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Volume XVI, Issue 4| May 31, 2011

THE KEY CHAIN The Official Newsletter of the Egg Harbor Township High School Key Club

Relay For Life Curing Cancer, One Step at a Time


Volume XVI, Issue 4 | May 31, 2011

Editor’s Bulletin

Hey, Key Clubbers! It’s my last issue for the school year! This was a great school year for Key Club, with over 200 members. Remember to publicize Key Club to the incoming freshmen and your friends who aren’t Key Clubbers. Hopefully, we’ll gain more Key Clubbers next year! Congratulations and goodbye to

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the Seniors, and thanks for all your service this year! Also, a big thank you to all the members for joining Key Club this year, hopefully I’ll see you next year! Yours in Caring, Service, and Love, Valerie Wong EHTHS Key Club Bulletin Editor

Goodbye Seniors


Most Hours


Relay for Life


Favorite Event


Thanks to Key Club




Goodbye, Seniors—Class of 2011! Whether you were in Key Club for one year or for four years, thank you for your service!

Most Hours Past Committee Chairs

Does not include 2010-2011 Officers nor 2011-2012 Officers


Past Officers Victoria Pham Julie Nguyen

Ahsan Ikram Cynthia Thurairajah Jesus Perez

Briana Lichtenberger Janel Lacambra Kevin Del Cid Trishia Omana

86 71 67

Sophomores: Nicole Powers Lola Agabalogun Alexa Trischler

88 66 56


General Members

Only includes members who have more than 10 hours.

Amador Campos Chan Huynh Connie Phung Danica Ortillo Dominic Savankham Duyen Nguyen

Eric Fung Erick Hugo Hai Ahn Nguyen Johnny Kong Karen Moran Michael Nguyen

Michelle Vasquez Patrick Li Ryan Giang

Suzanna Marrero Robert Kertz Jennifer Ye

Seniors: Janel Lacambra Trishia Omana Kevin Del Cid



118 111 104

71 62 50



Volume XVI, Issue 4 | May 31, 2011

Relay For Life—A Step Towards Curing Cancer


ne of the most exciting end-ofthe-year projects in which our Key Club participates is Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a heartfelt event that celebrates the memory and lives of those who have battled or are battling cancer. Every year, this all-night event is held around June at a local school's track field. Members of Key Club as well as anyone who wants to participate in this event can make a team and together, they can walk or run around the track in support of those who have been touched by cancer. I have attended Relay for Life for the past two years and it has always been a very touching event for me. My favorite part of the event is the Luminaria Ceremony that takes place after dark. In the ceremony, candles are lit inside paper bags marked with someone's name and they are placed all around the track. Then, all the

lights BY KIM PENG Treasurer are turned off and everyone walks a lap of silence in remembrance of their loved ones. Throughout the rest of the evening, there are games, raffles, and other fun and perhaps unusual activities such as the beauty pageant for guys! Relay for Life is a chance for everyone to join hands to fight cancer and find healing. Words simply cannot describe the profound effects that this event has had on me. I too have people close to me who have battled/are battling cancer and I dearly hope for the best for

Relay For Life Checklist

them. I encourage all Key Clubbers to attend Relay for Life because it will be a night that you will keep in your hearts for the rest of your life. 

BY ERICK HUGO General Member

FAQ: What Should I Bring to Relay for Life? Food, Drinks, Money

It is important to keep your body hydrated and energized throughout the night.

Tent, pillow, and a sleeping bag Because the relay is an overnight event, you would want somewhere to rest other than the grass, so bring a tent, a pillow, and a sleeping bag.

Source of Entertainment Not something like bringing your x-box, but bring something like a football or a volleyball


Go to and click on ―Register for your local event.‖


Find Ocean City, NJ click on ―2011 Relay for Life of Ocean City NJ‖.


Press ―sign up‖ and search for the team ―Key Cubs 1‖ or ―Key Cubs 2‖


Fill in your information.


Complete registration, and that’s it!

Beach Chairs In addition to the tent, beach chairs will give you another place to relax your tired feet.

Jacket or Hoodie Though Relay for Life is near the end of June, the day will certainly be hot, but during the night, it will get a little chilly. Especially being right next to the shore, bring a jacket or a hoodie to keep yourself warm.

Comfortable Clothing and Footwear Bring a change of clothes just in case, and remember, you’ll be here all day and night, so make sure they’re comfortable to be in. Also, wear shoes that you will feel comfortable in walking around the track.

How to Register

Rebecca Wong (left) and Kelli Kyle (right) hitting a volleyball while they wait for the event to start.

Remember, bring $10 to donate to the event.



Volume XVI, Issue 4| May 31, 2011

Favorite Key Club Events/Projects


hanks to the each and every member that decided to be part of our family this year! Good luck in wherever you end up after high school, seniors! As for the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, the board is hoping that you will choose to spend another year in this astonishing club! Keep up with Key Club at! Have an amazing summer, Key Clubbers! Hopefully, we’ll see most of you next year!

Cynthia Thurairajah: ―Field of Dreams. (:‖ Anthony Woo: ―West Jersey Road Clean–Up‖ Pak Chau: ―Oh gosh...this is going to take a circle, definitely.‖ Kelly Gleeson: ―EHT Community Pride Day‖ Cecilia Kang: ―Field of Dreams ♥‖ Valerie Wong: ―Fall Rally was amazing.‖ Patrick Tsui: ―MAPS Walk‖ Tiffany Vuong: ―Fall Rally‖ Jasmyne Luu: ―Volleyball-a-Thon! :D‖ Michelle Chen: ―Soup Kitchen!‖ Kelly Tran: ―MAPS Walk.‖ Jasmine Thai: ―Either induction dinner or the March of Dimes.‖ Jamyra Colon: ―I can’t decide between holiday circle and Field of Dreams.


hanks for being the amazing advisors for our EHTHS Key Club this year and all the past years, you have done so much for us, and we could never thank you enough for that. The humor that you both have make Key Club meetings fun and entertaining. We’ll all see you next year, and hopefully, everyone will get another chance to dunk Mr. Heenan in the dunk tank! We love you, Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Heenan! ♥

―I’m your advisor, I advise, and I give you advise.‖ - Mr. Stevenson

Reminders: 


Sign up for Relay for Life following the directions on page three! Relay for Life is start on June 24, and end on June 25 at Ocean City! To all officers and committee chairs—the next OCC meeting will be on June 7,

2011! Bring food and refreshments! 

Join Key Club next year! Having you is an essential part to the success of our club!

Advertise Key Club to your friends, the more, the merrier!


Volume XVI, Issue 4| May 31, 2011

Contact Your Officers! Jessica Fung President (609) 287-8806,

Next OCC Meeting

June 7, 2011

Brian He Vice President (609) 287-4887, Michelle Chen Corresponding Secretary (973) 820-3996, April Serrano Recording Secretary (973) 873-3482, Kim Peng Treasurer (609) 513-6591,



Valerie Wong Bulletin Editor (609) 742-3868, Nafis Nibir Webmaster (609) 626-1388, Bryan Williamson Sergeant-at-Arms (609) 385-7113, Andre Rosario District Bulletin Editor (609) 214-7427, Cecilia Kang Division One LTG (609) 204-6369,

See you guys next year!

―Caring—Our Way of Life‖ 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 • 317.875.8755 • US AND CANADA: 800-KIWANIS


EHTHS Key Chain (XVI, 4)  

Volume 16, Issue 4 Distributed on 5/31/11

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