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2.1.11 Sometime Around 12.30pm in McNutt. Person A. How is the studying going? Person B. So hard. How about you, have you studied? A. Not at all. I haven’t gone to office hours or anything. B. What’s the hardest part you know? What’s like the beginning of the account, what’s the end? A. Yea Yea. I printed out all of the practice exams. B. Yea and I had the finite exam the day after this one. A. Yea me too. B. When is your class? A. 11.15 Monday Wednesday Friday B. Oh. I See. A. Yea we are messing with a lot of numbers this week. B. What is the date? A. The first! B. Oh yes. (Points to paper) A. Oh you think that is the hardest too? You have a 60 percent? B. Yea. A. You should have her help you, you can get a hundred percent! B. My friend get hundred-ten percent with curve. A. Wow! What year is she? B. Freshman A. That’s not fair! Wow! (Laughs).

2.3.11 A Little Before 8am. Person A. O.M.G! This weekend she puked. Everywhere. Person B. What? A. My roommate. Came in. and PUKED. Everywhere. B. Oh my gosh. A. Yea. She was like sitting there and I was like- you smell. Like alcohol. B. Oh that is horrible. A. Yea and I went to Pygmalion’s. and like. You know? I had been there before, but like I went in and asked for like a gigantic amount of vine charcoal, and this dude knew my teachers name! So I was like…what? Because I had never even said it! B. (looks EXTREMELY disinterested) Oh that is really weird. A. Yea I know. Everything was all crazy this weekend! Well like week because of the snow days. B. Yea it was nice though. A. Yea I just had like so much work to do though. (Looks over girls shoulder at picture) O.M.G. did you draw that? It is like amazing! I’m so jelly right now! B. Oh yea. It took a while, but I like it.

*Note ( There were no made up words in my second conversation ,and I recorded it exactly as I heard it- I thought it was funny (: )

Eavesdropping Assignment  
Eavesdropping Assignment  

Eavesdropping Assignment for T206!