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Two diamonds, two colors, two records! Dozens million. Dollars it cost to acquire them from private collectors

Ten spring shades of Pantone Happier and more vibrant colors in this year’s palette of fashion

The glow of Oscar Colored diamonds pearls won their celebrities

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No luxury for lost resources and opportunities


ith high expectations began this year’s tourist season in Greece, with all estimates of the competent bodies to refer to new arrivals and record significant growth of the entire tourism industry turnover. Let us not forget that part of the industry is the domestic silverware, as an important part of the turnover of the industry carried out by the indirect exports to customers millions of tourists who visit us each year. However, the first quarter of actual data, for 2016, a reflection. Anecdotal data ELSTAT speak of decline in turnover in the tourism sector, and more specifically in the hotels and catering services by 11.7% (compared with an increase of 3.5% in the first quarter of 2015). On the other, the world of small businesses and their customers, consumers, from June 1 they were confronted with a new wave foroafxiseon. VAT was increased from 23% to 24%, while new charges have excise taxes on unleaded, LPG and natural gas, but also on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. The Greek economy is in recession for the last eight years, Greek companies are experiencing a difficult reality. The pleasant period however is that we are already in view of the vote on the new development law, which many operators of small and medium enterprises with a positive step, even if it comes too late. Certainly the objections heard speak of a development law where the state lacks funds for subsidies. This is the main reason why it has limited the range of eligible projects and has emphasized a number of minor exemptions and commitments to tax stability. What in fact is the country in recent years, is imposing increasingly higher taxes, without taking into account the impact on econom-

ic activity, but without changing anything in a dysfunctional and inefficient tax administration mechanism. Today, Greece, despite changes allegedly implemented under the memoranda, is still lagging behind in all rankings, in terms of friendliness to business. If exercise trading conditions do not improve, with immediate and generous assistance from the part of the State, the consequences for the economy and jobs will be uncontrollable. And especially in industries such as the jewelery damaged as few in times of crisis, as products of a species not basic survival. They should therefore accelerate reforms to improve the investment environment in the country, to ensure a stable and favorable tax environment, and to create effective competition in the market. No more luxury for lost resources and opportunities.

Publisher Tasos Spanoudis

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Russian tourists choose ... Greek! Voted “Greece” as their most popular destination abroad in May

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Inhorgenta 2016 The 940 exhibitors confirmed the leading position of the German report

auction 12.

Two diamonds, two colors, two records! Dozens million. Dollars it cost to acquire them from private collectors

trends 18.

Ten spring shades of Pantone Happier and more vibrant colors in this year’s palette of fashion

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Diamond Jools Handmade jewelry with high quality certified diamonds


Petros Koskarian Live your Dream ‌‌Be your dream!


Orofasma Ltd. Unique design, unlimited range of models

celebrities 32.

The glow of Oscar Colored diamonds pearls won their celebrities

gemologies 37.

Anglo American Selling mines and 85,000 layoffs!


Vicky Stavropoulou elegant creations for everyday jewelry


Jewelry Workshop Dimitrios Modern creations of timeless beauty


Galleria armadoro One of a kind silver jewelry from Greece

contest 38.

27th Panhellenic Drawing Contest crafted jewelery Travel inspiration to Kavafi lyrics

press releases 42.

Karlie Kloss shines as new ambassador of Swarovski

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Russian tourists choose ... Greek! Voted “Greece” as their most popular destination abroad in May nations have fallen by 50- $ 100 per person. The corresponding expenditures were within the same level as last year. According to what the head says sales of Mouzenidis Travel, Yevgeny Kiselyov, the number of Russian tourists visiting Greece and Cyprus in May was 1/3 higher than last year. Many Russian tourists chose to extend a basic a weekend getaway in early May. The depth of sales is increasing and Mouzenidis Travel connects with the fact that more and more Russian tourists make early reservations and choose summer packages to Greece from very early. Note that if last year 25% of Russians about holidays in Greece had booked in advance, then the number of tourists will exceed 35%. This means that every third tourist who will visit Greece or Cyprus this season, made an early reservation.

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


ussian tourists “voted” Greece in May as our country was the most popular destination abroad for the month of the current one, according to a survey conducted among the members of the Union of Russian tour operator ATOR. The total volume of tourist flow abroad was reduced compared to last year, because of the situation inside Egypt and Turkey, but for the same reason many other destinations are experiencing growth.After Greece, the most popular destinations in May were Tunisia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bulgaria, UAE and Jordan. As they observe Russian tour operator, Russian tourists this year tend to make short breaks throughout the year, making only once long summer vacation. The average duration of holidays in May to domestic destinations was 7-8 days. The duration of holidays abroad was slightly reduced. Many Russians prefer a break of 2-3 days or less, or choose other ways to reduce travel expenses. As for the ordinary Russian tourists, some decide to stay in a smaller hotel category, while at the same time seeking more complete packages with entertainment services, good infrastructure, etc. According to the tour operator, the cost of Russian desti-

Prefer Halkidiki The largest number of tourists who have holidays in May chose Halkidiki. A little less preferred coastal areas of Pieria near the Olympus. Great demand was recorded for Corfu, especially during Easter, while Athens was the most popular options for the month. The main difference compared to last year is that travelers chose for their holidays in May Cyprus, where the season traditionally starts earlier than the Ellada. Ti greater demand in TUI Russia presented in May by Cyprus, Italy and Greece (against Italy and Cyprus last year), with sales volume and duration of the holiday (7 nights) for all countries to around the same level as last year. Record also turn the Russians to most budget hotels.

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Two diamonds, two colors, two records! Dozens million. Dollars it cost to acquire them from private collectors Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


wo very valuable diamond, a blue and a pink, they attracted the interest not only of collectors around the world, and the spotlight of the media. How else to do besides just when the famous blue diamond Oppenheimer Blue sold over 57 million. Dollars at an auction which broke all records! Christie Blue diamond broke all record

Global jewelery sales record of all categories “broke” the blue diamond Oppenheimer Blue in yesterday’s contest Christie, in the 48th spring auction Magnificent jewels organized by the house in the city of Geneva. The blue diamond was sold for 57 million. Dollars and awarded to the private buyer within 25 minutes from the start of the auction!

Overall, the auction of Christie completed the sale of 89% of precious stones and generating a total turnover of $ 169 million.. The competition is unique jewelry and sold from the collection of Gabriela Princess zu Leiningen versus 22.5 million. Dollars while two days earlier, at the beginning of the auction, unique watches sold for $ 18.8 million.. At the top of the clock was the pocket

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watch of Charles-Louis Havas Breguet et Fils sold over 3.3 million. Dollars, which ranked it in the top most expensive watches ever auctioned in the spring auction in Geneva and the second most expensive watch ever sold by the firm Breguet et Fils. Sotheby Rare pink diamond at auction Priced at $ 28 million (about 25 million. Euros) sold a rare pink diamond of 15.38 carats, in the Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva. The diamond, which attracted hundreds of collectors from around the world, comes from Kimberley, South Africa and stands out for its size, purity and of intense color.

Next station of the diamond, which until now belonged to the company Core International, is Asia, from where the new owner of the diamond, whose name has not been known. However, this pink diamond is the third most expensive, sold at auction. The second is a precious stone the same color, which was purchased five years ago compared with 46.2 million. Dollars. Holder of the absolute record is called «Blue Moon», a 12.03 carat blue diamond which was sold instead of $ 48.4 million (about 45 mil. Euros) in the Sotheby’s auction house in Geneva in November.

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Inhorgenta 2016

The 940 exhibitors confirmed the leading position of the German report

Leadership is the global exhibition of jewelry and watch market Inhorgenta.

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Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


ts leading position in the global exhibition of jewelry and watch market confirmed once again the Inhorgenta exhibition held in the German city of Munich from 12 to 15 February. Both companies exhibitors and visitors agreed that the exhibition halls “A1” with clocks, “B1” with the jewelry and “C2” and modern design jewelry covered their expectations and satisfy all involved in the organization. The satisfaction of visitors also confirmed by the answers given in the framework of the established opinion survey after the completion of the report: 92% gave congratulations to the organizing authority for this year’s report, and ca new concept that emerged and ca quality presentation products such as watches at A1 or expensive jewelry at B1. “We are very pleased with the course of the Inhorgenta 2016, the noted Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München. “All

the recent months we have invested a lot in the commitment and creativity of Inhorgenta, but thanks to our very good cooperation with exhibitors, visitors and our partners, we succeeded. The mood among the visitors were extremely optimistic, the mood positive and the market is expected to move in a positive direction in the near future.“ In this year’s Inhorgenta together around 940 exhibitors from 33 countries and among them were many new companies, and several more who chose to return after a period of absence. Celebrities at the inauguration The 43rd INHORGENTA MUNICH started the first day with a special event held in hall B1, which was ideal projection step for jewelry and fashion trends. In a special fashion show organized as part of the inauguration, they presented jewelry and high quality watches and design from leading vendors participating in the exhibition as exhibitors. They partic-

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Guests at this year’s Inhorgenta exceeded 26,000 and travelers from 75 countries.


in Watch Innovation Forum, there was great interest in smartwatches.

ipated in the exhibition of top class models as the idol Nadja Auermann, the Hummels Cathy and her sister Vanessa Fischer as well as Ralf Bauer. Many celebrities were among the people who attended the show, including the presenter Karen Webb, Funda Vanroy and Annemarie Carpendale. The singer Meyer-Landrut Lena caused excitement with live concert in Munich Club P1. Constant traffic Guests at this year INHORGENTA exceeded

26,000 and traveled from 75 countries of the world to visit the organization and get to see new products, new trends and innovations in the jewelry and watch industry. Most visitors came from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, China and Israel. New events As part of this year’s INHORGENTA flashed the clock Innovation Forum held in hall A1 and the Web Campus in hall C2, two events

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All the latest achievements of international watchmaking had a field day on exhibition showcases.

were first introduced at the exhibition. In Watch Innovation Forum, there was great interest in smartwatches and wearables devices. In Web Campus, international experts from the ecommerce space presented to trade visitors a range of issues related to ecommerce, the use of social media from the marketing point of view, as they are considered keys to the future competition in the jewelry market and clock. At the last day of the exhibition offered a special program for young talents and professionals, which met with great response and enthusiasm of pupils and students. In the first “Career Day� of INHORGENTA, companies, organizations and education centers provided information about the possibilities and opportunities available to the profession of jeweler, watchmaker or professional in the jewelry and watch area, the background of recent economic developments and trends.

Jewelry for all tastes presented satisfying everyone involved in the organization.

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Ten spring shades of Pantone Happier and more vibrant colors in this year’s palette of fashion

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

Pantone Color Institute.

colorful canvas with vivid colors is the proposal of the Pantone Color Institute in the spring of 2016, the Fashion Color Report Spring issued recently. People of Pantone chose for this season “more cheerful and brighter colors that we can express our feelings and to feel freer better understanding of ourselves,” as he said to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the

Influences from artists Influenced by the art world, the new world trends and consumer desire to disconnect from technology and feel more relaxed, designers this year gravitate to a palette of colors that create a calm climate. Paying tribute to the beauty of the natural resources, the colors that appear in the spring collections function as emotional relaxation


- 18 apr.-may-jun. 2016 i. 14


vehicles for people who subscribe to them and wear them either through their apparel either by precious accessories such as jewelry. Designers are inspired by the contrast of urban design and rich vegetation, leading to unexpected color combinations and collections that recall the architecture, travel and nostalgia. Creating views that represent the world we live in and that surrounds us, so structured, and the organic, designers seek to awaken a sense of playful escape. The artists, many of whom are known for their bold use of colors and loud patterns and lines, played a very important role in the choice of these colors-from Matisse, Picasso and Frank Stella as Esther Stewart and Sam Falls. Modern designers “play” with bold color doses underline the vitality, but at the same time combine the calm, classical and more natural tones. The colors this season our transfer to a happier, sunnier places where they feel free to express our true self, as stated in the Pantone institute. Unisex color palette The colors this season transcend culture and gender patterns. The intense dark colors give way to enthusiasm and optimism through peaceful stable the palette of the season. In the spring of 2016 there is really no

distinction in perceived color choices among men collections and women, as both versions focus on the desire of breath and thought, and then the game. The nature of the calm colors of this year’s spring collections highlighted by the pink quartz (Rose Quartz), a gentle persuasive tone that exudes compassion and sense of composure. As a serene sunset or a flower xemytaei the bud of the pink quartz reminds us to reflect on our environment during busy but relaxed months of spring and summer. Another very common color of the spring season and favorite for designers and consumers, is orange. The Pantone year presents Peach Echo, a shade that is very warm and friendly, holding a special place in the palette of orange colors. Other colors in Pantone proposed for this spring is the blue sky Serenity, inspired by the sea, Snorkel Blue, more cheerful and energetic moods, from the palette of blue colors. The shade of Limpet Shell Green family is clean and modern, while the stable value of neutral shades, this year the spring will be possible on Lilac Gray, moving the shade of lilac and gray. The Fiesta is a strong shade of red-based yellow and acts as a strong contrast to the softer and soothing colors of the palette of Pantone. Another possible neutral color is Iced Coffee, that the earth’s quality and softness creates a stable substrates when combined with the other colors of the spring pallet proposes Pantone.

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Handmade jewelry with high quality certified diamonds The goal was clear from the beginning for the people of Diamondjools, construction quality jewelery. But the effort to make their jewelery workshop space where every customer can find or create their own jewelry.


n Diamondjools company placed more than 20,000 high-quality diamonds which are certified by the three most respected and reputable independent laboratories in the world (GIA, IGI and HRD). Throughout the manufacturing process of Diamondjools jewelry and for each of them, carried out quality controls which certify that the customer will always receive jewelry of high quality and standards. In Diamondjools one can create jewels. Just choose the right diamond. The artisans will “bind” his favorite plan, solitaire, earring, pendant, ring trilogy. A purchase by DiamondJools, offers many advantages. The people of the company are located on the side of their customers to help them throughout the ordering process of their jewelry, either through the tutorials provided either through contact with specialists. In addition, the company provides upgrade and maintenance programs of your jewelry. Headline of Diamondjools, not accidentally, is: “For us your trust has real value!”

High quality The production process of any jewelery Diamondjools, evolve given the high quality assurance of perfect creations. The professionalism and experience with a passion for accuracy ensure that customers receive exactly what they want. Strict process controls guarantee consistently high quality of each jewel. Quality control Quality control is applied at every step of the handmade process and after polishing of jewelry. The welding precision examined long before the second polishing step. In adamantodesia confirmed the perfect adjustment between jewelery and diamond considering symmetry and the purity of the

- 20 apr.-may-jun. 2016 i. 14


diamond. The result is perfect and eternal combination. At the stage of finishing is controlled in the diamond bonding and the final purification is carried out with steam. to shine as possible by removing any debris on adamantodesia. All jewelry will be checked to ensure at this point that meet international quality standards.

Special orders If the collection of jewelery Diamondjools not include the jewelry the customer desire, it is possible to create it. It needs only an e-mail or a phone call and someone from the company’s consultants, under guidelines or wishes of the customer can create any jewel from the beginning. The Diamondjools has special design department which is able to create anything, even a draft in a simple notebook sheet.

www.diamondjools.gr info@diamondjools.gr 800 300 3088


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παρουσίαση presentation

“Live your Dream ……Be your dream!” With Koskarian


he Koskarian Company started its activity in the manufacturing and trading of jewelry recently, in 2007 by Peter Koskarian, an experienced diamond setter with 20 years of experience in the field of jewelry. The company’s creations are characterized by elegance and discreet luxury while special emphasis is given on the design. Gold and silver are dressed with colors and the sparkle of precious stones that are carefully selected and evaluated one by one. Jewelry of impeccable workmanship and high standards that satisfy even the most demanding lovers of handmade jewelry. You deserve the best and you can have it.....

- 22 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2016 2014 i.τ.14 5

παρουσίαση presentation

Petros Koskarian 5 Mastracha str., 117 44 Athens Greece, Tel.: +30 210 3247263, www.koskarian.com email: info@koskarian.com

- 23 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2013 i.τ.14 4 2016 2014 5

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Unique design, unlimited range of models Over 5000 jewelry designs offers customers of the company OROFASMA Ltd.


5 years ago, in 1988, the Kevork Kolanian founded in Athens the company of gold jewelery and diamond merchants OROFASMA Ltd. The aesthetics and quality, originality of projects, combined with the always reasonable prices, is first of its characteristics OROFASMA Ltd. Kevork Kolanian with the knowledge and experience he managed very soon lead the company to the top. A key role undoubtedly played a long experience of which contributed to the development and establishment of the company in the field of golden akarfoton and finished jewelry K18 and diamonds. In the following years the company expanded the circle of its activities with exports to countries of central Europe, in the US, but also in Armenia. As a Greek Armenian descent, the Kevork Kolanian actively involved, for fifteen years as responsible for Greece to the International Union of Armenians Silversmiths «AJA». Recently the OROFASMA Ltd participated in the international jewelry exhibition “YEREVAN SHOW 2012”, organized by the AJA in Yerevan, Armenia. Kevork Kolanian relied on three parameters to promote the achievements of the company

- 24 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2016 2014 i.τ.14 5

to the continuous renewal of projects, monitoring of all new trends that dominate the domestic and international jewelry market and, of course, innovation! The collaboration with the sculptor Takis Station on its way OROFASMA Ltd, was cooperation with the internationally renowned Greek sculptor Takis, 1998 when undertook the construction of a series of sculptures of 22K gold jewelery, entitled “Golden Trajectories of Diamonds.” It was 160 unique jewelry, art creations crafted with gold and diamonds, all of which reflect their unique aesthetic integrity of the artist’s work. The Takis explained himself that “a gem diamond without lags far from being a jewel,” and revealed that the great painter Salvador Dali in 1968, had asked him to make the “Flying egg Venus” with a diamond

presentation παρουσίαση

to symbolizes the star of ... On the occasion of this unique exhibition, which decisively contributed Kevork Kolanian with the excellent work of the Takis had said: “I believe in the power and energy is

els are continuously enriched, and a wide range of diamonds. The company is engaged in import and marketing of diamonds in manufacturing and marketing akarfoton jewelry 18K in special constructions and ready nailed jewelry. In recent years it has also undertaken the exclusive representation and distribution of watches AWI, to Greece, Cyprus and other European countries. As stated by Kevork Kolanian himself in Jewel Time, «Our customers are free to choose their own way of cooperation, we offer them a total of four options”: • Unailing by OROFASMA Ltd., nailing their own diamonds • Unailing and diamonds from OROFASMA Ltd. • Diamonds from OROFASMA Ltd. for their own jewelry • Finished jewelry quality diamonds wishing “Thus, we achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers’ needs,” concluded Kevork Kolanian.

natural to deal with jewelry, many even give the form of a horseshoe. I always want each jewel is energy. Gold and gems have magical and healing properties ... “.

Today OROFASMA Ltd., boosting its market position, developing international partnerships, mainly in diamonds, for optimal quality-price ratio.

Whereas not his job Kevork Kolanian in autograph tribute, the Takis said: “At my friend Kevork, great maestro”! It seems, therefore, that and Kevork Kolanian drew “magical properties” from this partnership and make the best ... Huge range of models and designs The OROFASMA Ltd. currently has more than 5,000 own jewelery mod-

OROFASMA Ltd. www.orofasma.com kevork@ath.forthnet.gr Tel +30 210 3251238, +30 210 3219669, FAX +30 210 3319407

- 25 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2013 i.τ.14 4 2016 2014 5

Innovation of Orofasma Setting The OROFASMA Ltd. is established in the Greek, but also the international market with its unique pioneering the creation Orofasma Setting «OS». In order «OS» central diamond rotates freely around its axis. Aesthetics, discreet elegance and modern concept characterize the new series, which, not by chance, called “Eternal Love Diamond”, really a gem, a sample of eternal love! As declares himself Kevork Kolanian, “the rotating diamond is a brand new in the conception and construction of the idea, starting with Greece claiming international outlook”. This is why the immediate plans of the company is the projection on the Russian market. Creating Orofasma Setting is guaranteed and fully protected as has project number 001338222-0001, dated 26/7/2012.

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icky Stavropoulou is a Greek designer and manufacturer of fine handmade jewelry whose creations are inspired by ancient Greek history. Vicky’s passion for jewelry began at the young age of ten when she started making pendants with strings of beads. The turning point came when she worked for a few months at a friend’s jewelry workshop. After this, Vicky went on to follow her true passion and studied jewelry design and manufacture in Athens. After a career as an artisan and later as a sales manager in the same field, she started her own workshop in 2006, crafting statement pieces from 18-karat gold and delicate precious stones.

- 26 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2014 i.τ.14 5 2016

presentation παρουσίαση

Vicky believes in the concept of fine jewelry designed to be worn by modern women every day and for all occasions. She believes that fine handmade jewelry shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. She wants pieces that are casual and classic, elegant, personal, but above all, timeless. The beauty of the collection is found in the quality of the exclusive designs and the technical details that are infused in every piece. Beside her exclusive collection Vicky creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces sold solely to selected clients. Vicky currently lives in Agrinio, a small town in western Greece where she has her workshop and retail store.

- 27 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2013 i.τ.14 4 2014 5 2016

VICKY STAVROPOULOU 42, Papastratou Str. Agrinion Greece, 301 00 Tel.: +30 26410 54775 www.vickyjewelry.com mail:vickystav1@gmail.com

presentation παρουσίαση

JEWELRY WORKSHOP DIMITRIOS Modern creations of timeless beauty


significant upward trend for over twenty years is what characterizes the jewelry workshop Kapsaski. It all started in 1990, by Demetrios Kapsaskis, who started the first steps of the family business. The aim was to create jewelry inspired by the rich tradition of Greek and Byzantine art of jewelry. Initially all the jewels were hand made from materials like silver and murano crystal. In 2008, the son of D. Kapsaskis, Basilis, after completing his studies in designing and manufacturing of jewelry, began to participate actively in the workshop. Utilizing the inspirations of his father, Basilis Kapsaskis had as a goal to offer jewelry characterized by timeless beauty, as well as contemporary style, and in this direction he “worked” with genuine

Swarovski crystals, as well as with precious and semiprecious stones, with finishes of 22 carat gold in the new designs. The company’s slogan: «GIVING TIMELESS BEAUTY A MODERN TWIST», i.e., giving the timeless beauty, a modern dimension is not a coincidence. Soon, the collection of these jewels was renamed to DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE collec-

- 28 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2016 2014 i.τ.14 5

presentation παρουσίαση

tion, and since then has been presented annually in several major jewelry exhibitions both in Greece and in Europe. In 2012, the DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE collection made its first appearance in the fashion world in New York, as part of United Colors of Fashion. Seven international clothing designers and more than 50 models combined the creations of Kapsaskis workshop, with the jewelry collection providing a unique show.

52 Kuprou str. 121 32 Athens Greece Tel. + 30 210 5757985 www.kapsaskisjewelry.gr e-mail: info@kapsaskisjewelry.gr

- 29 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2013 i.τ.14 4 2016 2014 5

presentation παρουσίαση

One of a kind silver jewelry from Greece


alleria armadoro was founded in 2004 by Epaminondas and Dimitra Chouliara in Athens.

Armed with the innovative design, excellent quality and the correct prices, the Galleria armadoro collections are always sold out.

Armed with the know-how of more than 20 years in the field of silver, Galleria armadoro very quickly established itself as the leading silver jewelry brand in Greece. In recent years the strong interest from all parts of the world, gave the company a new breath. With the exports now holding more than 70% of the turnover, the jewelry of Galleria armadoro are located in the most high profile stores around the world.

7 Pierias str. 104 41 Athens Greece T. + 30 210 5231700 www.galleria-armadoro.com e-mail: info@galleriasilver.gr

- 30 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2016 2014 i.τ.14 5

presentation παρουσίαση

- 31 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. apr.-may-jun. 2013 i.τ.14 4 2016 2014 5


The glow of Oscar Colored diamonds pearls won their celebrities

- 32 apr.-may-jun. 2016 i. 14


Jewelry with emeralds, sapphires and pearls, as well as original designs with semi precious stones gave their own ... the competition in this year’s red carpet of the Oscars and failed to distinguish.


heir honor were the jewels with emeralds, as the green gemstone proved to be one of the most beloved selempritis of this year’s awards.

Saoirse Ronan, who was nominated for best actress Brooklyn band appeared with earrings of emeralds, jadeite and pearls, the house Chopard, in perfect combination with emerald green dress Calvin Klein house.

- 33 apr.-may-jun. 2016 i. 14


The presenter of the evening Jennifer Garner chose to combine the black dress of the house Oscar de la Renta with Neil Lane earrings of emeralds and diamonds. While another presenter, Patricia Arquette chose the hexagon earrings of emeralds along with sapphires of Fred Leighton in combination with emerald ring.

The preference of the emeralds showed the writeractress Lara Spencer, which matched the royal blue Roland Mouret dress with earrings chandeliers of emeralds and diamonds, but with cabochon ring and bracelet from the house of Fred Leighton.

- 34 apr.-may-jun. 2016 i. 14


Julianne Moore, in the role of presenter, presented by Chopard ring decorated with 15 carat emerald cut pillow.

One of the most striking instances of the evening Oscar was the presenter Tina Fey which was dazzling with precious necklace-collar Bulgari house of sapphires and diamonds collection “Sense of Volume”, in conjunction with strapless purple dress Versace.

Actress Sophia Vergara caught the attention of all the red carpet wearing earrings in vine form with “drops” of sapphires, the beloved Lorraine Schwartz jewelry house.

- 35 apr.-may-jun. 2016 i. 14


Pearls continue to have a field day as several ladies as the preferred jewelry. As for example, Brie Larson, best actress for her performance in Room rooms, which chose to display earrings drops pearl of the house Niwaka, in combination with the blue Float Gucci dress and belt in the middle of which was decorated also with pearls.

The presenter Olivia Wilde combined the white Valentino dress with a neck choker necklace of pearls and diamonds and earrings shaped crescent of the house Neil Lane.

While Jennifer Jason Leigh, nominated best actress for her performance in «The Hateful Eight», appeared pink earrings Paiget «tied» with 22 freshwater pearls, 374 pink sapphires and 200 diamonds!

The celebrities known for their love for gemstones and pearls use either monochromatic or in contrast with their clothing, playing with colors in order to attract attention and to indicate their own individual style. So can the diamonds are the best friend of women, but the color is what really allows them to express themselves and their feelings ...

- 36 apr.-may-jun. 2016 i. 14


Anglo American

Selling mines and 85,000 layoffs!


nfluenced by the significant drop in commodity prices, Anglo American, a subsidiary of De Beers’ announced shortly before the end of 2015 that will take radical company restructuring measures, among which include massive layoffs in diamond mines, while others will be brought a padlock. Speaking at the investment date of Anglo American, the CEO of De Beers, Philippe Mellier, he said the company will be forced to reduce by 1500 people in the staff, as diamond production is expected to fall by 29 million. Carat 2015 to 26 -28 million. carats in 2016. In Botswana, Damtsa mine will be put under maintenance, while production in Orapa Plant 1 will decrease.

Noting that already the Snap Lake mine in Canada has also been under prolonged holiday and maintenance, and will resume only if market conditions improve, and have been sold and the Kimberley mines. O Mellier has stated that due to the closure of Snap Lake, De Beers would close and headquarters in Canada, limited to a smaller support center in Calgary. The company also intends to close and its offices in South Africa, as a result of the sale of the Kimberley mines. Moreover, the company has Valia padlock and Element Six diamond produc-

tion plant in Sweden, due to the drop in demand for diamonds. The CEO of De Beer yparaspistike policy of shrinking the company’s activities by saying that it has these options reacting “very responsible” and trying to secure profits, as prices of raw gems recorded a decline of 15%. On the other hand, treated diamonds have fallen 8%, thus providing the cutting and polishing companies enough “space” to make a profit. He also stressed that De Beers has invested more than 20 million. Dollars for the festive season in the US bringing back on track the familiar slogan “A Diamond is Forever» ( «Diamonds Are Forever), adding that” those who were in the US that time would hardly have ignored the ad campaign. However, according to all indications, the Anglo American will cut more than 85,000 jobs in the next two years, and plans to rebuild its presence in three levels: in the diamond area (De Beers), industrial metals (base metals and group platinum) and bulk goods. In this context, the company sells its copper mining operations, and when the reconstruction program is complete will have only 50,000 employees when it employs almost three times, ie 135,000 people.

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27th Panhellenic Drawing Contest crafted jewelery Travel inspiration to Kavafi lyrics Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


pened the 27th Panhellenic Drawing Contest crafted jewelery, for the development and promotion of Greek jewelry, in cooperation of the Panhellenic Federation of Craft Silversmiths Jewelers Orologopolon (POVAKO) in TIF - HELEXPO. The 27th Panhellenic Contest will be held under the KOSMIMA Report 2016, to be held on 22-24 October in the International Exhibition and Conference Center of Thessaloniki. The Organizing Committee shall, for POVAKO Mr. Marinis Stamatis board member for Goldsmiths Silversmiths Guild Thessaloniki Eleni Tezapsidou, president for the Association of Jewellers - Orologopolon Thessaloniki k.Petros Kalpakidis the president for the Association Mrs. Silversmiths Athens Dolly Boukogianni, board member and TIF HELEXPO Mrs. Theodora Kanaki-

dou, Business director of Events and Concession Services. Terms of competition Right to participate in the contest, the school students silversmith (Groups of students up to 2 persons) and design school students (Groups designers up to 2 persons). Also the design professionals manufacturers can participate, design teams or companies, etc., which amateur or professional involved in the project and can participate individually or as a group. Excluded from the competition members of the steering and the competition jury and those with first degree relatives with them. The jury 3/5 majority has the right to exclude the competition project for which it has doubts about his paternity or her ca-

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pacity as a new and original. Theme description This year’s theme is inspired by the poem of Constantine Kavafi wrote in 1913 entitled “the shop”: “The wrapped carefully with Taxi precious green silk. ---Ruby roses, lilies of pearls, from amethyst violets. As he considers them, ---the want, sees good • not as in nature the way or studied. Inside the cashier t’afisei, ---sample of his daring and capable. In shop like you get one buyer ---sent from other bags and sells them - famously ornaments bracelets, chains, necklaces, and rings. “ Constantine P. Kavafi (1913) Free choice of precious metal and stone, kind jewelry, theme of nature, daily life, history, art, etc. The plans must be accompanied by a report of inspiration Presentation In addition, projects must: - Be originals (not copies) and presented for the first time in competition. - Have the possibility of production of precious metals. The jewelry must be fully described (construction method for all parts,

connectors, fasteners, etc.) - Contestants are responsible for the uniqueness of their work. - In case of litigation, if any judicial decision in respect of copyright, the jury has the right to reject the participation of the project in the competition and to revoke the prize, if the project is awarded. In particular, the presentation of the project will be: - Color presentation on paper - dimensional cardboard 0,35ch0,50 to accompany the plan of blank pages or rice papers, size A4, where the linear technical drawings of jewelry there (view, floor plan, elevations, sections) and linear details of the screwed plug and wiring and the explanations required for its construction, either hand or cast. The Committee would initially reject projects a) that are not on the subject b) the presentation is as defined above c) not allow their construction based on the attached drawings. Submit application file Α. Each contestant in category A, A1 and A2 paragraph of Article 1 may submit up to three designs of the same subject. Each project will represent a single object. The contestants for the prestigious prize and the honorary commendation category B of Article 1, submit only one project. Required by the jury evaluated all projects submitted, other than those in principle can be rejected on procedural grounds.

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Works by the same designer, they have a great similarity between them, with the opening of the envelopes and a 2/3 majority of the members of the jury may be disposed (held only one), and removed from the classification. The rating of projects done with lists bearing only the serial number of the project and by rating decided by the same committee, depending on the projects that will be submitted crowd. In case of equality of two or more projects will follow new score from the Cretan committee projects tie. Β. The evaluation process will be carried out in two phases: The first phase will be marked all the works deposited and then

included: For categories A1 and A2, Article 1: • Confirmation of the school, where he studied and graduated the contestant in June 2015 • Curriculum vitae of the competitor, which would necessarily include the following information: 1. Name of bidder designer (in capitals) . 2. Exact address (city, street, number, postal. Code). 3. The phone numbers of business premises and housing. 4. The age. 5. Anything related entries or prizes for the competitor in similar competitions. For category B, Article 1 :. Curriculum vitae of the competitor, which would necessarily include the following elements:

15 projects with the highest score will pass to the second phase, during which will be marked from 1 to 15, again to arise projects awarded. The evaluation method will be as follows: • Concept design and manufacturing capability 70% • Visual presentation 30% C. The designs should be pasted on hard cardboard dimensions 0,50 x 0,35, regardless of whether the dimensions of the project itself or the individual projects are smaller. D. All projects will necessarily be accompanied by a sealed envelope, pasted on the back of the drawings, in which will be

1. Name of bidder designer (in capitals). 2. Exact address (city, street, number, postal. Code). 3. The phone numbers of business premises and housing. 4. The age. 5. Main occupation. 6. The school where any graduated and any other evidence of his status and anything related to interests or awards in similar contests. In the design effort, contestants in category B may use the electronic means. How to submit such plans will be on paper with the relevant indication electronic media use on the right side of the header The incomplete filling of the CV may lead to exclusion from the awards at the discretion of the committee.

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Ε. In every group or company’s participation must include all the names of the group of persons as well as the name of the company and the person responsible phone. F. Upon delivery of projects by the responsible official receipt, registration number of the plan, which will be indicated on the envelope. The dossier also be stated by the tenderer in which category it belongs (A or B). Otidipote another indicated in the file will have been covered with tape. If the Committee considers that the statement (A or B) is not true, then he is excluded from the total prize. G. Forbidden indication at any other point of the dossier or projects, which may be an ID attribute of the competitor to the jury. Η. Any task can be deleted from the list of participants even when selected if there is an objection to the identity or similarity material with one or more known works, or incomplete compliance with all the terms of this notice, by decision by a majority of members jury. Place and time for projects Contestants must submit their plans to the offices of TIF HELEXPO, Egnatia 154, Thessaloniki 54636, the Conference Address, Events & Concession Area tel. (+30) 2310 291213, (+30) 291204, fax. (+30) 2310 291 674. Contestants must submit their plans or to send postmarked no later than 20.9.2015 (date of dispatch) Crisis and award plans Judgement day for option sets the Tuesday 25/9/2015. Qualification and crisis plans will be made by the jury, which will consist of representatives of the following organizations: 1. National Federation of Craft Silversmiths Jewelers Orologopolon 2. Goldsmiths Silversmiths Guild of Thessaloniki 3. Association of Jewelers-Orologopolon Thessaloniki 4. Association Silversmiths Athens 5. Fine Arts AUTH 6. Industrial Chamber of Thessaloniki At the awards ceremony, to be determined and will be done during the exhibition KOSMIMA 2016, will be invited in time to attend who will be awarded the National Competition. The projects to participate in the competition remain the property of the competitors, but it is available to the POVAKO and

can be used as a decision (to be included in publications, etc., but not to be given to productive units for the production of samples). After the competition, the plans will be for a period of three months in TIF HELEXPO offices, they are required to collect the designers on presentation of their receipt. After three months, if not come contestants for receipt of their projects, without longer retain any right on them, plans are delivered in POVAKO to own any use. The Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the drawings of a natural disaster or loss thereof at the time of delivery, their exposure and remain in the storage and evaluation space. Awards contest The prizes, (offer TIF HELEXPO SA and the entities that form the Organizing & Jury) A1 and A2 class are three prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and five honors. If, after the opening of the contestants records, found that the same designer has taken more than one prize, then he is awarded the largest, removed the other and their place occupied by other projects in order of priority. The awards of B category: Special honorary prize and Special honorary commendation All winning designs will be constructed and presented in KOSMIMA Report 2016. Since 2011 the constructed works (will be kept by their creators) will be displayed in special showcases, during each KOSMIMA, for the next five years (counting from the year awarded)

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press releases

Karlie Kloss shines as new ambassador of Swarovski The Swarovski, synonymous with glamor and luxury, chose Karlie Kloss to give shape to its unique shine worldwide.

The Creative Director of Swarovski, Nathalie Colin, commented: “We are delighted that Karlie is the new ambassador of Swarovski. Aside from the stunning beauty, exudes modern style, freshness, confidence, elegance and spontaneity. That is, everything that we express through our collections. “ inspiration in fashion and lifestyle issues, perfectly familiar with digital technology as demonstrated by the Klossy channel on YouTube, the mastermind of Kode With Karlie scholarship and businessman charity with Karlie’s cookies Kookies, the Karlie Kloss is much more than a simple supermodel. The inspirational multidimensional personality reflects the Swarovski brand and its collections, which are designed for women ready to shine and make stunning their daily lives. The Karlie Kloss commented: “It is my honor to work with the Swarovski family and to be part of the long road of the brand, which aims to offer women shine through stunning, unique designs.” The Kloss fits perfectly with the spirit of Swarovski, like Nathalie Colin explains: “Karlie is a model for young women, and her involvement with social media makes it accessible to the general public. Part of Swarovski’s identity is to be accessible to the world, and utilize every opportunity to get closer to our customers. The Karlie understands very well the digital world and looking forward to showcase her creativity to narrate inspirational stories around our jewelery and capture sensitive moments of life. The whole team has already love! “. Karlie will continue to enrich the fascinating personality and inner glow that characterizes the modern style and full world of Swarovski, throughout the season.

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