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Volume 2018-2019 Issue September B


Photo by Makia Fitzmorris


The Spartan Pride, leaked through the halls of Priest River Lamanna High School, as the students were preparing to march through the town for the glorious homecoming parade. The parade began with shouts of joy and spirit marching proudly down the highway towards the Priest River Elementary school where the elementary students showed their Spartan support. As the parade participants marched away they chanted, “SPARTAN POWER!” The Homecoming Royalty kindly waved at each family who stood outside waiting for the football players to shower them with candy. On the senior float, Mollee Drake and Tabitha Richey, seniors, took selfies with the rest of the Pixar characters, the senior’s theme. While Alexus Hirst, a junior, rode her float in the 1966 blue VW bug and waved to those watching the parade. The sophomore, Makina Womack, proudly represented her classes theme of The Greatest Showman by singing along the to chorus of the film. Unfortunately, the freshman did not have a float this year but that didn’t stop them from showing their school spirit. Hannah Wagoner, a freshman, wore an assortment of orange and black articles of clothing. Band member and freshman, Jazmine Brown, played the flute with enthusiasm as she skipped with the rest of the band students. The floats then rounded the corner to the Priest River Junior High, where students were cheering proudly from behind the fences. The high school student tossed candy to them from their places on the floats. Even though the parade was ending everyone cheered all the way back to the Priest River Lamanna High School.


Jason Brewer

Senior Corner

-Senior Commemorative Ads must be purchased by 11/1/18 at yearbooksforever.com. All items must be submitted by 11/15/18. Please contact Valiant Publishing at valiantpublishingpriestriver@gmail.com or on our Facebook and Instagram. -Seniors your picture is due October 31st and is to be uploaded via yearbooksforever.com under community upload using the password Spartans. Please make sure that your photo follows the picture requirements that have been sent out. These are the same as they are every year. If you have questions or want updates please follow us/contact us on Facebook and Instagram at Valiant Publishing Priest River. We look forward to seeing your pictures. -FAFSA Night will be the second Tuesday of every month starting on October 9. It will be in room 109 from 5-6:30pm. You and your parent/guardian will need to have your social security number, your parent’s social security number, parent’s birthdate, parent’s marriage/divorce date and parent’s 2017 tax return. For more information, see Mrs. Ballenger. -Mrs. Eggert and Mrs. Ballenger will be taking seniors and dual credit students to Sandpoint High School on October 12th for the North Idaho College Roadshow. This is where students can meet with different department heads on the programs available at NIC. Seniors that want to go will need to see Mrs. Ballenger to obtain a permission form. Dual Credit students will see Mrs. Eggert. Seating is limited; therefore, only 15 seniors will be able to attend and will be on a first come first serve basis. -On October 2nd, Priest River Lamanna High is facilitating an online college fair called The Big Virtual - College Admissions Fair at the school. We’re expecting several hundred colleges to attend and strongly recommend you participate in the event. Chances are your dream school will be present at the fair. At the virtual fair you will interact with department heads of your favorite college using tools you’re familiar with such as live streaming, text, and video chat. You can learn the details and register for the event by visiting https://CollegeFair.TheBigVirtual.com/Register. -College Application Week will be October 22-26. During this week, you will be able to apply to colleges with help during school hours. For more information, please see Mrs. Ballenger.

242 Days

until Graduation (As of Tuesday, October 2)

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What’s happening

The need to know pYearbooks are available for purchase online at yearbooksforever.com

for $60.00. You will also be able to add additional items to your yearbook like name embossed, extra signature sheets, and more. If you use the discount code of WelcomeBack when checking out, you will receive 10% off your book cost. Last day to purchase is 1/5/19. Reach out to Mrs. Eggert at karieggert@sd83.org regarding payment plan options that are available as well each year.


Students are you involved in sports or activities out of school? We want to know about it. Please contact Valiant Publishing at valiantpublishingpriestriver@gmail.com or on our Facebook and Instagram.


Students and Parents if you are wanting to have your fathead ready to support your Spartan, please contact Valiant Publishing at valiantpublishingpriestriver@gmail.com or on our Facebook and Instagram. We want to help you show them your support.


Women in Science and Math! Mrs. Leonard will be leading the group. This is your chance women! Stop by her classroom to get the field trip permission slip by Wednesday, September 26th. We will visit North Idaho College and hear from experts as we explore careers related to Science and Math. There will be experts to talk to and fun, hands on activities. Limited to 12 spots and 2 are already full. Priority will be given to Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores!


Priest River Lamanna High School will be hosting their first blood drive this year on October 2nd, 2019. From 9:30-1:30 in the Gym. Hope to see you all there.

Upcoming Games Boys’ Soccer:

10/2 Bonners Ferry 6 p.m.

Girls’ Soccer:

10/2 Bonners Ferry 4 p.m. 10/3 Kellogg 4 p.m. 10/4 Newport(WA) 4 p.m.


10/5 Timberlake 7 p.m. 10/12 Bonners Ferry 7 p.m. 10/19 Kellogg 7 p.m.


10/2 Timberlake 7 p.m. 10/4 Kellogg 7 p.m. 10/8 Upper Colombia 4:30 p.m. 10/9 Bonners Ferry 7 p.m. 10/11 CDA Charter 7 p.m.

Cross country:

10/6 Lewis and Clark College 8 a.m. 10/11 Kellogg TBA

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Make sure to Register for this year’s 21st Century Program! Talk to Ms.. Cherie Coldwell for more info.

New Cheer Team Placements

Congratulations to the new team members placed onto the 2018-2019 Cheer Squad! Below is listed the current & new members, but Spartans are still encouraged to join, and new Spartans are still in the process of joining the spirited squad.

Alba Negroni Emily Holbrook | Co-Captain Alaina Guevarra | Captain

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Adrie Minish Rachel Sevey Maddie Boswell


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Hoco & Games

The big game By Shelby Hanna

On Friday, the 14th of September, our Spartan football team gave us another spectacular end to an amazing Homecoming week. Touchdown after touchdown the Spartans battled fiercely against the St. Maries’ lumberjacks. The crowd went wild with each passing play as they cheered on their favorite high school football team. Players and coaches definitely felt the pressure of the game as they kept fighting for each and every yard.

By half-time, the Spartans were down by one touchdown and looking to give it their all in the final quarters of the game. The two teams continued to battle as the clock ticked down. The football team definitely gave it their all, but unfortunately ended up just short of a Homecoming victory.

Photos by Makia Fitzmorris

Practice makes perfect By Emily Holbrook

Varsity Volleyball took a loss against their IML opener game against Timberlake Thursday, September 11, in the chaos of homecoming week. Thursday they played three matches against Timberlake with the following scores; 25-18, 25-8, and 25-20. Leslie Meek, Varsity coach for the Volleyball girls, made a remark to Beacon Reporter, Nick Ivie, about what she believes was the cause. “I’m not trying to make excuses for the girls, but homecoming week and the first full week of school seemed to be detrimental to our volleyball squad. Lack of communication, footwork, teamwork, and drive was the theme of the week. I know the girls have more in them then what they showed.” All there is left to do now is move forward without dwelling on games like these.

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o Spartan Pride

Hoco & Games

fancy footwork By Jazmine Brown

Photos by Shelby Hanna

The Priest River Lamanna High School Girls’ Soccer team competed against the Newport Grizzlies in a game lasting nearly two hours on Thursday, September 11th, during the Spartan’s homecoming week. Despite the fact that the date landed on a rainy Thursday evening, the girls fought with all of their ability against the opposing team all the way until the end of the game. Even throughout the rain and clouds, the impressive techniques of offense players such as senior, Jasmine Martin, and junior, Karah Fink, as well as defensive players, such as the goalie and sophomore, Makia Fitzmorris, can be clearly seen from far off in the distance. The final outcome of the game was 4-0. Although the conclusion of the game ended as a loss on the Spartan’s side, there was a great amount of effort and sportsmanship displayed from the Spartans regardless. Granted the ending of the game, this is additionally a new opportunity created for the team to immensely improve for later games to come. Many determined players of the team hope to achieve heaps of development in their skills. Congratulations to the accomplishment of the Grizzlies.

R The manliest men By Shelby Hanna

We had another exciting Manly Man Homecoming competition this year! We started out with our jump for joy juniors taking on the freshest freshmen. It was a close game, and the freshmen fought hard, but the juniors ended up with the win. Followed by, our spectacular seniors who took on our super sophomores in another eventful game. The teams battled it out until the seniors came out on top. Next, our jump for joy juniors took on the spectacular seniors in the ultimate match up. The fierce, junior, Cody Low, pounded the ball into the seniors’ court mercilessly. While the best-dressed senior, Evan Barnes, served up some killer returns. The two teams battled it out in their ridiculous outfits which included, but was not limited to, leather chaps, rainbow skirts, and full scientific laboratory attire. The teams were neck and neck until the juniors ended up with yet another win. Finally, the game everyone had waited for. The jump for joy juniors versus the terrifying teachers. Mad dog Davisson gave the juniors a run for their money with her killer serves; accompanied by Jared “The Hulk” Hughes and Kim possible Columbini, the terrifying teachers beat the jump for joy juniors in the game of the century.

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Photos by Makia Fitzmorris & Victoria Millward


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2018-2019 The Shield September B Issue  

2018-2019 The Shield September B Issue