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Everything began on March 1, 2002, the day in which I was born, my name is Valeria MacĂ­as Sanchez, according to my parents that day was one day very awaited, Since they did not see the hour of having myself in his arms. When I was born the doctors were surprised since it was very white and with the too dark and long hair, And it seemed to them to be very nice that out of this way. Days after I was born my dad obtained a very good work, and they all were saying that it had happened for my birth That was like a miracle since a lot of time ago he was trying to obtain the employment. I was born in the hospital Marco Fidel Suarez, and from this moment always it had lived in the municipality of Beautiful, with my parents, uncles and grandparents. From very small always i was surrounded with all my family my grandmother was the one that was taking care of me whereas my parents worked every day. I grew next to many cousins, among them my Michel cousin who was like a sister to me. Since we were making everything united in every moment, study, play, to do tasks, To go out, sleep, we were making everything united. One year after I was born, my parents my baptized, and also to my cousin Michel, my godfather was a brother of my father and my godmother an aunt of also. This day was one very special day for my parents, since since she was his only daughter they were feeling very happy to have myself and to look after myself many years. Something that always they have done with many dedication, love and determination; since always they have worked for my well-being and that of my grandmothers, with great effort. This day my mother chose my garment, whereas my dad was the one that chose the church where they would baptize me, there I arrive all my family very happy on having seen that already it had grown very much, and also very happy because it was with my cousin also, they would baptize us together, And it would be much better for my parents and my uncles.

Though the truth It had a time Where I was not behaving very well with my cousin, Since we were living fighting for any thing, though we were playing, but always we had to fight for something, In the house, in the school, in the street, In any place we were putting to fight, and our parents were punishing us because of it, and we were feeling very badly. In fact It had once We had about two year, my cousin an i; one day she introduced a toothpick in my ear and through the fault of her I had to be in hospital in several nights while they were helping me with the pain and the discomfort that had every day, and for this it is that from that moment I suffer from the ears, since sometimes it starts me to hurt and I need to take medicines for to help myself with the pain so strong that gives me. In the course of this year my dads received the new of that i was suffering from a disease called Adenoides wich It is a difficulty to breathe since this one relates also to the amĂ­gdalas and great part of the respiratory system thanks to this from small always I have had to take many medicines and to go to the doctor for that get better since when I fall ill for some cold or something similar always it starts giving difficulty to breathe and I need to control it somehow. After a time my parents obtained a place to live since we were living with my grandmother and my parents already did not want to bother her since it was the one that was taking care of me and she was giving myself quite and to my parents they did not want to bother her so much so they ecided to rent a house to a few streets of that of my grandmother and this way we would not be so removed from her for that she was taking care of my some days at which my mother is employed the whole day and she could not attend to my needs. In the same year many things happened between them my mother had finished his graduate and finally it might begin the university always she had wished from small. Also the same thing happened to my dad and they having been united it was of great help for them also it happened that my father had an accident and this impeded him to work in a time in which we had many needs but later everything return to be like before. One year later when i was 3 years old, my parents decided to enter me to garden obvious also between with my cousin Michel since always we were kept united though they had days in which we were not even speaking. In the garden we knew very much children which many of them until today continue being our friends because from small we start ourselves wanting too much though the distance has separated us many years, nevertheless always we were kept in contact without importing the circumstances.

In the same year, receipt my first gift of brought of the child Jesus it was a computer of toy, which always he had wished and until this day I could have it, the enjoy it too much, to the point of always going with my to all sides, even it it was leading to the children's garden to play with my friends and ultimately after 5 months I damage myself and I was very sad many days. One year later, when it had already my 4 years, an event happened that I change several things into my life, in the neighborhood where it was living there was a river that was happening next to many he marries and one day that was raining very loudly that river grew bolder and I flood completely many streets. Between this where I was living, though since I was living in the second floor there was no very much disaster, but to the side, where if there were many houses if I manage to destroy many things, also there had many dead men and injured men, which I cause that many persons between this my family and I were very worried of that that disaster was returning to spend thanks to God was not like that, though the restlessness was too much many years. After it as all we were living very worried, my dads decided to look for another house, in order that the same thing did not happen and suddenly us out to happening right now, though for this we had to separate in a time of my grandmother who was the one that was taking care of me in the majority of time. Time later, my parents had a problem and this I cause that were separating in a lot of time they were about two years, where my breast had to work much more to support, though my dad was helping us a bit, almost we did not had anything., on having happened two years they returned to be united and everything returned to the normality, we all were happy and very satisfied. When I had my 5 years between to the school, where also between with my cousin, then it was much easier to do friends since it was not completely alone, but there were some problems also, since from small always it had been grandesita and I could not stand many children because of it and was making me feel very badly and every day they were making me cry, but after a time they started behaving better with I crumble and everything was changing for better, already in this moment it started me liking to go to the college and everything was becoming much easier. My first years of school were very agreeable the truth, since I obtained many friends and it me was very well with the tasks. When it was in the third degree, one day I went out to playtime to play with my friends, and on having run I me stumbled over a girl, but there was so strong the blow that fractures the arm and I had to go to urgencies at once since it was not bearing the pain. Some hours later they attended to me and medicines had to inject me to be able to support the pain and hope that they were bandaging the arm to me.

The same year my parents constructed a house in Girardota and when I expired my 6 years decided that we would live there, where nowadays we continue and already we are for comply 7 united and happy years. On having come to Girardota the first thing that my parents did was I was get in to the college where between to fourth degree, there I knew many friends, between them by my best friends who up to the moment it continue being. The same year I started going to catechizing, since I wanted to prepare to receive my first communion, but there was a small problem, since my dads wanted that I was doing my first communion in the church where they baptized me, in beautiful, because of it every weekend was travelling to beautiful to go to my catechizings and to be able like that to receive my first communion in one year. The years that I was in the college with my friends were very enterteining, we were doing many united things and always we were trying to look after each other mutually. But on having happened 3 years, I had a familiar problem which I me cause depression and several conflicts in my family, and into this my parents decided to change me of college, though the truth I did not want. On having come to the new college, it became me very difficult to obtain new friends since it arrive very sadly and I did not liked to go, but on having happened the time I started speaking with several children of my lounge and this way I could do finally friends to amuse myself and to engage more. Everything started changing, started me going much better with the academic thing and I started being one of the best students of the lounge, though there were certain problems for this, since there were companions which they did not like the idea, but always I was kept it consents and high, that for these critiques it did not have why to allow that it should make me sad and better was doing them aside and was continuing with my life. The same year I decided to change my way of life totally, started doing exercise, change my supply and I began to be more optimistic, everything was very well, and I was feeling much better with my same. In the college i obtained several diplomas for my good behavior and for having very good qualifications, all that was making me feel much more better and always they were stimulating me to be better person and student every day.

When it comes to ninth degree many things started changing, already it did not want to continue being the best, only it wanted to be able to enjoy everything without having to dedicate him so much time to the college as it was doing before, Only it wanted to begin with another way of life, it if never stopping good student who was, and that I am thinking about being till now. Though the truth if it lowered very much my performance in the qualifications and the behavior, but it was not anything so serious since if I could end with good notes and a good leaf of life. The same year I started myself relating more with many of my companions, started going out with them, to do walks, even I had my first boyfriend, something that I change many things into my life and into my thoughts. This 2016 was up to the moment the best but also worse year of my life, was one year where too many things happened, where I started being who I am actually, where it is aware of what I want to be in a future, the year where my life gave a very unexpected return, but that till now I do not repent of absolutely anything of what I did. After this, I have decided to return to my first college in Girardota, where up to the moment I am very happy, where I have obtained new friends and have met again with me the former ones, up to today everything has been very nice, though the recollections always are in my mind. I am not going to allow that they should torture me and make me feel bad, because one of my intentions always is going to be to continue forward with my life regardless always I will continue being the same and I will focus in what I wish and want to be in a future full of sacrifices and efforts… “Never be afraid to put extreme effort in. If you don´t do your absolute best then yoy can´t expect to achieve anything diffrent from what anybody else has done…Because in tweny years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn´t do tan by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, cathc the trade winds in your sails, explore, dream, discover…”

Valeria macias  


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