cover the costs of your property maintenance fees, and upkeep.

Nuevo Vallarta: Playa Flamingo

Playa Bucerias

These are clean and mellow tide beaches. Highly secured by the hotels and resorts that run the length of Nuevo Vallarta. So, if you’re looking for a location without public access, this is it. Many people prefer this area

Friendly and very relaxed, with lots of beach space, good restaurants and bars, and a quaint Mexican village. About 17,000 residents, in Bucerias, mostly Mexican, but a good number of expats, too. A very welcoming feel—many

people adore living here. Beautiful condos, and villa properties are available on this 5-mile stretch of beach. Prices range from high to low, but you can find some good deals. It’s a little more off the beaten path, so the vacation renters that you get will most likely already be familiar with this charming area.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle: Playa la Manzanilla and Playa Destiladeras La Cruz is situated about mid way between Bucerias and Punta de Mita, and is a 30 minute ride into downtown Puerto Vallarta. This is a quiet community, surrounded by

pretty beaches, and with its own Marina, making it a great option for sailors. Bustling is not a word frequently used for La Cruz. So, if you’re looking for tranquility, you’ve scored big time! There are some gorgeous developments in this area. Alamar Resort, for example, offers beautiful ocean and jungle views, with an elegant beach club. Too, there are a lot of other options for purchase here in La Cruz from simple casitas to luxury villas. Nice beaches, good restaurants and an exce-

llent Farmers’ Market on Sundays during the high-season. Vacation rentals can be a challenge, though, as there’s not a lot to do here other than to kickback and relax, since it’s a little far from the action. But sometimes some peace and quiet is just what the doctor ordered. If you have questions, or comments, you can always contact me at the G3MEX Real Estate Group office at: 209-0832, or check out our website at: www.

Sites Marina

El Tigre Villa For Sale Located on the 10th Tee

The Best Price $/m2 in El Tigre Fully Furnished 4 Beds 4.5 Baths This stunning home includes maids quarters, stunning kitchen and majestic living room that looks on to a glorious pool and outdoor entertainment area. Enjoy magnificent golf course and heavenly views from this divine residence. If you are looking for a Million dollar home, but not the price, this is your only option.

Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

riviera nayarit 16

Fun on the Riviera Nayarit By Cat Morgan

Live Music Abounds around the Nayarit


uring the high season you can find about any type of music that is known to mankind on the Riviera Nayarit / Puerto Vallarta scene. Every pueblo has a different flavor, with music festivals, all at different months during the season. Bars and restaurants love to have live entertainment to persuade you to come and eat at their restaurant; usually having some sort of dinner special to go along with it. Some have cover charges, depending on the band, and some do not. There are several well known musicians that reside here during the winter season. One of my favorites is Bryan Savage. Bryan has played his saxophone and flute to audiences in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Canada with Al Stewart, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Amazing Rhythm Aces and John Denver. He has opened for Bonnie Raitt, Mick Fleetwood, Santana, Glen Frey, Eddie Money, Journey, Gary Burton, Rick Braun, Chuck Mangione, just to name a few! You can catch him playing with another well known musician Chas Eller (keyboard extraordinaire) and the AllStars at the Paradise Theater, (200 pesos not including dinner I believe) or out by the pool at Los Arroyos Verdes on January 19th, cost 200 pesos includes the pool pass, lunch and a couple of drinks…(a smoking deal!). Also catch him every Tuesday in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (just past Bucerias towards Punta de Mita) at Oso’s Oyster Bar on the La Cruz Marina.

Who is Luna Rumba Anyways?? I keep getting asked! Another hot band on the scene this season is Luna Rumba performing Latin, flamenco, Middle Eastern, Celtic riffs and Cuban rhythms. They have a very inte-

resting story, and most folks that have heard of them know them from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Recently playing at Breakers to a packed house Dec. 28th, (their last no admission concert) they are also performing at the Paradise Stage Community Center this season starting in January with their first show on January 16th, tickets; 200 pesos. It all started with a Canadian musician Geo Urich sailed into the small port of Zihuatanejo. A new friend introduced him to Cheko Ruiz, a talented singer / song writer from Mexico City. It is said, that after a jam session one afternoon at Rick’s Bar, they continued to play together creating original music. After playing together for only two weeks, they were asked to play for the International Guitar Festival musician’s welcome dinner. They went their separate ways after that, promising to play together in the future. Bringing you up to date three years later, in 2012, Cheko Ruiz and Geo Uhrich got together in La Cruz, where Geo was docked and started writing, rehearsing / recording songs for what was to become Luan Rumba. During this time they met up with Chas Eller (mentioned above) who plays keyboards on the album and drummer / percussion whiz Carlos Mancilla, and a few other great musicians to round out the sounds. The end result was a world-class CD with 11 original songs. In March 2013 they were notified that a song that Cheko wrote,” Vamoa Rumbear” (the first song on the CD) that Geo had submitted to the John Leno Songwriting Contest which won finalist in the World Music Category, out of thousands of entrants. Another song on the CD entitled “Espirtu Amor” written by Geo placed second in the world in the instrumental category for the USA International Songwriting Contest.

Luna Rumba prides themselves playing every concert live. (Not everyone does!) Their real (meaning not pre-recorded) acoustic rhythmus with Cheko on guitar and amazing vocals that will melt your soul, Geo on violin, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, along with other amazing musicians like Carlos and Chas excite everyone and bring them to their feet! Get out there and enjoy some live music this season…and get your groove on! Cat Morgan is owner of the Regioal Network and can be reached with comments, questions other Riviera Nayarit news at Cat@ With Luna Rumba, real acoustic instruments meet with electronic wizardry to create layers and depths of sound, while world rhythms excite audiences to get on their feet to dance. Luna Rumba thrills audiences with their sonic tapestry of Latin Pop, Spanish Flamenco, Arabic

and East Indian melodies, Cuban rhythms, Celtic riffs and even Latin Jazz. Their shows are a celebration of musical fusion, human diversity, creativity, warmth and virtuosity. Fiery violins, rumba-flamenco guitar, hot keyboard riffs and cool bass ride on top of the unstoppable polyrhythmic grooves created by the exotic percussion instruments and drums. If this weren’t enough, be prepared to hear vocals that will melt your heart and warm your soul.

Wednesday January 8 8pm

ns retur

Pulpito 127

art & culture 17

Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

Bonne année !


Exhibit of New Work by Hugo Barajas Continues at Galeria Pacifico


he internationally acclaimed artist Hugo Barajas is currently featured in an exhibition of over forty new creations at Galeria Pacifico´s spacious second floor location at 174 Aldama Street, in between Jaurez and Morelos downtown and just 75 feet up from the Malecon ocean promenade. The work ranges from oils on linen or board, terra cotta sculpture and fused glass panels to a wool tapestry and will be mounted until January 21. The subject matter is exclusively faces, mostly human and primarily female, but there are two faces of jaguars, the largest jungle cats indigenous to our area. Some of the work has a cubist tendency, but Barajas refers to it as “constructivismo,” and says his inspiration is to experiment as much as possible to achieve the greatest variety within a common theme. His work is figurative, but some of his pieces are so expressionistic that they border on the abstract.

Hugo Barajas has been living in our area for several years, but is originally from Guadalajara. He started drawing intensely at the same time he began walking, and by the time he was seven was doing competent oil on canvas paintings. Hugo is now in his middle forties and has participated in and received awards in multiple museum competitions in Mexico, including at the second largest in the country, the Hospicio Cultural Cabañas in Guadalajara. He has been invited to participate in the last three occurrences of the prestigious Biennale of Florence, Italy, being one of only a few Mexican artists to be invited. Barajas currently shows his work in galleries in Canada, France and various cities in Mexico, with Galeria Pacifico being his exclusive representative in the Puerto Vallarta area. More information may be obtained at Special cocktail event January 3rd, 6-10 pm

New Year Special

’année 2013 a pris fin, les festivités sont terminées, ma seule décoration de Noel est serrée, et je suis épuisée. Mais Je ne me plains pas, au contraire je suis ravie de ma vie et fière d’être ou je suis. Surtout après avoir passée la journée de Noel à distribuer de la nourriture, des vêtements, des jouets et le plus important des souliers aux familles moins fortunées. J’ai pris part à la 29ieme épisode du Christmas at the Dump. Quarante-cinq véhicules ont été chargés avec près de 180 bénévoles, 860 poulets cuits à partir de 3 rôtissoires différents, 1900 bouteilles d’eau, 900 barres de savon à lessive, 300 ballons de soccer, des jouets pour tous les groupes d’âge, des vêtements, des chaussures, des rasoirs et sans oublier une tonne de bonbons. L’expérience fut tant enrichissante et émouvante, une journée garnie de sourire et merci. Je tiens à souligner que cette journée est organisée par un groupe d’amis et de familles

et qu’ils sont nullement attachés à une d’organisation, ils sont simplement un groupe de personnes qui aiment se réunir une fois par an, à Noël pour redonner à la communauté. La joie de donner et de partager est le meilleur cadeau que vous pouvez vous offrir. Si à tout moment vous souhaitez faire des dons de vêtements, de chaussures ou de jouets, Je vous invite donc à m’envoyer un courriel et il me fera plaisir

de vous mettre en contact avec les organisateurs. Alors en cette nouvelle année je vous relance l’idée des souper Parler pour Parler, glissez-moi un mot… Je lève mon chapeau au Mexique qui a comblé le vide d’être loin de ma famille par sa chaleur, sa beauté et ses océans … Malgré la pluie ! Jusqu’à la semaine prochaine, Bonne année !


Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

You’re Invited! Enjoy the IFC Open House January 14 by Janie Albright Blank


on’t miss the fun at the first big Open House of 2014! The International Friendship Club (IFC) will host its 3rd annual Open House at the newly renovated clubhouse and pleasant outdoor terrace on Tuesday evening, January 14, 2014 from 6:00 -8:00 pm. This party is open to IFC members, friends, visitors, and anyone interested in the charitable goals and social activities conducted through this longtime Vallarta organization, which is a registered charity in Mexico. There will be free appetizers and tickets for two complimentary beverages for everyone attending! Trenzas Negras, a lively band playing popular music of all cultures, will be back for a second year of great musical entertainment. If you are not a member of the IFC or have not yet renewed for 2014, this will be an ideal opportunity to join or renew, and if you are new, to find out more about the IFC and why almost 700 of your friends and neighbors already belong. The event is being organized by IFC VP of Operations Mandy MacLeay assisted by Clara Forbes heading up the Food Committee. The IFC was formed in 1985 and in 1986 began a program to provide cleft palate surgeries for children in the area.

The program has grown over the years and offers children born with a cleft palate immediate care and surgeries as well as ongoing treatment as needed to repair palate and lips, dental and orthodontia, speech therapy and plastic surgery. At any given time there may be as many as 200 children from birth until age 18 in the program. Doctors and nurses come from Guadalajara four times each year to check the children and operate on those who require attention. We welcome you to be part of our club and know that your membership helps to provide this life-changing care for these children. The IFC raises money for the Cleft Palate Program, education

programs, and financial support for other local charities by offering Home Tours and a Botanical Gardens/Zoo Tour each week from November until April. Find out more about the popular tours at ifctoursforvallarta. com. Go to for more on IFC charitable and social activities. The International Friendship Club is a registered charitable organization in Mexico listed as Club Internacional de la Amistad de Puerto Vallarta A.C. It is located at the northeast corner of the Rio Cuale Bridge above the HSBC Bank, Colonia El Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, 48300. Phone: 322-2225466. Website: Email:

4th Annual Every TuesdayNight Night Film Film Series 4th Annual Every Tuesday Series Costa Banderas Chapter Democrats Abroad Costa Banderas Chapter ofofDemocrats Abroad January 7th, 2014 The Gate Keepers January 7th , 2014

For more information, to the following website The Gate go Keepers For more information, go to the following website Films are shown at the Paradise Community Center, 127 Pulpito. Films are shown at the Paradise Community Center, 127 Pulpito. Gates open at 6:00pm and all films begin at 7:00 pm. Gates open at 6:00pm and all films begin at 7:00 pm. Advance tickets are donation 60Paradise pesos at the Advance tickets are available for available a donationfor ofa60 pesos atof the Community Center. Paradise Community Center. 70 pesos at the door. 70 pesos at the door.


HOME TOURS BOTANICAL GARDENS & ZOO TOURS Tours operate November to April. See our web site for details. or call (322) 222 5466

Voices of Vallarta...(Eight) Track Five by Marcia Blondin


eek Five at Act II’s Stage featured the best songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s; hence the retro LP’s hanging from the roof. Those of you unfamiliar with the acronym - learn. I just wondered whose closet they came from! The contest was down to 14 (from the original 24) with the players choosing Spanish tunes for the most part. Exceptional exception was “Brown-Eyed Girl” well done, Joe; you nailed it. The judges - in fine form as always- had little to complain about this week. Their consensus was, for the most part, that the songs were chosen and inter-

preted well by the singers. Alain’s “fashion disaster” was voted out of contention but, with what has become tradition in the search for THE VOICE of VALLARTA, he sang his way off stage a cappella, wrapped up tightly by his fellow competitors many with tears in their eyes. The competition is heating up fiercely and emotions are raw and close to the surface. Carla, one of The Voice judges, is also a voice maestra, and, if “ALAS”, her group of young performers, is any indication of her immense capacity to teach, then Act II may have another hit on their hands. These kids nearly stole the show with a few medleys of favorites from three decades of popular Mexican music. In just two

weeks, ALAS has blossomed into a tight ensemble with three or four outstanding young men (sorry girls, your turn may come...) with ‘star quality’ getting ready to burn. Next week, tunes from Mexico’s Telenovelas or Soap Operas will be the order of the day. For once, I won’t have an opinion or even a clue about what’s being sung. More new adventures! Packed seats are getting to be the rule every Sunday at 8 pm so come early, mingle with some of the contestants, have a martini or two and cheer on your favorite singer and don’t forget to vote on Facebook. This is a serious and important contest and you may very well be watching the emergence of Mexico’s next superstar.

ERIK A. FULFER, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR Quality affordable chiropractic care at your: Home, Office, Resort or Spa by appointment only Mon-Wed-Fri 10am to 6pm

Call Now! 322 182 5045 Vonage (404) 719 4744


Friday Jan 3-9, 2014


UROLOGIST Dr. Pedro López Cueto Tel. (322) 22 5 11 83

Emergency Phone Numbers Havre No.111 Col. Versalles Fluent Englis Spoken

The police station or the fire department is 060. For Non-Emergency calls, dial (322) 290-0507 for the Police Dep & (322) 224-7701 for the Fire Department.

Ambulance Services Red Cross Ambulance: 222-1533 Global Ambulance: 226-1014

Hospitals Ameri-Med Hospital: 226-2080 Cornerstone Hospital: 224-9400 San Javier Hospital: 226-1010 Medasist Hospital: 223-0444 C.M.Q. Hospital: 223-1919 I.M.S.S. Hospital: 224-3838 Regional Hospital: 224-4000

Other Important Phone Numbers American Consulate: (322)222-0069 or 01-333-268-2145 Canadian Consulate: (322) 293-0098 Motor Vehicle Dept: 224-8484 Consumer Protection (PROFECO): 225-0000 Immigration Office: 221-1380 National Telegraph: 224-7970 Electric Company (CFE): 071 Water Company (SEAPAL): 223-1516 Municipal Services: 223-2500 Tourist Protection: 223-2500 Ministerio Publico: 222-1762 Animal Protection: 221-0078 Wake-Up Service: 031

LIVE MUSIC VENUES Please be sure to contact the venue to confirm all events. Beboteros Diaz Ordaz 565 Malecon 322.113.0099 Benito’s Paninoteca Bar Nima Bay, Local 12, “Marina Vallarta” 322.209.0287 Café Roma Encino 287 Centro Mon-Sun 10:pm -3:00 am El Dorado Pulpito # 102, Playa los Muertos” 322.222.4124

Emergency Phone for Sayulita Dial 066 from any standard land line. Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. To report suspicious activity in Sayulita, please dial 045-322-141-5994.

El Patio de mi Casa Guerrero 311 esq. Matamoros 322.222.0743 El Rio BBQ Bar 322.222.2510

Emergency Numbers for Bucerias & La Cruz

Encore Lazaro Cardenas51, Bucerias 329.298.0140 India Gate Allende 124 Centro 322.223.2424 La Bodeguita Del Medio Paseo Diaz Ordaz 858, Malecon” 322.223.1583 Tu-Sun 9:30-2:00 am

La Palapa Pulpito#103, Playa los Muertos” 322.222.5225 Las Adelitas Av. Fluvial Vallarta 234 322.293.7778

Garage sale

White handmade queen/king afghan, Farberware grill, new DVR plus blank disks, 17 piece pottery coffee set, large mirror, entertainment center. 222-5505

Numbers for the Police Department in case of emergency are 291-0049 and 291-0666. Emergency number: 066 Police, Bucerias & La Cruz: 298-1020 Civil Protection (Fire, Ambulance): 291-0295 Ambulance, Santa Rosa Clinic: 298-0157


Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

TripAdvisor Adds the Riviera Nayarit to its Top Ten Beaches List

Oaxaca tops charming travel list By Madeline Milne

S released a list of the world’s ten most charming cities and infinitely charming Cuidad de Oaxaca makes the list. Canada enjoys two spots with Quebec City and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia making the cut. Writer Anne Banas explains, “With indigenous handicraft markets, a renowned culinary

scene, and world-class museums, Oaxaca is a haven for artisans and artists. It’s also known for its architectural treasures. Founded in 1529 but inhabited since prehistoric times, this World Heritage city built on a grid pattern (with square blocks centered on a zocalo, or main square), earns UNESCO points for being a star example of Spanish colonial town planning. After touring important sites


Mr. Moose

Mr. Moose is a big guy as you can see here. And like the proverbial gentle giant, Mr. Moose is one lovable boy. Abandoned, Mr. Moose was observed for days rummaging in the garbage trying to find scraps of food. Some kindly neighborhood residents brought his plight to the attention of a local veterinarian. The local vet notified us and we brought this sweetheart to our Sanctuary. Now it is time to find him his fur-ever home. Mr. Moose is about four years old and very healthy. Please contact us at

“Baby it’s cold outside”

We have a GREAT need for LARGE doggy sweaters and jackets for our bigger dogs. Our climate has changed and our nights are chilly at the sanctuary. Contact us at for drop off location.

like the ornately decorated Santo Domingo church and the Cathedral of Oaxaca, break for a siesta at a sidewalk cafe under the arcades at Plaza de la Constitucion, where you can sip a cup of tejate (a cold drink made with ground cocoa) or down a glass of mezcal. Just outside of the city, Monte Alban—a mountaintop archaeological site of pyramids, plazas, and other ruins—was once the capital of the ancient Zapotec civilization and is now listed as a UNESCO site. Don’t Miss: The Juarez and 20 de Noviembre markets, which overflow with pottery, rugs, and other handicrafts, as well as typical foods including pizza-like tlayudas (large tortillas topped with Oaxacan cheese, meat, and refried beans) and chicken sauced with the city’s famous black mole.” More at


uevo Vallarta holds fourth place among the best beaches in Mexico thanks to its cleanliness and its soft sand, not to mention its proximity to 23 hotels, 5 bungalows and 110 vacation condos. Once again one of the Riviera Nayarit’s attributes helps it stand out as one of the best destinations in the world. This time it was the beach at Nuevo Vallarta, which took fourth place in TripAdvisor’s Top Ten Beaches in Mexico. Considered one of the best, the biggest and the most modern high-end tourism developments in the country, the Fraccionamiento Turístico Náutico Residencial Nuevo Vallarta boasts one of the cleanest beaches in the country, having received the Blue Flag certification. The beach is not only clean, but its soft sand, its lengthy extension, its brilliant water—in other words, its pure beauty—make it the perfect spot to walk and enjoy the ocean air. As a matter of fact, the post on the website has already garnered



here are several kittens at the PuRR Project ranch who are rapidly coming to the adoption stage. They’ll be sterilized, vaccinated and de-wormed—and will appear soon at an adoption booth near you! For adoption info, email Or visit one of our three adoption booths: at the north entrance to the Lago Real Mall on Thursdays from noon to 2:00; in the rotunda area outside Comercial at Plaza Marina on Fridays from 11:00 to 2:00; and at the Paradise Community Center Saturday Market from 9:00 to 1:00.

over 500 comments, most of which highlight these same characteristics. TripAdvisor is the web’s largest travel site, allowing travelers to plan and execute the trip of a lifetime. It offers reliable reviews by real travelers and an ample variety of planning tools and direct links to reservation sites. Sites with the TripAdvisor brand make up the largest travel service community in the world, thanks to its more than 260 million unique visitors per month and the over 125 million reviews and commentaries on more than 2.7 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. Its sites operate in 30 countries around the world; it also manages TripAdvisor for Business, a site dedicated to giving the tourism industry access to the millions of people that visit TripAdvisor every month. TripAdvisor manages and operates 20 travel pages. Click here to see the entire list: http://www.tripadvisor. c o m / Tr a v e l e r s C h o i c e - B e a ches-cTop-g15076


Friday Jan 3-9, 2014

Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations For visitors to Puerto Vallarta who wish to support the less privileged in our paradise, this is a list of some of the many organizations that could benefit from such kind gestures. If you would like your organization recognized here, please email details to Acción En La Cruz: aid residents of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle by providing provisions in exchange for community services performed. www.landon5120. Alcoholics Anonymous: In English Puerto Vallarta Alanon Club - Basilio Badillo 329 www. American Legion Post 14: raises resources and manpower to improve facilities needing building maintenance Asilo San Juan Diego Home for the Elderly - Contact: Lupita Sanchez Covarrubias 222-1257 or or\asilosanjuandiego.htm Asociación Down - Assistance to persons with Down’s Syndrome – Contact: Ana Catalina Eisenring at 224-9577. Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter - Safe shelter for women & children victims of domestic violence. www. Becas Vallarta, A.C. – Provides scholarships to high school and

university students. Tax-deductible in Mexico and USA. Polly Vicars at (322) 223-1371 or Buri Gray at (322) 221-5285. www. Bucerias Bilingual Community Center: Supporting families, seniors in Bucerias. Casa Hogar - A shelter for orphaned, abandoned, disadvantaged or vulnerable children. Luz Aurora Arredondo at 221-1908, Rita Millan (322) 141-6974. Centro Comunitario SETACGLBT – Services the GLBT community, including treatment and referrals, education, English classes, HIV testing and counseling. Paco Arjona 224-1974 or Clinica de Rehabilitación Santa Barbara - Rehabilitation of the handicapped. Contact: Laura Lopez Portillo Rodriguez at 224-2754. COLINA Spay and Neuter Clinic - Free and by-donation sterilization clinic in Old Town. Only open Sundays, arrive by 8am, no reservations are taken. Contact: or 322-104-6609 CompassionNet Impact – Transforming the lives of people living in chronic poverty. Job creation, education, emergency food, medicine & clothing. Tax-deductible. Cell: (322) 133-7263 or

Cruz Roja (Red Cross) Handles hospital and emergency service in Vallarta. It is the only facility that is authorized to offer assistance to injured people on the street. Contact: 222-1533, 222-4973 Desayunos para los Niños de Vallarta A.C. Feeding programs, education programs, day care centers for single mothers. 22 343 11 or 22 225 72 FB/ desayunosninosvallarta Discapacitados de Vallarta, A.C. (DIVAC) association of handicapped individuals dedicated to helping one another. Ivan Applegate at 221-5153. Families At The Dump: Supporting families living in the landfill or garbage dump thru education and sustainable opportunities. www.familiesatthedump. org or 297-7425 Grupo Ecológico de Puerto Vallarta: Arq. Luz del Carmen Pérez Alvarez cayro_13@ Friends of PV Animals Volunteers working to enhance the lives of shelter animals. They supplement food, medications and socialization for unwanted and stray cats and dogs housed in PV´s city pound. For info and donations visit Horizonte de Paz: Shelter for men of all ages who are troubled with alcohol & drug addiction. Donato Schimizzi: 322 199 9523 or Roberto: 281 0644

La Brigada de la Basur:a A weekly meeting of neighborhood children to clean Vallarta Streets. Contact Que?Pasa 223-4006 Navy League - assists in the transportation of donated medical supplies from the U.S., organizes work groups to paint and repair facilities, and operates the local Toys for Tots program. New Life Mexico - Challenging Child Poverty with health and education programs. Philippa Vernon Paraíso Felino AC Refuge and Adoption Centre for cats and kittens in the Bay of Banderas. Luis Donaldo Cel. (322) 120-4092 Pasitos de Luz - substitute home for low income children with any type of handicap, offers rehabilitation services and special support to their families. 299-4146. PEACEAnimals - Free mobile spay/neuter clinic operating 48 weeks a year, primarily in Puerto Vallarta. Tax-deductible. www. Pro Biblioteca de Vallarta Raises funds for Los Mangos Public Library. Tax-deductible Ricardo Murrieta at 224-9966 or Jimmie Ellis at 222-1478. Proyecto Pitillal, “Busca un Amigo” - Association created by underprivileged mothers of paralyzed children. Contact: 299-4495. Puerto Vallarta Garden Club: Beautify and protecting the environment.

PuRR Project - A no-kill cat shelter, a natural un-caged environment. Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza- Shelter for Children. Tax-deductible. Madre Mari at 222-7857 or Sudy Coy at 222-5765. Roma’s Kids - Educate the children of the Volcanes and surrounding area: Math, English and computer programs a priority. 100% goes to the kids. The International Friendship Club (IFC) - Supports the Cleft Palate Surgery Program & families in need. 322-222-5466. www. ifcvallarta@ Toys for Tots Vallarta - Distributes toys and constructs playgrounds for less-advantaged kids in the Puerto Vallarta area during the Christmas holiday period. Jerry Lafferty 322 221 6156 or Lourdes Bizarro lourdes. Vallarta Saludable (Healthy) – Healthy living through organics, stevias, cooking workshops, serums reversing dialysis and reality show. Suzy Chaffee suzynativevoices@aol. com Mexico Ministries & Mission, Inc. is a Calif. 501.C.3 nonprofit corporation that raises funds to help feed and clothe the poor in Vallarta, as well as provide school supplies, a prison ministry, and baby blankets for the newborns at the Regional Hospital. It is affiliated with Christ Church by the Sea, an Anglican church in Vallarta. Contact Fr. Jack+ 044 322 229-1129

Friday Jan 3-9, 2014



Challenge your brain! Sudoku is easy to play and the rules are simple. Fill in the blanks so that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 grids contain only one of each of the numbers 1 through 9.


Number Blocks


Word Search

What’s a number block you ask? A number block is group of numbers formed in a block. The numbers in each row add up to the totals to the right. The numbers in each column add up to the totals along the bottom. The diagonal lines also add up the totals to the right. Some of the numbers are missing. Try to fill in the missing numbers between 0 and 12.


Commonym 1 1. A Ball - A Fish - A Cold 2. A Ball - A Salad - A Coin 3. A Cork - A Question - A Balloon 4. A Bottle - A Baseball Player - A Mushroom 5. A Bell - Mouth - A Shoe 6. A Tug of War - The Nightly News - A Boat 7. Seventeen - Time - People 8. A Basketball Court - A Highway - A Bowling Alley 9. Fog A Jack - A Body Builder 10. A Hockey Game - A Restaurant - A Bank

Commonym 1 Answers 1. they are caught 2. they are tossed 3. they are popped 4. they have caps 5. they have tongues 6. they have anchors 7. they are magazines 8. they have lanes 9. they lift 10. they have checks

What’s a commonym you ask? A commonyms is group of words that have a common trait in the three words/items listed. For example: thewords; A car - A tree - An elephant.. they all have trunks. These will make you think!

Wuzzle 15 Answers 1. Keeping You Out of Trouble 2. Foreign Movie 3. A Little Rough Around the Edges 4. Too Little, Too Late 5. Double Your Money Back 6. Start of Something Big



What’s a wuzzle you ask? A wuzzle is a saying/phrase that is made up of a display of words, in an interesting way.The object is to try to figure out the well-known saying, person, place, or thing that each wuzzle is meant to represent.


Authentic Mexican Food! Seafood & Steaks Mention this ad for ONE GUACAMOLE per table with dinner

Olas Altas 474 , Romantic Zone Reservations 222 8382

Francisco I Madero # 202, corner Pino Suarez, Emiliano Zapata Olas Altas Reservations 222 6593 e-mail

Issue 874, January 3rd - 9, 2014  

Vallarta Tribune - Puerto Vallarta's longest publishing English language paper

Issue 874, January 3rd - 9, 2014  

Vallarta Tribune - Puerto Vallarta's longest publishing English language paper