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April 20 - 26, 2017

Living In La Cruz Cindy Bouchard

Giving back and doing good for others in La Cruz Introducing Line Bureau


’ve been intending to write about folks who do good, more good and then top it off with so-muchmore good that I’m filled to the brim with appreciation! My only challenge is that they’re so humble that it’s difficult getting them to answer my questions! In no particular order I’m going to write about some of these wonderful folks over the coming weeks. These people make a huge difference to all of us in La Cruz whether living here, vacationing or just passing thru. A quick shout out to restaurateurs; one could argue they are making money so they have to do good for others. True indeed; however with a short high season I’m forever amazed how they ‘go with the flow’ making people feel special and helping them to relax; sharing the joys of our region. Muchisimas gracias a todos! Today my focus is Line (pronounced Leena) Bureau;

Environmental Chair, Amigos de La Cruz. Living full-time in La Cruz, Line is originally from Quebec where she co-owned a wholesale and retail linen company. While most of us have a Spanglish way of communicating, the multi-lingual Line  flavours her Spanish and English with French. Line directs the recycling program and the street beautification program and works with the Cetmar students (local vocational technical school for students ages 15-19) and corrals volunteers to help her with recycling. Line inspires me with her commitment to keeping our town clean. When I asked her why she gives so much of her time and energy to ‘the cause’ she answered, “Working with Amigos de la Cruz gives me the chance to polish our precious pueblo, La Cruz. We do not want to change La Cruz, just polish the Jewel; a precious stone. I admire everyone in Amigos de la Cruz and am so proud to be part of the team. Being on the ‘ground’ and talking with the people of La Cruz (nationals and others) I can tell you they love us and appreciate what we are doing.” Recently Line coordinated a

cleanup plan with the military. She said, “They come just with love and a willingness to help. From the plaza we walked to the beach with the cadets, they were singing. We started by the ocean and cleaned for one and a half hours focusing on cleaning the arroyo (dry river) separating plastic from trash. As they were taking pictures I asked for one of their T-Shirts; laughing they said you have to earn it! So, I started walking like them through the village with bags full of

trash back to the plaza.” Special thanks to Linda Ward for supplying garbage bags and to the Delta Group for teaching La Cruz’s new generation to keep our precious town clean. Before closing I want to thank two prominent board members of Amigos de la Cruz’s who are passing the baton to others. Communications’ Chair, Shari Decter Hirst’s political history added a passionate, devoted and valuable contribution to the Amigos

board. Taking time to pursue creative interests of her own, Shari is leaving a legacy for others to continue her good works. Outgoing president, Steve Cross, gave unconditionally over the last many years. Steve, with his own successful construction business and while building his own home, carved out time to help others. Thank you, Steve; I truly hope you know the difference you made for so many!

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Issue 1046, April 20 - 26, 2017  

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico The Vallarta Tribune is the longest running free English language newspaper in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We publish...

Issue 1046, April 20 - 26, 2017  

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico The Vallarta Tribune is the longest running free English language newspaper in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We publish...