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DTPS Programming system

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DTPS, the ultimate offline programmin for Panasonic arc welding robots Both Panasonic Welding Systems and Valk Welding wants to offer the best tool for the arc welding robot industry. With the TAWERS welding robots and the offline programming system DTPS, they give you the best all-in-one system available on the market for your arc welding robot jobs.

DTPS is the ultimate offline programming software for Panasonic arc-welding robots, which replaces the programming directly in the robot with a teach pendant. It means production does not need to be stopped for programming and you realise maximum uptime with your welding-robot system. DTPS also forms the basis for automating programming with CMRS and APG.

DTPS offers you: Full support of import 2D and 3D CAD files Powerfull engineering/testing tool for jigs Actual cycle time calculations Converting existing programs to new installations or other working stations Powerful 3D-simulation with collision detection Planning/management tool for the welding production Welding data registration and analysing tool Plant 1

Borderless robotcontrol over different production facilities

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100% upwards compatible with all generations of controllers DTPS Offline system

Easy adjusting of existing robot programs

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Small batch weldingproduction Valk Welding develops client-specific CMRS (Custom Made Robot Software) to realise a fully automated welding process; for example by automating the programming of various products within a product family, controlling the logistics around the welding cell, and parametric control of the settings of welding jigs. This makes producing one-off items economically viable on welding robots. Manufacturers with their own products, such as grids (Dejo), lintel beams (Leenstra), fencing (Betafence), stair lifts (ThyssenKrupp), loading platforms (Dhollandia), forklift trucks (MCFE), and many others are already using CMRS for one-off production. With CMRS, Valk Welding is unique in the market.

Maximum profit DTPS makes robot welding simple DTPS increase productivity robotic installations DTPS minimize program time at robot (till 0 reducible) DTPS can grow with you DTPS offers always optimized up-to-date robot programs DTPS keeps the know how in your company

DTPS is the most frequently used offline arc welding robot programming system in the world.

Program with APG generation APG (Automatic Path Generation) for DTPS is an open source software toolkit, developed by Valk Welding, which allows you to create custom made robot software in an open source platform. APG uses data out of ERP, CAD systems and Excel sheets to automatically generate complete programs for the welding robot, which includes the position of the welding torch, as well as correct torch angle, correct welding parameters, such as amperage, tension, weaving parameters, crater filling parameters and others. CMRS and APG are toolkits that are running on top of the DTPS platform, developed by Valk Welding which enable you to automatically generate programs.






APG (Automatic Program Generation for DTPS G2) DTPS (Simulation, Reach Check, Collision Check)

Panasonic DTPS Programming system the most frequently used offline welding robot programming system Over the past fifteen years DTPS G2 has developed into a vital component in the overall robot control system. In that time the main focus has been further simplifying the programming process. Developing routines for common functions has made it possible to reduce the overall programming time by more than 90% compared to the first version. DTPS has thus grown to be a fully-fledged 3D CAD/CAM system for arc welding robots. DTPS is the most frequently used offline arc welding robot programming system in the world.

Support Customers with a DTPS system always can count on the support of the software-engineers from Valk Welding. Over 8 DTPS specialists are available for supporting all customer questions. All build up knowledge from the start of DTPS (version 1) is still available to support our customers, which Valk Welding can give in English, Dutch, French, German, Czech, Polish and Danish. Every year Valk Welding also organizes a usersclub for DTPS users where they are informed about the latest developments in hard- and software. Customers with a support contract do have free entrance to the DTPS forum on the internet.

Some references Numerous companies from automotive industry, truck and trailer manufacturers, agricultural machine manufacturers, as well as many suppliers, use DTPS for the programming of their arc welding robots. Valk Welding Staalindustrieweg 15 P.O. Box 60 NL-2950 AB Alblasserdam

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EN Brochure Offline programming system DTPS  

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