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boston, ma.


columbus, in.


figge art museum exhibit

new york, ny.

ames, ia.


toys! studio

material study

this portfolio includes selected works from the beginnings of my architecture career. it includes samples from my undergraduate years at iowa state university, and my current internship at 1100 architect. these featured projects were derived through several layers of learning, creative design conceptualization, exploration of materials, and analytical criticism. now that i have concluded my undergraduate studies and have gained some experience in the professional field, i am seeking new opportunities to further my knowledge and education outside the realm of academia through hands-on, real life experiences. i strongly believe that success is designed, and it starts with the opportunity; i am ready to unearth it.


center for jazz & avant-garde music boston, massachusetts. 5th year comprehensive studio - f. 2011 prof. chamila subasinghe team: valerie castillo, cory sharp & zak ward.

boston innovation district

innovation district main axes

financial district green spaces performance spaces

the seaport neighborhood is the largest undeveloped parcel in the city of boston. it is adjacent to downtown’s financial district, making it a strategic location. therefore, as part of our urban proposal, we selected it to create an entrance for the new innovation district. our main goals were to integrate and reuse the northern avenue bridge and better connect downtown boston with the innovation district; to illuminate the harbor and visually integrate into the city’s skyline; and mainly to achieve what the “ica” intended, which was to attract a different demographic group into this new area.

public transportation pedestrian traffic

shifting spaces

channelling the city

defining core(s)

illuminate the harbor


cube. the concept “channelling through the shifting core(s)”, emerged from the idea of choreographing the movement of people around the main spaces, which functions’ constantly shift, creating the “core” of the building at that specific moment. the circulation around these ‘cores’ was celebrated by visually integrating it with the harbor and extending it into the city. to better the connection to downtown, the northern avenue bridge and its current proposals, were integrated with the jazz cube, physically by making it the main entrance, and programmatically by adding a jazz lounge and a community gallery into it. with these moves, we created a complex of spaces that engaged the critical aspects of the district and enhanced them.

museum of innovative industrial objects columbus, indiana. 4th year studio - f. 2010 prof. jonathan ramsey individual project

figge art museum exhibit

pivot. defined as a focal point, re-orientation and a point where things come together and diverge from, it inspired the design of the experience through the museum’s galleries. this idea led to the creation of a “pivot space� where the main circulation of the building and the innovative industrial objects collection become one, making it an unavoidable space that teaches the users about columbus as they move through.

low-cost residential project new york, new york. 3rd year studio - sp. 2010 prof. peter goche individual project

dwelling - material study. the simple idea of a domestic activity was analyzed and became the starting point for the design of a low-cost housing project. as i started this process, the act of bathing intrigued me. i decided to study the way our bodily occupation creates different spatial conditions where bathing takes place. this was translated into an installation where i depicted the

difference between the use of bar soap versus liquid gel as an abstract represenation of those different spatial conditions. the resulting photo (next page), then inspiried me to study materiality and light in spaces relating to bathing, and how it filters through, resulting in a space with ever-changing lighting conditions.

concept diagrams

apartment section model


organic in

orgrusion. the goal of this design was to create a conversation and/or collision between the organic, which is lacking in soho, and the inorganic by using light. this organic intrusion was translated into, and experienced within the building. using its materiality and spatial configuration as the medium, it created unique spaces within the city, the building, and the units.





cro sby s


the idea of “organic intrusion,â€? originated from the prior material study. it materialized itself into an aluminum composite structure, resembling the effects of light through water and foliage, and became the experiential core of the building and each unit. it also creates shadows on the façade that give the building a softer natural texture.

marketing & communications new york, ny. marketing and communications internship august 2012 - march 2013 1100 architect, p.c.

LONG ISLAND HOUSE LONG ISLAND, NY, 2012 Situated on the eastern shore of Long Island, this beach house is in a unique position to capture views of both Lake Wickapogue and the Atlantic Ocean. In order to optimize these views, the north façade is angled toward the lake while the south façade is aligned with the ocean. To the visitor approaching from the street, the house appears as a largely solid stone-clad volume that then transforms into an unexpectedly sculptural figure on the ocean side. Upon entering the main house, visitors encounter an open common area that utilizes glass walls to let in an abundance of natural light and provide unobstructed views out to the patio, across the infinity pool, to the dune and ocean beyond. Native plantings surrounding the house and on the green roof aim to recreate the site’s natural conditions so that the building is integrated with the landscape.

project booklet sample We view flexibility and sustainability as fundamental to creating imaginative spaces that encourage discovery, learning, and social interaction.

© michael moran/otto

The Dalton School For this nationally renowned K-12 private school in Manhattan, 1100 prepared a master plan for a 12,000-square-foot expansion and complete facility renovation. The master plan established a multi-phased strategy for linking five historically landmarked, contiguous buildings into a cohesive whole. LEED Silver Certification Pending

tri-fold brochure sample (front panel)

1100 Architect, P.C. 475 Tenth Avenue New York, NY 10018

T 212 645 1011

© michael moran/otto

Queens Library, Children’s Library Discovery Center A hybrid library and science museum, the CLDC’s inviting design and light-filled interiors provide children with a stimulating and experiential learning environment. The glowing glass façade is a beacon in the surrounding community and is elemental in increasing the library’s visibility. LEED Silver Certification Pending

1100 Architect

© michael moran/otto

House in Florida palm beach, fl

marketing ipad initiative Happy Holidays | Frohe Festtage 1100 Architect Christiane Bumbke | Valerie Castillo | Gwendolyn Conners | Melanie Domino James Dyson | Jilly Flynn | Matilda Forsberg | Jean-Cédric de Foy Betty Gonzalez | Dominic Griffin | Peter Heller | Dana Hoffman Sebastian Kaempf | Anna Kreplak | Spencer Leaf | Eva Martini Sharmila McConnell | Nils Meyer | Susanne Milne | Zöe Morse | Texer Nam Jason O’Koren | Ioannis Oikonomou | Ed Parker | David Piscuskas Juergen Riehm | Desirée Rothenbücher | Julia Schleppe | Elke Schwarzenlander KellyAnne Semple | Laura Simak | Devi Somai | Ryan Townsend Anca Vasiliu | Sabina Wallwey | Kevin Wang | Rob Weiss | Gunter Weyrich Connie Wu | Allison Yung | AJ Zandt | Viola Zeitz

2012 holiday card mock-up

as a marketing and communications intern at 1100 architect, i assisted in the completion of RFQ/Ps responses, award submissions, and diverse marketing material (examples on this spread). i also worked closely with my superiors to plan, organize and realize new business initiatives, all while following the firm’s standards for design excellence. one of the initiatives i was involved with was the “marketing ipad initiative.” it consisted in the conversion of all the project booklets into a new digital format, apt for the ipad (example above). during this process all the images were resized and optimized for the ipad’s screen, and their sequence was reconsidered and tailored to best convey each project’s story.

toys! studio ames, iowa. 5th year interdisciplinary studio - sp. 2012 prof. mitchell squire

bee-headed: toy analysis. “toys are not really as innocent as they look. toys and games are preludes to serious ideas.” - charles eames.

by manipulating a ‘sock-monkey,’ i analyzed the perception of a toy from an adult’s perspective. i detached the head to see people’s reaction and create controversy. as a result, the exercise made me understand that the human brain is trained to see, feel, and think specific things due to its perception of known situations and objects, especially toys. adults, as toy makers, perceive things that children don’t, therefore they deprive them of exploring their own interpretation of the world, children’s understanding of life is a reflection of how adults act towards it and understand it. as charles eames once said referring to the backstage of a circus act, adults in our culture strive to “never let the blood show;” this analysis aimed to do just that.

the wonderful wacky world of rube goldberg. team: zach bark, valerie castillo, danielle moore & sam mulholland

the 6-month installation consisted of a rube goldberg machine for the 5000 sq. ft. conservatory at “reiman gardens”, to be part of this year’s theme: some assembly required. the machine combined two systems, a water track and a ball track. my team designed and constructed the “filter tower;” a 20ft high center-piece where the water and the ball track interacted. the tower consisted of a spiral elevator that brought the ball to the top where it proceeded to step down a series of acrylic trays. simultaneously, the illuminated cloud above released water at intervals, hitting the custom-made umbrella at the bottom, which the public could stand under and look through, creating an unique experience of scale, sound and light.

“d e sig n is wh at yo u do w he n yo u d o n ’ t kn ow w hat you are do in g. ” -ge o rg e st iny


ames, ia. cum laude, gpa: 3.64 bachelor of architecture. & entrepreneurial studies minor semester abroad in rome, italy

may 2012 spring 2011


bronx, ny real estate licensing course

november 2012

work experience. 1100 ARCHITECT,

new york, ny. aug. 2012 - mar. 2013 collaborated with marketing and communications managers to produce RFP/Qs, and awards submissions. Also, produced marketing material (i.e. brochures, newsletters, mailers, presentations, holiday card, and social media), conducted research, edited drawings and images, assisted in architectural photoshoots, structured firm initiatives,and administered basic office tasks: answering phones, managing deliveries, arranging meetings and traveling itineraries, and maintaining materials inventory. MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS INTERN.


brooklyn, ny. illustrated presentations, produced construction documents and built physical models. arranged meetings with manufacturers and administered basic office tasks.

jun. 2010 - aug. 2010



ames, ia. evaluated and critiqued design projects, directed help sessions and organized class activities.


ames, ia. obtained funds for the university and updated records.

fall 2010 fall 2010

skills + proficiencies. adobe creative suite cs6 (photoshop, illustrator, indesign & acrobat pro) hand and computer model making (revit architecture & sketchup pro) microsoft office suite (excel, powerpoint, word & outlook) archioffice 2012 in-house printing and binding drafting, sketching, hand drawing and rendering laser cutter

curriculu LANGUAGES

spanish (fluent verbally & written) english (fluent verbally & written) italian (basic level) `

awards + honors. part of dean’s list for 10 consecutive semesters design project exhibited in the figge art museum. davenport, ia. raymond & evelyn mcilvain architecture scholarship robert & elizabeth carlson architecture scholarship “scuola di musica” programming project. 3rd place. rome, it. linda architecture scholarship “mitchell transmission building,” project presented to hubbell realty company. des moines, ia. isu representative at the “national conference of race and ethnicity” team “workspace” renovation project selected top 3 of 40 designs 1 of 50 to participate in isu’s academic program for excellence

2007 - 2012 fall 2011 fall 2011 fall 2011 spring 2011 fall 2010 spring 2009 2008 + 2010 spring 2008 summer 2007

extracurricular activities. bcbgmaxazria fall/winter 2013 fashion week volunteer member of the international golden key honours program secretary of national organization of minority architecture students visions magazine cover model trend magazine model college of design career days registration committee member iscore research project and presentation iowa state university fashion show


feb. 2013 2009 - current 2010 2010 issue spring 2010 fall 2009 spring 2009 2008 & 2010



1100 architect, new york, ny

communications manager m. 212.645.1011


leed, ap bnim architects, des moines, ia. principal m. 515.333.3035


aarris architects, new york, ny. principal t. 212.430.3802


aia, leed bnim architects, des moines, ia. associate m. 515.745.5268 JONATHAN RAMSEY

um vitae valerie


3 6 e ll wo o d st re et , a p t . d2 , n ew yo rk , ny 10 04 0 m o bile. 787 . 224 . 0 97 7 vfca 0 8 @ g m a m s tillova


thank you

Valerie Castillo Portfolio  

Design Porftolio of Valerie Castillo, including work samples from my undergraduate years and work experiences.

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