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NEW Art and Garden Man and nature Art and ecologies


On the Necessity of Gardening An ABC of Art, Botany and Cultivation

Laurie Cluitmans (ed.)

EDITOR Laurie Cluitmans CONTRIBUTORS Marieke Barnas, Jonny Bruce, Laurie Cluitmans, Theimo Heilbron, Liesbeth Helmus, Erik de Jong, Rene de Kam, Alhena Katsof, Jamaica Kincaid, Catriona Sandilands, Patricia de Vries PARTNER Centraal Museum, Utrecht SUPPORT Creative Industries Fund NL Stichting Jaap Harten Fonds De Gijselaar-Hintzenfonds NL dr. Hendrik Mullerfonds DESIGN Bart de Baets, INFO Pb, 32 x 24 cm (h x w), ca. 240 pp., English, August 2021, ISBN 978-94-93246-00-3, € 29,90

On the Necessity of Gardening tells the story of the garden as a rich source of inspiration. Over the centuries, artists, writers, poets and thinkers have each described, depicted and designed the garden in different ways. In medieval art, the garden was a reflection of paradise, a place of harmony and fertility, shielded from worldly problems. In the eighteenth century this image tilted: the garden became a symbol of worldly power and politics. The Anthropocene, the era in which man completely dominates nature with disastrous consequences, is forcing us to radically rethink the role we have given nature in recent decades. There is a renewed interest in the theme of the garden among contem­ porary makers. It is not a romantic desire that drives them, but rather a call for a new awareness of our relationship with the earth. Through many different essays and an extensive abecedarium, On the Necessity of Gardening reflects on the garden as a metaphor for society.

Laurie Cluitmans (1984, NL) works as a curator of contemporary art for the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and is also an independent art critic. In 2016 she received the Prize for Young Art Criticism for her essay on the garden by Derek Jarman and Ian Hamilton Finlay.

ISBN 978-94-92095-84-8, € 19,90 Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

(NL) ISBN 978-94-92095-95-4, € 25,00 (ENG) ISBN 978-94-92095-63-3, € 25,00 Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

ISBN 978-94-92095-80-0, € 19,90 With Rietveld Academie/ Sandberg Instituut

Design Dedication ISBN 978-94-92095-73-2, € 19,90 With Sandberg Instituut

One of the Best Dutch Book Designs 2020 (Student Jury) Brand-New Books Design in Society

Carolyn F. Strauss (ed.)

Slow Spatial Reader

NEW Spatial Practices Space and Time Collective Imaginations Trans-disciplinary


AUTHOR/EDITOR Carolyn F. Strauss CONTRIBUTORS Lara Almarcegui, Marijke Anne­ ma, Martina Buzzi, Nicolas Buzzi, Sol Camacho, Cave_bureau (Kabage Karanja & Stella Mutegi), Renske Maria van Dam, Chiara­ ­Darbolò, Cocky Eek, Anna Maria Fink, David Habets, Ian Hanes­ worth, Maria Hassabi, Beate Hølme­bakk, Saba Innab, Kū Kahakalau, Bronwyn Lace, Daniel Lie, Pia Lindman, Ruth Little, Megumi Matsubara, Ash McAskill, Kate Morales, Salima Naji, Ligia Nobre, Alessandra Pomarico, Maria Popova, Raqs Media Collective (Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi, and Shuddhabrata Sengupta) Jane Rendell, Angela Sakrison, Cristine Takuá, Li Tavor, Françoise Vergès, Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx, Sara Wookey PARTNER Slow Research Lab, DESIGN Zuzana Kostelanská, INFO Pb, 21 x 16 cm (h x w), c. 320 pp., English, Summer 2021, ISBN 978-94-92095-97-8, € 24,50

cave_bureau, Anthropocene Museum: Space of Resistance (courtesy of cave_bureau)

Chronicles of Radical Affection

Slow Spatial Reader offers a collection of essays about ‘Slow’ approaches to spatial practice and pedagogy from around the world. Its contributors are from twentyfour countries on five continents. Each one brings distinct philosophical and disciplinary approaches— from ‘spatial’ fields like architecture, sculpture, and installation, but also performative, somatic and/or dramaturgical practices—, exploring how we think about and engage with space at a range of scales, tempos, and durations. The essays chronicle projects and processes that amplify tangible and intangible qualities of spatial experience: reaching into the cracks of the body, probing the fuzzy borders of atmospheres, and extending out across both geo­ graphical and epistemological coordinates. The term ‘radical affection’ was coined to unite those diverse approaches in a call for tender acts of individual and collective imagination through which new forms of caring and resilience might emerge. Like its predeces­ sor, Slow Reader (Valiz 2016), this new publication is intended to spur meaningful dialogue between disci­ plines and cultures, inspir­ing not only a different velocity of engaging the world but also critical shifts in consciousness. Carolyn Strauss (US/NL) is a researcher, curator, and creative facilitator whose work traverses the fields of architecture, design, contemporary art, emerging technology, and social theory. She is the director of Slow Research Lab.

NEW Making Public Series Digital Art Curating Public Access

Curating Digital Art From Presenting and Collecting Digital Art to Networked Co-Curation

Annet Dekker (ed.)


What is the role of the curator when organizing digital art exhibitions in offline and online spaces? Analyzing the influence and impact of curating digital art, the book focuses on how the experi­ ments of curators, artists and designers opened the possibility to reconfigure traditional models and methods for presenting and accessing digital art. In the process, it addresses how web-based practices challenge certain established museolog­ ical values and precipitate alternative ways of understanding art’s stewardship, curatorial re­s­pon­sibility, public access and art history. Through more than twenty interviews with artists and curators in the course of the last ten years, and flanked by an extensive timeline, the reader of this publication is given an insight into the discourse on digital art and its curation today.

Annet Dekker is a curator, researcher and Assistant Professor Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and Visiting Professor and co-director of the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image at London South Bank University. She has been Researcher Digital Preservation at Tate, London, core tutor at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam and Fellow at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

CONTRIBUTORS Pita Arreola-Burns, Evelyn Austin, LaTurbo Avedon, Paul Barsch, Livia Benedetti, Bob Bicknell-­ Knight, Elliott Burns, Tom Clark, Marco De Mutiis, Constant Dullaart, Madja Edelstein-Gomez, Amber van den Eeden, Rebecca Edwards, Rózsa Farkas, Maria­laura Ghidini, Manique Hendricks, Tilman Hornig, Florian Kuhlmann, Kalle Mattsson, Anika Meier, Marie Meixnerová, Laura Mousavi, Katja Novitskova, Domenico Quaranta, Stefan Riebel, Ryder Ripps, Sakrowski, Katrina Sluis, Lilian Stolk, Systaime a.k.a. Michaël Borras, Gaia Tedone, Jon Uriarte, Miyö Van Stenis, Nimrod Vardi, Marcela Vieira, ZHANG Ga SUPPORT Creative Industries Fund NL Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds NL DESIGN Irene Stracuzzi, INFO Pb, 24 x 17 cm (h x w), ca. 256 pp., English, June 2021, ISBN 978-94-93246-01-0, € 24,50

Ruben Pater


NEW Design and Society Design Theory and History Visual Communication Economics / Marxism

How capitalism took hold of graphic design, and how to escape from it

Our current economic system could not exist without the number systems, coins, banknotes, documents, advertisements, interfaces, typefaces and infor­ mation graphics that graphic designers have helped to create. Even speculative design and social design play their part in fueling the economic system. Capitalism has brought tremendous wealth, but it has not done so evenly. Extreme income inequality and environmental destruction is the price future generations have to pay for unbridled eco­ nomic growth. The question is if ethical graphic design is even possible under such conditions. CAPS LOCK uses clear language and visual examples to show how graphic design and capital­ ism are inextricably linked. By sharing examples of radical design practices that challenge the suprem­ acy of the market it hopes to inspire a different kind of graphic design.


Ruben Pater (b. 1977, NL) was trained as a graphic designer and works in journalism, activism, education, and graphic design under the name Untold Stories. His work received several international prizes and he has participated in many exhibitions worldwide.

His first book The Politics of Design (BIS publishers, 2016; 20,000 copies produced/sold) has been an inspirational source book for design students, artists and visual communicators in many different places and contexts.

INFO Pb, 18,4 x 11,7 cm (h x w), ca. 528 pp., English, June 2021, ISBN 978-94-92095-81-7, € 22,50

Antennae Arts in Society Series

Art and Politics Topicality Critique Social Change

DESIGN Metahaven, INFO Size 21 x 13,5 cm Format Paperback Language English Price € 19,50–€ 22,50

This series maps the interaction between changes in society and cultural practices. It looks upon the arts as ‘antennae’, feelers for the cultural interpretation and articulation of topical political, economic, social, techno­ logical or environmental issues. It is a peerreviewed book series that validates artistic, critical, speculative and essayistic writing as an academic publishing method. Publications in the Antennae series contain essays, theoretical explanations, sociocultural explorations, activist calls, practicebased research, and artist’s contributions.

For the complete list, consult

NEW Antennae-Arts in Society Art and Politics Topicality Critique Social Change

Performing Mourning Laments in Contemporary Art Guy Cools

‘Each person’s grief is as unique as their fingerprint. But what everyone has in common is that no matter how they grieve, they share a need for their grief to be witnessed.’ David Kessler (2019) The pandemic has once again made us more aware of the fragility of life and the importance of being able to properly mourn the dead. Dramaturg Guy Cools has been researching laments and other rituals of mourn­ing. He is particularly interested in how the emotions of loss need to be externalized. The laments are a formal device, used in many cultures to express and contain the emotions of grief. In a poetic, meandering, personal way Cools explores cultural habits, traditions, rituals, and artists’ performances. His narrative looks into many forms of laments: literary, anthropological, philo­ sophical, and in contemporary art practices. The latter part delves into artistic strategies to address or embody mourning: dialogical strategies that deal with personal losses; collective mourning rituals and how they invite communities to witness these losses; contemporary examples of laments that are not only used to dialogue with the dead but also to communi­ cate with loved ones who are absent because of migration or exile; a very specific form of mourning that occurs when we grieve for the unrealized potential of a child’s unlived life, including that of an unborn child. And finally, the very recent phenome­ non of lamenting not just the losses of the past, but also the loss of a future.

Guy Cools is a dance dramaturg. He has worked as a dance critic and curator. He now dedicates himself to production dramaturgy and research/ writing. He regularly lectures and publishes internationally (In-between Dance Cultures, Valiz 2015; Imaginative Bodies, Valiz 2016; The Ethics of Art (co-ed.), Valiz, 2014, The Choreopolitics of Alain Platel’s les ballets C de la B, Bloomsbury 2019 (co-ed.)

INFO Pb, 21 x 13,5 cm (h x w), c. 240 pp., English, May 2021, ISBN 978-94-92095-98-5, € 22,50

The vis-à-vis series provides a platform to stimulating and relevant subjects in recent and emerging visual arts, architecture and design. The authors relate to history and art history, to other authors, to recent topics and to the reader. Most are academic researchers. What binds them is a visual way of thinking, an undaunted treatment of the subject matter and a skilful, creative style of writing. Series design by Sam de Groot,

vis-à-vis series

Newest vis-à-vis Paine e.a. (eds.), Valuing Architecture, ISBN 978-94-92095-93-0, € 25,00 Jeroen Lutters, Creative Theories of (Just About) Everything, ISBN 978-94-92095-74-9, € 25,00

Award In 2020 Sandra Kisters received the Karel van Mander Prize for The Lure of the Biographical, and in 2018 the AICA Award for this same publication. ISBN 978-94-92095-25-1, € 29,50

For the complete list, consult

NEW vis-à-vis series Performing Protest Iconology / Photography Media Studies

Florian Göttke NO COVER YET

AUTHOR Florian Göttke DESIGN Sam de Groot, INFO vis-à-vis series, pb, 23,4 x 16,5 cm (h x w), c. 384 pp., English, June 2021, ISBN 978-94-92095-96-1, € 26,50

Effigy hanging and burning, a specific theatrical form of political protest, has become increasingly visible in the news media, particularly in protests against United States military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, in US domestic politics, and in the Arab Spring. Taking these events as points of departure, Göttke investigates the conditions of this visual genre of protest, its roots and genealogies in a number of countries, its aesthetics and politics. Effigy protests communicate communal outrage over perceived injustice. Hanging and burn­ ing effigies is an archaic and ritualistic form of protest, yet it is effectively communicated through global news media and social media, mediated, and used trans-nationally. The book contains two inter­ acting narratives: text (seven chapters) and a paral­ lel montage of images. It delves deeply into the different practices, iconologies, rituals, protest and media strategies, as well as into politics and con­ cludes with a reflection on how the effigy protests act as a symptom of fundamental conflicts at the limits of contemporary liberal democracy. With many images from the United States, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, and many other areas.

Burning Images A History of Effigy Protests

Florian Göttke is a visual artist, researcher, and writer. He combines visual modes of research (collecting, close reading, and image montage) with academic research to investigate the functioning of public images and their relationship to social memory and politics. Göttke has exhibited internationally, and has written many articles.

PLURAL series part of the Best Dutch Book Designs 2020 (Student Jury)

Just Released Counter-culture Activism Anti-colonialism Ecology Feminism

Design Struggles Claudia Mareis & Nina Paim (eds.), With Swiss Design Network SDN, ISBN 978-94-92095-88-6, € 27,50

The PLURAL series focuses on how the intersections between identity, power, representation and emancipation, play out in the arts, design and in cultural practices. The volumes in this series aim to do justice to the plurality of voices, experiences and perspectives in society and in the arts and to address the history and present and future meaning of these positions and their interrelations. PLURAL brings together new and critical insights from cultural and social researchers, theorists, artists, arts professionals and activists.

PLURAL series INFO Design and visuals for each title: Lotte Lara Schröder,; or Pb. with flaps, 23 x 16,8 cm (h x w), English

Sexuality Power Violence Intimacy

Feminist Art Actvisms and Artivisms Katy Deepwell (ed.) ISBN 978-94-92095-72-5, € 27,50

Art and Activism Diversity Experiences Politics

Shame! and Masculinity Ernst van Alphen (ed.), With H401, ISBN 978-94-92095-92-3, € 25,00

NEW Design and Society Value systems Concepts and praxis Intersectionality

Graphic Design Is (…) Not Innocent

Ingo Offermanns (ed.) ( Ed.) Valiz

Ingo Offermanns

Graphic Design Is (…) (…) (…) (…) (…) (…) (…) I (…) (…) (…) (…) Innocent

Graphic Design Is (…) Not Innocent questions ingrained approaches, values and assumptions of graphic design in globalized societies. The publica­ tion initiates dialogues between designers, scholars, critics and commissioners, who inquire responsibili­ ties, potentials, politics, limits and risks of designing visual communication. How innocent is graphic design? Whom is it addressing, whom is it in/exclud­ ing? What does it bring about? When defining the role and impact of visual communication, what future questions lie ahead? Graphic Design Is (…) Not Innocent combines case studies and academic reflections, trying to sketch a common ground for basic research into the parameters and value systems of graphic design. It is a road trip between various conceptual challenges and praxis. It is a temporal inventory, without the claim of completeness. It is a question mark, as well as an exclamation mark. And it wants to stimulate critical thinking in graphic design.

EDITOR AND DESIGN Ingo Offermanns, CONTRIBUTORS Designers Karo Akpokiere, David Bennewith, Sandra Doeller, FDSC (Feminist Designer Social Club), Matthias Görlich, Jianping He, Anna Lena von Helldorff, Christop Knoth & Konrad Renner, Ingo Offermanns, Isabel Seiffert (Offshore), Markus Weisbeck

Scholars Christian Bauer, Friedrich von Borries, Li Degeng, Clémentine Deliss, Annette Geiger, Daniel Martin Feige, Jun Kay, Anoushka Khandwala, Eva Linhart, Sophia Prinz, Markus Rautzenberg Critics & Commissioners Salem Faissal Al-Qassimi, Feminist Internet/Conor Rigby, Martin Ludwig Hofmann, Francisco Laranjo, Madoka Nishi, Vera Sacchetti PARTNER Hamburg University of Fine Arts, INFO Pb, 24 x 14,8 cm (h x w), c. 352 pp., English, June 2021, ISBN 978-94-92095-90-9, € 22,50

Heather Dewey Hagborg and Chelsea Manning

The Painting Brigade, MIRSA, production in Helsinki

Let the River Flow ISBN 978-94-92095-79-4, € 22,50

Sovereign Words Out of print

Other Valiz–OCA books

CASE STUDIES Chile (Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende), France (the terrorist attacks, l’Espace Khiasma,) Haiti (Ouvertures), Hungary (The Guerilla Fighter), India (SAHMAT), Indonesia (ruangrupa), Mexico (Zapatistas, Indigenous women’s movements), Norway (Palestinian Art Exhibition, The Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Latin America), Middle East (Farewell to Museums), Palestine (PLO), South Africa (Festac ‘77, Chimurenga, ANC, Art Contre Apartheid), Sudan (the power of books), United Kingdom (Greenham Common), USA (gender binaries, Art Contre Apartheid, Black Lives Matter), digital space and its networks/boundaries, and many others CONTRIBUTORS Reem Abbas, Toufoul Abou-Hodeib, Noor Abuarafeh, Yasnaya Elena Aguilar Gil, Ali Hussein Al-Adawy, Salvador Allende, Defne Ayas, Wendy Carrig, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Ntone Edjabe, Katya García-Antón, Soledad García, Natasha Ginwala, Irene Guzmán, Gavin Jantjes, Sholi Kanuga, Geeta Kapur, Lara Khaldi, Chelsea Manning, Olivier Marboeuf, Naeem Mohaiemen, Mário Pedrosa, Ram Rahman, Laura Raicovich, Aban Raza, ruangrupa, Devika Singh, Eszter Szakács, Alice Walker, and many others

NEW Art and Society Civic networks Activism Care

Art and Solidarity Reader Radical Actions, Politics and Friendships

Katya García-Antón, OCA Norway (eds.)

Inder Salim, We All are Women’s Issues


PUBLISHING PARTNER OCA, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, DESIGN Hans Gremmen, INFO Pb, c. 24 x 17 cm, c. 400 pp, English, Summer 2021, ISBN 978-94-93246-02-7, € 27,50

Solidarity has re-entered the global zeitgeist with resounding force in the last decade, driving new thinking to counter the systemic failures and abuses of our society. The Art and Solidarity Reader considers the agency artists, collectives, and art institutions have in building the radical visions of care and solidarity needed to transform the conditions of our collective existence. Presenting new and historical material, the Reader narrates various micro-histories of artistic solidarity globally from the 1970s to today, in relation to the multiple crises of migration, neo-coloni­ alism, rising radicalization, inter-religious conflicts, class divisions, new technology, heteronormativity, and the environment. It empha­ sizes the centrality of artist-led empathy and personal connectivity in building networks of solidarity and concrete actions that gener­ ate profound transformation in society. Whilst addressing the relevance of the Non-Aligned Move­ ment of the Cold War in generating new forms of artistic solidarity globally, the Reader points towards its successors and, significantly, centres Indigenous perspectives rarely considered when discussing the history of artistic solidarity.

BRAND-NEW BOOKS Art in Society

Kuoni, Baltà Portolés, Khan, Serubiri (eds.) With Prins Claus Fund, HIVOS, European Cultural Foundation ISBN 978-94-92095-89-3, € 27,50 Marlies De Munck & Pascal Gielen, ISBN 978-94-92095-87-9, € 5,00

Two of the Best Dutch Book Designs 2020

Marlies De Munck & Pascal Gielen, ISBN 978-94-92095-86-2, € 5,00 Ouwens, Camuti, Stevens (eds.), With No School Foundation, ISBN 978-94-92095-85-5, € 19,90

ALREADY RELEASED ARTS — SECOND PRINT Challenging creativity Art Education DIY

One of the Best Dutch Book Designs 2020 (Student Jury)

WICKED ARTS ASSIGNMENTS Practising Creativity in Contemporary Arts Education

EDITORS Emiel Heijnen, Melissa Bremmer; Co-editor: Sanne Kersten CONTRIBUTORS Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen, Pavèl van Houten, Sanne Kersten, Jorge Lucero, Nina Paim, Erik Schrooten, Stephanie Springgay, and many many others PARTNER Amsterdam University of the Arts DESIGN Laura Pappa

Plan and Play, Play and Plan, ISBN 978-94-92095-40-4, € 19,50, Second print!

Wicked Arts Assignments are bold, unusual, contrary, funny, poetical, inspiring, socially committed, or otherwise challenging. The almost hundred arts assignments collected here entice creativity in all its forms and connect to the visual arts, performance, theatre, music and design. It also is the ideal ‘lockdown book’: with few means you can explore and make your art works at home, with your kids, parents, a friend, or on your own, and show them on the platform

INFO Pb. with flaps, 22 x 15 cm (h x w), 304 pp., English, Fall 2020, ISBN 978-94-92095-75-6, € 19,90

JUST RELEASED Architecture—Urban Affairs

trancityxvaliz with Urban Futures Studio, Utrecht University ISBN 978-94-92095-78-7, € 27,50

trancityxvaliz, only available in Dutch Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL ISBN 978-94-92095-77-0, € 26,50

One of the Best Dutch Book Designs 2020 With Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL ISBN 978-94-92095-70-1, € 29,50

Valiz is an independent international publisher and addresses contemporary developments in art, design, typography and urban affairs. Our books offer critical reflection and interdisciplinary inspiration in a broad-based and imaginative way, often establishing a connection between cultural disciplines and socio-economic questions. Our programme consists of three components: Theory and texts on visual culture in a broad sense (art and culture theory, art sociology, art and politics, critical art history, artists’ texts, design, daily visual culture and communication); Books that are conceived and elaborated in close collaboration with artists, designers and art institutes; Programmes, events, lectures that deal with urgent topics in contemporary culture.

Spring 2021 We would have loved to make a paper folder again, but in these times — no book fairs, no visits to booksellers, hardly any real-life exchange with our readers or authors — we chose to make a digital version. We hope you’ll keep going strong, go on reading and enjoying creative work by yourself or by others, and keep sane and healthy!

Valiz Team Rosie Haward, general assistant (and artist/ researcher) Till Hormann, jack of all trades, website, visual strategies (and musician/graphic designer) Pia Pol, director and publisher (and initiator, editor, (e-)content developer) Annosh Urbanke, publicity, communications, distribution (and artist/researcher) Astrid Vorstermans, director and publisher (and initiator, editor, lecturer, content developer) Simone Wegman, communications, social media, editor (and involved in art funding) trancityxvaliz Simon Franke (publisher, developer, editor) Pia Pol (publisher, editor, organizer) BookMarks NL Dinnis van Dijken, Isa Grienberger, Nicole Jessé, Demi Mol, Erik Peters

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