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ESSAY Promote Tolerance What is tolerance?, tolerance is the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislike or disagrees with, but that is the dictionary definition, tolerance means that action of forbearance that you have on things, people, actions, etc that you don´t like but you accept them out of respecto r just because you have to and is the correct thing to do. Tolerance recognize the universal human rights and fundamental freedom of others. People are naturally diverse; only tolerance can ensure the survival of mixed communities in every región of the globe. In our society there is is tolerance?, how can we prove it? Along with outright injustice and violence, discrimination and marginalization are common forms of intolerance. Education for tolerance should aim at countering influences that lead to fear and exclusión of others, and sholud help Young people develope abilities for independent judgement, critical thinking and ethical reasoning. The diversity of our world´s many religions, languages, cultures and ethnicities is not a pretext for conflicto, but is a treasure that enriches us all. Now we are not tolerant at all and one example is this problema of intolerance for the LGBT community and that they wanted to get married, that is not fair, we should have tolerance with this situation because it is like insane that you hate, discriminate, intolerate a person that loves or likes a person of the same gender, it is like to hate people because they don´t like the same that you like or because they don´t eat the same that you eat and that is ridiculous. Fighting intolerance requires law, requires education, requires Access to information, fighting intolerance requires individual awareness, requires local solutions. Tolerance is neither indulgence or indifference. It is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world´s culture, our forms of expression and ways of being human. To promote tolerance we have to learn first what is it and get notice that if you are not tolerant you can cause a big problema ore ven you can damage people so you have to think first and you have to accept people for what they are and for their likes, you have to be patience with others also to have tolerance and you have take in consideration that if you disagree with someone or you see something that you don´t like you don´t have to be rude and you just have to tolerate that and learn how to deal with it. We have to promote tolerance because this value now in this society is almost lost.



Nature is dying


ORIGINAL POEM Nature is dying Winds move the sea, Earth spits out lava Rain falls down on this page that will be erased, a story that will be real and on this is based, the world is aware that not everything is okay. What would happen if you were the land and your eyes were the horizon,but gray, If they were treating your body as poder of sand slightly Little up to Coming to the end, If they were filling your chest with stuck papers. Then with the smoke fall down there, You will die the same. Nature is everywhere so it should be preserved, Beautiful by default We abused and destroyed everything, Is powerful what it can cause, Like it can appear or can be destroyed, Everything is like magic on his hands, And its all our fault. It surround us all, You can see it standing on her But we can´t help her anyway We were aware and so now we won´t be forearmed Nature is averywhere, bu ton this situation we are left to live like this Anyway, Even if we try to fix all We just need to wait merrily to the end.



Pain, depression, self-hate, SUICIDE


POEM BY A FAMOUSE AUTHOR Forgotten By Tomorrow By Kelly Deschler She stands at the edge of the precipice, looking down towards her future. The last tears that she will ever cry, falling from her eyes, then falling into oblivion. She watches them drop as they disappear forever. Yet, she laughs in the face of death. Would it really matter if she took the leap? She has been forgotten by tomorrow. The wind blowing at her back, pushes her to the edge. Almost agreeing with her final decision, and encouraging her to jump. A thousand thoughts and memories racing through her mind. Her first day of school. Her tenth birthday party. The lonely, awkward days of her teenage years. The day she discovered poetry. The moment she first saw him. The day she thought that she was worth something. The day when all of that became a lie. Every memory that never made the pages of a history book. She has been forgotten by tomorrow. She exists to no one but herself. In the blink of an eye, she decides her fate. Her feet leave the ground, and yet, she did not fall. Out of nowhere he appeared, and carefully grabbed her hand. Pulling her back to reality, saving her from the brink of disaster. He held her, as her tears stained his jacket. Old tears of sadness, mixed with new tears of happiness. She was remembered by yesterday. Before she was forgotten by tomorrow.



SHORT STORY LAST WORDS Elizabeth an average girl she always wore a smile she was happy for a short while.She's older now she's 17 her whole life's ahead of her, She's tall and she's Smart,beaultiful and strong and when someone's down she tries to fix what is wrong.Things are getting colder life's not what she thought,wished someone had told her.She knew she was depressed, didn't want to admit it,didn't think she fit it,everyone seemed to miss it.She carried on like a soldier with a battle wound bleeding out from every cut her body consumed.This world can be so cruel,she lives her life as a broken tool and she believes she's unable to fix this broken machine and what's the use to throw yourself at love if in the end it never seems enough to be able to get through all of life's broken dreams. She had no friends at school because the people there discredit her. She told you her friends that was down,they did´t care so she told herself she was alright but she was telling white lies,can't you tell? look at her dull eyes. A boy called Damon notice her,he thinks that she was so beautiful and kind but he was always surround by friends so he had never time to be alone and talk to her,he was popular and handsome,he was the opossite of her. Elizabeth always sit alone on lunch, no one notice her,as always. The next day things seems to be better,someone notice her,was Damon,she was alone at lunch and suddenly Damon sit besides her,Elizabeth was nervous she don´t know what to do,she thinks that was a kind of bad joke,but it wasn´t. -Damon:mmm…Hi! +Elizabeth:… -Damon:so…how are you? +Elizabeth:if this is a joke you can go -Damon:what?? +Elizabeth:a guy like you will never notice me so this must be a joke -Damon:well is not a joke,i notice you since the first day +Elizabeth:…i need to go. Elizabeth feels bad inside but at the same time she feels good,someone finally notice her but why Damon? Why the most popular guy at school? She don´t get it,why? Damon feel like he say something bad or something so she run away like that,he feels bad,he really like her but he don´t know what to do to be with her. At the next day it happens exactly the same,Elizabeth was sitting all alone and suddenly Damon sit beside her. -Damom:well,Hi again +Elizabeth:Hi… -Damon:why a beautiful girl like you is always alone? 12


+Elizabeth:well…ones i was nice and i think that people care about me and i trust them but they were the wrong people to trust and they fail me so… -Damon:i´m sorry but i´m not like them,you can trust in me +Elizabeth:well thanks…i think -Damon:well tell me about you +Elizabeth:the only things that you need to know about me is that i hate my life,i hate people, i hate the school and no one seems to like me or understands me -Damon:that´s a lie +Elizabeth:what is a lie? -Damon:that no one likes you +Elizabeth:come on,is not a lie -Damon:yes it is,i like you +Elizabeth:… -Damon:please say something +Elizabeth:sorry(she run away) +I don´t get it,this is really happening? Is this a joke? I can´t with this feeling -Why she don´t reply? Why?, i really like her!,i love her,i need her,she needs to know that i´m with her but i don´t know what to do. The days continue and they were the same,she gets more confuse and he more desesperate. -Today she was gorgeous i really need to kiss her,i don´t care anything anymore,i need her. +I think that he really care about me,but if he notice my wrist would it be the same? -Damon:Hi beauty +Elizabeth:Hi -Damon:you have plans on friday? +Elizabeth:no,why? -Damon:you want to go out with me? +Elizabeth:mmm…i don´t know -Damon:why? +Elizabeth:it would be like a date? -Damon:you want that? +Elizabeth:mmm…let me think about it and i`ll tell you later -Damon:okay beaty,i really hope you accept +Elizabeth:…can i ask you something? -Damon:yeah +Elizabeth:why me? -Damon:what do you mean? +Elizabeth:why you are with me?,why you notice me?,why you want to be with me?



-Damon:because i really like you,i care about you,you are so beautiful, I want to spend the rest of my life by your side but only if you lend me and if you want of course +Elizabeth:i really don´t know what to say,but yes i wanna go out with you on friday -Damon:girl you make me so happy (he kiss her at the cheek) Was Friday,Elizabeth was so excited but at the same time she felt worried all that she can´t think was what if he notice her wrist. Damon was feeling so nervous,he couldn´t wait any more. They meet up at the park,at the moment they saw each other they just ran and hugged each other they were so perfect together,after that they start to walk but Damo couldn´t resist anymore and he just kiss her,Elizabeth was in shock and she jut started to cry but not for the fact that Damon Kiss her it was just because finally she feels happy and that someone really love her.Damon take her and kiss her hand but then she realice that he will notice her cuts and she just scream and turned apart,Damon hold her tight to make sure that she feels safe then she just stare at her eyes and just say sorry abot everything and then she show him her cuts on her wrist. -Damon:(starts to beg and plead)why? +Elizabeth:this way I have control of the pain i feel inside. -Damon:how long it's been since you felt this way. +Elizabeth:its been a while I guess I needed better luck -Damon:girl you got me here with you and I'm feeling so damn helpless. +Elizabeth:Baby i´m sorry,every day is the same,i fight to find my way,i breaks a Little more every day,i hide this pain in public so no one would notice,i try to pray everyday for my life,everyday i wonder why me? -Damon: How does someone so perfect feel so insecure and to scar her skin with cuts and burns and still want to hurt more?.How does someone so loving learn to hate herself drawing a picture on her arms with a blade as if her mind isn't dark enough? +Elizabeth:I´m very sorry -Damon:(he screams at her) Baby never cut!he Kiss her and said:nobody seems to get you,you think you're on your own,listen you don't have to be alone,now i,m with you so baby don't cut,you can do anything just promise baby you won't cut.I know your heart is hurting,you think the road has end,you may just feel the bade your holding is your only friend but blabe i´m now here for you so if you need me and you feel bad or sad about anything you can trust me i will never leave you alone with you problems,i will helped you with everything. The days pass and she continues with her promise until… She's feeling better than the day before,even cracked a couple smiles as she walked the corridor.But all that seemed to end she dropped her books as she went into class and every student in he room just seemed to point and laugh,she couldn't take it anymore she sent her boy a text.It said:I love you with my body,soul and heart to death,he thought nothing typed I love you then he sent it.By “death” he didn't know that she had literally just meant it.She ducked the next class ran straight into her house.Thought to her self she wouldn't brake her promise that soon. 16


Every little bit,every little bit of her wants to see the light,but every single second that pass another little bit of her dies inside,she is trapped in her mind,now she feels more alive,she feels more alive in her own dreams and she's wondering What is beyond the sky?could she see the light if she falls asleep forever? Things were going down,never really up and here she is now stuck in this stupid rut,she knew exactly what she had to do next,just stand on that chair and tie the rope around her neck and with this she will finally end the pain. She wrote a letter with her hand shaking,the letter was full with her tears,the first line was to her parents because she feel that must but not all her problems were for the fault of her parents of for the preasure that they put into her,her parents only want like a perfect girl but she was nothing of that,she feel that she was only disappointing her parents and that she will never be what they whant she to be. she stood up on the chair and looked out at the sky,just don't think,it'll all be over son.The chair fell down as she took her final breath,it's all over,all gone,now she's greeting death.Damon had a feeling in his stomach that he hated.Followed it and ran down to her house he never waited,the front door was open,he walks in,he falls down to the floor yelling out her name as he lays her beside her.He feels his whole world just got hit from an avalanche,screaming out so heavily,somebody call an ambulance,felling mad angry like somebody led her on to this,her eyeballs are rolling,drifting out of consciousness,he thinking to himself why the hell didn't she just stop at will.His own world,his own girl just took a crashing,saying to himself that it's his fault and that he let it up,now nothing can take back what he just saw The girl that he loves the most just hanging there,her body's pale and her face is violently bare,he sees the note and unfolds it with care,all he does is stare,"How can this be fair?",he starts reading as the tears roll down his face To whom it may concern: Thanks for everything,thanks for make me feel this way,thank you for make me realice the real person i am. Dear mom and dad:"Look at me now, are you proud of your precious child?"you aren´t the ones to blame,its the world that should bow down its head in shame, I'm sorry Mom and Dad but this world is just not my place,I've tried for so long to fix this and fit in,I realize this world's full of sin,there's nothing for me here,I'm just a waste of space,I've got no reason to stay here with this awful race,It's a disgrace,I was misplaced,born in the wrong time,and in the wrong place.It's OK, you'll see me son,you'll know when your time has come,just look at the moon as it shines bright through out the night,remember everyone's facing their own fight but I can't deal with the pain,I'm not a fighter,you will make it through the night,just hug your pillow tighter.Let the world know,that I died in vain,because the world around me is the one to blame,I know in a year,you'll forget I'm gone because I'm not really something to be dwelled on,my presence on this earth is not needed any longer,and if anything,I hope this makes you stronger My love Damon:You're the best friend that I ever had,i love you Damon,i´m such a shame I had to make you so very sad,but just remember that you meant everything to me and to my heart,you're the only one that held the key.



Now it's time to go,I'm running out of space to write and yes I lost my fight,but please just hold on tight because I'm watching over you,from the clouds above and sending down the purest and whitest dove to watch over you,and be my helpful eye. I am alone in a silence and cry,hear my last words,read my last letter,I only ask that,we need drops fall from my eyes in my suicide letter,i feel unable to say no more,few will mourn,but others will be happy.I saw my name on a tombstone and it was a bit weird,how many things I've carried for so few years,there is nothing to stops me,i was so long dead inside me,there is nothing I'm just another body,windblown so violent that it blows my destiny,no friends,there is no reason I walk the road alone,is that the gates of heaven no place for this soul,today I will know if it is true that after death there is another life.I'm sorry but my mind was messed up,you couldn't save me anyway So this is it,world,goodbye." Days pass and Damon couldn´t anymore,she was her everything,he can´t without her,he had no more reasons to live,no without her,until the last moment the only thing that he could think of was on her,the beautiful she was,their first Kiss and the last day of her,he know that if he do that there wouldn´t be turned back but he didn´t care,he start 1 cut... 2 cuts... 3 cuts... 4 his blood just started dripping from the tub to the floor,he lost a lot of blood the place looking like a murder scene.At the time that the last drop of blood went out of his body he smile because at that moment everything would end and finally he will be with her. They meet at the Paradise were there is no pain,no guilty,no more fear,were they can live together forever and were they could be happy and perfect for each other. Their love will last forever,and they will let the past just be the past and don´t worry about nothing. The world was not the place for them,they wer born in the wrong time and in the wrong place but finally they are what they should have been.




Value person, Adorable attitude, Loyal with others, Elegant, with Real ideas, Intelligent, and Awesome


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