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Boost workplace performance how to keep employees engaged and productive with a Validium Employee Assistance Programme

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Employees distracted by personal or workplace concerns will inevitably underperform.

“ Validium has helped us to better understand the issues affecting our workforce and introduce new HR initiatives as a result.


Whether distracted by personal debt, divorce, care issues, workplace bullying or anxiety about managing others, employees distracted by worries or concerns cannot perform fully at work.

Support individuals with confidential access to qualified counsellors, lawyers and debt advisors from Validium and you can expect to generate a return of several pounds for every pound invested. Not to mention valuable management data to inform future policies. Now it pays to support the emotional and information needs of your workforce. Read on to learn more‌

Fail to support employees and performance, and attendance issues will increase.

What can you do?

To enhance your organisation’s ability to support people and keep them productive and present, focus on:

• Policies: Formally set out where you stand on issues ranging from flexible working to disaster recovery to bullying and put transparent procedures in place for employees to follow and

In an ideal world, each and every employee would be able to leave their personal lives at home and focus one hundred percent on their job.

• Clarifying: A major source of workplace anxiety and

The reality is that if they have a sick child,

• Support: As well as providing practical support, such as

prevent unnecessary anxiety or absence.

frustration is conflict about who’s responsible for what. Create clear corporate values, role descriptions and expectations, so that everyone knows what’s expected.

are going through a messy divorce and

training on how to use new systems, giving employees access

feel too heartbroken to leave the house,

to confidential emotional, legal, health, care and financial

don’t want to face an intimidating

counselling will boost productivity and engagement.

colleague or have mounting debts they don’t know how to handle, they will often be unable to attend, let alone perform at work – their employer being the last person on earth with whom they want to discuss their problem.

• Responsibility: You also have a duty of care to assess the health and wellbeing of your people, and are legally obliged to act on any issues detected, so put measures in place to support employees before problems can escalate. • Engage: The more you can do to motivate and support your people in being all that they can be, both at work and

Sometimes, employees need confidential access to emotional and practical support to get their life back on track.

at home, the more happy and engaged they will be and the more likely they are to put additional effort into their work.

Critical to keeping employees productive and engaged is clarifying what’s expected of them and supporting them to achieve this.

“ We recognise that if someone is adversely

“Validium’s emphasis on providing emotional and practical support means employees are helped to address the underlying reasons for their

affected by worries outside work, this will have a negative impact on their ability to do their job, so we wanted a way to support our employees.

employee support case study

distress,” says Marina. “For example, if someone phones the helpline for emotional support because of heartbreak over a divorce, they not only get help to feel emotionally better but also the practical information required to deal with legal and financial aspects of the divorce that might be overwhelming them and distracting them at work.”

“ The EAP has become an

Renault UK supports workers

integral part of our culture, supporting employees with stress management and wellbeing in a way that helps them to perform at work.

The challenge With the automotive industry going through constant change and new challenges, Renault UK recognised the importance of supporting employees with issues they might not want to discuss with HR or their line-manager… Marina Polyakova, HR business manager, explains, “The automotive industry is fiercely competitive, constantly exposing employees to new pressures. We want to make sure that people enjoy working for us and are able to perform to the best of their abilities – and that

means minimising stress and improving wellbeing in line with corporate objectives.”

Marina Polyakova, HR Business Manager, Renault UK

The approach After carefully reviewing the employee assistance and wellbeing marketplace, Renault UK decided to put in place an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), “We wanted employees to be able to access confidential professional advice on any emotional or practical issue,” says Marina. Following consideration of six suppliers, Renault UK decided to appoint The Validium Group. Andrew Kirk, purchasing manager at Renault UK, explains, “Although Validium isn’t the biggest supplier, it’s definitely the market leader. Unlike other

The results

providers that attempted to keep costs down by introducing but not promoting the

“The EAP has become an integral part of our culture, supporting

service, Validium was committed to helping us generate a return on our investment.”

employees with stress management and wellbeing in a way that helps them to perform at work. It’s had a positive impact on our

The solution Following the launch, the EAP was made available to employees via a dedicated telephone helpline that they could use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As well as providing employees with access to fully accredited counsellors to help them deal with emotional issues making them feel sad, anxious or depressed, it also provided access to specialist financial, debt, legal, health and childcare experts.

reputation as a great place to work and helped to bring about a drop in the number of health insurance claims, demonstrating our ability to help people stay healthy,” says Marina. She adds, “The excellent quarterly reporting and dedicated account management from Validium have helped us to better understand the issues affecting our workforce and introduce new HR initiatives as a result. All of which has helped us to keep engagement levels high despite the current climate and new challenges facing the automotive industry.”

How can Validium help? Committed to working in partnership with HR to measurably improve the value of people to the business, Validium can help you to boost productivity by supporting your people with our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Legal – “I paid for goods that never arrived. How can I get a refund?” Unresolved consumer complaints can seriously distract employees from their work, encouraging them to progress claims in working hours and causing severe emotional distress that affects their ability to

It provides employees with 24/7 confidential access to fully accredited counsellors and information specialists in these areas:

perform. Our team consists of lawyers with over 20 years experience of helping with any legal concern distracting one of your employees.

Emotional – “My marriage is breaking up. How will I cope?”

Management – “My new team isn’t gelling. What can I do?”

Debt – “I owe lots of money to different people. How can I pay it back?”

Whenever life throws one of your

As well as helping individuals, the EAP is also strongly

The emotional distress associated with debt is not to

employees a curve ball they don’t know

used by new managers seeking advice on issues

be underestimated, often leading to the break-up of

how to return, they can use the EAP to talk

ranging from team bonding to diversity to bullying and

families, extreme anxiety, depression and even drink

to a professional counsellor who will help

supporting someone else going though a crisis.

and gambling problems. By providing employees with

them clarify what they are most afraid of

access to the EAP they can be helped to face up to

and help them to create an action plan

their problem and given expert advice on budgeting,

to resolve the various challenges ahead

court action and help to renegotiate and reduce the

and provide ongoing support to help them

level of their debt.

cope with their emotions as they do so.

Health – “I’m worried I might be HIV positive. What should I do?”

Elder and younger care – “My usual minder is sick, how can I get cover?” Gone are the days when a mother or father left with

Our team, including registered general

no care at the last minute had to stay home. Provide

nurses, provide information on everything

your employees with access to the EAP and they can

ranging from medical concerns and

be helped to quickly identify registered minders in

arranging tests to vaccinations, as well as

their area. Our expert advisors can also advise on

how to get the help needed to cope with

what to do if you suspect your child is being bullied at

symptoms. Aiming to provide the practical

school and on what benefits and social services you’re

information and emotional counselling

entitled to.

required for employees to maintain, improve or manage their health.

Financial – “I received extra income on a second home. Do I owe tax?” Our team of financial counsellors can relieve anxiety and stress regarding financial matters by providing information relating to personal finance matters and signposting towards organisations that can help with budgeting to taxation.



Clients We work with organisations committed to optimising the performance

Why Validium?

and wellbeing of their workforce across all sectors. Organisations we have provided support to include:



Established over ten years ago, Validium now provides Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) to some of the UK’s best-known employers, supporting over a quarter of a million employees.

Thanks to The Validium Group, now it pays to: Reduce Stress: educate managers to reduce stress

Clients like working with us because our EAP enables them to meet the information and emotional needs of the workforce in a way that boost productivity, engagement and attendance.

Deliver Change: maintain performance throughout change

“By working in partnership with Validium, we have been able to generate a measurable difference to the bottom line.” Harvie Hughes, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant, Nationwide

Optimise Vitality: improve employee health and attendance

Our approach

Minimise Absence: rehabilitate long-term absent employees

As well as supporting your employees, we are committed to working in partnership with you. We ensure each customer has a

Manage Trauma: prepare for and manage critical incidents

dedicated manager with significant HR experience, so that they can provide useful management data on how the EAP is being used. By flagging up trends within the organisation, problem areas,

Support Employees: keep employees engaged and productive

such as discrimination, poor safety or bullying within a part of the organisation, can be identified and appropriate action taken, to help retain key staff and prevent future legal claims. Validium’s dedicated account managers work with you to ensure every penny invested pays for itself several times over.


To arrange a free consultation or find out more about the other solutions we offer, please call us on + (0)1494 489070

“ Validium has helped us to better understand the issues affecting our workforce and keep engagement levels high.


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Boost workplace performancehow to keep employees engaged and productive with a Validium Employee Assistance Programme