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Upward sales jewellery platinum Positive effects seen in PGI for the second year

The De Beers “puts the hammer” Kimberley mines

Precious the gold mining in the world economy Its contribution has increased by seven times the four years 2000 - 2013

Booking accommodation and increase aviation Positive is the figure for the first quarter by ELSTAT

presentation Ioannou Jewellery, Exis Jewellery, Val’ oro, Venus watch, Avtzis Jewelry, Kolchida, Katsikakis



The only hope to endure the current situation is to open our wings

omestic jewelery, one of the most historic and enduring industries in Greece for another year has seen shrinking and withering, as hundreds of crafts put padlock, not withstanding the unprecedented economic crisis. However, what can a Greek jewelery business? To put it down? To think the ... moving abroad? We would say that the only hope to endure the current situation is to open our wings and fly our economic activities in international markets even withstand the blows of the crisis or have not even experienced.

Domestic jewelery, one of the most historic and timeless Greece industries

kets that reach up to 55% of the cost of investment plan envisaged in the program, which we present in the pages of JT. The Program supports the international competitiveness of Greek SMEs. Firms receiving operating grants and investment projects that will make them competitive abroad (modernization of equipment, change of packing, obtaining international certification, marketing in third countries, etc.). The goal is as many media to show foreign trade as their priority strategy and guide the program to fulfill few substantive requirements. We seize many such opportunities will be presented and to do everything we can to get to the international markets, where the jewelry market is growing and even rapidly. Let us not lose precious time!

Publisher Tasos Spanoudis

But our presence in the recent jewelry exhibition in Moscow, as the only international jewelry magazine available in Russian, is to show the “agent”, the way through which they must tread the Greek companies in the sector, looking with the look outwardly! Helper in this effort, and indeed precious, may prove the “Extraversion - Competitiveness of Enterprises II”, offering aid to design, production and promotion of products in foreign marPROPERTY Spanoudis Anastasios, 2 Parnassou Street, 105 61 Athens, Greece tel.: +30 210 32 33 394, fax: 210 32 33 395,, e-mail:, - - PUBLISHER Tasos Spanoudis EDITORIAL MANAGEMENT : Dimitris Stamoulis, CREATIVE ART DIRECTOR: John Kanakis, PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGEMENT: Mina Dimopoulou, COPY-EDITING: Antonia Patrinou, PHOTOGRAPHY: John Soulis, all4mat studio, ACCOUNTING: Mirella Bitali It is prohibited to republish, produce and transmit, with any audiovisual mean, all or part of the magazine, without the written permission of the publisher.

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Targeted by robbers jewellery hotel Armed attack on shop Cretan hotel

precious metals 12.

Precious the gold mining in the world economy

Its contribution has increased by seven times the four years 2000 - 2013


Upward sales jewellery platinum Positive effects seen in PGI for the second year

gemologies 16.

The De Beers “puts the hammer� Kimberley mines

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index presentation 18. Ioannou Jewellery


20. Exis Jewellery


The name of luxury in Greek jewelry

30 years of Jewelry with style

22. Val’ oro

Booking accommodation and increase aviation Positive is the figure for the first quarter by ELSTAT Workshop to develop exports Practical steps for Athenian business

High luxury, priceless

24. Venus watch

Swiss precision, inexhaustible innovation

26. Avtzis Jewelry

Jewellery high inspiration

28. Kolchida

The old art enamel blends with modern inspiration

30. Katsikakis

Icons unparalleled technical


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TARGETED BY ROBBERS JEWELLERY HOTEL Armed attack on shop Cretan hotel

hree armed with Kalashnikovs broke a few days ago at hotel Hersonissos Crete, Creta Maris, and removed valuable items of jewelery which oper-


“shootout between police and armed forces occurred at about 21:45 Friday in Hersonissos, Crete, injuring three perpetrators. The gunmen shortly before had committed robbery at jewelry store located in the hotel area.

ates within the hotel. The police arrived very quickly so, to come face to face with the perpetrators and noted fire-

In point rushed strong police forces and according to preliminary information was a shootout between the robbers tried to escape and the police. In the area they found and seized a pistol, two

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

fights outside the hotel and during the chase. Eventually all three perpetrators were arrested. Two of the robbers were seriously injured. According to the notice of the police

Kalashnikovs perpetrators, the swag, and a stolen car, which was used for the robbery. There was no injury to police by gunfire, and two of the perpetrators are Greek origin, the third to be Albanian national “.

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precious metals

PRECIOUS THE GOLD MINING IN THE WORLD ECONOMY Its contribution has increased by seven times the four years 2000 - 2013 Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


ery great interest is the new version that released the World Council of Gold (WGC) on the social and economic impact of gold mining, and this at a time when Greece appears divided in connection with the investment of Hellas Gold in Chalkidiki. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the survey. 1. The total contribution to the global economy from the gold mining amounted to 171 billion. dollars. In particular, however, the business of mining the yellow metal directly the international economy has benefit 83.12 billion. dollars, the year 2013. Note that this amount is equivalent to the gross national product of the countries of Ghana and Tanzania! 2. Total global jobs resulting from international commercial activity related to the mining of gold amounted to 4.2 million. The gold mining companies employed more than one million employees in 2013 and another three million workers employed in activities related to the distribution of the metal and related support services. 3. The most productive gold mining countries, over 90% of workers in this industry were locals. During the investigation, the gold companies have been instrumental in developing the local human capital and the development of labor skills. 4. Over 60% of countries covered by this survey, among the low or middle-income countries with serious developmental needs. It notes however that research is that the business of gold mining is associated with a marked improvement in the income situation of States hosting such investments. 5. 70% of the value offered by gold mining companies in an economy is related to salaries and service payments to local workers and suppliers. Also, the majority of governments of these countries re-

ceive more money from taxes that have introduced to the mining companies, such as corporate, income, etc. rather than mining licenses and rights. 6. Finally, the direct economic contribution of gold mining in the world economy has grown by seven times from 2000 to 2013.

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precious metals

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precious metals

UPWARD SALES JEWELLERY PLATINUM Positive effects seen in PGI for the second year Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


he platinum jewelry sales in the United States increased for the second consecutive year and this trend is expected to continue in 2015, according to the results of a recent survey barometer-consumption by the Platinum Guild International (Platinum Guild International). Sales of platinum jewelery rose about 8% million by volume in 2014. However, according to the PGI, while jewelery sales per unit rose 5%, the value corresponding to those quantities jewelery grew by just 2%, “lower initial expectations “of PGI, since the estimate was for growth of about 5-6%. The increase in sales in jewelry total number of units is the result of great discount offers on the part of retailers, in the body. The PGI also describes the following factors that contributed to the results of 2014 in respect of platinum jewelry sales. -- New platinum jewelery launched in the retail market at a lower price sale. This supports a broad trend in jewelery demand for the past three years, according to PGI. That is, that consumers want to buy jewelry, but choose to buy products that are lower selling prices. With platinum prices about the same level as gold, consumers are choosing this metal for jewelery, instead of the traditional jewelry of gold or gold plated metal. -- Positive role played and the best marketing on the part of the platinum jewelry industry. Both PGI and the platinum jewelers have organized several successful products and promotional campaigns aspiring to increase their related sales. -- Interesting stops arise from the consumption behavior of different generations. Consumers belonging to the “Millennium Generation” -ilikies between 18 and 33 years old today - looking for

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precious metals

unique jewelry. Unlike so-called baby boomers, ie the first post-war generation, who wanted the same things held by neighbors, the Millennium generation wants something different and unique. The PGI notes that based on the fact that platinum is not yet mainstream in the US is estimated as something “different” from this generation of consumers in relation to what choose their friends or parents. -- Strengthen the demand for diamond engagement rings. More and more couples are returning to the market engagement ring tradition, and appear more positively to obtain platinum ring with diamond knotted surrounded by other gems. -- The price of platinum and gold in the goods market continues to move at the same levels for both metals. In 2014 the average price of platinum was $ 1,386 per ounce, while gold was $ 1,266 per ounce. This means that a platinum jew-

elry can be purchased more easily as it has a similar price with a similar appearance jewelry of white gold. Based on the survey findings, the World Platinum Guild believes that the market for platinum jewelery will grow sales by volume and per unit of around 6% in 2015. “Demand for platinum jewelery will remain strong this year, and we estimate that the growth rate of demand in the platinum market will be higher than those of the overall jewelry market,” noted executives PGI. The survey of PGI, «Retail Barometer Study», took place at the global level with the participation of 400 retailers and approximately 40,000 retail outlets in China, India, Japan and the United States, and was conducted between January and February 2015.

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The De Beers “puts the hammer” Kimberley mines

Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis


he De Beers group is looking for a buyer for the famous Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa, a region where the most precious of gems mined in 1870. According to De Beers, the diamond mining in Kimberley began about 20 years before the company is established, 1888. De Beers has finally gained control of the mines and exploited profitably for decades. Although today only a very limited presence there - to work mainly aimed at the recovery of precious stone materials already undergone treatment; the Kimberley Mines does not cease to be the oldest operating mines. De Beers has since stopped its diamond mining operations in the mine since 2000, when it was forced to sell three historic underground mines Dutoitspan, Wesselton and Bultfontein the company Petra Diamonds, which since then is the owner

and works even today. While Kimberley is the second most productive mines of De Beers in South Africa with all the mined carat amounts to 722 000 2014, in fact it is a “mature activity” which produces the lower value diamonds than any other mine owned property, as does the company itself. This is a performance “limit” when compared with the yields of other mines of De Beers. Interested parties for the acquisition of Kimberley Mines completed on May 29, the written testimony of their interest. Then they receive a request that will be presented by mid-June. Then will follow a very detailed examination of these applications. Of course the names of the companies remain closely guarded secret throughout the duration of this process.

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The name of luxury in Greek jewelry Collections featuring gold 18K and gemstones


old 18 carat, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other gems are the raw materials, which Ioannou Jewellery transforms into luxury jewelry for people with high demands and “expensive” aesthetic criteria. It all began forty years ago. It was in 1970, when George John first became active in the field of jewelry. About two decades later, in 1991, took the decision

to open his own workshop after a successful career in the field. The long experience and deep knowledge contributed significantly to the successful development of an extensive sales network throughout Greece and abroad. Lovers of luxury can choose from the company’s jewelry collections Ioannou Jewellery creations of 18 carat gold and precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. In several cases used the pink gold, while natural dominant role played by platinum. Collections curated by Nikos Ioannou, Graduate Gemologist (GG) and Marina John jewelery designer, graduates of Gemology Institute of America (GIA). The company offers four categories of jewelry customers: Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. In the category of rings creations stand out from pink gold with pink sapphires, white and black diamonds, white gold with white and black diamonds, or emerald and white diamonds.

- 18 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2015 2014 i.τ.11 5

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In the category of necklaces offered extremely jewelry pink gold with white and black diamonds or platinum with white and black diamonds, or platinum with white diamonds and sapphires. Great variety offered and earrings, where designers and craftsmen of the company work with a wide range of precious and semiprecious stones. Τηλ.: +30 210 8018717, +30 6945 104 606

- 19 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2013 i.τ.11 4 2015 2014 5


designers’ team present to the market over 150 new designs.” Head of this design team is the founder of Exis, who has the final responsibility of the new proposed designs that the company offers to its clients and partners.

EXIS JEWELLERY 30 years of Jewelry with style Silver creations classified at the highest level of design and manufacturing quality Combining over thirty years of presence in the top of the global jewelery and innovation, provided by designers with exceptional talent, Exis Company offers jewelry classified at the highest level of design and manufacturing quality.


xis jewellery was founded in Athens by Theodoros Diamantopoulos. Today, after three decades of continuous creativity continues to sculpt silver and to offer silver jewelry of high quality, with “personality” beyond the established of the commercial market. Th. Diamantopoulos, speaking at Jewel Time, described the way in which the company operates in the creative and productive part. “Every four months, our

Cooperation with Swarovski Exis creates unique jewelry collections exclusively with swarovski crystals, as since 2007 a deal has been made with the Austrian Swarovski AG by which it received the unique worldwide code (184 0020) with quality branding “Swarovski Elements” accompanying all the jewelry. All jewelry are designed and manufactured in the standard facilities of Exis in Athens, where the quality control is conducted by the production team, with the support of managers, sales representatives of the Greek market and sales representatives from abroad. The distribution of Exis Silver jewelry is made through the sales network of the company and authorized dealers. Online shop Since 2013, the online store is available, in which one can search and choose from a wide range of collections, such as children’s jewelry, enamels, Swarovski collection etc. The collections available through the website of Exis are: Children jewellery, Arabesque, Enamels, Synblegma, Butterflies, 3D Crystal Butterflies, Flowers & Leaves, Webs, Swarovski line 1-2, Desing, Handmade diamond wire, Silvercolor, Chevallier, Crumpled Silver, Rainbow and Raindrops. The Exis jewelry are made of 925 silver of guaranteed content. They are finished entirely by hand for maximum quality. They are Rhodium Coated - Rhodium Plated for more protection that helps them not oxidize easily, as it happens with simple silver jewelry. Finally, it should be noted that they contain no nickel, they are Nickel free. If the jewelry is made from crystalls or contains non-silver Swarovski ele-

- 20 jan.-feb.-mar. jul.-aug.-sep. 2015 2014i.i.11 5


ments, it is always accompanied by the warranty “Swarovski elements” which indicates in the most valid way the undeniable quality. Guarantees Exis sets itself apart from the competition as it guarantees to its customers that for any possible manufacturing fault the client has the option to replace immediately the jewelry with a flawless one. It should be noted that all products are designed by the designer and founder of the company Th. Diamantopoulos and they are unique regarding their design. They are manufactured at the company’s facilities in Athens by Greek hands and has been certified by ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008, and also Exis keeps the highest import manufacturing standards of the U.S. and European Union, because in these areas is where its jewels are exported.

exis jewellery

5 Leocharous str, 105 60, Athens Greece Tel.: +30 210 3231552, FAX: +30 210 3217797 email:

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High luxury, priceless Glamorous creations of gold, platinum, Diamonds and precious stones


heodore Kalfidis has created its own history in the Greek jewelry, as it is located in space for thirty consecutive years. His name is now synonymous with high luxury and exceptional quality, having chosen over the years to create excellent examples jewelery combining gold with gemstones.

The philosophy of priceless The company Th. Kalfidi faithfully followed its founder’s philosophy, which often states that “the famous phrase that characterizes us is that the value of a jewel is priceless through human relationships that are unique.” The jewelry offered by jewelers Theo Kalfidi is eminently objects of love and lust are a timeless symbol value. Always accompany the most personal and important moments of life every human being from birth and baptism until her engagement, wedding and any

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other special occasion. For this you need to be unique, separate and seal the lives of their owners. The beginning of 1984 and then With personal attention and great love for the jewelry, Theo Kalfidis created in 1984 the first store in Thessaloniki, Venizelos Street. In this store were sealed trust relationships for years hammered with his clients. Of course, one of the key challenges was to meet the continuous and ever increasing demands of their customers. The result of the experience gathered by Th. Kalfidis over the years inspired unique creations distinctive and modern jewelery, for the child, woman and man, such as crosses, diamonds rings, wedding rings, handmade jewelry, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and accessories, unique creations like the celebrities who will wear them. Wide range of options In jewelers Theodore Kalfidis lovers of quality jewelry can find beautiful jewelery col-

presentation παρουσίαση

lections, designed by the firm “Theodore Kalfidis” wedding jewelry (rings, diamonds), jewelery christening (crosses), designer and original, men’s and a large collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Jewelry The jewelry offered by the firm Th. Kalfidi are made of gold and platinum, with exceptional quality diamonds tied themselves or with other precious stones and “all so special and requirements of every woman,” as they say characteristics colleagues Th. Kalfidi . The company is among the wide range of jewelery has offers both contemporary and modern Italian design jewelry for women seeking implementation of fashion trends in jewelry, and handmade jewelry in yellow gold 22K archaic mentality, with current touches and more modern approach. As explained in Jewel Time Th. Kalfidis, “for making jewelry always selected gems, rare clarity, perfect cutting and finishing excellence. Each jewel is accompanied by a certificate of quality.


wide price range. Is impeccable construction and design creations of gold and platinum in combination with precious stones that always win the best impression. The company Val ‘Oro has been established in the field of luxury jewelry and dynamically continues its upward

KALFIDIS THEODOROS n ‘Co., e-mai: VENIZELOU 28 Thessaloniki, 546 24 Tel .: +30 2310 281828, +30 2310 273521

Crosses Val ‘Oro The company Val ‘Oro created by Theodore Kalfidi in 2004, deals with the import and manufacture of jewelery. Imports from various foreign countries and manufactures jewelry that distinguish the build quality and the purity of the materials used. The jewelry Val’Oro is unique design, and features contemporary and timeless line. These unique collections of men’s and women’s cross and one of the largest collections christening crosses available in a

- 23 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2013 i.τ.11 4 2015 2014 5

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Swiss precision, inexhaustible innovation


he good watch is a passion, says Nick Patseas, wanting to underline his great weakness for compliquees watches, maiodis collector of which is fifteen years. “The more complex and rare, the better,” adds confesses that his passion is shared with many friends. That perhaps decided to turn to dissemination and marketing of high watchmaking and brand VENUS, which is not a “random” company, but a watchmaker with a long history of over one century. A century of history The VENUS «born” in the village of La Chauxde-Fonds, in the heart of the Swiss watch industry in 1902, when a Master watches with the name Paul Arthur Schwarz and his wife Olga EtienneSchwarz, two watchmakers visionaries, launched their first collection. Originally created and sold their watches on behalf of many other brands, but very soon they would choose and promote their own brand, named Venus. Since their first collection of watches Venus became known and established for the elegance and finesse. The values over time expressing Venus watches are synonymous of innovative design and construction achievements.

That watches the brand known for their technological innovation and their excellent appearance. Separate chronograph mechanism The VENUS was also among the first watchmaking companies managed to create chronograph mechanism, without meter and with a wheel on the functioning of the central index. A sophisticated version of this mechanism is still in wide use today and can be seen as a forerunner of many modern historians used in the era of the 21st century by many watchmakers. International recognition and establishment The VENUS soon gained recognition and establishment as one of the watchmaker included in the watch industry elite, the most powerful weapon technological innovation and expertise, and elegant design. In the following years Mr. Schwarz and his family worked to bring a lot of success in the fields of design and assembly, while at the same time increasing sales guarantee success. The founders of VENUS was proud that the company became synonymous with creativity and reliability. Pursuing this course in innovation and elegance culminated in the historic international recognition in the Basel exhibition of 1950 he won the first prize for one of the attractive plans. By the mid 60s, the VENUS established as one of the top brand watch brands, with worldwide distribution and a collection that included more than one hundred kinds of watches for men and women. The other version of ... Aphrodite of Milos The VENUS drew strength from the power that was developing. The 60s, the company organized a series of glamorous events, as in Athens in 1966, where he chose to highlight the role of the Venus de Milo in the country that gave humanity the greatness of the “Venus de Milo”. This historic watch worn by famous Hollywood actor, Jayne Mansfield. At the same time, VENUS watches attracted the attention even of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, who departed not from his wrist. One of the most powerful moments in the history of VENUS was the decision of the Vatican Pope to order a hundred watches brand from white gold, equipped

- 24 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2015 2013 i.τ.11 4

παρουσίαση presentation

with self-winding mechanism. After a difficult period between 1974 and 1983, when invaded the international market Japanese watches quartz, came a new era for the company, which was reborn and epanakatektise its former glory. O planet Venus is the only of our solar system moves clockwise around its axis. Ie. As the clock. Plus having its headquarters in cosmopolitan Geneva, VENUS is again at the forefront of world watchmaking. Wide range of collections The collections of VENUS divided into low, male and female. Limited collections (limited editions) consist of automatic chronographs, automatic watches with date display, and watches quartz by Pavlos. The men’s collections among others include automatic chronographs and quartz, stainless steel, the colorful collection of colored dial and PVD straps allergy and slim collection which includes very elegant watches gold pink or white and leather straps. Women’s collections consist of automatic chronographs and quartz stainless Antiallergic steel leather straps, and the colored collection colored display stainless steel or PVD, and straps antiallergics, stainless steel, leather or plastic.

- 25 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2013 i.τ.11 4 2015

MONTRES VENUS S.A. 19A rue de la Croix d’ Or CH-1204 Geneve-Suisse

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Jewellery high inspiration Devotion three decades in quality and customer service


hen the talent, knowledge and passion combine in the field of jewelery, they can give small “miracles”. Many such wonderful creations offer customers the silversmith workshop founded by Panos Avci, a jeweler with its own important and eventful history in the field of Greek jewelry. Panos Avtzis has come a long way in the Greek jewelry, serving for over thirty consecutive years. He is a creator that is not compatible with mediocrity, repetition and “routine” on the bench construction. For this and always succeeds with a unique stability to create a collection of inspiring jewelry, having as main criterion and guiding principle

- 26 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2015 2014 i.τ.11 5

of quality, integrity and imagination in the design and execution of projects. The company after three decades of excellent service to the numerous partners and customers, has now passed from father Panos Avtzis, his sons, John and Vangelis Avci, who continue as worthy successors to their father’s work, guided by excellent quality , impeccable raw materials and innovation in the design and final construction. Asking for Vangelis and John Avtzi is the best possible service elite clientèle of the company, but also to broaden the horizons of business, with a constant concern of outward investments and export business in markets-rings, such as the Russian market jewelry. Serving this pursuit, officers of the workshop expanded their activity and expanded on their inspiration and new fields of jewelry, with the belief that the new creations will re-

presentation παρουσίαση

ceive the same warm welcome and acceptance of all previous collections company . The company offers a wide range of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, brooches, necklaces and necklaces, pendants, earrings, crosses, identities. Main material used is gold and platinum with platinum. In many creations, precious metals ‘tied’ harmoniously with precious or semi-precious stones and pearls, certifying the company’s insistence on quality and valuable jewel.

AVTZIS JEWELRY Τel.: +30 210 9701109

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The old art enamel blends with modern inspiration Quality materials and excellent colors for demanding customers


ith Argo art and travel companion passion, the jewelry company Kolchida invites friends and partners “in a separate journey to innovation and pioneering series of consisting of unique creations without beginning or end, as our imagination.” George Liapanis, initiator and founder of Kolchida stressed in Jewel Time that “Our primary goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers.” Showing full confidence in the potential of the people of the company, said that “in Kolchida always try to approach the optimum using generously excellence that

- 28 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2015 2014 i.τ.11 5

gives us an opportunity to express through our work.” Guide the art of enamel Following closely the lost in the centuries technique of hot enamel, the craftsmen of Kolchida harmoniously combine the colors together, so that the result meets the high demands of customers to whom the company addressed. As we said George Liapakis, each piece is unique, has its own personality and its own style, is a product of particular inspiration and diligence of the author care and has the ability to symbolize, to express, to remind and awakens memories. “Tying” classical and modern “Introducing classical and modern way, we are always timely and create guiding trends in the jewelry,” added giving the position of design and artistic character of the company.

παρουσίαση presentation

The Colchis for the Argonauts was a destination. For customers Kolchida are a journey into the world of imagination and expression through the variety of topics in the collection of the company’s jewelery. Raw material is silver 985 plus, but and gold. Based on these two metals, and inspiration from the vibrant world of land and sea, the collections of the company strictly follow the quality and originality, the rigid hierarchy of the best materials and imagination, offering unique jewelery to the customer.

ΚOLCHIDA LIAPAKIS GEORGE Τel.: +30 2810 324249

- 29 οκτ.-νοεμ.-δεκ. ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2013 i.τ.11 4 2015 2014 5

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Icons unparalleled technical C. Xanthakis and A. Katsikakis create with boundless enthusiasm and traditional styles The talent in hagiographic art is unparalleled, their works adorn churches, monasteries, chapels, churches and private shipping companies, and even private collections familiar. John Xanthakis founder “The Spirit of Byzantium”, from very small he realized that what he loves more than anything is the painting of the icon, and from the age of 15 experienced firsthand the art.


he “Spirit of Byzantium” is a workshop that manufactures and distributes religious icons in Greek and international markets. As emphasized meaningful G.. Xanthakis, “these religious icons serve their main purpose: An illustration of the deity or holy form, which is faith, hope and love for all Christians of the world.” Moreover, as pointed out, “an image gives strength to every believer, gives peace of mind and serenity.” During the productive artistic career, C. Xanthakis has created some very important projects such as the “Byzantine” (1985-1987), the “Nektarios’ (1988-1989) and the” Theologian “(1990-1991). In 1994 he entered the lab and then sign his works as “The Spirit of Byzantium.”

- 30 ιαν.-φεβ.-μαρ. jul.-aug.-sep. 2015 2014 i.τ.11 5

Images lasting In his workshop, G.. Xanthakis using old traditional methods, materials and tools with which creates images that can withstand time. The smells of traditional materials and the shine of images, to go back to a bygone era of faith, talent and passion of the artist is committed to serving the soul of man.

presentation παρουσίαση

Like C. Xanthakis confesses to Jewel & Time, «every time I visit the workshop, I feel that painting is everything - and so it should be an elusive spiritual dimension fact that has to do with the painter and his anguish finding new ideas to present to all those who believe that the recognition of the work, due to the excessive love, respect and faith in what you do. “ All these have resulted in the creation of images that are unique in quality and can meet any aesthetic or spiritual requirement. Prized creations worldwide The images offer “The Spirit of Byzantium” available at selected stores throughout Greece, as well as specific facilities around the world, particularly where there are people of Greek diaspora and the Orthodox faith. Those who are interested have the opportunity to purchase a large collection of images that beautify their surroundings and provide solutions for some staff and very collectable gift with a unique design for interior decoration.

SPIRIT OF BYZANTIUM Antonis Katsikakis Τel. – Fax: +30 213 0313320

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BOOKING ACCOMMODATION AND INCREASE AVIATION Positive is the figure for the first quarter by ELSTAT Editing: Dimitris Stamoulis

Chart 1: Evolution of the Turnover Index in Services Sector Accommodation and Food Supply (2010 = 100.0)

Specifically, - The Turnover in land transport and transport via pipelines of the first quarter 2015, compared to the corresponding index of the first quarter 2014 decreased by 3.9%, against a decline of 2.3% recorded when comparing corresponding period of 2014 to 2013. - The Turnover waterways of the first quarter 2015, compared to the corresponding index of the first quarter 2014 decreased by 5.2%, against a decline of 18.8% recorded when comparing the corresponding period of the year 2014 to 2013. - The Turnover in air transport of the first quarter 2015, compared to the corresponding index of the first quarter 2014, increased by 3.1%, against an increase of 0.5% recorded when comparing the corresponding period of the year 2014 to 2013. - The Turnover Index in warehousing and support activities for transportation of

Regarding the turnover indices in transport, increase presented by the air transport index and work in travel agencies, tour agencies, reservation service. These data show a very positive picture of the tourist arrivals in this year’s tourist season.

the first quarter 2015, compared to the corresponding index of the first quarter 2014, increased by 9.6%, against an increase of 6.0% recorded when comparing the corresponding period of 2014 to 2013


he Turnover in the Services sector of Accommodation and Food of the first quarter 2015, compared to the corresponding index of the first quarter 2014, increased by 6.0% against an increase of 44.9% recorded when comparing the corresponding year period 2014 to 2013, according to recent data of the Greek Statistical Office. The Turnover in the Services sector of Accommodation and Food of the first quarter 2015, compared to the corresponding index of the fourth quarter 2014 decreased by 29.9% against a decline of 19.2% recorded when comparing the corresponding period of the year 2014, reflect the intense seasonality of the sector.

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- The Turnover Turnover travel agencies, tour agencies, reservation service and related activities of the first quarter 2015, compared to the corresponding index of the first quarter 2014, increased by

23.0%, compared with 11 3% recorded when comparing the corresponding period of 2014 to 2013.

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Workshop to develop exports Practical steps for Athenian business


orkshop on the export performance of the Athenian business conducted last March by the Center for Entrepreneurship Support (DPE), member of Athens Entrepreneurship Network. The Centre for Support of Entrepreneurship is an initiative of Athens aimed at genuine offer of help and support to businesses in Athens, as well as to prospective investors by providing high value added services and reliable information on the business environment at national and local level . Contractor for the operation of Entrepreneurship Support Centre is the Consortium of ICAP Group sA firms and ICAP Advisory SA.

Study results In the last five years and in conditions of economic recession, the volume of revenues of the Greek economy by placing products and services in international markets is still increasing significantly, having supported both in export growth, and the rise of tourism (especially the last two years) . An important factor in the rise in Greek exports was, inter alia, the contraction in domestic demand which stimulated export oriented business in new markets and sectors exhibiting considerable momentum. The European Union is the country’s main trading partner, absorbing more than half of the value of Greek exports, with the trend, however, indicates a gradual diversification of target markets, focusing and outside the European continent.

The export orientation of businesses active in the wider area of the capital is limited, since according to the EU survey, about 1 in 4 firms showed export business in 2014. deterioration of the solvency of the Greek economy, the weakness of financing and international competition are the main factors limiting their export activity. Export activities guide In a highly globalized market with strong competition and high demands, the export business is the only way for any business that wants to be competitive and sustainable. However, exports are important to not be confused with occasional sales abroad, but be the result of organized and orderly activity. The Guide Export Activity of the Entrepreneurship Support Center is a comprehensive manual that identifies, gathers and analyzes step by step through all the prerequisite steps to achieve in-house export readiness for successful entry and positioning in foreign markets. It is a practical tool in the hands of each operator and a potential exporter who wishes to follow an organized and methodical export activities in specific markets - targets. The services of the Entrepreneurship Support Center To support business in this context Entrepreneurship Support Centre provides a range of consultancy services to SMEs and young entrepreneurs of the municipality, aiming at strengthening competitiveness and extroversion. Concerning extroversion issues, supports the City of Athens businesses with: • counseling services for diagnosis of export readiness and organizational structure, human resources and operation • Information on stakeholders and the targeted countries • The opportunity to participate in business missions and exhibitions • Targeted training programs for entrepreneurs and business executives

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