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Foundation For Our Children Future OBJECTIVES


Overview Increase Awareness for Project Start Research: To 8/15 find more information on 8/25/2010 Steadily Steadilyimprove improveSocial Social Media presence and 9/1/2010

Strategies Tactics



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Outreach to working Conduct Focus groups Create and Distribute Communication Audit/ Provide suggestions how

9/18/2010 Post most recent 9/25/2010 Boost Sponsorship and Donation, while Leverage existing 10/1/2010 Create 11/1/2010 Use Church Bulltins to 12/1/2010 Create Media List for


1/1/2011 Launch Event: To attract 2/17/2011 Children is our Future”

2/20/2011 Disturbution of a 2/25/2011 A “Children is our Future” 1

Evalutions Review and Respond


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TOCFWH campaign  

Our campaign was for a local after-school programs – TOCFWH. This campaign is aiming to increase awareness for after-school and summer progr...